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  1. The report on state TV today mentioned that around 100 airport staff had seen the drone(s). Can't see how that stacks up with the police statements at the time to the effect that there may not actually have been any drones.
  2. TMT is Q. I thought we'd all figured that out by now.
  3. I'm personally perfectly happy to look down my nose at those Montenegrins who made monkey noises at black English footballers. Having said that, I still don't get the whole general idea of linking black people to monkeys anyway, as no footballer looks more like an ape than Martin Keown.
  4. Never paid attention to this plane thing before. Please could someone summarise the salient facts and significance? Ta
  5. First couple of series were great but, as happens with many sitcoms, it gradually became a parody of itself over time.
  6. If you want to make money from catering, get yourself a beaten up old caravan and start selling burgers from a layby.
  7. blobloblob

    Tits out

    Oh yeah cos sooooo many people didn't know it was a parody account :: sarcastic face::
  8. Was it definitely a heart attack and not a stroke?
  9. I'm not really a detail person tbf
  10. I didn't realise Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon's name is really Steven Yaxley-Lennon. I'm surprised the So-Called BBC haven't mentioned it.
  11. Durrr - Manchester, of course.
  12. You could always buy a ticket but not go.
  13. Look forward to seeing what will happen on February 30th.
  14. Then why tell everyone you're going to do it now?