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  1. sorry, i assumed you weren't a shit builder
  2. I reckon it's kent/sussex. Note the compacted chalk.
  3. https://www.smh.com.au/national/chinese-backed-company-s-mission-to-source-australian-medical-supplies-20200325-p54du8.html here you go PIN. As you seem to like defending the indefensible on many, many fronts, have a crack at this one. China draining Australia of medical supplies, and at the same time calling Australia racist for stopping travel from China, knowing what was coming.
  4. not according to many ex-coppers I know. 'FUCK THAT' seems to be the feeling "I'm not going back out to deal with cunts, gyppos, and gimmigrants, and probably face a law suit in 5 years for smacking someone around the head on camera"
  5. Australia now has EVERY returning passenger, no matter what the nationality or route, in a 14 government controlled quarantine near the airport. That's how you stop new outbreaks.
  6. eh? furlough is a word I have always used commonly. I am confused - are you lot thick, or am I a dimension traveller?
  7. You forgot - slowing the growth rate gives time to try new interventions in carriers. Things like the zinc.quine combo in the states. If this had run amok and taken down the health workers hard, we would not have time to try 100 different approaches to see which ones worked.
  8. attach some bells or chains to the back of the door of the garage, so if it is opened at night it makes a big noise
  9. not just that, if you lived in, say, a city with a higher population density and higher infection rate, and you were well, it would be logical to drive a long way to a deserted spot so as not to risk infecting or being infected.
  10. no, oiks say that. proper people say VOE-ALL aussies say 'holden'
  11. He could release it all now. right now. and then say - see? See the feet of clay? They are trying to kill me to hide this. Sometimes the only answer to the bully is to do exactly what they are telling you not to do
  12. Yeah, ScoMo mentioned the need to help the third world today in his briefing. No, fuck that, I don't want a penny spent on Africa. Not a penny.
  13. My advice I have been giving to friends in the UK is this: The current quiet moment has two future paths: i) No more supply issues. Shops back to normal. People spend a bit less as they chew through their supplies, and no harm done. if you stock up hard NOW, whilst queues are low, as long as you get items that will last 12-18 months, and are organised enough to use them up over the next year, the most you lose is some interest on your cash in the bank. ii) Global supply chains start to break down as other countries and the UK having increasing troubles. Shops start to be unable to restock. customers limited to what they can buy. Panic buying returns with a vengeance. Some banks may go under. If you don't stock up hard now, you risk losing some savings, and having to go out in the middle of the madness to try to restock. So - why not restock hard now? What's the downside?
  14. Well, there is a possiblity that Spunko has been clintoncided, and someone else has set up a duplicate server as he successfully locked down the original in a way they didn't foresee. factors against that are that they would also have to have all our login details, which would kinda make redundant the idea of a duplicate server. Stranger things have happened tho. Hello to all the spooks reading.
  15. I don't paint those things myself, but I know people that do and it helps them a lot with PSTD for some reason. Don't knock it - hurting noone.