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  1. UK Column often mention the Cabinet Secretary (and also head of the Home Civil Service and also National Security Adviser - presumably a leadership role in the machinery of national security) Mark Sedwill’s-three-hats-pros-and-cons-no-longer-having-full-time-national Is he staying in place under the invigorated Johnson regime? He almost sounds like the civil service secret Prime Minister behind the public one.
  2. Probably a broad interpretation on my part, but I read the 'measures to support working families' bit as more money redistributed to those on tax credits Watched a couple of his foreign secretary speeches and he got the impression he is singing from the same hymn sheet as his recent predecessors. Really not keen on the constant reference to a 'rules based liberal international order' and the transfer of government to international bodies that this implies.
  3. How very dare you Roofing isn't my department, but many problems go back to blocked or broken gutters. Dormers, bay windows and chimneys can be problem areas because they are tricky to reliably seal up from the outset.
  4. In the spirit of the brexit thread and now that the Conservatives have secured a substantial Parliamentary majority, I thought dosbods might want to record their concerns and thoughts about Boris' time in power for posterity. The UK may have avoided the authoritarian communist lunacy promised in the Corbyn and Swinson-ite election manifestos, but what will the Tories under Johnson do? In the past they have been consistently beholden to the Party and their Masters above the general population they represent, which does not bode well. Hopefully we may be able to record some positive things, even if experience suggests otherwise. As the brexit thread covers the issue comprehensively, perhaps posters might want to discuss topics outside of detaching the EU from the British Constitution. For starters, we have the Queen's speech highlights including: My Government will bring forward measures to support working families, raising the National Insurance threshold and increasing the National Living Wage - extension of tax credits? My Government will take steps to support home ownership, including by making homes available at a discount for local first-time buyers - extension of help to buy ? My Ministers will develop legislation to improve internet safety for all. - internet regulation? New laws will require schools, police, councils and health authorities to work together to prevent serious crime - increased intrusion of government into citizens lives ? Measures will be developed to tackle hostile activity conducted by foreign states. - continuation of 'Russians did it' narrative ? To protect and improve the environment for future generations, a bill will enshrine in law environmental principles and legally-binding targets, including for air quality - more subsidized industries not really addressing environmental and energy issues ? A Constitution, Democracy and Rights Commission will be established - messing with the Constitution, for whose benefit? Sounds kind of familiar....
  5. Not sure what class I am. Public school and university educated but was probably regarded as 'a bit rough' by contemporaries at school, not having been especially well educated by my parents in the finer points of social conventions and behavior. Ended up doing fairly specialist building work but not been much of a success in business. Current contemporaries don't really know what to make of stupid public school accent and weirdly confident attitude, but fairly sure have generally been regarded as 'not one of us'. Parents families both sides have been up and down the class scale a bit. Father's family being clever hill folk that did well for themselves in the post WWII world. Mother recently admitted that only a couple of generations prior her family had been quite serious Oxfordshire land owners with a big house and servants. I think being of the sixties generation and educational background that spawned SJW thinking she is quite ashamed by this. Must have been quite a ride for her father who died a poor tenant farmer, maybe I'll get the story out of her one day. I don't think he suffered the conventional drink or horse owning / gambling difficulties.
  6. I believe my father preferred to find employment as a child rather than go to school. He went straight into the family business and when that was sold off he built up his own engineering business which he still appears to be occupied with despite being retired now in his seventies. My mother has worked intermittently, probably longest stretch running her business for something like 15 years. I think she last had a job in her mid sixties. It was noticeable that they have both been at their happiest running their own businesses from home. Mother never really stuck with jobs as an employee and is currently slowly driving herself mental making mountains out of molehills around the house whereas father seems quite content with 'projects' to carry out.
  7. Zac Goldsmith, son of Anglo French Jew Sir James Goldsmith, who was fronting the leave the EU movement before anyone had heard of Nigel Farage: I voted for his party in '97. To this day I have no idea if he was well intentioned or lizard people. Anti EU and pro elected House of Lords but also big on 'diversity' and 'environmentalism'.
  8. Not sure, I've seen groundwork done locally which certainly appears to have increased flooding problems in the nearby village. At a guess, I would imagine clever lawyers could dodge liability in the small print with the 'build a play ground' bribe to the parish council. I'm sure they can stop you putting a water wheel into a river running through your own land. Not as fun as a massive wheel running big equipment, but interesting stuff:
  9. Was working at an old mill a while back. It belonged to a bonkers old artist who bought it a long time ago and only about a third of the building is used. The mill part of it looked like it had the potential to generate a lot of power. The race and wheel where all enclosed in the building and there was a lot of water going through very fast. The wheel was derelict but from the remains looked both tall and wide and must have captured a great deal of force. I could imagine water mills being an excellent long term investment for someone with the funds and ability to build and maintain their own generating equipment. Would the water company have a claim over pre existing mills using the water in this way.
  10. In the nineties I worked for a firm delivering white goods all over the country, including central London. Parking the lorry anywhere near the building without getting a parking ticket was the main problem and you had to go down the streets with the fridge on a sack barrow. I used to take the doors off brushed aluminium appliances like big smeg fridges because they dented really easily going through doorways. Beds can generally be taken apart. Mattresses need wrapping up so they don't get dirty and alongside big sofas are going to be most difficult to get up staircases. A 2 or 3 metre long strap can be useful in tight corners hooked under the item when it is too tight to hold it with your hands. Toolkit for taking things apart, a roll of duct tape, some old blankets for wrapping things and use of a sack barrow would be my recommendation.
  11. The transit pick up is just out of shot When the lead gets stolen it's normally replaced with stainless steel type sheet (it's actually something else that I can't remember) Mostly the only lead left is flashings, which isn't worth taking. The remaining large expanses of lead are regularly painted with some sort of invisible stuff which identifies the particular church, don't know how effective it is at prevention. The churches which really suffered from lead thieves were the ones they could drive the vans right up and roll it off the roof into the pick up.
  12. Village church tower I was working on recently that I thought was 400 or 500 years old is actually over 700 years old. That's 'kin old.
  13. Less than 24 hours and Gina Miller is back, the evil bitch of the globalists is most likely right that the next fight is soft v hard brexit. The UK desperately needs a nationalist representation and there is not much of that in the conservatives.
  14. The Express is saying remainer v leaver fights are breaking out in Whitehall