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  1. The hospital rebuild partners are as follows. It seems the basis for hospitals is folllowing the Chinese model- ie you’re assessed and investigated on the day- the plan is investigations (Mri/ct/bloods etc) all completed on the day- therefore massively increasing imaging and testing capacity -shares in imaging Companies may be worth worth looking at Programme Management Currie & Brown Architect Led Design Team Ryder Architecture Lead Healthcare Planning ETL Project Management
  2. Long time lurker here, love this thread- best education I’ve ever had I think (including the 12 years at school)! Afraid I can’t offer the insights like DB/CP etc but Just a few things I’ve been made aware over the past week showing how money from BOE is being spent across government initiative. Our hospital-I work in NHS as clinician (and from what I’m told 35-40 more UK wide) will be rebuilt- our hospital build is forecast to cost £1billion- so that’s £40billion earmaked. Also been made aware of Some infrastructure initiatives in Italy- Which seem incredibly generous https://www.romizi.c
  3. The London hospital I work at has 5 Covid+ patients out of circa 450 inpatients. Our ITU and HDU has been at capacity since Saturday.
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