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    Have we had the mysterious suicide of Tom Bowers former citi / deutsche banker because of his ties and multi million dollar loans to Trump or Epstein depending on political side: Trump did it Hillary did it
  2. A friend has yearly blood tests for to check on a fairly minor hereditary condition. Without asking, the doctor had her blood tested for 'everything'. Probably done with the best of intentions but ethically questionable for the same reasons as genome sequencing. Also the issue of shite nhs data protection in IT and especially amongst admin staff. Another case of the government needing to stay out of peoples' lives.
  3. This thread would be a crime in Romania, kind of surprisingly they have an SJW problem in their government. This youtuber is worth a listen, being from a country that recently suffered under actual communism. Unsurprisingly, he is scathing about the Owen Joneses and Ash Sarkars of this world.
  4. Took the dog out before work and found @Carl Fimble with his party hat on down by the river
  5. Assuming it is retaining soil, reinforcing the wall against being pushed out as the soil settles is worth considering. Also, if the wall is going to be wet from the soil, select bricks that are less likely to shatter in the frost. Conventionally even little garden walls would be built off a concrete foundation of some sort, say 4" deep and a bit wider than the wall.
  6. Mental illness and can't / won't interact with the system. Or try to interact with the system and freak out and hit the road. Or get into a flat surrounded by crazies, freak out and hit the road. Unfortunately some people can't be helped, will never live indoors and will die of avoidable illness caused by cold, poor hygiene or poor diet.
  7. Small anecdotal, my mate said his boomer mother who has done very well out of public sector pay and pension and has one or two rental houses, phoned recently solely to make sure he wasn't going to vote labour. Her contemporaries are mostly public sector / 'professional' / pro-remain / guardian reading types. After the virtue signalling show is over, it comes down to whoever such people believe will ensure continuation of their cushy lifestyle. On a happier note I have discovered that I was mistaken about which tory candidate is standing in my constituency. It turns out we have a genuine ERG pro brexit jihadi who has almost always voted correctly on brexit issues, so I can vote for him with a fairly clear conscience even if his party and leader are full of shit.
  8. Sort of, it's hidden behind a lot of acronyms and opaque organisations and treaties currently outside of the EU, the sort of thing large bureaucratic institutions specialise in. The Cameron and May governments in particular were full steam ahead signing the UK into european military integration before and after the brexit referendum. It requires quite detailed examination to get an idea of what's going on and is easy to write off as conspiracy theory because the electorate want black and white simple ideas and concepts. Remember former lib dem leader liar Nick Clegg saying it was 'a dangerous fantasy'? Among others, Ursula von der Leyen, current EU commission president and unpopular former German defence minister is now openly discussing it as policy. I think possible fun ventures under command of the EU commission may include military suppression of dissenters in European countries, war with Russia, proxy war with China over African resources, sabre rattling at the US and no doubt a bit of war in the Middle East. Conscription is already being discussed in EU circles and don't forget the morons in the EU commission are in line to gain control of French and British nuclear capabilities. Seems so crazy it's got to be a conspiracy theory, right? I think it can be stopped, but it would take the kind of genuinely nationalist government that would have left the EU and gone to work under WTO terms, instead of the tory BRINO which is all brexiteers have with a neutered and dubious BXP and UKIP all but killed by insiders.
  9. Or maybe the UK should be more like the country that produced this brave man and be proud of our history, ethnicity and traditional roles instead of trying to force globalism, multiculturalism and self loathing on to an unwilling population.
  10. Only have a van which is rear wheel drive and very slidey in the wet and more or less unusable in the snow. Seriously considering blowing off frugality and getting a cheap car for non work journeys, less worry about tool thief break ins would be a bonus.
  11. Absolutely bizarre, thank you foreign politician for doing an unspecified thing for our country. Must get a twitter account so I can send messages of thanks to the Chilean education minister and congratulate him on his change of job, he's wonderful. I can only imagine the commenters work in politics or government, normal people DGAF about Donald Tusk or his career.
  12. Morgoth discusses spoil ballot / not vote v's voting labour to force reboot v's tory for the scumbags who hate you the least. He thinks the great reboot probably wouldn't work because at the end of the horror people would be desperate for stability and the 'good old days' of tory government instead of a genuinely conservative / nationalist way forward. Morgoth's conclusion - to 'grudgingly sip on the bowl of puke' Not an easy decision for a commentator who I'm guessing originates from Tyneside old labour land. I'm thinking the best to hope for is to see the lunatic marxist left annihilated then transfer votes and support to outsider genuinely nationalist movements in the aftermath. The tories are scum, but if the alternatives get their hands on power they will change the direction of travel toward an even more hideous destination.
  13. Many of the 'alt right' or 'far right' or whatever people with a nationalist outlook are called these days do come over as being uptight and a bit strange, presumably they have become defensive as a result of being shrieked at endlessly. I think this combined with a negative MSM portrayal marks them out as 'the baddies' in the wider public perception regardless of what they actually say or do. Or maybe it is the oddballs who have the nerve to stand above the parapet and say what they really think. I believe Ben Shapiro also gets a lot of grief from plastic communists and suchlike, but is exempted from the 'worst of all baddies' list by virtue of being in a protected category.