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  1. The psychological / behavioural manipulation or unintentional effect (still not absolutely sure which it is) of the bad flu measures on the population is strong stuff. The dissonance about the mask edicts is incredible, we rarely hear anyone IRL or in the media question why a basic possible preventative hygiene measure suddenly became so vital after four months of quarantine and at a point where the virus is virtually gone. Another weirdness is considering the coming second wave of infections to be a dead cert. Not saying it won't happen, but haven't heard a single epidemiologist explain why a second wave is to be expected. It's like people hear the idea repeated often enough and just go with it without asking why.
  2. Tim Pool did a video saying something strange is going on with the democrat campaign - they're basically not campaigning. Something like Trump's people are knocking on a million doors a week and Biden's haven't done anything. He also mentioned they are only just starting to recruit campaign staff in important states like Texas.
  3. Fuck Starting to sound unlike policing by consent. Freemen on the land
  4. I'll look for it later, it's not going up in the same place on the nhs site as previous. The NHS website isn't especially user friendly so might have missed it.
  5. And for some reason, the NHS stopped putting a good deal of the covid data online a month ago. Previously admissions by each hospital, if ventilated etc were available. Without this data the public doesn't know if there are covid hospital admissions / details of condition / deaths in areas subject to local lockdowns.
  6. foobar looks like audacious music player which is widely available in the linux distros, there's loads of simple and effective cd rippers, handbrake for dvds and vlc is easy to get. My PC is 10+ years old corporate disposal dell, runs fast and reliable on Debian linux and now it has an ssd is all I can anticipate ever needing. Can't remember what the specs are, but fairly sure comparable to a smartphone
  7. There were allegations of the MSM downplaying the numbers of protesters in Berlin. Initial reports of as many as 1.3M which a few days later had reduced to 20k in much of western media. Who is telling the truth?
  8. He was certainly something of a mad lad, it's difficult to be sure but his analyses did seem to stem from fact. His Executive Intelligence Review man that wrote that article about the Tavistock Institute was ex CIA which tends to raise questions. LaRouche did seem to believe the British were behind everything. I think it is easy to confuse the nationality or ethnicity of the small number of billionaires wanting to expand their influence beyond making money and into the business of controlling the world with a British or Jewish conspiracy when the individuals concerned probably barely consider their group identity in their world view. It's more exceedingly wealthy and influential individuals buying their way into the supposedly representative leadership of western nations, however I wouldn't discount these individuals isolated from the normal world by their wealth from believing some wacky stuff.
  9. Aquino has previously conducted research at the Biological Physics Groups at Imperial College Did Neil Ferguson help him write the code for his model? In the absence of rapidly building a Dyson Sphere, the physicists suggest that to escape our collapse trajectory “we may have to redefine a different model of society… that in some way privileges the interest of the ecosystem above the individual interest of its components, but eventually in accordance with the overall communal interest.” Perhaps with top-down global governance by a hereditary elite 'to ensure equitable outcomes for all of humanity' and to protect 'the fragility of global ecosystems'?
  10. Article describing UFO disclosure as a distraction technique in the post WWII drive toward deconstructing western society and rebuilding it as an atomised group of individuals who see a world of group identities and their origin myths and principles through a lens short on reason and driven by the feelz of the individual, ready to be easily ruled by the lizard people in the utopian NWO. I can see the logic in the argument, but perhaps turning the herd into antifa might be a risky strategy given their tendency toward hysteria and rioting. There is certainly something untoward about the UFO movement and the well funded and very clearly full of shit personalities and their seeming overlap with politicians and corporations: Probably more interesting than the above article is the link on the Tavistock Institute which although written in 1993 makes a great deal of sense of today's world In a similar vein, documentary on NASA and society:
  11. Saw the last film Rik Mayall made earlier, seems he was a fellow conspiraloon or knew there was a market for such material
  12. Tell us! It's driving us conspiracy nuts crazy trying to understand wtf is going on.
  13. For a bit more top down controlled Agenda 21 themed horror, how about bad flu and food? Seems that the benevolent lizard over lords are also hoping to seize this 'once in a lifetime opportunity' to transform food systems for vaguely defined reasons and benefits justified by convenient news pieces. Repeat to self whilst watching, 'the problems they are talking about were created by government intervention, not a respiratory illness'. The over arching themes seem to be getting control and data into everything and moving away from a market economy: As a UK side note, the apparent re-wilding aspect of future agricultural policy also has a fair strong smell of Georgia Guide Stones about it. Have to wait and see the final form of the legislation:
  14. "Build Back Better" = "The Great Reset" = these creepy fucks (Prince Charles and other such freaks were pushing the concept a couple of months ago): The meaning of this is discussed in the video below, ignore the silly title graphic. I genuinely believe western governments including the UK are going along with this approach: