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  1. funny - I read that as exactly the opposite. Hate speech = things that we disapprove of, such as discussion of what demographic change means for France reasonable debate = as long as we can censor or deplatform any viewpoints which highlight the failures in our position
  2. i spent many a happy childhood down in poole, messing about with mates on the beach. before it got posh.
  3. Yup. I've never flown through the middle east from Oz, and when QANTAS teamed up with emirates they lost a big chunk of my business travel. When I explained why to people - basically there is no rule of law there, it is the rule of money - most thought I was racist and/or paranoid. Not looking so stupid now, eh?
  4. funnily enough just was talking this morning to an engineer who has big panels on his place. He was ranting about how when he uses electricity it's 50c per unit but when he give it back to them he get 0.05c per unit. his numbers were probably wrong, but the underlying truth is there - the system is not set up to reward small contributors.
  5. Look at those prices. To live in, as DT says, shitholes. To pay that each month out of your own money, if you are earning legally in the UK, you have to earn at least GBP3,500 a month. Add on 500 quid a month pre tax for utilities. Add on 500 pre tax for food n supplies. So before any actual 'living', or saving, you have to earn 50k+ a year to cover the bases for one of those. How many people in London earn that? It shows how the dead hand of the state distorts markets so that everything becomes more and more expensive if you are not in one of the 'protected' groups.
  6. it's amazing how much information is pushed out in the US ahead of election day, compared to other countries where you aren't even allowed to poll potential voters weeks beforehand...
  7. Debbie does Dallas Underage performer does - well, about everything, really.
  8. not if your intention is to blow it up and devastate Portsmouth. Although it would be hard to tell, frankly whether parts had been already blown up or not.
  9. number 1 and number 3 are baked in. you forgot to add: massive civil unrest in dem controlled cities and towns. I could also see a serious security issue in Washington for the inauguration - tens of thousands of trump supporters will rock up, and that is a hell of a target. I wouldn't be booking any holidays to the states until after the madness is over.
  10. No, I don't feel bad as without working hard I wouldn't have seen the world, and been able to escape very bad situations by having enough money for free choice. For example, without money I'd probably still be married to a nutter, and working a stress filled job. Probably dead by 60. I only got that money by working hard (and a bit of inheritance). Without money I wouldn't be able to do the best for my kids and hopefully get them to avoid the big challenges coming in the west. My one big regret was voting for Tony Blair once. I apologise.
  11. I'm against most drugs, as I think it detracts people from the real world and makes it easy for their to continue with negative and destructive behaviour. It also facilitates exploitation and assault of teenagers. But - banning in most countries creates negatives just as bad, or worse. So I dunno, really. Except up north in Oz, where booze needs to be banned, full stop, as the abo's have no genetic resistance and it is murderous in the communities up there.
  12. this is one of the great things about contracting. client fucks up and needs something redone? you get paid more, as opposed to being a salaryman where you get paid LESS is they fuck up as you normally have to put in unpaid overtime.
  13. come on dude. You just post 'please don't use that term - it's being used online to spread rumours and stories about Hunter's drug use and sex acts. Don't help them'. Deniable, yet funny
  14. Just ask him whether crack heads normally get millions of dollars from board appointments. Hunters crack addiction is not disputed His Burisma board place is not disputed
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