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  1. wherebee

    Rachel @ 50

    er... no. I asked for clarification on your pricing for sex, as you were selling. I had no interest, but was seeing what the market rate was...
  2. wherebee

    Rachel @ 50

    If you don't know, I'm not going to shatter your innocence.
  3. fair enough. Now we've established your profession, can you post a price list?
  4. wherebee


    Your mum was called Bill Hamilton? Impressive...
  5. Singapore. Everyone works, no one starves unless they choose a shit life choice like heroin.
  6. At the current pricepoint. If, for example, tv license collector or prison officer paid 100k a year, you'd fill them. What removing the need to work or starve would do is very quickly force a realignment of wages into critical jobs for society. Non critical jobs - gender media leader, for example - would not get such funding. whats not to like?
  7. I hope you have all put up bird boxes and planted greenery which create food/shelter/other for native birds? For example, tall grasses in a corner create a mass of insects plus bedding for nests.
  8. Go gay. At least with a bit of cock you can both enjoy the football afterwards?
  9. I'm in the top 5% of earners from my class at school and Uni. I'm probably in the top 1% wealth wise globally, when you consider the billions with nothing. Now, I'm not boasting, as I am no where near the millionares and billionares, but with no debt and a little savings, I am still richer than 95% of people in my cohort. Most of those poor bastards are still working to avoid debtors hell. Now, for me, that's after a lifetime of working and a very expensive divorce. I've been places and seen things which I was very very lucky to have had the chance too. And yet, when I look back, I was mostly working 90% of my time to make someone else money, due to the system which sets up rentierism and punishes income. Either my employer, or the taxman who then gave shit away for free to the uber rich and the uber poor, including people on the other side of the world I have no connection to. So, if I had enough at 21 as a citizens income for 30 years of my own time, to read, study, learn, contribute to society actively, and enjoy life, then it's a very tough call.
  10. I knew someone who got a brand new car because she had arthritis in her hands in early 30's. She was unemployable in any decent job - because she was very stupid, not because of her health issue. She got a new car, whilst I was running around in an old banger and doing 60 hour weeks. It's fucking immoral.
  11. If I was running it I'd drop a croc into the waiting room. You'd soon find out who couldn't run.
  12. The only thing I am puzzled by is academics who don't understand males and female iq curve differences.
  13. There is a train of research that seems to show the ancient greeks and romans were actually nothing like the swarthy wops now living there. They were taller, blonde and red hair. sound familiar?
  14. How many women do you think: support immigration support asylum / refugee charity work think diversity is a good thing to work for think there is a pay gap think there is a rape culture think the family courts / divorce laws are fair cried at that dead kid on the beach killed by his parents greed I'd say about 80%. fuck em.
  15. wherebee


    https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-12/sex-vaxx-scheme-uncovered-2nd-largest-ebola-outbreak-rages don't forget, there are no shithole countries, and all cultures are equal. keep repeating that.