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  1. Caravan Monster

    3D scanning

    Any pointers on where to start with 3D scanning? The objective is to scan a car body and use the scan to produce cross section templates to copy the body. Have old school drawing boards to scale up shapes. Equipment budget in the £100s rather than £1000s and user friendliness in the vaguely competent linux home user range.
  2. Caravan Monster


    I can probably sell you a HW100 and accompanying gubbins as I don't use it anymore.
  3. Caravan Monster

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Even at this late stage, I'm still not all that sure what most remainers get, or think they are getting, out of being governed by a supranational establishment.
  4. Caravan Monster

    The Bempton Triangle

    A lot of the paranormal stuff is very entertaining listening. It ranges from the convincing to the obviously made up wishful thinking. I often work in out of the way places and used to spend plenty of time alone in the fields at night and have seen plenty of wild life and occasionally people doing weird things, but nothing I couldn't explain. A lot of the black pumas are black feral cats - most people aren't experienced at judging perspective and distances and a black cat working a hedge a long way off is very convincing. However, I also know someone of sober disposition that swears blind to have seen a big cat at close quarters very locally. Also close relatives that wouldn't normally believe in 'that sort of thing' all of whom claim to have seen ghosts in a particular house. The truth is probably even stranger than the stories
  5. Caravan Monster

    Bye bye Treason May?

    having attended that comedy university, I'm surprised such things as conservative groups are permitted in case it offends the more profitable students . Lancaster was big on foreign students back in the nineties and I have abiding memories of the Islamic quarters of the halls stinking from the fish based (I think Malaysian, difficult to tell as none spoke English) cuisine. Also remember being required to carry a Greek chap who could barely speak English through a year or two of an English law degree, but he was there on merit, not because he could pay the fees
  6. Caravan Monster

    Legal weapons

    Youtuber Reverend Simon Sideways used the cunning plan of wearing a suit to go to the marches in the summer. He was able to film amongst the antifa crowd and got no bother from the police because they made the usual assumptions about appearance. He even ended up getting interviewed by some msm lackeys. He also speaks on disinformation about the protest being cancelled on the day and handing out s.35 dispersal orders at the tube station:
  7. Caravan Monster

    UN migration pact

    Can't get good source, but sounds like it is now up to around 20 countries now refusing to sign it.
  8. Caravan Monster

    Email Writing Style

    And another thing, always phone small businesses / tradesmen when first contacting them. We get essential information about jobs by talking to customers. tbh I've got to the stage of ignoring vague texts sent in the middle of the night about work from people I've never met.
  9. Caravan Monster

    Email Writing Style

    Dunno, but he made the mistake of lecturing me about the evils of brexit (made his money running a factory in poor eu country producing tat to flog over here) to which I politely nodded and recalculated the bill.
  10. Caravan Monster

    Email Writing Style

    I did a job a few years back and the customer communicated by super abrupt single sentence emails and texts always ending with !?!!?!
  11. Caravan Monster

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Suspect there are more than some may expect prepared to walk out of work and head for the capital at a moments notice when the time comes.
  12. Caravan Monster

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Important not to let MSM frame this as Vince Cable and suchlike are trying to as binary remain as we were, or Treason's remain + deal. Geoffrey's advice only really states the obvious failings of Treason's surrender and most of his points are no doubt to be found on this thread. Geoffrey's letter is only controversial in the sense that it shows Treason already knew why her deal was unworkable and carried on as if it was, thus proving her intent to not carry out a workable brexit. At this point, the very large majority in the commons look to be preparing to openly stand against representative democracy and wipe away the British Constitution against the express direction of the referendum. Spreading the message about the magnitude of what they are doing and cutting through the bullshit theatrics is about all that is available to us at the moment.
  13. Caravan Monster

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Money, security and don't underestimate the power of social pressure in a world where people don't tell each other to 'fuck off' to their faces. Above the establishment classes, I'm increasingly convinced that there really are people we've probably never heard of genuinely intent on totalitarianism. All very good for them until things go Ceausescu.
  14. Caravan Monster

    Beautiful Old Buildings

    I'm not too far from several Lutyens buildings. There are one or two builders still around that achieve similar results using reclaim materials and a lot of hand tool work. It gets a bit silly at times and starts to resemble set dressing more than building, but some of the best work is very convincing and will fool even those in the building trade.
  15. Caravan Monster

    Tip shop

    My local tip used to sell stuff from a site office on the tip site. Now been 'improved' by moving the shop away from the easily accessible tip on an industrial estate and setting up a tip shop in the town centre where there is no parking and no one goes. My favourite tip purchases were good quality old British made spades and shovels at around £2 each. Judging by the aggressive attitude to anyone in a van and the bodycams, working at the tip must be on a par with working doors for chances of violence.