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  1. The cynic in me thinks this sort of story angle will be getting a lot more airplay if Biden wins as the Democrats try to put all the anarchic forces they unleashed against Trump back in the box.
  2. As though both sides are not equally guilty.
  3. I did not say it was a beautiful world. I am just describing how some people in politics and the press behave. Bystanders or innocent parties are just seen collateral damage. This is the dirtiest US election I can recall and given that we have already seen burning, looting and cold blooded murder on the streets I doubt those involved are going to balk at a little child abuse. Believe me it is not going to get any better regardless of who wins.
  4. Since the Democrats have been playing the man rather than the ball for months now they can hardly be surprised if what goes around comes around. I would also imagine that material is being held back. Neither journalists or politicians are likely to go all in with their hand at once. The very nature of both professions involves holding onto the cards until they can be played for maximum effect. In sex scandals the innuendo normally comes first in order to provoke the target into issuing a denial. That is then normally followed by more concrete proofs designed to show that the mark was a liar.
  5. Apparently some people who still had valid licenses but had cancelled their direct debit got these letters.
  6. The question for all these people is do they pay the maximum legal amount of taxes on their income and wealth ( ie everything due after basic allowances) or do they arrange their financial affairs to minimise what they pay to the exchequer. I don’t have any problem with people legally organising their affairs to reduce the tax they pay (ie tax avoidance) but it sticks in my craw when they then expect the rest of the working population who don’t have the means or resources to engage in tax avoidance to pay for their virtue signalling. That may be technically legal but morally to do that is simp
  7. Decades ago you would have had commentators like Alan Whicker casting a satirical eye over the lunatic behaviour during US elections. Now the British media not only cover it completely po faced but they actually think they are playing an active part in deciding the outcome. It is a toss up as to whether it is the politicians or the press who are more deluded.
  8. <Pedant on >South East of Sumatra and West of Java</Pedant off>
  9. MPs just have no class now. They did it better in the 18th century Radical politician John Wilkes listened to Lord Sandwich as he announced to Parliament that Wilkes would "die from the gallows or of the pox." Wilkes splendidly replied, "That depends, my lord, on whether I first embrace your principles, or your mistress."
  10. Portland sits in an ancient volcanic caldera in the aptly named Boring Volcanic Field. https://www.usgs.gov/observatories/cascades-volcano-observatory/boring-volcanic-field-hills-portland-basin Knowing our luck it will be Iceland that has a massive fissure eruption in somewhere like Laki which would really screw over the British Isles
  11. I never knew Vikings could run so fast
  12. Did not the earth move for that Icelandic Prime Minister yesterday ?
  13. It looks like Harris held her rally in a car showroom. Mark you the video Trump posted showing the crowd viewed from the aircraft window when he landed at Prescott seems reminiscent of the opening of Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will. The US election just gets more bizarre as each day passes.
  14. And if the entire population was over 80 and male we would have had over a million deaths. Do they really think this sort of “what if” bollocks proves anything.
  15. I think estate agents should be obliged by law to use daguerreotypes. If nothing else the mercury vapour would see a few of them off.
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