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  1. A person I know was part of the asymptomatic testing program 🤦‍♂️. Had no symptoms but tested positive. Surprisingly had a confirmatory test that was also positive (not sure this is done routinely). 14 days self-isolation was the prize! Still has absolutely no symptoms. This thing isn't going away until we get over the irrational fear and mass testing is wound down... 😕
  2. You can pay 10% of the balance in over-payments in any given year without penalty. Early repayment charges (i.e. for paying in full) are ludicrous. 6% to 5 years, 5% to 9 years, 4% to 11 years, 3% to 13 years, 2.5% to 14 years and 1.5% to 15 years. We have simply factored swallowing the maximum early repayment charge into our plans, should we have to move. But if we thought we might have to move we'd have gone for a shorter fix (or probably not bought at all). They claim to allow you to port the mortgage, but if prices dive I am not sure quite how that would work...?! The terms wouldn't w
  3. Interested to hear which of the bailed out banks you seeing being the least risky investment in this context? If a deflation does happen, won't they be getting hammered again?
  4. I might have done as well, but it wasn't just my call, and when you find an affordable place you like in spite of the price it gets more difficult to argue with the other half to not just get on with it.
  5. I'd have gone with the Virgin one at 2.75% in spite of the higher early repayment fees (we almost certainly won't be moving for a very long time), but they won't consider mortgages for people who haven't been resident in the UK for at least three years. Computer simply say's no...
  6. Yes, we are definitely going in to this accepting that there is a good chance we could have hung on for something better, or cheaper, or both! The problem is we have been waiting for something approaching sanity for 10 years, promising my wife we'd settle down somewhere for almost as long, and we just can't be arsed with renting any longer. 7 years of Aus style rental inspections (quarterly and ridiculously nit-picky) and being screwed over at the end of tenancy agreements (spurious cleaning charges, phantom damage - you name it, lettings agents will try and screw you for it!) have sapped any
  7. My hope is to dribble in to reflation equities to such a degree that just a modest return on investment will clear the mortgage balance at the end of the fix. Let's hope some good calls are made here collectively in the markets of the next few years! The PM miner trades I have been watching have gone well, but I couldn't risk my deposit at the time...
  8. I am a long time (10 year) lurker from the other site, over which time we haven't bought a place for various reasons, including spending 7 years in Oz. My god, that place has the most almighty of property bubbles...! Long story short, I moved back to these shores last year for a job offer I just couldn't turn down, even if it is in the similarly 'bubble-tastic' SE. Nonetheless, we are here and settled for the long term, so in spite of the obvious issues with house price we are buying a place down here. Its expensive (yet still cheaper than renting similar) but has four bedrooms and a pret
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