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  1. He clearly spent a lot time polishing his helmet obsessively.
  2. These
  3. Did you get a mail recently saying they'd been taken over by Universal someone?
  4. I, err sorry - my friend - can confirm that Sports Donkey is off.
  5. FFS - assuming man did walk on the moon, did man wank on the moon?
  6. "A friend" just tried to watch the City match but can't.
  7. £94 million for London, the remaining £1 million to be split between the others.
  8. Having been fined and got points, and also having been on a speed awareness course, I'd definitely opt for the fine and points next time. 3 hours of cringing at the feckless knob running the course, who genuinely believed he was a world class stand up comedian is something I don't want to endure again.
  9. Huge numbers of people just seem pick a noun, a colour and a logo they like.
  10. Mysterious possibly, although it could just be a sensible haircut.