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  1. The problem with Scottish Independence is that, even without the damage inflicted by the mad policies of wee krankie, just the loss of subsidies from England would cause the Scottish economy to collapse and England would soon be overrun with economic migrants from Scotland. Perversely retaining Scotland in the Union helps keep the Scottish in Scotland. If they want Independence they must agree to no free movement south of the border and pay for a wall.
  2. Not mine but " You don't sweat much for a fat lass " should get a mention.
  3. There are many passages in the koran that call for the elimination of the infidel. Will the judge ban the koran and jail it's devotees?
  4. Islam hasn't failed. It is winning in many parts of the world especially in Europe. It doesn't even need terrorists like Khan. UK muslim population as % of total 2001 ONS census - 3.0% 2011 ONS census - 4.8% A 60% increase in 10 years. Similar levels of increase would give figures of 7.7% in 2021 and 12.2% in 2031. Immigration and significantly higher birth rates funded primarily by welfare are the most effective tools of jihad.
  5. The catholic church held services in Latin for centuries and resisted moves to use local dialect. Perhaps a coincidence but since they conceded to languages that people understand church attendance has fallen dramatically. The mystique has gone and the dogma is exposed to scrutiny. Muslims refuse to make the same mistake. They are masters at indoctrination. - Rote learning in a language that even some Arabs don't understand* isolates the individual from the mainstream and banishes rational thought. - The call to prayer from mosque minarets (control towers ?) five times a day continuously reinforces the dogma while permanently disrupting sleep patterns. - Compulsory fasting imposes physical reminders that followers are subordinate and must obey. - Arcane rules about dress, food, drink, washing, sexual behaviour and relationships impose routines and habits that become deeply ingrained. Just in case all that is not enough to secure the loyalty of the follower they have gone one further than the christians who only promise eternal damnation in the next life for heretics. Anyone leaving islam is guilty of apostasy for which the punishment is death. *Learning to read modern standard Arabic you discover that it is quite different from classical arabic and that spoken dialects differ widely.
  6. Try to read the koran. It is not easy due to it being repetitive, rambling, frequently incoherent and reliant on unquestioning belief in a deity however the underlying themes are quite clear. - Non muslims are inferior beings who are to be taxed, subjugated, converted or killed. - Women are inferior to men. - Discrimination in favour of muslims against non muslims is a right. Lying to non muslims is not a wrong. - Jihad is the holy duty of all muslims in order to preserve and spread the faith. The koran is the preserved word of allah and inviolate; unlike the bible which is merely the writings of men. Hence those that choose to ignore the inconvenient passages are not true believers.
  7. Liberals used to be more streetwise. “So long as there is this book there will be no peace in the world.” Liberal Prime Minister William E Gladstone referring to the koran during a parliamentary session.
  8. Koran 24.13 might have something to do with it. "Why did they not bring four witnesses of it? But as they have not brought witnesses they are liars before Allah." Four male witnesses or it didn't happen.
  9. Agreed. In the event of a Corbyn victory the ongoing demise of the UK would accelerate exponentially. A permanent state of chaos would be the norm. Think Venezuela without the oil or perhaps Zimbabwe without agricultural land. The rich and the party apparatchiks would be fine. The rest of us completely fucked for ever. No recovery just a failed state. Which countries will welcome British economic migrants / refugees?
  10. Catastrophic for society at large and for decent people in particular. If the formerly welfare dependent need to compete for minimum wage work then the indigenous will be at an advantage to the more recently arrived. Language, local contacts, familiarity with the system and racial preferences (they still exist even if they shouldn't) will give them the edge. The better qualified migrants from the more economically and culturally developed countries (eg Poland) will be more likely to leave. Those from the less developed more culturally backward countries (eg Somalia) will be more likely to stay as there is nothing to return to. Coming from an environment where corruption is endemic, extreme violence is not unusual and life is cheap it would be naive to expect them to become upstanding citizens while struggling to survive.
  11. It will continue with an ever increasing welfare bill with more and more claimants, continuous falls in productivity with more people gaming the system, increasing levels of tax evasion, a depreciating currency and a mounting national debt until we need another loan from the IMF. (As in 1976) The IMF will attach conditions (As in Greece 2010, 2012 and 2015). Then it will get interesting. Drastically reducing benefits paid to the indigenous who have a huge sense of entitlement will be painful and disruptive. Taking them away from migrants who only came for welfare will be catastrophic. Expect massive increases in the levels of crime and violence. The emasculated police service, courts and prisons will not cope. Otherwise it will be fine.
  12. Personally I am happy to be a foreigner in someone else's country; respecting their culture and laws, but not at all happy to be a foreigner in my home country, being told to tolerate alien cultures and values to the detriment of my own.
  13. Thread crossing but are vegans and vegetarians islamaphobes? Koran 5.1 states that beef is allowed provided of course as per koran 5.3 it has not died naturally and Alan's name has been invoked during slaughter.
  14. Mike Roberts


    Andy's "I have no recollection of meeting that lady " may go down in history along with Clinton's " I did not have sex with that woman". Bill later claimed that BJs don't count. I wonder what HRH's excuse will be?