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  1. £10 might be a big psychological level for RDSB. The dip in March did not stay below that point for very long. See it's touched that point today but rebounded off it, could be many retests today. If it breaks it it could quickly head towards 9.50. Personally I think there is a market tantrum left, forcing Trump to offer more stimulus.
  2. IIRC the missing component is not the sauce, but wok hei, not sure if it can be replicated at home. Basically getting the wok to a very high temperature. That and MSG
  3. It's all aggregated - high inflation figures in some areas will balance out falls in other areas. Given they can choose the mix it seems a bit of a gamed statistic.
  4. The thinking is quite obvious to me. A 4-bed townhouse on that street sold for £445k in 2015. Therefore the owners want that price, plus a premium for the HPI between 2015-2020. That's been the basic formula for so many houses and blocks of flats I've seen, benchmark to a previous sale. Nobody really cares to think if said sale was a outlier. So in this case it'll stick around unless they get lucky and some Londoner buys it.
  5. @MvR really interesting, thanks. Can you recommend a platform that does options for UK equities? I've been reading up on Jade Lizards and I would like to use that to try and get some better prices for stocks. I've got IG Index but they don't seem to offer options on equities, also use Degiro but they don't seem to offer UK ones.
  6. ****, where is this pullback for precious metals? Wouldn't mind buying a few more but it feels a bit like a crowded trade.
  7. If I were Trump, obviously you'd want to spend the cash before the election. But I'd string it out a bit. Let people suffer first. Spend the money as an effective bribe. Dish the money out in voucher format, but the voucher contains a big fat picture of him and a subliminal advert to vote for him.
  8. I can see the S&P blowing up before 4000. But what would be an event that makes gold and silver blow up? Although everything suffered in March in the general sell-off I feel sentiment towards these will not overturn anytime soon.
  9. Yes, me too. Gold seems have broken out, but the money printing suggests it might have further to go. I was hoping for a pull-back the last few weeks, but it seems we might have had it at a higher level than I thought. What allocations of assets are people using? I've had roughly 10% but I think this is too small to topslice.
  10. If you have a long enough time horizon and can accept being illiquid, virtually anything with a semblance of being collectable could be better than holding cash. For instance a can of coke which hasn't been opened....seems stupid but if you had bought a stash 20 years ago @ 40p each you could probably sell them off for many multiples of the price. The thought of buying even the crummiest Sony Walkman on sale in Argos in the 90s' at £10-15 and not opening it would have seemed like a crappy investment strategy at the time but today you could recoup many times your outlay.
  11. I think for Joe Public weighted by £ most loan repayments are dependent on the interest rate (mortgages must dwarf all other types of debt). So if inflation was high, interest rates would also have to be high. I think the game for the government is to rig the inflation figures so it appears that the rate of inflation is lower than wage growth, so that on paper people think they are doing better and also justifies the policies they want to bring in.
  12. A lot is made of the Robinhood traders, but assuming it is something like Freetrade, surely the average holding is going to be incredibly small like under $100? I don't think they would make a meaningful contribution to prices for a company with the market cap of Tesla. There must be bigger institutions going in on it.
  13. RDSB falling again - could be back to £10 hopefully. What are people's opinions on gold and silver? Take profits or keep adding? I am probably getting close to 10% of portfolio in there now.
  14. It gives the government some great latitude to bring in what they want. Would a great idea not be to whack up some big blocks of flats relatively close to hospitals, Singapore style? Nothing fancy, like the 'luxury' newbuilds going up, just average stuff. A massive block of glass-fronted modular style apartments would not necessarily be an eye-sore and not be too expensive to put up. The idea then is that NHS workers and other selected key staff get to purchase one of these discounted rates, on the proviso of continued employment. Valuation would be done at fixed rates as every flat
  15. Gold seems to be taking a hammering today. But the indices are doing well. Given the newsflow in America it makes no sense at all to me. US have banned Chinese passenger jets (and vice versa). It could get messy. Like everyone else they are dependent on cheap goods from there, can't wean yourself off them overnight. A trade war would be messy.
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