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  1. Old school trolling, great stuff That no borders paper is bonkers, a collection of unrelated and incoherent ideas. I reckon a lot of the activists are kind and naive kids with very little life experience from very sheltered backgrounds that fall for the slogans and ideas with an 'I'd like the world to sing in perfect harmony' vibe on superficial examination. The Sokal affair somehow makes me think of history today:
  2. Always wondered about why and where this no borders stuff was coming from in universities and am none the wiser. Link on that wikipedia page to an amazing academic word salad, try to find the coherence in this Do people get paid for this kind of writing?
  3. The public figures of the Johnson family Stanley, Jo and Rachel are all remain. One might wonder if Boris's leave position is political opportunism rather than conviction.
  4. Caravan Monster


    Strange shooting related news item, it seems Chris Packham has crowd funded a successful legal challenge to the general licence, which is a blanket licence to shoot various birds that are invasive non natives, indigenous pest species or populous game. The youtuber isn't quite right about the class or labour / tory thing regarding shooting - upper class shooting / hunting is as much a social function as anything else, but there are also a lot of enthusiast shooters more likely to be from more working class backgrounds essentially providing free pest control to landowners that will be more directly effected by this ruling. Going back to the OP, this will most likely make it more difficult to legally own a gun in England and Wales. I haven't been able to find much source material yet, but can't help wondering if this is another branch of the drive to disarm civilians in the west, as happened after the NZ shootings.
  5. Zero Hedge tells us she's apparently getting ready to bring back the worse than remain deal for a fourth reading (Financial Times) and the leader of the 1922 committee is going to confront her and the feeble tories are going to have another go at getting rid of the old bag (Telegraph)
  6. Like any large organisation, the individuals the So-Called BBC is composed of want to take as much money as possible for doing as little work and taking as little responsibility as possible, hence the over the top ass covering when it comes to potential litigation. Being condescending twats toward the little people is secondary. Bar a short stint in a shared house, I don't think I've had a TV licence in over twenty years, so not really entitled to an opinion
  7. Rules only exist in so far as there is an enforcement mechanism. When it comes to leaving the eu, I can't see what is stopping the UK from ending negotiations as there is no will to find an acceptable resolution and walking away (other than traitors Cooper and Letwin getting their extremely dubious legislation enacted) then starting trade and administrative negotiations. The appeal to 'the rules' is a tactic to avoid taking responsibility and frustrate the referendum result. What could the eu do if the UK stated it was no longer part of the federation and give us a call if you want to do business?
  8. Worth getting a blood test for uric acid levels if you think it could be gout. It can silently make a mess of joints and organs like the heart and kidneys without the obvious symptoms of a painful gout attack. Contrary to popular opinion it is hereditary, not caused by certain food and drink, although attacks can be started by excessive eating or drinking of particular things.
  9. Something not right about brexit party, especially how they have come out of nowhere and be polling such high numbers within a few weeks. Bearing in mind the tory background of most of them and Farage's dubious post referendum actions in UKIP. I could well imagine something along the lines of they win a load of euro seats then go into coalition with the tories and we are back to BRINO. Remember even Jacob Rees-Mogg capitulated to May's BRINO / really further than before integration into eu agreement for the sake of the party and keeping power. Don't trust Brexit Party and believe something fishy is going on behind the scenes.
  10. Some of the photos and I suspect some of the text is lifted from a similar article that was doing the rounds a couple of years ago, no doubt for the purpose of educating us racist thugs. They need to fuck off with paralleling anyone that opposes immigration with moseley's fascists and trying to compare a few streets of jewish or hugenot immigrants with the mass immigration we are currently being enriched by. It isn't the same by any stretch of the imagination and neither were the English always welcoming eg the treatment of the hugenots during the peasants' revolt.
  11. I first heard that one about 15 years ago and people still fall for it, my local parish council (funded by every household in the village) purchased a field for several times it's actual value when some chancer realised making millions on residential development wasn't as easy as just buying a random field and wanted to get his money back. Truth is that they would sell to anyone with the money to pay. People are so heavily invested in their homes that they panic, get hysterical and fall for the 'gypsy' ruse. In such circumstances, the only person that ought to be making offers on the land is the farmer that owns the adjacent land (and probably sold the field to the original moron for more than it's value in the first place)
  12. Youtube need to feck off with this wrong think nonsense. Has anyone found a way to embed bitchute videos in forums? Most anti establishment youtubers automatically upload their videos to bitchute by some mechanism. Saying that I can see bitchute facing a troubled future because they more or less don't censor anything and will be smeared by the MSM as being 'far right' because of the volume of racial content that gets posted on there. If the internet was still free and we were treated as grown ups, such content would be left alone to be seen and accepted or dismissed on it's own strengths and weaknesses, proscribing arguments only makes them stronger.
  13. Also very good mini series with naughty Lovejoy, sexy French nun / witch lady and many other fine characters
  14. Might need your tin foil hat for this one, recent spooky 'terrorism' and swamp creature coincidences with Podesta, Obama and Pelosi in NZ, France and Ireland:
  15. It's certainly risky but I think that if they stick with it, there is a good chance that they will be able to bypass the MSM smearing and make the media look hysterical and not trustworthy. More and more 'normies' are turning off the tv and the MSM and looking to the web for news and political opinion. The establishment will attack strongly because UKIP have identified the weak spot of the current system. It will not have the same impact as an obviously damaged TR being released from prison and refusing to talk to sky news because they are liars, but if they keep hammering at it there's every chance of some success. Dankula might be a bit radical looking for some voters, but Sargon will appeal to a lot of people if they get to listen to him directly and not through the filter of the MSM. Could be interesting.