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  1. This sums my situation up pretty well too, although I was born in the early 80s, grew up in a very "English" area of the East Midlands. It was only during my university years in Sheffield that I became aware of how different things were becoming. Throughout my working life I have lived in very multicultural towns and cities. I have found the whole experience to be quite disheartening. I don't hold any ill will towards people, however the rate of change and inability of certain cultures to adapt, modernise, and integrate is of great concern to me. I think that this signifies a deliberate effort by the establishment to create a divided society, which is polarised to the extent that it is no longer capable of holding those who rule it to account.
  2. I completely agree. If it hadn't been for the intentional inflation of the housing bubble by Brown, and then subsequently Osborne, I doubt I'd have developed the distrust and scepticism I hold towards the mainstream political parties.
  3. Anyone who wants some light amusement should head to the 52|48 Facebook group setup by the times. There are some extreme remoaner types on there, some of whom appear to spend a significant proportion of their waking hours sharing their self-righteous and hysterical views. https://www.facebook.com/groups/fiftytwofortyeight/