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  1. My father in law and his new-ish wife are in the habit of wearing matching Disney sweatshirts. It was top of the list of reasons why my wife decided that she could no longer keep in contact.
  2. I received a text, ostensibly from my GP, suggesting that I can download an app to manage my health, e-referrals and weight. Presumably this is the track and trace thing. Funny, you'd have thought they might mention that bit? Or coincidence?
  3. Howler monkeys in the morning sound like they are coming for your soul. I loved/was terrified by the noise.
  4. I knew someone who had worked for Wellcome since he left school and joined as an apprentice. When they were taken over by Glaxo they were offered voluntary redundancies. He loved his job and wanted to continue, but aged 50 he was offered more cash in redundancy than he would have earned had he continued working to retirement.
  5. I was shown round a cacao plantation in Costa Rica and they had an apiary with several varieties of tiny stingless bees. Never knew there were so many species of bee.
  6. That's me! Bought a mountain bike a few years ago that had a frame made out of depleted Uranium, nearly died on the first hill, refused to go back on it for years. Then I bought a hybrid to cycle to work when I moved offices. But forgot I had children to drop off at school on the way and was terrified by the oversize 4x4s taking up both sides of the road and hooning round blind corners on the back lanes on the school run, so that was barely used. I have spent a while looking for a secondhand mountain bike, but have given up waiting for one of the right size and spec to turn up locally, so bought a shiny new one with all the bells and whistles on the cycle2work scheme, so should only cost me 50% of the new price in the long run. Have actually cycled to work via fields, tracks and bridleways three times this week.
  7. Bearded, middle aged and earnest. Still a cunt though.
  8. Happened to my brother in law when he was a teenager in Birmingham. Some scrote thumped him, took his bike and cycled off. Neighbours had previously had the same done to their youngest and his big brother happened to witness this, chased after said scrote, pulled him off the bike and gave him a kicking. While my BIL got his bike back, he never rode it again. He did take up unicycling though, not so easy to cycle off on one of those.
  9. Daughter number 2 was one of those arses for a while. Seems to have come through the other side, mostly. In year 8 at school she personally apologised to each of her form mates for how horrible she had been in year 7.
  10. Local car wash run by Albanians near where my wife works. A year ago they moved out of a steel framed building and occupied one corner of the industrial estate using only some shipping containers for their gear. Steel fabrication company that moved in to the steel framed building were surprised to find out that they couldn't get their £10,000 Corona Virus grant as it had already been claimed on their business premises by the car wash people. Cue lots of shouting and threats, Albanian guy called police to try and say he was being kidnapped, but refused to give his name, police refused to attend. Unclear what the outcome was as my wife had to leave at that point.
  11. I (used to) really enjoy going on holiday, except for all the tourists. It's not me that is the problem, it is everyone else, clearly. I was in Tibet once waiting for the clouds to clear so that we could get a good view of Everest and a Brit enquired as to our method of transport. When he found out that we had got there by minibus he said "Oh, you are just tourists." He had cycled there, as though that made him somehow different. If he had moved there and got a job, I would have accepted it.
  12. I was having a working lunch with a professor from my old uni and after a while he asked what I had studied and I had to confess that I had dropped out. I was a bit embarrassed, but he said that no-one ever does anymore, the worse they do, the more they bitch, so, eventually, everyone gets passed. He was sick of the whole thing and eventually moved to an American university. I wonder if the grass was greener.
  13. I've been asked to visit a customer in Scotland. When I looked on the IHG website some hotels were stating that they needed ID and proof of key worker status, while others were not. Have they got around the above restrictions or are they simply ignoring them?
  14. Yes, I was a bit shocked at the prices as they get close to full size bikes. I'd heard of Frog, I'll have a look at them when we next need a bigger bike, thanks.
  15. My hazy recollection from RE at school was a change of emphasis between old testament vengeful god (you can have a rest after 6 days of work, like I did) to happy-clappy forgiving Christian new testament (I think you're all lovely and I forgive you anyway, so have your reward first.) So Jewish sabbath on Saturday, the last day of the week, Christian sabbath on Sunday, the first day of the week. Outlook can change first day of the week, but I've had this confusion in the past where it buggered up week numbers if you don't go with the same assumptions as others.