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  1. Virgil Caine

    How to make democracy work

    The inhumanity. Wont someone think of their property portfolios.
  2. Virgil Caine

    How to make democracy work

    Obviously abolishing the Lords would be number one as it is simply a glorified dole office for clapped out politicians and their cronies. Parliament should be a single chamber institution made up of no more than 500 MPs. There are a number of countries that are governed using this model. Abolish winner takes all General Elections which have effectively turned the UK into an elective dictatorship where a Prime Minister with a large Parliamentary majority can rule with almost no checks on their power. Instead elect half of the Commons every two years for a term of four years with a Referendum held every fifth year where the public can decide if the entire Parliament should be dissolved and every seat comes up for election in the following year. Voting in the referendum would be compulsory for all citizens.This would effectively create biennial Parliaments which should limit the power of the Executive. It would also lessen the power that a Party Leader holds over MPs. No one should be allowed to become an MP unless they have worked in a non political related job and paid taxes for at least 10 years. If any of this sounds familiar that is because it is not dissimilar to some of the ideas discussed at the end of the English Civil War. I am particularly keen on the idea of the public not the politicians deciding when Parliament can be dissolved and new elections run.
  3. Virgil Caine

    Question Time

    And that is another round of phony Vox Pop from the So-Called BBC finished for the week.
  4. Virgil Caine

    Question Time

    So no change in the line of argument then. It is like a stuck record that has been running since the time the Referendum was first called. God I hate these patronising twats.
  5. Virgil Caine

    Croydon cat killer

    That is because there are some weird fuckers on the loose out there but clearly catching them is a lot tougher than browsing Twitter and Facebook which seems to be where the police spend an inordinate amount of time these days. As for foxes they are not that big as predators having a maximum weight of about 11kg with many being a lot lighter. They are not much heavier than the males of the bigger breeds of cat. They don't hunt in packs and they don't have particularly powerful jaws compared to dogs so taking down something as quick and scratchy as an adult cat is not on your average foxes to do list. In fact the area where they might come into conflict with cats is that they tend to hunt the same small prey. The poor old fox is the mammalian equivalent of Brexit or Trump in that they get blamed for everything.
  6. Virgil Caine

    Croydon cat killer

    I would imagine the major killer of both foxes and cats in Croydon as elsewhere is the motor vehicle. In fact it is probably top predator for humans too.
  7. Virgil Caine

    Croydon cat killer

    No way a fox would attempt to kill an adult cat unless it was starving which urban foxes most definitely are not. They have plenty of food available just from the fast food scraps people chuck in the street. In fact foxes main source of food in the wild is surprisingly invertebrates. If you wanted any proof that the British police are no longer up to snuff this is it.
  8. Virgil Caine

    MDMA and autism and Dosbods meets.

    Works for the notoriously anti social octopus
  9. Virgil Caine

    Chavs: cuddly and lovable

    That was the old Soviet solution. As Ian Fleming described it in Russia From Love There is too much to do for precious time to be allotted to them, and, if they are a persistent nuisance, they get killed.
  10. Virgil Caine

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    The Mysterious Affair At Prezzos. It is just like Agatha Christie
  11. Virgil Caine

    Storm Ali - yes, they called it Ali.

    It is the Irish Met Office who choose the name of these storms I believe.
  12. Virgil Caine

    Syria Gas Attack

    I suppose you could just about make a case for Britain having residual economic and political ties with South Africa but I fail to see what interests we have in the Ukraine. With regard to Syria I am quite happy to accept that Assads regime is murderous but the opposition seems no better and their ideology presents a clear and present danger to British citizens now whereas the Syrian government prefers to keep its killers at home. Anyway since when was Britain appointed moral policeman of planet earth. As I have said before underlying the SJW posturing and virtue signalling is a neo colonialist and neo imperialist mind set not far removed from the White Mans burden of the Edwardian era.
  13. Virgil Caine

    Syria Gas Attack

    There is something rather pathetic about British and French politicians sticking their oar into conflicts like the Syrian civil war. They all seem to be under the delusion that they are the next Churchill or Clemenceau. When is it going to dawn on them that Britain and Frances days as Great Powers are gone and won't be coming back. What makes it even more pointless is that their nations dont actually have much in the way of interests to defend in the region. Slightly different for the Yanks who are at least a global power.
  14. Virgil Caine

    Syria Gas Attack

    Well it would not be the first blue on blue incident that happened near a war zone would it.
  15. Virgil Caine

    Unintended consequences of making people work until they drop

    Well one reason it did not happen years ago is because a lot of work involved hard physical labour which most people struggled to do after a certain age. Even driving a lorry or bus before the introduction of power steering required a bit of manual effort. And this thread has now given me a golden opportunity to post a bus spotting video