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  1. I took SSRIs for three periods during my 20s, as I had several periods of extreme prolonged anxiety which rendered me unable to function in daily life. Although the tablets served their purpose very well, they came with a number of side effects. I felt emotionally detached, sick a lot of the time, and suffered from impotence whilest taking them. I last took them for just over a year (previously I'd only been on them 3 months at a time), stopped taking them a few months after turning 29. I suffered terrible withdrawal effects and developed Epilepsy. Epilepsy has had a significa
  2. It's an interesting question. Furthermore, will the wearing of facemasks persist in our culture after the pandemic has passed, as it has in places like China and Japan after the Swine and Bird Flu pandemics. In recent years I've seen many Chinese / Japanese people wearing face masks in and around London. The prospect of mask wearing potentially becoming and indelible part of our culture is not a prospect I would like to accept
  3. This sums my situation up pretty well too, although I was born in the early 80s, grew up in a very "English" area of the East Midlands. It was only during my university years in Sheffield that I became aware of how different things were becoming. Throughout my working life I have lived in very multicultural towns and cities. I have found the whole experience to be quite disheartening. I don't hold any ill will towards people, however the rate of change and inability of certain cultures to adapt, modernise, and integrate is of great concern to me. I think that this signifies a deliberate e
  4. I completely agree. If it hadn't been for the intentional inflation of the housing bubble by Brown, and then subsequently Osborne, I doubt I'd have developed the distrust and scepticism I hold towards the mainstream political parties.
  5. Anyone who wants some light amusement should head to the 52|48 Facebook group setup by the times. There are some extreme remoaner types on there, some of whom appear to spend a significant proportion of their waking hours sharing their self-righteous and hysterical views. https://www.facebook.com/groups/fiftytwofortyeight/
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