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    Stupidly expensive but worth breaking the bank for. Spend even more dosh and do the old skidoo on a glacier thing too. Can't remember the name of the restaurant but I had the Icelandic tasting menu which included puffin and whale among other things. Whale is the tastiest thing I've ever eaten.
  2. If I'd known this thread was coming I'd have picked a different name.
  3. So much stuff about the Apollo misson on the radio today and it got me thinking, I don't know much about the space race. So, can anyone tell me: who was the first man to have a shit on the moon? While we're at it, who was the first person to wank in space?
  4. blobloblob

    Baked beans

    Branston are the best, if they still make them. In general though, not having baked beans always tastes much nicer than having some baked beans.
  5. Wife's experience based on being special needs coordinator in 3 different primary schools is that this is not tightly adhered to; in fact not adhered to at all in one of them.
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    Ah right. I thought you were suggesting Epstein might have been in the van. Not nearly as exciting now you've explained it.
  7. I got pissed in York a couple of weeks ago and threw up on the street. It's the first time I've done that for years, so I blame York.
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    Why the picture of Urmston?
  9. Tony Blair John Cleese David Davies (not sure which one)
  10. If you were a paid up member of PC and your membership was coming up for renewal, you'd have to question if it was worth the money. What will they do at the next general election?
  11. Thought he'd copped it decades ago.
  12. Got a brownish one but couldn't link, which is racist, so here's a screenshot Here's one.
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    Vango for me - the Ford Mondeo of tents.
  14. blobloblob


    Must say I look down my nose at campers in Gelert tents.