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  1. no description of attackers means 90% chance they were non white. The police or Hurleys lot could have said "was attacked by 4 men of XXX appearance wearing YYYY" So fuck Hurley and her lot. They and other luvvies supported multiculturalism and mass immigration, so it's no tears from me.
  2. Long drop , short rope

    No, I think the honourable thing to do would be to face justice and use the new media age to explain your actions. 20 years ago, I agree, as the media would have painted you as a madman. Now, you can have free speech if you are clever.
  3. so how do you make men

    Not this: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/mar/09/men-after-metoo-masculinity-fundamentally-toxic The assault on masculinity is full on now. I have sons, not living with me due to the misandrist legal systems, and I worry about how feminised their world is. Basically, to be a man you have to: 1: be comfortable with your physicality. For me as a kid that was going out into the countryside by myself every weekend and fishing/exploring. Carried a knife, sometimes took my dog, etc etc; often ended up making dens (lifting/building). Weightlifting, cycling, something physical is critical. 2: know how to speak to other men in a way that won't have you labelled a twat. Pubs are good for this as a learning environment. From about 5 I got my sons to go to the bar to order drinks and pay. Small steps. 3: Understand that women seperate males into 'shag' and 'support' categories very fast. Fine to have female friends, but don't think that you can translate from a support to a shag by being nice and doing chores. This is the next lesson I have to tech my boys. 4: Understand that there is a war on men, the courts hate men, the media hates men, and 99% of what you are told by the TV about men and especially white men is simply wrong 5: Get hurt. I mean that as a boy, you should be getting blood coming out of you at least once a month. It's how you learn the limits of your body AND get used to pain. This can be as simple as a small cut or a scraped knee. Mothers, in my experience, HATE boys rough and tumble - which is stunting their growth 6: Read history of great men, and understand that no worthwhile life is easy. If you have sons, get them to read books about the greek heros, great british generals, etc. The Afghan war and the retreat from Kabul is a chilling story of what happens when men fail in their leadership - made a big impression on me as a youngster 7: Never apologise unless you have broken a promise. EDIT: A key lesson I repeat to my sons every time we have a holiday is "don't go by what people say, go by what they DO'. men need to learn this even more today.
  4. Long drop , short rope

    My major reason for not wanting a death penalty is that it would be used by TPTB against the natives, not against the bad guys. Don't believe me? Read the fucking papers. Cause a miscarriage by shouting through a letterbox? MURDER! hang her! The best approach is to be willing to take the law into your own hands and if your loved ones are the victim of someone like Fred West or Warboys, you make sure you do the execution yourself if they are let out....and then afterwards stand trial openly and make your defence of protecting society clearly and calmly. A jury trial would probably see you free.
  5. I’ve been abused.

    women make babies men make men
  6. Pensions - Auto Enrolment

    It is blindingly obvious to me that these scheme is not designed to improve the lives of the workers involved. If the government actual cared about quality of life, they would stop mass immigration, build houses to bring prices down, eliminate income tax for anyone earning less than 50,000 a year, prevent selling of any food with high sugar/salt levels, include fact based relationship teaching in schools, include financial (i.e. avoid debt you idiots) teaching in schools, eliminate university fees but limit attendance to the top 15% of the students, etc etc etc. They do none of the things that will actually help people. This scheme is therefore designed to i) generate a skimming opportunity for firms and individuals in the right position ii) create a big pot to be stolen when the debt bomb blows up iii) enables them to eliminate the state pension in time. fuckers.
  7. Pensions - Auto Enrolment

    I believe this is going to be a massive change - the long lived generation of the waryears is gone; next up are the boomers with their years of drugs, drink, and excess. After them come the children of the 70's (like me) with their mass produced food throughout childhood. Then the 80's and the 90's with huge drop off in exercise rates. I expect average age of death to drop sharply....
  8. North Korea fires another missile

    No, he's 'not one of us' for the globalists...
  9. Pensions - Auto Enrolment

    Much of the regulatory regimes within western countries for the past 20 years has been designed to make entry requirements to industries for SMEs very high and expensive. Protects established players and international firms. I wonder who funds political parties?
  10. Women in Oldham

    yeah - me too. If i'd wanted to be bored watching bad costume drama I'd be on ITV2
  11. International womens' day

  12. I’ve been abused.

    Oh I agree - the state has formalised a legal system in which spongers can take off producers in a million ways, and have the weight of law behind them.
  13. I’ve been abused.

    everything is with the right people for safekeeping if I snuff it. I guess it's a reaction to losing over GBP250,000 in my first divorce due to the misandrist legal system.
  14. I’ve been abused.

    yes and no. I inform my wife generally of what we are doing for long term security and wealth preservation. But I do not tell her where the keys to the kingdom are. Seen too many men do that and then when divorce comes out of the blue, every penny is lost. My wife knows that if she messed me around, she'd have a ten year hunt to find the money. Tell me why i am wrong?
  15. Deluded old blokes on tinternet

    How the hell does she know what urine tastes like unless she's a golden showers girl/!