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  1. wherebee

    Suspect package explosion Tube

  2. wherebee

    Suspect package explosion Tube

    Can I order three?
  3. wherebee

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I have no doubt he believes in what he is saying, but I have also worked/know a number of UK law enforcement types at all levels, and if there was a widespread squashing of child abuse cases by pollies, the pushback would be immense in my view. Most coppers hate politicians and the idea of covering up for one of them would not rub. I still think it's more likely to be cock up, not conspiracy, with the added fun of small cells of child abusers in the establishment thrown into the mix.
  4. wherebee

    Merkel’s Coronation, or the german election 2017

    yup. and if you think that twitter is heavily skewed towards an audience of SJW types, that tells you something.
  5. wherebee

    Islamification of Europe

    I don't think the Mussies in the Uk will riot over Trump, to be honest. He is no actual threat to them, and has not insulted their religion. Back to your main point re violence - 100% correct. I wonder when the first mass town/city burning by mussies will occur in the UK? Maybe it will take something like the nuking of Mecca (which I could easily see the Israelis doing if they looked like being overrun as a nation state - sort of a Samson doctrine). Whatever the spark, I would not want to be within 50 miles of a majority muslim population when it kicks off, unless I was living amongst a Sikh community.
  6. wherebee

    White Man's Burden

    The interesting thing is that the Uk was a shithole that you could be killed in at the drop of a hat from about 400AD-1600AD. What changed? My own view is the black death plus industrial revolution changed the value of labour vs capital, and demanded a system in which well behaved citizens were rewarded and bred more, anti social types had higher infant morality. Add in the innate higher IQ, and hey presto european societies and populations are the bollocks. Now, of course, we are reversing it with rewarding bad breeders and importing lower IQs....
  7. wherebee

    White Man's Burden

  8. wherebee

    My Word! Average household monthly spend

    It's interesting how much the 'living cost' includes for many people a 'pikey tax' - paying more for rent/mortgage to live in an area where you won't get burgled once a year, you won't get mugged, and your kids won't end up stabbed with a knife/stabbed with a rapefugee penis (sex dependent). Imagine if there were no scum, how much cheaper living costs would be.
  9. wherebee

    Tommy Robinson thread

    can you imagine what sentance one of the TR supporters would have got if he beat muslims with a stick at the march?
  10. wherebee

    My Word! Average household monthly spend

    It's tricky though, to see whether the underlining spends are rational or not. for example, having an annual train ticket through an employers scheme might be a couple of hundred a months easily - would that be repayments? Likewise a car lease for work? What SHOULD be a focus is that 'enjoyment' is less than 20% of the total. That means that spending to stand still (shelter/food/etc) is up about 80%. Add in tax, and you are looking at a very small leeway for pure discretionary....
  11. wherebee

    Islamification of Europe

    https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/jun/18/eight-arrested-after-violence-at-manchester-cycling-event Look! more enrichment!
  12. wherebee

    When the oil (and sand) runs out

    For the elites, quite possibly. For the dark masses in Africa and the european ghettos (see Marseilles, Bradford, etc), why would they bother?
  13. wherebee

    Fatter and Longer than a Transit

    length 3500 Crew Cab & 4500/5500 Regular Cabs: 263.0 in (6,680 mm) you lot are pipsqueaks with your range rovers
  14. wherebee

    State Pension - incomplete years

    what a crock of shit government IT is. Can't send a code to an overseas mobile. Idiots.
  15. wherebee

    State Pension - incomplete years

    I should check - although as I have said many times, I expect by the time I retire that nobody living outside the UK will get a UK state pension, and those living inside the Uk will only get a pension if they are in a very select category (i.e. not the law abiding majority).