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  1. Driving past the edge of town today and noticed a long queue and then disappointingly realized it was for burger king. Why would anyone queue for burger king?
  2. I bumped into a Swede whilst on holiday this summer (well, not bumped into, obviously, stood some way apart whilst queuing) and we were discussing the different countries' approaches and he remarked that social distancing is what the Swedes do all the time anyway, so didn't need much encouragement.
  3. My father was miserable bastard until he got bowel cancer. Well, he continued to be a miserable bastard for a time, whilst pretending that shitting blood was not a problem. Once he finally admitted that there was an issue, my mum got on the case and spoke to some relevant charities who pointed out that quick action was important. My mum, grudgingly (after I had a convinced her that being rich but dead was no fun), agreed to spend some cash on emergency private surgery. My dad's immediate concern on waking from surgery was whether he had a colostomy bag or not, but following recovery tr
  4. This primary head had been suspended for saying on the radio what many have voiced on here, ie some teachers are skiving. https://www.sunderlandecho.com/education/suspended-primary-school-headteacher-who-said-teachers-sat-home-doing-nothing-defends-herself-television-2898138
  5. Just in Sainsbury's and they had a tannoy announcement along the lines of "Some disabilities are not visible, please be kind to those not wearing masks or unable to social distance." I guess they've had enough of people kicking off in store at each other. How do you punch someone in the face whilst maintaining social distancing?
  6. Wife's business took a bounceback loan because, well, why not, and it is now sitting in an account. Wife's business partner recently applied for mortgage for first home and it seems likely that she will be turned down because of the bounceback loan suggesting that the business was in trouble.
  7. Inigo

    FATCA - WTF?

    I have to say that the incompetence is rather spectacular. I'm currently in week 8 of account opening hell and no sign of the end yet.
  8. Inigo

    FATCA - WTF?

    They ask this question to every financial institution in the world? What the fuck has it got to do with them? Are we asking the same questions in reverse?
  9. Inigo

    FATCA - WTF?

    Which, of course, is completely understandable if you are a US citizen, but why do UK citizens have to deal with this? Where is the same questionnaire from the French, Australians, Mozambicans, etc?
  10. Inigo

    FATCA - WTF?

    I've just been involved in a very long process to try to open a bank account for a management company for a flat that I own ( I know, I know, people farming, etc, but I haven't put the rent up for over 10 years and frankly, I'd dump the thing if my tenant ever moved out). What I was completely taken aback by (rather than NatWest moving their entire back office to Poland) was that the IRS now seem to demand information on every new bank account in the UK (and presumably the world.) I had to go through a long and tedious process to work out if the management company was an active or passi
  11. He has had to be sensitive with the PPE he wears so it doesn't look too much like the people who turn up in hazmat suits in ET when he goes in to the care home. He recently had one old dear screaming in fear and saying "I'm not dead yet!" when he walked past her room. Dementia and being surrounded by the dying isn't a very pleasant mix.
  12. He does the collections (going in to care homes to remove body), sees which residents are coughing their guts up and has a fairly good idea if they are soon to be customers. He also does the embalming, so sees the state of their lungs after death. And he does the paperwork, so he sees the death certificates. But you're right, he's not medically trained, so all anecdotal, however he does see a lot of dead people.
  13. Anecdotal from the undertakers: Currently 3 of his 6 customers are corona virus deaths (according to death certificates). He doesn't understand where government figures come from, as for a while they were reporting zero deaths from corona virus, while he was still dealing with them regularly. Current corona virus deaths (that he is dealing with) are mostly from care homes. His experience/guess suggests that some deaths have been attributed to other causes, that he would have said were caused by corona virus eg death cert says pneumonia, but he is convinced it was corona vi
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