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  1. I'm shit at this sort of thing but I don't believe that there isn't at least one poster here who couldn't come up with an incredibly offensive version of this meme.
  2. Can we atheists apply for the religious exemption on the grounds we believe there is no afterlife, should the vaccination kill us?
  3. Don't travel into Bury as often as I used to but sometimes used to see a woman driving M1LF J. She was quite tasty to be fair, although obviously not a patch on milfs A to I.
  4. Here's George Soros' partialfact.com explaining that ever closer union doesn't mean ever closer union, back in Feb 2016: https://fullfact.org/europe/explaining-eu-deal-ever-closer-union/ “Ever closer union” isn’t specifically a call for political union This expression is of long-standing origin. It is found in the Preamble to the 1957 treaty that set up what became the EU. On at least six occasions the UK has signed up to it (firstly in becoming a member, and then agreeing to subsequent treaty changes). So for example, one of the main EU treaties currently refer
  5. It's too late. If you win you'll have an asterisk next to your name on the trophy.
  6. Compared to this, I like it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Eyes
  7. I imagine most people would favour a Trump supporter who loves the NHS than a Trump hater who loathes it.
  8. So Biden is anti-Palestine? Is he saying it's really part of Israel?
  9. Please would someone who understands and cares explain this?
  10. Nice to see some good news during this current shite epoch.
  11. Strip away the distinctive accent and there's practically no substance. He's just a budget 21st century Jasper Carrot.
  12. Has anyone got links to their only fans pages?
  13. I'm quite prepared to believe you're real. Even if you're not, society has changed dramatically in the last few years and you're now more than welcome to identify as any poster you wish.
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