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  1. The other side of the story is pretty simple. There are several older crew on legacy contracts. They can bleat on about the 'difficulties' of the job, but £50k a year for a cabin crew is just too much. Yes, I agree that the new cabin crew make a pretty poor living, but really reflects the supply and demand; nobody is forcing them to work there after all. Having been on a variety of flights in the last few years I can't say there is much difference between the senior crew and the younger ones, you get bad and good ones at all age groups. I get the feeling that morale is bad, but it isn't just going to be fixed with money.
  2. Regarding equities, does anyone have an opinion on Hargreaves Services? They look quite interesting for an upcoming industrial cycle, with a new carbon pulverising plant (I think this is just a posh name for coal). If oil prices hit massive highs, this may be good for it. On the negative side the business performance has been very mixed with acquisitions and disposals hitting the bottom line. Cash flows are much better than the reported figures with large depreciation charges every year. But at the current share price it trades underneath book value, although a good chunk of that is PPE.
  3. Is there any company out there who could take physical delivery tomorrow? Surely a risk-free trade.
  4. From a laymans point of view, how comes oil shares haven't tanked today? Was hoping for RDSB to go back to £10 but doesn't look as if will ever happen. Is there an ETF which just gets you exposure to the oil price and not any companies?
  5. Been building some positions in GDX.... does anyone know if there is an equivalent one priced in Sterling?
  6. Would it not be easier for the government just to take over one of the housebuilders. Some of them must have a nice portfolio of banked land which they have done nothing with. At these low valuations there may even be a discount of NAV. This way they could force the building of affordable housing instead of subsidising reluctant companies to do it. TBH a 2020 council flat would not look too much different, or be any different in size to some of the new builds we have today.
  7. It is interesting looking at Rightmove. Not much is going on at the moment.... listing volumes 90% down at least I reckon. The ones that are going on are new builds, perhaps at cheaper prices. Others coming on are sales that have fallen through, would expect there to be plenty of these in the coming weeks. It is quite funny to see some of these sellers try and get the same price as the last time. What might have looked cheap last year suddenly does not any more, hopefully every buyer in the market senses price cuts.
  8. TBH I think the recent bounce is a bit of a dead cat bounce. Am saving any purchases for the FTSE 5,000 and 4,500 levels. I think sentiment will get worse with the US results and there will be a lower bottom than what we have seen already.
  9. The exchanges have had some time to get some contingency plans in place, from a logistics point of view there is no reason why they could not stay open. The governments could order them shut, but I think they would have done so already. This 'once in a lifetime' buying opportunity supposedly was around when the FTSE went below 5,000, I do think we may get several bites of that cherry. I don't believe nationalisation would be happening, at least not on a large scale. And for those companies that may end up very reliant on bailouts I think it's priced in already, with share prices more concerned with earnings power over a longer period. Things such as IAG or Go-Ahead are less than half their price pre-crisis.
  10. Anyone agree this may be a bit of a sucker rally? The markets taking Trump at his word that people will be back to work by Easter? I think there is worse news to come from the US, and a number of cases many multiples that of China would be quite embarrassing for Trump and he would need something to blame, especially if they end up topping the 'league table'. Plunging equity markets seems to be the way of asking for more money. India seems to have the potential for a real humanitarian disaster. I can't buy the idea that hot weather mitigates the spread, Malaysia has seen a recent rise and the climate is similar.
  11. Surely the mortgage people would not be happy about seeing these people on the 80%... does that not imply a worker who would have been let go if it were not for the government intervention.
  12. Don't think there was specifics, aside from initial 3 months term. Gonna be quite difficult to police, wouldn't be surprised if some small businesses could keep people working at home as well as claim the bonus.
  13. Would the SOIL ETF be a good proxy for the potash companies?
  14. Do you mean in the physicals or the ETFs? Was queueing yesterday but didn't get my Bullionvault order filled. Feels uncomfortable to be buying at close to highs. Could there be any plausible situation where gold tanks? Ie if the governments do a Japan?
  15. Yes, it seems that if we're gonna get panic in the supermarket/stockmarket, why not the property markets (with a bit of a lag)? Should be said that if the home is perfect then I can understand going ahead, prices may fall but does not guarantee the exact property being available.