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  1. Not necessarily. You could require people to have a licence to do it, and then only give out licences to those you deem "suitable".
  2. Let herself down today. Shame - one of the few Labour MPs i have any regard for.
  3. My prediction is: Wednesday - nothing interesting Thursday - nothing interesting Hope I'm wrong as the US bas been fairly boring of late, and this would be more exciting if true.
  4. My local shut, as I mentioned elsewhere, due to the fit barmaid testing positive. A couple of days later Lancashire went into tier 3 and they don't serve food so would have shut anyway. Now the landlord and landlady have got positive tests. Oh well, at least they have time to get better while they can't open anyway. Going to have to go to the Spanish restaurant in town and have a tapas sesh instead.
  5. Nope don't believe it's real. If it was real, they could send copies to every country's leader - Johnson, Merkel, Macron, Trudeau, even Ardern & come to that why not Putin and Xi Jin Ping - announce they'd sent them all copies. Then ask them to comment in the next couple of days or they'll post it all publicly before asking those same world leaders why they didn't comment. That's what you'd do if it was real anyway.
  6. Such a self evident representation of a penis visible for miles around is oppressive to women.
  7. Craghoppers stuff is really good. Get a 3 in 1 waterproof / fleece jobby then you're good for all weathers.
  8. Weird Fish t-shirts. Not all of them have shit printed designs Tesco own-brand vodka
  9. Not sure whether this belongs here or in the Q thread.
  10. blobloblob

    CE Marks

    a) It's self certification b) Once you've done the test, nobody's checking if you continue to use the same components, manufacturing techniques etc. You can make a few great samples, put them through CE, then drop your standards when you go to mass production.
  11. My cat, like me, doesn't give a toss about spiders. My wife on the other hand has a serious phobia so I always agree to kill them. We had 2 record breakingly big spiders about 3 weeks ago but they squashed as easily as smaller ones. The wife has now sprayed the entire house with Liberal quantities of repellent and we've had none since. Same story every year, except this year's spiders were MUCH bigger. Edit: it's the spiders I kill, not the wife and cat. Re-read my post and felt the need to clarify.
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