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  1. blobloblob

    Chelsea racists

    Declared City fan here: He started his life with a truly shite hand, has done OK and didn't even really moan about these scuzzball Chelsea fans himself anyway.
  2. blobloblob

    The Most Racist Countries on Earth

    No actual link inside the article to the Washington Post survey it refers to. Reporting like that always undermines my confidence in the author.
  3. blobloblob

    When did you last use a fax machine?

    I propped the self-closing door to the server room open with one at work. Would have been about 18 months ago I think.
  4. blobloblob

    UN migration pact

    91437. Gone up a lot today and seems to be accelerating - will pass 100000 tomorrow at this rate.
  5. blobloblob

    Bye bye Treason May?

    This seems odd. Most CE products are, of course, made in China, so most compliance tests are therefore also carried out in China. If China can do it outside the EU, why couldn't we?
  6. blobloblob

    Bye, UKIP

    This came as a surprise as I was sure I'd heard she'd left several months ago. What's that Mandela thing again?
  7. blobloblob


    Frost on cars here in Rossendale on the way to the pub (8pm), gone on the way back (11.30pm). Conclusion: everyone needs to go to the pub to prevent the next ice age.
  8. blobloblob


    New York Cafe if you feel like splashing out on a bit of fin de siecle opulence.
  9. blobloblob

    Female Linux sysadmins - AIBU?

    Thought it was pretty basic personally
  10. blobloblob

    What Do Investment Bank Traders Really Get Paid?

    Don't know who he is, or whether what he's saying has any merit or not, but it only takes 2 minutes flicking through that video to realise he's a shit presenter.
  11. blobloblob

    UN migration pact

    Almost 62,500 signatures now. Going up by about 1000 per hour.
  12. blobloblob

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Just watching France 24 news. Almost BBC levels of bias.
  13. blobloblob

    Women drinking pints instead of half pints

    31 years ago I started on a catering course. My drinking mates were 3 other males and 4 females. Our round was 8 pints of bitter and we usually bought a round each. It felt normal.
  14. That's clearly Porto. Otherwise it's Newcastle.