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  1. Oil Seed Rape (OSR). The honey produced from it solidifies pretty quickly - it is not a ‘runny’ honey.
  2. The guy who is teaching me seems to know his stuff. First winter he’s never lost a hive (yet). It’s been nice and cold since last opening when he took the varroa strips out in first week of November. The big risk now is if we get a return to cold (and wet), now the hives have ‘woken up’. Hopefully we will get a great run like last year from mid March to June was phenomenal weather. Keep us up to date with how you getting on. I’ll post when I bring my bees back home and show my new apiary spot ! Enjoy!
  3. At the moment honey production is not my raison d’etre for my bees - it’s secondary. Will not take much off the hives. Growing and splitting colonies is the main aim. We got up to 55 hives from 35 last summer - and haven’t lost one over this winter..... yet..... 😬 How were your bees today @MrXxxx?
  4. Aye - I’ve never liked Salmond. But it was very enjoyable hearing him tear wee Jimmie Krankie a new arsehole at the hearing. My money is on her not politically surviving this.
  5. Vendetta


    A new ‘short term low’ just hit this morning. $43855 Will this go sub $40k where Musk bought in? Will this ever see $60k+ within next 2 years .... or is this the bubble deflating and return to the low $teens? Lots of ‘MoM and pop’ investors will have been put off by its volatility. Nearly a 30% drop in last few weeks.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-56227180
  7. Going to stay quiet on the weather front for the next week. High Pressure stuck over the U.K. for next 8 days at least. Nice and dry but cool frosts in the early hours. Hope we won’t see any more snow or freezing temperatures - in the next month or so - and spring has hopefully properly sprung - for the sake of the bees and fruit trees.
  8. Adaptations need to be selected for. We control our environment, and have done pretty much for thousands of years. Evolution has slowed right down for humans. This pandemic would have got rid of a few faulty genes but once again we haven’t allowed selection / evolution to occur.
  9. My fellow beekeepers ..... you’re all very quiet..... considering the glorious weather. Bees were out and about today in the sunshine. I moved mine up to a farm a few months ago and they are in fine fettle. Made it through winter (if March 1st is considered springtime). Both hives have been given about 300g of candipollen today. I have spent part of the day landscaping my bee apiary. Should be done in 2 weeks and I’ll move my bees back. Also nearly finished putting together a £158 budget hive from Thornes - its mint. Why would one buy anything else? Thanks for the advice o
  10. Just started ‘The Walking Dead’ Amazon Prime Only 11 seasons to get through.... I’m enjoying it. I loved the ‘28 days later franchise’ and World War Z. I enjoy a good modern zombie film.
  11. I’m not talking about the actors. I think it’s the same character.
  12. I always wondered was the gangster they buried in this the same character that did the drug deal at the end of Trainspotting. On a similar note I believe the astronaut in Martian (Mark Watney) is the same fella that ends up on the escape planet in Interstellar (Dr Mann). Obviously he changed his name by deed poll.
  13. Netflix Tom Hanks Fairly good film, watchable. 7/10. I enjoyed it. Mind you don’t care too much for the characters.
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