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  1. Caravan Monster

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    Courtesy of google translate the german article mentioned in comments on Sun article, slightly more detail on Olly Robbins' BRINO and the plan to drag it out indefinitely:
  2. Caravan Monster

    Trump's progress

    One of the more bizarre MSM attempts to smear Trump, a whole series devoted to some luvvie making up stuff about him and failing to find any actual evidence of it. Who watches this output? On it's fifth episode and not yet cancelled
  3. Caravan Monster

    Can't afford to repair roof

    Bet the Oldham one will be more than £40k to repair, especially if a conservation officer decides to 'help'. Don't know if replacements will be obtainable for broken stone slates and the roof structure which looks to have sagged badly needs to be very strong to carry all that weight. Expect that climbing plant won't have helped either, don't let them grow above the cills of top floor windows is my rule of thumb.
  4. Sargon interviews Steve Bannon. Talk on globalism and nationalism. Bannon's take on 'Davos man' hits the mark imo.
  5. Caravan Monster

    Have we got everywhere covered? England

    I claim Northamptonshire, the other red rose county. Seem to remember Mr Pin also has a residence here.
  6. The ethno nationalists are correct in the sense that people are tribal and will divide along ethnic lines. Ghettoisation by ethnic groups of parts of the UK since the fifties has illustrated this. The area civic and ethno nationalists seem to agree on is the dangers posed by large scale immigration, the effects of which are evident. Identity politics has been played at a low level for a long time, since the late '70's I suspect, and this makes civic nationalism the 'safer' because you are less likely to get called a racist. Racism discriminates on an individual level and nationalism on a group level, it is a difficult differentiation to make because the concepts are similar. Ethno nationalists can get carried away with the romance of the blood and soil stuff and attractive ideas about ancestry. I can live with the simple concept that dropping large groups of different nationalities into an indigenous population will create hostility, division and bring the problems of other peoples and countries to the UK. We are at the tipping point and the growth of this problem could be stopped by policy, which brexit provides ideal opportunity for. That is in the hands of government and the eu and failure to handle it will be their responsibility to answer for.
  7. Caravan Monster

    Cars for the non-petrolheads

    The most horribly abused and neglected yet refuses to die car I know of is an Isuzu Trooper Duty. Apparently it is critical to select one with the correct engine, but I can't remember which that is. In the twelve or so years since I took it's owner to fetch it, it has done a lot of road miles, seen plenty of use off road, towed many stupidly large loads, been crashed several times (think that might have included a rollover) Just kick bent bits vaguely straight, tape a bin bag over the broken window, replace critical stuff like broken axles and it keeps on going and somehow passing mots. Mr Gay in the farmers weekly also has one that has been treated more kindly and reached an impressive 490k miles
  8. Caravan Monster

    Fur shop closed down due to death threats

    I think kangaroo is taken from the wild, but have a resilient population. The leather is tougher than cow and good quality motorcycle leathers are mostly kangaroo for it's qualities. Did they mention the otters secretly reintroduced into the wild that are taking out the mink and being larger predators will not be good news for the likes of water voles?
  9. Caravan Monster

    Mass popular uprisings or civil war (not UK)

    I think hidden forces probably to be found mainly among high level civil servants and their lobbyists and backers in western countries are creating and encouraging the division we see. My guess is the eventual aim is increasingly authoritarian governance. Why the inter dimensional space lizards at the very top want to achieve this I don't know, history shows us such treatment of the masses does not end well for those at the top.
  10. Caravan Monster

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    Have the So-Called BBC stopped censoring comments? They consist of either remainers shooting themselves in the foot again and again and again, or leavers saying bullshit and time to end the licence fee
  11. Caravan Monster

    Fur shop closed down due to death threats

    Night shooting with thermal imaging is going to have a big effect on game populations as the equipment gets cheaper. I believe a kit will cost ~ £6k, which is high enough to be prohibitive, but it doesn't have to come down far in this era of cheap money to become widespread. It means so long as the wind is behaving, the shooter can sit in the dark invisible to his quarry, unlike previous night shooting strategies such as lamping with a spot light which did warn of 'something not right' to a degree. It's human nature to take as much as you can get and wouldn't anticipate much restraint in this scenario. This video was taken in Texas, where they have a massive feral hog problem. Notice the magnification is only at 2x and 4x, showing how close they can get to the pigs.
  12. Caravan Monster


    I think different people 'do well' on different diets. Possibly a genetic trait from the diets ancestors had adapted to. I rarely eat meat during the summer months, but definitely get a craving for animal fat during the winter months. Less physical work and central heating must have changed western dietary requirements, possibly a factor in the rise of vegetarianism. The nutritional qualities of meat in recent decades must also have changed. Pigs reared intensively rather than cottage pig fed on scraps and sheep and cows killed much earlier than was historically typical (especially post mad cow disease) in this country. The demand for meat during rationing meant that we got out of the habit of hanging meat, instead buying and cooking it straight away. The modern housewife would probably decline aged beef as black and smelly. Game meat must have also changed, with pheasants dosed with a lot of antibiotics and truly wild game often dining on monsanto's finest crops
  13. Caravan Monster

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Unclear but disturbing case, appears to be an establishment child abuse whistleblower convicted by a secret court of secret charges. Implication that the dear leader in her previous post was involved in her imprisonment. If true, makes the establishment campaign against Tommy Robinson look tame
  14. Caravan Monster

    SJWs ruin linux

    What kind of effect is the stupid likely to have on linux distros for the end user?
  15. Caravan Monster

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Prophet Tan, he has a rather confusing website, 'resist nazi fanta, support tango':