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    wherebee got a reaction from Snow bird in Worrying stuff going on in South Africa   
    I actually rate Tutu and Mandela as amazing human beings who stopped a hot war and massacre.
    However, the underlying premise - that black majority rule would be better for the majority of blacks and whites and asians in SA - is false.  It is false, has always been false, and will remain false.  Average IQ, tribalism, and impulse control (two of three of those are certainly genetic, and the middle one may be as well) fucks any large scale african civilisation in the arse compared to Asian/European ones.
    The ideal for SA would have been apartheid with stable, free, birth control efforts for the African populations, and human rights improvements (utilities, no random beatings etc).  What we will see in SA is slow genocide, then fast genocide, then mass starvation.
    Of course, now I'm a racist for saying it.  
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    wherebee got a reaction from Dave Bloke in The Oz / Australia is fucked thread   
    guilty as charged.  
    although to be fair, I think it's international travel what does it.  Meet interesting people and cultures from all around the world and realise that a lot of them are cunts.
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    wherebee got a reaction from Mirror Mirror in Worrying stuff going on in South Africa   
    Minimal sympathy for her.  The student she was with - that she gave a lift to - was a coloured (mix of black and white).  That means that she was willing to mix socially with none whites.  Probably banging him. Usual out-group attraction from a woman.  They stormed her car when she dropped him off - which means that she was in the wrong area for a white, and, it is entirely possible, had been seen with him before and thus was targeted.  If she hadn't been mixing with non-whites, she would still be alive.
    If someone living in SA now does not understand that a large proportion of non-whites hate whites and will go out of their way to attack or kill them, then they are removing themselves from the gene pool.  
    Finally, I'd also say that she's also certainly - from the fact that she mixed with non-whites - would have been voting for the end of apartheid if she was old enough and the resultant fall of South Africa as a viable country.  Karma and all that.
    I used to be firmly anti-racist when I believe that all men were created equal and all cultures were worthy of respect.  Now I see that billions of people hate me and my people, and bring nothing but darkness to civilisation.  Those whites that assist the fall are worse.
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    wherebee got a reaction from the gardener in Moroccan murders - almost certainly a terrorist attack   
    When a young guy, pre internet, I didn't know that the only correct response to the above was "I don't care, come talk to me when you are single" and then go and have a pint with some other mates.
    To any young guys reading this, listen to us old bastards and save yourself a lot of wasted time.
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    wherebee got a reaction from Great Guy in Ebola   
    Round these fuckers up and drop them in the Congo.  They can treat the locals to their hearts content using their own resources then.
    People like this, who are leading to the destruction of European civilisation, REALLY boil my piss.
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    wherebee got a reaction from Great Guy in Ebola   
    One of the things never worked into the calculations that 'prove' that immigration and diversity are beneficial to the UK is the impact in a pandemic scenario of a diverse society.  In the 1950-60's with a largely homogenous society, people would both speak the same language and have a higher level of inter-societal trust.  If order to, for example, stay indoors and wait for instructions, the population would largely have complied.  Infected people would largely have self reported.
    With mass immigration, you now have swathes of the population who will not obey the authorities without a use of force, plus language issues.  Self reporting, especially by those with grey areas immgration status, will be minimal.
    In short, mass immigration from non-homogenous groups acts as a force multiplier of negativities in times of national disaster, and thus significantly pushes up overall costs.  But this is NEVER discussed.
    If ebola ever hit London or the West Midlands, the chances of containing it are zero....
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    wherebee got a reaction from Inoperational Bumblebee in Censorship of the Internet by Google, YouTube, Facebook, BBC, Daily Mail & Others   
    i'll just leave this here
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    wherebee got a reaction from stokiescum in prince to wed   
    well I for one think it's disgusting that Harry is being allowed to marry such a traditional body shaped women, therby adding to the oppression of WOMC and FBS everywhere.  If he was correctly advised, he would have chosen one of his other commonwealth options...

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    wherebee got a reaction from mattydread in Does anyone actually like patterned toilet roll?   
    This is a shit thread
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    wherebee got a reaction from the gardener in Does anyone actually like patterned toilet roll?   
    This is a shit thread
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    wherebee got a reaction from Austin Allegro in When did it all start to go wrong?   
    I was saying to my wife just yesterday when listening to some early Clapton how the 60's generation - boomers - created awesome music, but fucked everything else up in the West to the point where their granchildren will have some pretty terrible situations to face.
