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  1. wherebee

    Investing for the collapse?

    Not true. for example, we can make a pretty safe assumption that tourism in SA will go through the floor over the next ten years. So, investing in hotels and resorts in SA is a negative investment opportunity.
  2. wherebee

    Investing for the collapse?

    So - we are all pretty convinced that the breakdown/collapse/civil disorder is baked in for a couple of countries in the next ten years. South Africa Sweden UK? France? What would be the correct strategic position to take financially to profit from this history trend? Investing in glass repair firms? Gold (for SA)? Shorting the Kroner? As clever DOSBODDERS we should surely be able to profit from disaster. As the world burns, be nice to have some more wonga to spend on beer.
  3. wherebee

    The Labour party hates Jews

    On the one hand, he is obviously pro-islam which is very bad. On the other, his being PM would hasten the collapse of the whole UK ponzi scheme and result in civil unrest as the free money tap is turned off, leading to a chance of a complete restructure of housing market/immigration/employment law/benefits/etc etc , which is good. I see him as someone who will turn the gas under the boiling frog up high enough to make it jump...
  4. wherebee

    Islamification of Europe

    I've tried to have this discussion about numbers - not race, but simple numbers - and the number of brits who get very angry very fast and call me a racist is amazing. I think it it the human ability to live on a volcano - as long as you ignore the rumbles...
  5. wherebee

    Islamification of Europe

    diversity + proximity = war your experience is a classic example of why hatred is baked into multiculturalistic societies. If the guy had been white, you would have just thought he was a wanker and forgotten about it. But because your human brain - evolved over 500,000 years to see IN GROUP and OUT GROUP - saw him as not one of your group, you now have a bit more dislike for his group as a whole. This friction rubs and rubs until either you get old and die, or there is a flashpoint in society (such as the next economic crash, or a natural disaster, or a religious date of significance (the christians were good at this one), or an attack by one group which is broadcast (muslims tend to do this one). Then it all kicks off big time.
  6. The rewriting of the events in Charlottesville one year ago are a classic example of creating history to fit a narrative. One day it will make a great PHD on propaganda - but only after the Universities are cleanses of marxists.
  7. wherebee

    Payday Madness

    Yes and no. Unless you are in the bottom 5% of women, or over 60, any woman can, without too much trouble, always find a man willing to support her financially whether short term or long term, providing she is willing to whore herself out. Men do not have that (distasteful but real) option.
  8. wherebee

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    This all has the feel of a meme that we will look back on in 10 years and say "wow, Qananon, remember when that was believed by loads of idiots on the net. Not me, obviously..."
  9. wherebee

    Payday Madness

    what if everyone is doing that?
  10. wherebee

    Payday Madness

    I have known zero women in my entire life who actually understood the cost of income and saved. Well, that's not true, the chinese and singaporean ones know down to the last penny, to be fair, but western women - no idea at all. seriously.
  11. wherebee

    How Rich Are DOSBODSers

    not even including all the right words in case they tax you? good man...
  12. wherebee

    Wheels coming off HE bubble

    "The devil was not responsible for THAT cow dying, master farmer" (but obviously there is a devil, and if you don't listen to me, the priest, and give me money and rank benefits, your NEXT cow might indeed be killed by the devil, which does exist) It's so fucking transparent.
  13. wherebee

    Payday Madness

    This. Once you are in the no savings trap, it is incredibly hard to climb out. Single men, I think, realise this more than most, and it must drive quite a few of the male suicides...
  14. wherebee

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    The percentage of long term cohabiting couples in the UK urban/suburban areas who shag on a regular basis is very very low after 3-5 years. Add young kids to the mix and it gets even lower. If you want regular sex, much better to keep seperate houses. fact.
  15. wherebee

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Did I have dinner with you? I'm very much of this view. I think that many pension funds in the west will never pay out to people like me in my 70's and 80's. I am convinced that we have two more major financial crashes before I die, probably three, and each one will see a number of pension funds go to the wall. And banks. And investment funds. Basically, if my wealth was numbers on a screen somewhere, I have zero faith that I won't be MF Globalled and made to feel the pain. Whether you have a self managed pension or a managed pension - the phone call you get telling you it's all been frozen and pooled to share between pensioners will be the same. Add to the fact that I have worked in 5 countries (each of which forced you to have a pension in the country of some sort), and so have bitty pensions spread across multiple countries, and it's all a shitshow. I have also seen in two of those five pensions, the pensions companies behaved like absolute cunts (in one case smacking on a life insurance charge and rating me as a smoker for whack up premiums as they claimed they couldn't reach me by phone!!) which underlines my complete lack of trust in any long term financial planning company. So, for me I use my income to i) be as debt free as possible; ii) invest in education and long term hard assets for family (housing/education/quality items we will use for 20-50 years); plant quality long term trees in my garden in Australia which will give fruit for life; iii) enjoy life right now. My goal is to be able to stop full time work next year or the year after, at under 55, and do contract/consulting work to keep things ticking over and be able to deduct international travel from income. No mortgage by then means just living costs, no debt servicing. Now, I do not think my decisions will make any sense for others - if you are in one country with good tax breaks that mount up over time, it would be sensible to think differently.