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  1. There does seem to be a degree of the MSM trolling it's audience with ever more ridiculous minority identity (sexual / religious / political) stories, but to what end? Is it all distract, divide and conquer? Or is there really that much more crazy out there in the world?
  2. 'Professionals' taking the piss with contract terms needs sorting. My father got stung for 15k last year by a firm of architects that came highly recommended but lost all interest in the job once he'd signed the contract, terms being to pay out to fire them. He had read the contract, but on the strength of their reputation accepted the risk. I would have risked a court case such was the extent of their piss taking, but the stress was too much for him being in his seventies. I guess more little people need to start negotiating contracts rather than just blindly signing on the line with professionals, but holding civil servants and politicians to account in the media is about all we have when they and the big firms have all got their hands in the public money till.
  3. Caravan Monster

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I'm told average post war household expenditure (presumably of the husband's income) was approximately third on food, third on rent, last third for everything else.
  4. Caravan Monster

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    Not familiar with their goings on, people from the Republic of Ireland seem very keen on the eu, some surveys suggesting 80%+ support. Is free euro money the root of the support? In a small, poor country that presumably doesn't have vast employment opportunities, there doesn't seem much opposition to freedom of movement and that government plan to import large numbers of immigrants. Seems strange in a country with such recent history of fighting for independence.
  5. Caravan Monster

    Tommy Robinson thread

    'Nick Lowles' creates quite a google rabbit hole, very radical with serious allegations going back a long way made against him. Proper scary how such a politically extreme organisation has managed to secure government support. What was the decision making process behind that funding? A nice but dim civil servant thinking an organisation with a name like that must be full of loving people working to bring cohesion to the world, or was it some nefarious establishment character looking to bring further division to society? Amusingly Lowles appears to have as many aliases as TR and they both are alleged to receive funding from Israeli / Zionist organisations. I hope TR is successful in this endeavour, the classist attitudes in some higher echelons of society are something most people are kind of aware of, but don't really accept.
  6. Caravan Monster

    which expensive cars

    Strange times for second hand van buyers. For Class VII (3.5 ton gross) vans, depreciation from new to auctioned off from the fleet owners at around 4 years is even bigger than cars, something like £50k new falling to £5k. Trouble is buying the current crop of ex fleet vehicles is a risky proposition because of the well known problems relating to fragile and complex components required to comply with euro emissions regs. Commentators seem to agree that diesel commercials will continue into the medium term, although they sound keen on increasing requirement for tachographs and increased legislative interference in commercial vehicle design. If .gov really cared about reducing pollution, they could incentivise businesses to run smaller vehicles when appropriate. I don't need the big van 80% of the time and would seriously consider running a second small car based van, but it would cost too much as things are.
  7. Caravan Monster

    New Car Registrations

    When young and stupid I bought a 110, it was slow, noisy, cramped, uncomfortable, unreliable with comedy transmission lash and weaved all over the road, truly fucking terrible. The asking prices for defender and series landrovers and old range rovers on ebay are surprisingly high, nostalgic hobby presumably. Older and wiser I could do a much better job of keeping such a vehicle on the road, but can see no reason to do so.
  8. Caravan Monster

    Decent work shoes/boots that don't fall apart

    Big fan of Hoggs of Fife boots Generally get 18 months+ of very hard work use and plenty of walking from them. They do a variety of those 'dealer' type boots if that is what you are after. Allegedly made in Scotland. Think I must be on something like my eighth pair of 'Tornados':
  9. Caravan Monster

    meanwhile up norf

    It's a strange area up there, I got talked into a job living on site doing the grunt work setting up a garden centre business. Sure it was somewhere near Uttoxeter, but there was nothing for miles around and when you did get to the towns and villages in the area there were virtually no shops to be seen. Luckily instincts proved correct and one of the partners in the business turned out to be the complete knob I suspected he was and it all fell through, although I never saw the £2k I was owed for signing on the line was glad to be out of it. Bit further south is strange as well with the cheap / expensive areas being so close together in places like Tamworth and Sutton Coldfield. Some cheap housing and stunning countryside though, ideal if working from home is possible.
  10. Caravan Monster

    Wannabee Workers Wankered

    This does raise the 'drive to the bottom' issue, similar to EE labour. A particular issue is public sector early retirees with very good pensions and well paid public sector with shift patterns that enable them to take on other work, such as police and fire, substantially undercutting fulltime self employed by doing cash work for 'beer money'. Can't blame them for doing it, but the resentment it creates is very understandable.
  11. Caravan Monster

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    Bunch of cucks desperately trying to find a way out of leaving on wto rules because the situation might require them to behave like leaders. Judging from the comments, even those who are not ashamed to call themselves conservatives want the clean break.
  12. Caravan Monster

    Wannabee Workers Wankered

    I reckon a lot of sole traders don't really make much more than a minimum wage job and go through plenty more grief to do it. What I've seen of EE building trades, they tend to go very slowly, opt for half arsed if it's easier than doing the job properly, use the cannot speak english if asked to do something they don't want to and are very practiced in the art of being surly. Local indigenous relying on local reputation don't get away with that for long. It's normally people with London / corporate I earn loads because amazing and know better about everything mindset that employ them.
  13. Caravan Monster

    Wannabee Workers Wankered

    I've lost a couple of jobs in the last 12 months to EE labourers being supervised by the customer who has 'learnt' to do my an aspect of my job on youtube. It's fairly specialised building work that takes experience to do well and I thought my rate of £18 / hour was very reasonable for an affluent part of the midlands. It's funny to see them make a very visual mess of their over priced houses and receive much local objection to try and save a few quid. Guessing the EEs are seeing less than minimum wage for cash.
  14. Caravan Monster

    Brexit Betrayal thread - Part 2

    I could see the Queen playing quite a pivotal role in a post brexit rebalancing of the constitution to address areas where parliament, the government and the eu have over stepped their mark in the drive toward authoritarianism and globalism. She's probably got a year or two left in her and would have a good deal of support amongst us stupid gammons in the sense of a nominal national figurehead with the conventionally never used authority to rein in parliament and government in constitutional emergencies, such as ceding sovereignty to supranational organisations.
  15. Caravan Monster

    Time's Up for The Grand Tour after homophobic jokes

    Beware the SJW mind control hat