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  1. well i won the lottery last week. 40 bucks whooooooooo
  2. it's easier to tune out when running, in my experience and hit that zen state. walking leaves you more time to think about how much your feet fucking hurt.
  3. walking 26 miles is still pretty hard going. I doubt most people in the UK could do it more than once a year without collapsing.
  4. glorious. I hope their pink hats help them fight off the 'men' in the changing rooms.
  5. I think DB those reading should consider how they can plan for a 20 year period in which energy costs are up, taxation is up, civil unrest is up, and possible wealth taxes/bail ins are on the table. I wonder if investing in something as prosaic as, for example, Pilkington glass via NSG https://www.nsg.com/en/investors/shares-and-bonds/share-price
  6. Speaking to my friends and family, I have noticed a def drop in morale in the UK cohort since the New Year. Some of them - the ones that are doing 'better' - include those that have set up regular get togethers online with friends that they would normally have a group beer or coffee with. My aunt, for example, gets online with a dozen of her old biddies and they all get pissed together on wine on houseparty. Maybe give that a try. I also see a lot of people at home doing more games and hobbies with family. There is a reason computer and boardgame makers are raking it in. B
  7. The most fun could be that Trump can say something like 'Nancy Pelosi took money from the Chinese government. Sue me if I am wrong, Nancy dear' and she wouldn't know what he had seen when in office. Kind of Lin Woods on steroids. Anyway, I'm right fucked off today with the world. Two minutes in summarises it, I think....
  8. Bought some more BAT on a little dip today. Very happy with that. Sitting on cash on the sidelines now. Whole portfolio up 37% since June (when I started my portfolio consolidation tracking in Australia - previously spread across different brokers overseas). 37% in six months is incredible, and I have nothing in tech sector, which makes me feel very happy indeed. I am prepared psychologically for a 10-20% fall in the BK in my stocks, as they are almost all mining/oil/potash/cigs and I am happy to sit and ride them for the next 5 years minimum. Thank you again for DB and all the t
  9. As long as they have lard, chips, and rage, the people of Ulster will be fine...
  10. the question is would other people watch your missus doing it? probably not.
  11. I'm not sure you know what that means. He's not letting other men shag her - he's shagging her (and has hundreds of times already no doubt) whilst rolling around on a big pile of cash created from other men watching his wife. She also probably gets right riled up thinking about her audience, so he even wins with that. Finally, he gets to see his mates wives at 60 looking like bags of potatoes. I think 'winner' is the word you mean.
  12. I don't actually think many of us on here are right wing in the classical (factual) sense. We'd fight against a Hitler or Mussolini, not for them. We'd reject anyone calling for the divine right of kings to exist. We'd object to silencing of political opponents via censorship and media control. I'm liberal and left wing in terms of free speech, social policy and unions, right wing economically with a bit of socialism on top. When I tell people - as I do - that I voted for BREXIT, think Trump is miles better than any other President of the past 30 years, and the NHS is shit value f
  13. 14. Australia : We have a higher proportion of whites than the USA now. Racist bastards!
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