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  1. Hot desking creates hygiene issues though. Sharing a desk creates the potential for sharing a virus.
  2. Got bored watching now but I feel he's done better than I was expecting. He may have touched up bits of the story but nobody would ever secure a conviction against him based on that. If any of it is a blatant lie than that would be another story. I still think of him a bit of a no-mark all the same. Not nearly as important as he, or the meeja, would like us all to believe.
  3. True. I'm sure somebody must have made a formal complaint to the police and if so they are duty-bound to investigate. I don't have a huge amount of faith in the justice system personally, but I reckon if there is something to nick him for, then he will duly be nicked.
  4. By his own account, but maybe he didn't get to hear about UKIP or the Brexit Party.
  5. Who pays his wages in his current role? Is he a civil servant?
  6. Article is 4 years old. Why would anything change now?
  7. We got ourselves a few washsable reusable ones made by individuals selling them on Etsy. Plain black for day-to-day, and fancy patterned ones for special occasions. I seem to be getting hay fever this year, but haven't sneezed while wearing one yet. When I do, I will report back here.
  8. I don't think of myself as being either outgoing, or particularly sympathetic to others, and yet I suppose I have a fairly social lifestyle - 3 different social groups I spend time with, including being a regular at the local pub. So I guess I can't be a complete cunt.