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  1. the racism/hates women thing: I have two stock answers to TDS idiots: 1: He was the first builder to employ a woman to head a project to build a skyscraper in NY. He broke the glass ceiling for her, seeing her skills and not her sex, in contrast to all the 'right on' new yorkers who would not do it 2: Lowest black unemployment ever. Also, his club in Florida was subtly no blacks when he bought it - he changed that and allowed everyone to join. Not the actions of a racist.
  2. nope. I wear a disney tshirt proclaiming how good a dad i am sometimes because my daughter bought it for me with her own pocketmoney. come at me, bro...
  3. So - We're in an old house now, for the long term. It has lots of stuff that was done bodged in the past, and I am sorting them out one at time. There is an intermittent electrical problem - every now and then, at random intervals, normally 4-7 weeks apart, one circuit trips. A fuse reset normally works UNLESS it has been raining very very hard, in which case it won't reset until the air dries out. It's a circuit that handles all the plugs and sockets except about 3; it also runs the garage and freezer and fridge. My worry is that either i) it's a frayed wire that creates a fire risk or ii) it will trip when we are away and goodbye freezer and fridge food or iii) it will go and not reset. How would you task someone to sort it out? Is it a horrible long job to find this sort of thing? I have a friendly sparks, but would like to be able to know if it's going to be a complete rewire or not.
  4. especially those of us with kids at home 24/7....
  5. I've seen quite a few social media commentators say that the rioting and looting is expected given the murder of the black man by the policeman. When the cunts try this, ask why whites/Australians weren't rioting in the streets when this woman got shot in Minneapolis by a black cop from Somalia? https://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/verdict-in-police-shooting-death-of-unarmed-australian-woman-justine-ruszczyk-damond/news-story/6c7d152489328baf4f72e63761f04425
  6. I could hear a black man shouting 'fuck you nigger' at a black man in uniform. good job it wasn't a white man shouting 'fuck you nigger' at a black man in uniform, or it might have caused race riots.
  7. If I was running a police dept in the USA, I'd be pulling bodies out of DEM voting areas. Plus any house with 'black lives matter' posters gets no help (I've seen them on front lawns). Make them live with the consequences of their actions.
  8. you are looking at this the wrong way. for milliions of people in the UK, their innate abilities mean that they will never, ever, escape the bennies trap. They will never have more than a shit life. The lottery.scratchies is the only route for them out of a shit 60 years of stress and horrible communities. They have my sympathy.
  9. I bet all those anti-gun dem supporters in the Minneapolis suburbs are really reconsidering their life choices right about now.
  10. The thing about the argument of 'it's a private company so they can deal with who they like' is obviously not applied across the rest of society. If I want to not serve someone who makes a lifestyle choice to cross dress in my cake shop, I am prosecuted and shut down. If I want not to serve someone who makes a lifestyle choice to insult transgenders online, I am celebrated. This idea of freedom of association was buried by equal rights laws. So fuck 'em - I'm with trump
  11. I just told my wife you called her a bike, and she wasn't happy at all. thanks a lot.
  12. nope - CBA = commonwealth bank of australia, who issued the report. Spy made perfect sense.
  13. "when the looting starts, the shooting starts." what a fuck man. can you EVER imagine Blair saying that? Or Treason May?
  14. Yup. It was the first sell-out: If fat Pangs deal with the CCP had been so great, why not give Hkers the chance for a British passport. Instead they were happy to import hundreds of thousands of shitty ME and africans, as well as swathes of rapey pakistanis.
  15. Pubs in my state open up on Monday. It's going to be niiiiiice.