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  1. Virgil Caine

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Celebs don't really get Matthew Chapter 19 verse 21
  2. Virgil Caine

    John Motson

    Old enough to remember when the So-Called BBC gig was with Kenneth Wolstenholme DFC and Bar. He flew over 100 bombing missions over Germany in the Sevond World War which probably gave him a perspective on the game of football Motty and Co were ever likely to match
  3. Virgil Caine

    Royal Wedding or Cup Final.

    A soap opera is an ongoing, episodic work of fiction presented in serial format on television, radio and in novels, featuring the lives of many characters and focusing on emotional relationships to the point of melodrama.
  4. Virgil Caine


    People who think that Jews and Palestinians are somehow unique victims of history might care to take a look at a map of Europe in 1913 and compare it with the map of Europe today.
  5. Virgil Caine


    Ironically, the idea of setting up a homeland for the Jews in Palestine was one of the cause celebres for early 20th century liberals. It was promoted by the SJW and virtue signallers of that era, including the early British Labour Party. It was reactionary and imperialists who were the main opponents. With regard to the creation of the state of Israel the facts are fairly straightforward. It was the result of the UN vote in favour of the partition of Palestine at the end of the British Mandate. 33 countries voted for this settlement including the USA and the Soviet Union. 13 opposed the resolution and 10 abstained including the UK To view the existence of Israel as a purely western creation is to simply ignore the historical facts which needless to say is what everyone does when discussing this topic. How quickly people have forgotten that liberal ideas and nationalism were once almost synonymous. In fact the present trouble in this part of the Middle East are the result of competing Jewish and Palestinian nationalist narratives. Both Arabs and Jews wished to throw off what they saw as the yoke of their imperialist oppressors be they Ottoman British or European and to set up their own states. The problem is that they wanted to create their nations on the same plot of land.
  6. Virgil Caine

    Wilplay to wilpushtrolleys

    The beauty of having Hart and Wilshere in the same squad would be that the former can concede enough soft goals to ensure that England are eliminated before the latter breaks down with an injury. Southgate clearly has not thought through his selection strategy. All good managers have an arse covering excuse for failure prepared long before the event occurs.
  7. Virgil Caine

    "mafia" minister Tessa Jowell is dead

    That quote from John Bercow is not really saying much.
  8. Virgil Caine

    "mafia" minister Tessa Jowell is dead

    Bit late for my brother in law who died of a brain tumour last year. Apparently underfunding is only an issue when politicians start dying from a particular illness.
  9. Virgil Caine

    Blatant racism against a black student

    I blame the WWE.
  10. Virgil Caine

    Fighting hate on Twitter

    Nothing sadder than a person in a wheelchair spending all day reading and posting on Twitter. Or anyone else for that matter.
  11. Covered with giant bicycle tyre rims looking at the photo in that article. Clearly a vital part of any major public building and obviously money well spent.
  12. Virgil Caine

    Child adults

    The nuclear family has been around a lot longer than most people realise, particularly in England where it dates back to the later Middle Ages. Historically it has been rare for married couples to live with their parents, though it is fair to note that the age of marriage particularly for men was normally not that young in the past, often being near 30. Oddly the 'extended ' family that many experienced was usually made up of non relatives such as lodgers and servants.
  13. Virgil Caine

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Probably a spook whose B.B.C gig is just cover.
  14. Virgil Caine


    Unsurprisingly like many English words it has multiple meanings depending on context and can be used as verb or noun.
  15. Virgil Caine

    Aging and Death - the biggest Red Pills

    The Jesuits have lots of meditation around similar themes as part of their spiritual exercises including contemplating the rot of your corpse. Very similar things exist in most of the major religions including Buddhism. Fucking depressing if you ask me.