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  1. ...and there is you thinking your life has some significance.......
  2. You are right @Errol - he shouldn’t be sharing his views and encouraging individual thought and critique. He should only be indoctrinating the children with the views of the government. It’s time the last of these old school ‘proper’ teachers were weeded out and replaced by state indoctrinated puppets.
  3. A friend in the CDC Says they have tested old blood samples -originally taken and stored from early 2019 - and they’ve tested POSITIVE for COVID-19. WTF is going on.....?
  4. Really useful info @Sasquatch Thank you. The first example I gave is £32,000 and does coverage to 12m depth! Don’t think I’ll be going that deep. The second to 4m. Again a bit out of my depth - forgive the pun and about £2500. For proper archaeologists I think! The last one - The Garret AT pro metal for £550 is said to be the best ‘budget/value’ detector for all round needs. My actual Budget would be <£1000 As you say the Minelab Equinox 800 would be all one would need at around £850 if I was prepared to go ‘top end’. I’ve since found out a mate I know has not ju
  5. What area of the country are you in @Sasquatch? There seems to be loads of ‘artefacts’ in the ground. What’s your most ‘valued’ / ‘treasured’ find?
  6. Finally the Garrett AT Pro Metal at about £550.......
  7. Then there is a lower entry model.... the CTX 3030 ...... £1700 worth.....
  8. This is nice..... the OKM eXp 6000 Professional Plus. I’m wondering will it meet my needs.....?
  9. As part of my ‘journey of self improvement’ I am feeling an overwhelming urge to become a ‘metal detectorist’. I started beekeeping this year and it’s has been a voyage of discovery and satisfaction. I love it. I think metal detecting might be my thing too. To get me in the mood I am binge watching ‘Detectorists’ on iplayer. It is absolutely fantastic.... The beekeepers on here gave and continue to give wonderful advice. Anyone from the metal detecting world advise where to get started? What equipment? Tips and advice for a beginner?
  10. Cost saving innit? It’s like a pyramid scheme for fox breeding. Could end up with ‘Mad Fox Disease’ mind..... 🤔 Owners should be feeding em’ rabbits of course!
  11. A few years ago I was planning on starting a domesticated tame fox business in the UK. I had a whole business plan where I would select the tamest foxes from each litter to use as breeding pairs and use the rejected ‘fox puppies’ as food for the forthcoming litters. It would have been a self sustaining business. I reckoned I could have sold the fox pups for £1000s. Looking back I am disappointed I never got the business up and running. As you say only 30 generations - 5 years - and you have tame foxes. Interestingly I found out the ‘gene for tameness’ was on the same allele as ‘big ro
  12. What’s it on ? Netflix? Amazon? BBCiplayer? Or cinema purchase?
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