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    wherebee got a reaction from Bkkandrew in You're all black originally   
    funnily enough, having left the UK I can now see how not having free speech enshrined by law really fucks the country over.  Never really understood it when I was there, but living in different places with different speech laws really lets you see how important it is...
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    wherebee got a reaction from whocares in The invasion is underway   
    "The report on the health of refugees and migrants in the WHO European region says they do not transmit diseases or place a disproportionate burden on healthcare systems"
    Nasty things, facts.  About 300 polish women might disagree with the report, if they were still alive....
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    wherebee got a reaction from Harley in Aldemore - banking for the bold...   
    Zish Khan, Interim Chief Operating Officer
    Whenever I see the word 'INTERIM' on a major risk/operations role in a financial company, my ears prick up...
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    wherebee got a reaction from Bkkandrew in Northern Ireland   
    I love to use the history of Northern Ireland to shut SJWs up on immigration.  They tend to be pro-unification and anti-Ulstermen.
    "I agree - the situation in Northern Ireland is a terrible example of how mass immigration can create hundreds of years of suffering.  The rich wanted cheap workers so moved and encouraged immigration from the Scots into Northern Ireland, effectively dispossessing the existing natives and creating conflict due to culture differences.  Exactly the same as has happened in the UK since the 70's. "
    I have seen SJWs literally turn and walk away as they realise they have zero arguments that hold water.
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    wherebee got a reaction from the gardener in The Germany is fucked thread   
    not funny, dude.
    I have a daughter and understandi HO's concerns.
    HO - I think the best you can do is be honest to her about the hatred held towards white girls by some people in some groups, and explain how grooming works.  Especially clearly explain how getting involved with the nice asian kid at school can be a gateway to being held hostage in a house whilst 50 old muslim guys attack you.  That is not fearmongering, that is reported fact.
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    wherebee got a reaction from maynardgravy in Climate change...   
    Every time I see one of those posts by my SJW friends going 'OMG ELEPHANTS DYING POACHING HUNTING NO!" I comment by saying I'm giving a tenner to the charity population control Africa as that will do the most good.
    tends to get them a bit angry for some reason.
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    wherebee got a reaction from the gardener in The Germany is fucked thread   
    I wasn't OK with it.  It set out very clearly that an individual with no language skills, no driving skills, and no understanding of British history was allowed into this country and start a job which directly undermines the financial wealth of a native Brit (by native I include the british-carribean bloke given as an example of a cabbie).  
    That, in my mind, is wrong. It benefits the 1% (who have hard assets and benefit financially from cheaper labour and more consumers) but hurts many, many more people.  Put aside the bombing risk of mass immigration, and at the base level it is still wrong.
    Now, I do not blame or criticise her in the slightest.  She is doing the right thing by her family.  I blame the fuckers in power, and the fuckers in the media
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    wherebee got a reaction from Hail the Tripod in Why are channel 4 such arseholes?   
    What really gives me the shits is that there are terrible cases of really really deserving people - often single men - who are desperate for a hand up and get kicked in the face by the system, often resulting in suicide.  Meanwhile the magic vagina pass means feckless idiots get given assets which 70 years ago would have seen them classed as middle class. and a hundred years ago upper class.
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    wherebee got a reaction from Hail the Tripod in Trivial Things that annoy you   
    flies always take off backwards - so if you aim slightly behind them, you'll splat them more often.  True tip.
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    wherebee got a reaction from the gardener in Count Dankula/Paul Joseph Watson/Sargon of Akkad 'join UKIP' in order to spite anti-racist campaigners   
    Tribalism never went away, except in the imagination of some mad westerners.  You may not be tribalist or racist, but your childrens conquerors will be.
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    wherebee got a reaction from Great Guy in Cinco de Milo   
    I said this on another thread - I think that in a hundred years, the mental health industry will have a classification for people like this that are so disconnected from reality due to political beliefs.
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    wherebee got a reaction from Lipid in Owen Jones   
    I do wonder if, like Gladstone or Churchill, Portillo could be the sort of person who spends 20 years away from politics and comes back to run the country with a damn site more success than the scum who have stayed at the trough...
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    wherebee got a reaction from mooncat69 in Owen Jones   
    Now if he had said 'right hand specialists' he could well have been correct...

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    wherebee got a reaction from sleepwello'nights in trans madness   
    Do people ever get tired of spouting shit?  Racism is innate to humans.  In-tribe preference is encoded.