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  1. It looks like the seagulls agree as they appear to have shat all over his jacket
  2. Bloke charged has an African name.
  3. EFL waived through the takeover. They are complicit.
  4. Interestingly in terms of disposable income after taxes and housing costs the absolutely worse place to live in the UK appears to be Brighton
  5. The figure I quoted was derived from the Daily Telegraph who estimated that including Council Tax the average worker paid £5000 in non income related taxes. The average household budget in the UK is £586 per week or about £32000 per annum. Even if you exclude Food, Housing Costs, Transport and Council Tax as entirely not taxable (which is not the case for private car transport or housing repairs etc) it still leaves 60% of the budget subject to taxes such as VAT. Someone on £25000 with disposable income after Income tax and NI of about £21000 would be generating relatively little surplus and be spending most of it on items that were subject to indirect tax. I think they could easily be paying near £3000 in indirect taxes. The ONS figures show the poorest fifth of U.K. households pay the biggest proportion of their disposable income in indirect taxes (29.7%) compared with the richest fifth of households (14.9%)
  6. In income terms the key factor is how much surplus can you generate after paying out for basic living expenses. If you can accumulate capital you are under less pressure to borrow and pay interest on debt which needless to say is another largely invisible “tax” on earnings. That debt tax payable to lenders never gets mentioned but it as real a levy on many people as income tax.
  7. A Band D Council Tax Dweller In Middlesbrough earning £25000 in the U.K. an individual would pay Income Tax - £2498.20 + Employees NIC £1860 + Council Tax £2049 = Total £6407.20 That is 25% of income gone before even counting indirect taxes such as VAT on purchases, Alcohol Duty, Insurance Taxes, Fuel Duty etc which have been estimated to cost the average worker another £3000 per annum so I would estimate that a working individual on average salary easily pays 40% of it back in tax.
  8. That is why I mentioned property taxes. Working people on modest incomes pay eye watering amounts of taxes in the UK yet those holding large amounts of wealth in non income generating assets pay very little tax at all. Band H Council Tax in Kensington and Chelsea on multi million pound houses is a mere £2473 a year in 2020/21 that compares to £2049 on a Band D property in Middlesborough worth less than £200,000. How the fuck is that justifiable.
  9. How are property and inheritance taxes calculated in Canada ?
  10. I think the media are leading people into false expectations. Maxwell can only go down on the charges in the indictment. Any testimony of the victims covered by the amnesty have been struck out of the civil claim and will almost certainly be inadmissible in any future criminal trial.
  11. These stories about how much tax the rich pay get a run out periodically. As you rightly say the “tax“ in question is always income tax which accounts for about a third of U.K. taxes. The articles always ignore the other 60-70% of taxes largely paid by the rest of us. About half of all U.K. government income comes from sources that are not directly income related. In fact the figure should be turned on its head. Why is income distribution so poor that so many people don’t earn enough to pay income tax ?
  12. That’s not what is on the FBI rap sheet though. It is Conspiracy to entice minors for sex acts Conspiracy to transport minors for sex acts Enticement of a minor for a sex act Transportation of a minor for a sex act Worth noting that charges 3 and 4 are singular so presumably one individual.
  13. I am sure it was if you we an officer. Other ranks held as PoW in Germany had to do manual labour. Treatment of British Pow by Germany in the Great War was worse than it was in the Second World War.
  14. Absolutely. The reality is likely to be wealthy and powerful older men wanting to have sex with teenage girls some of whom were probably underage. It is an age old tale of the rich and old exploiting the poor and young.