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  1. Just as you were all thinking this had run it’s course.....
  2. He needs to say what he really feels.....
  3. The key figures: 80% - cases are mild 14% - severe - require hospital treatment 4% - critical - ‘touch and go’ 2% - death Under 50 years old - minimal effect 6o+ = 4% MR 70+ = 8% MR 80+ = 15% MR
  4. The Russians are not fucking about either...
  5. Shoot both the fuckers. Shoot the son too. Virus or no virus - these cunts need shooting.
  6. This cropped up on the Coronavirus Thread. I’ve always been a bit of a ‘dry dull cunt’ - however I do appreciate a good meme.... Work away ladies and gents.... On the 1st of April we will check which meme got the most ‘thumbs up’....and award a winner..... Enjoy....
  7. Fair point. The right thing to do is for him to stay and ride it out until he is non contagious. But if it was me I’d be clamouring to get back to the UK’s health system etc. Mind I don’t think I’d have gone on a cruise ship in the first place.... So tough luck matey.... What’s the appeal? Seriously I don’t get it.
  8. A little harsh maybe? If it was your loved ones you’d want them back ASAP maybe? The father is a diabetic as well. If he is near 80 with health issues his odds are depreciating as we speak. I bet he enjoyed a fag as well in his younger days. One to watch...
  9. I feel bit sorry for this chap and his wife. We often view all these numbers (Infections and deaths) as just mere statistics and data. Ultimately everyone of these is a father, mother, brother, child.... etc.... Having seen this fella initially he was so stoic and stiff upper lip ‘British’. I hope him and his wife make it. Odds are with them.
  10. Has the ‘old British man’ (and his wife) on the ‘Plague Ship’ tested positive for COVID 19? Saw it briefly on breaking news. Anyone got a link?
  11. I think Harley missed that.... 😂 In his defence - it is what we expect to read and see from the ‘Loony Left’. Have you got an online link for that ‘meme generator’ ? Or do you edit it yourself?
  12. I think this ‘might’ be satire....??? (E.g. Like the picture below... a running meme). underlines what a crazy world (UK) we live in - when one cannot be sure if it is made up satire - or true....