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  1. wherebee

    Malaysia Bans Import of UK Plastic

    Population growth seems shitter the more you think about it for the UK, eh.
  2. wherebee

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    Next cover of Private Eye, methinks. "VOTING PAPERS, BITTE"
  3. wherebee

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    I must say, I must have been spoilt with the quality of breasts I encountered in my sexual partners. I look across that lot and see a bunch of really unattractive tits. The only girl I bedded who had spaniels ears like those had concealed them with a bustier in the pub beforehand. Do you think that a deep seated suspicion that they are sub par in the breast department gnaws away at women like that until something cracks? AIBU?
  4. wherebee

    Tommy Robinson thread

    You could do most of us for being grumpy fuckers over 45% of the time. I think Blair put that one on the statute books.
  5. wherebee

    I can't find the good advice thread

    Good advice? simple: watch what someone does, not what they say.
  6. wherebee

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I'm very very surprised he hasn't had an 'accident'. Incredibly brave man.
  7. wherebee

    Operation Nookie 60

    If you believe that bollocks, you are a worse beta than I thought. That is classic ASD - anti slut defence. I guarantee you that if Brad Pitt / George Clooney / Edward from Twilight knocked on her door tonight and wanted a no strings shag, she'd drop her knickers faster than a cannonball in flight. ALL women will fuck with no emotional commitment if the right man turns up and ticks their boxes. And - you blaming yourself is the root of this problem. You should be thinking "her loss - she fucked up". The grave personal setback thing is, again, shifting the blame onto you. NO! She was the one that messed up her, not you. Finally, why the hell would you agree to a no strings friendship? That was a HUGE shit test and you failed it big time. Did she propose it? If so, the answer should have been "That's a shame, I thought we really had something. See you around."
  8. wherebee

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    If you look back at my posts on this site and TOS as to why I voted BREXIT, you'll see that I posted the corruption and fraud in the EU finances as a major reason I voted out. Any large organisation which cannot audit it's own books over many many years must, by the laws of human nature, devolve into a more and more corrupt mess where the criminal take money off the law abiding. Exhibit A: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/1474121/EU-whistleblower-in-130m-case-is-fired.html
  9. wherebee

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    drinking SJW tears fucking PILES the weight on. Surprised he hasn't exploded.
  10. Walked down the street today, didn't see a single bloody British person. But then again, Hong Kong is like that.
  11. wherebee

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    Best stag do EVA!
  12. wherebee

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    I think this is very true. The French, when they lose their shit, have a history of mass bloodletting which we cannot concieve of in the UK. Think of teh French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, Algeria, and Vichy France shipping off the Jews. I think France will be one of the first EU large states to turn ultra nationalistic and kick out large parts of the immigrant population when the time comes. The UK will still be worrying about health and safety.
  13. wherebee

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I've seen much more mental behaviour from remoaners than brexiteers. With brexiteers the nutters tend to be Germany is going to invades us foamers - harmless. With remoaners, I've lost track of how many lose their shit as soon as you start quoting any facts or challenge any of the statements made.
  14. wherebee

    Facebook falling

    What a resume. He helped killed off a party with over 100 years of history. He's going to help kill off the largest social media company in history. EXCELLENT
  15. wherebee

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    Er - No. Bits of it are, but it's fantastic around Normandy and then a bit further east with the Reims area. I used to love going to France. Wife wants to see Paris. But it's off my list because of enrichment - I remember wandering round Paris at midnight when younger and finding the odd cafe or bar to chill out at. Paris has fallen - why the hell would I want the risk?