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  1. There's no permanent population on Ascension Island, just an RAF base and guestworkers.
  2. Keir Starmer is also copying this tactic, he will try to get elected in 2024 having announced as few policy positions as possible.
  3. 200 years ago there wasn't much mining in the UK either, it would have been artisanal mining i.e. a few people with picks in a 5-10m deep hole as in Africa at the time. Mass industrialised employment in UK coal mining was really a late 19th-early 20th century thing, in the early 19th century the mills were water-driven and charcoal was burned for heat. I can't find graphs of UK mine employment going back to 1820 but if you assume it was proportional to coal production there were probably only 60-70k people doing it in the UK in 1820. In 1820 the typical British worker was a farm labourer not a
  4. No mines in Africa? Apart from copper mines in Zambia, diamond mines in Zimbabwe, gold and coal mines in South Africa, etc etc.
  5. Also my older blue collar relatives are some of the politest people I ever met, standards of behaviour are important to them. The idea that rudeness is normal for people from blue collar backgrounds is patronising.
  6. If your partner constantly talks over you it's time to hit the road I reckon.
  7. The candidate who talked over the other one more got moderated more.
  8. I don't think that has much to do with Walthamstow, more the vulnerability of teenage boys who are the most likely demographic to be attacked by a stranger when out and about. I grew up in a fairly affluent town in Berkshire and this kind of thing happened fairly regularly while I was in secondary school, even happened to me a couple of times as I was walking or cycling home on my own.
  9. Well at least it gives you a metric for how strong this imagined hatred of free movement is: it's less important to the Swiss than convenient cross-border shopping trips.
  10. What on earth is going on north of the Severn-Wash line? Could you lot calm it down with licking ferrets' arses or whatever it is you're doing to spread the virus?
  11. Hang on a minute, I thought the line was that deep down the Swiss don't like free movement of people so why wouldn't they vote to keep their guns and leave Schengen if that's what they really want? You don't have to be in Schengen to be part of the EEA, there was no threat of leaving the single market for this one. Here's an explanation that isn't full of contradictions: the Swiss voted for more gun control because a majority of them wanted more gun control.
  12. Thanks for confirming that the country which sent millions of civilians to the gas chambers was white, Christian and European.
  13. Who said white Christian Europeans are the only ones capable of barbaric acts?
  14. White Christian Europeans sent millions of civilians into gas chambers within living memory and there are people on this thread who think the person who gave the order to do that is worth listening to. It's great that Europe has had 75 years of mostly peaceful international cooperation and respect for human rights but the cultural tide amongst white Christian Europeans is clearly going against the postwar values that produced that track record right now and the new rise of ethnonationalism does not have a right to claim that track record as its own.
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