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  1. I've made my own hand sanitizer to the WHO formulation: IPA, water, 3% hydrogen peroxide and glycerol. It seems to do the job and feels similar to the commercial stuff. Giving it out to family to avoid them making unnecessary trips.
  2. Not a remedy, but it might send you down a path of more critical reasoning:
  3. Before anybody starts ingesting large quantities of sodium bicarbonate based on an anecdotal remedy from 102 years ago for a completely different disease, I'd urge them to consider firstly the possible effect of the sodium on blood pressure and secondly the currently reported higher mortality for Covid19 for those with hypertension.
  4. We're born alkaline and get increasingly acidic from puberty onwards which is apparently a bad thing. To prevent this, we should be ingesting, amongst other things, apple cider vinegar which in food terms is highly acidic? Have I missed something?
  5. What about olive oil? Seems to have been part of the Mediterranean diet for longer than Weight Watchers ready meals.