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  1. My grandmothers sisters back lawn was once dug up by counter terrorist officers looking for weapons. This was in England not Ulster.
  2. I am still trying to get the Indianapolis 500 released.
  3. I think the problem with a in part the breeding of thoroughbred horses. The emphasis on speed has always been a part of flat racing but increasingly jumping horses are being selected for this characteristic. The old style steeple chaser which tended to have a more stocky frame has largely gone from game and their replacements are just not as robust.
  4. Ultimately this is the truth. Nearly all domesticated animals have evolved to depend on humans for their survival. In return they have provided food, milk, aided hunting, protected food supplies from being decimated by rodents and other pests, been used for transport, have supplied clothing etc. If we don’t keep them then most of them would simply die out particularly as the land they live on would almost inevitably be turned over for agrarian industrialised farming or for human use. In addition certain human cultures that depend on animals would also be wiped out. I think the question is les
  5. My personal view is that if you own an animal or are paid by someone to look after it then you have a duty to take reasonable care of it and that if it needs to be put down then or destroyed then it should be done in a manner that is as pain and stress free as possible. My judgement would therefore depend on how far those criteria were fulfilled. Some people in racing fulfil these obligations better than others. In this case I am not sure the photo tells much about this individual as the horse was already dead and the cause of death is unknown so little is revealed apart from a rather casual a
  6. Odd that the boring presents like socks etc that you hated to receive as a kid are often the ones you prefer as an adult if only because it saves you the tedium of shopping for them yourself.
  7. This is probably the biggest risk to most firms. Corporate workplaces are littered with Business Developed Apps knocked up by people with an amateur interest in programming that end up as key parts of the a commercial process. When that individual moves on for whatever reason the firms are left with just another piece of poorly documented legacy software which they don’t have the skills to maintain or upgrade. I have seen similar things occur with prototypes which have a mysterious habit of ending up used in a production environment because the money for development ran out but the business
  8. Bikes were the best present for all the reasons you list. Amazing to remember how adept I was at riding the bloody thing, even managing to ride around the circular glebe road in my village without touching the handlebars. I think I would be wobbling all over the road if I tried to ride one now.
  9. Absolutely. Stable staff are certainly not in the game for the money. There are trainers too who care about their charges. The big problem is owners who often come into the game on a whim and lose interest in their horses when their dreams of winning big do not come to pass as is usually the case.
  10. Agreed. Tells you a lot about the attitude of some racing people to the animals in their care. Have to say I am also not surprised he is Irish given that many of the rescue greyhounds in the U.K. seem to originate there. That said I think there would be a lot less cruelty and neglect of horses if the British were prepared to eat them as meat. It should be said that the worst people in racing are not the trainers or their staff many of whom go into the game because they like animals but the owners who often have little commitment to their horses.
  11. Far East money has been one of the drivers of the football bubble. Interesting that the Chinese government is not happy about the failure of the game in China to develop Chinese players.
  12. My mistake. Service Now are not part of MS . It is a third party piece of shite that plugs into the MS ecosphere or whatever they call it.
  13. Power Apps is brought to you by MS who have come up with lots of other awful software such as SQL Server Integration Server and Service Now. My company recently adopted the latter and I am pleased to say it contains all the usual essential Microsoft ingredients such as meaningless or ambiguous error messages and functions hidden away in hard to find links and tabs with completely different names to the processes they contain. All designed to irritate users and to impede all work processes.
  14. Precisely. Debugging a conventional program is often far simpler than finding out why a proprietary tool has gone wrong. In addition some tools that link together different bits of code into a packaged application often have a habit of blowing up completely if a minor configuration change goes wrong rendering the whole thing unusable In that case you have to restore from a backup which many casual developers might have failed to take. This is a pain in the arse if you are making lots of small changes which require frequent recompilation or regeneration of code. You can add in as
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