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  1. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-50757093 examples of hypocrisy by the So-Called BBC number 467. Nice brown people worried about ethnic replacement = "They have more to do with indigenous fears about being demographically and culturally swamped by "outsiders"" white british worried about ethnic replacement = nasty racist gammons
  2. How do we get numbers on spoilt ballots? And be good to see comparisons with 2017
  3. I am now using the term 'racist against native british' to anyone who starts this anti-immigrantion = racist bullshit. Used it in a pub last night about someone praising London for being so non-white. They went bright red and had no answer.
  4. The way to do it is take the money, give it to a domestic violence charity, and then blow the confidentiality agreement and try for a criminal prosecution. Harvey then has the choice of either trying to claw the money back publicly from a charity or not...
  5. Barnsley central - CON plus BXT beat comfortably LAB. LAB hold because Boris is a cunt.
  6. sp. I lost a grandmother to it - awful as she had flashes of lucidity where she knew she was going mad. Another reason to allow gun use - she would have done the decent.
  7. unsuccessful warriors who fail to complete their mission often are rejected by their own people........
  8. wherebee


    I know it's probably high heresy, but daughter number two (redhead) always delivers my election leaflets to the right consituency...
  9. I've seen the look that Nadler has in some very high stakes meetings with people just like that - high position, all the power in the world, but facing losing it all. He knows he is fucked, and his body is flooding him with stress and flight instructions. This is going to be such fun to watch in 2020 as the impeachment goes nowhere and the election is handed to Trump.
  10. He's a twat, and a stupid twat. He knows enough secrets to have had a proper protection policy. Post arrest, drop feed one big secret a week onto internet forums. week one - a major politician as a paedo week two - assassination by the US week three - clinton foundation emails week four - seth rich confirmed as leaker week five - fixed football matches at top level by week five, they'd all be begging to have it stop.
  11. sweetcorn, lettuce, tomatoes, courgettes, cabbage, onions. No potatoes - aussie potatoes are cheap as chips (hah!) and lurvely, and whilst I can grow potatoes easily they take up a lot of room.
  12. Or you can get a clear filler - takes more time, but some of the new flexible ones won;t crack over time We got a firm to do this for a house I bought BEFORE we moved anything into it. Made it easy to have all the windows open whilst they cleared up. I cannot imagine the nightmare of having it done in a house with your stuff in
  13. https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Chinese_Stories/Calling_a_deer_a_horse This story explains the chinese way of thinking. Truth does not matter. Authority and power does. Those who value truth over power have been weeded out of the population over centuries. Unlike Persia, where for millenia saying the truth even if it was dangerous was required. culture + genetics = everything
  14. If that's the mechanism for testing my biometrics at the Bank, count me out.