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  1. Looking at the news articles on Infosys it has got nothing to do with outsourcing or the quality of their software engineers and everything to do with creative accounting by their management.
  2. This is such a tired old debate I am surprised anyone fucking cares anymore. Western corporations are just motivated by the bottom line and regard all workers regardless of origin or ability as entirely disposable. In that respect they are truly equal opportunity employers.
  3. I find a White Persian Cat and a tank full of Piranhas sees off most unwanted visitors
  4. A few years on the Russian front should sort them out.
  5. My late aunt lived in the Rhymney valley and her husband was a Polish coal miner working in the Britannia Pit in Pengam . So nothing new about Poles in the valleys.
  6. My wife always calls it Splott. Even though the location is in Wales the place name is Anglo Saxon based on someone called Splotta or the English term for a piece of land so I think my Missus is right on that one.
  7. Is it pronounced Splott or Splow ? I am not certain and my wife was born there.
  8. It’s no accident that some dissident US political web sites liken the US military industrial complex to the Borg.
  9. I would have thought the Iraq War of 2003 (GW2) which cost the UK taxpayer billions of pounds and caused directly and indirectly the loss of a fair few British lives would be reason enough to take an interest on the way US politics is developing. It is also worth remembering that, despite all the arguments over Britain’s relationship of the EU, UK politicians very rarely follow European ideas about government and society. Instead nearly all British political trends ape developments on the other side of the Atlantic. That has been the case for most of my life. For example, Tony Blair lifted almost everyone of his policies from Bill Clinton. It is also explains the media obsession with Donald Trump, a politician as you correctly point out British votes played no role in electing and who have absolutely no influence as to how and when he ceases to be POTUS. He is assumed to be significant because his fate is seen as setting the trend for what is going to happen here.
  10. In a culture where everything from dancing, music and painting to cake baking has to be turned by the media into a competition with “winners” and “losers” it is hardly surprising that any attempts to discuss ideas or problems in a productive or analytical way is increasingly impossible. The very concept of dialogue has broken down.
  11. In the 1960s when a record company wanted to fabricate a band they at least had the decency to do it properly. When the Monkees ripped off the Beatles ’Paperback Writer’ in ‘The Last Train to Clarkesville’ the record company gave them a song which is probably better than the original. In fact that band was blessed with better songs by the likes of Goffin and King or Neil Diamond than any of their modern manufactured counterparts. Writing memorable popular songs seems a completely lost art in age with no shared common culture. Maybe this is why record companies have to support the countless “Music Awards” which are essentially just fronts for promoting their product.
  12. There is some sort of universal law that the amount of quality songs exist in inverse proportion to the number of music awards.
  13. Hammerson and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. Pity those LGBT groups are not exercised about the treatment of homosexuals in the UAE.
  14. Compare and contrast the So-Called BBC coverage which has clearly been crafted to disguise the scale of that March Still what else would you expect from the Ministry of Truth