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  1. What's Hoylake got to do with all this?
  2. There's another one which has raised more.
  3. Dipped in batter and deep fried, that would be amazing.
  4. Didn't you have Bin Laden in the first one?
  5. In general, other than the first thread in the old place, we've been collectively shite with our predictions.
  6. They should be very worried about their health. The chances of leading a long, healthy life at that size are low.
  7. There's one poster whose posts I always scroll straight past without reading, as I think they're always just shite.
  8. Just started one by copying and pasting spunko's comment. Your title is better though, but it's too late now.
  9. Following @spunko's suggestion, here's a non-derailaing thread about blocking and ignoring. For the record, I haven't blocked anyone.
  10. And yet, when you read the replies to this tweet, it's all Trump's fault apparently.
  11. Tons of £55 to £60 boots in Go Outdoors right now. I need a new pair but don't want to spend more than that. Anybody got any recommendations at that sort of price?
  12. Shame. Great drummer with one of the biggest drum kits known to mankind.
  13. Fiiiiiigggggghhhhhht This is good.