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  1. mattydread

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Frankie I'm fairly certain I'd give it a go after a session with Stokie on the Stella
  2. mattydread

    moped rider stabbed to death

    This is brilliant - can you start a separate thread or is this on the dosbods island thread?
  3. mattydread

    Mediteranean Migrant Watch

    3 women in that pic & a gay trans lezza thingymajig sans frontiers type sjw cunt
  4. mattydread

    Protecing customers.....

    Ask Bedrag - Spy/ Xyy says he's an Eskimo...
  5. mattydread

    Windsor Davies

    Xyy is so I've heard No worries about a 'reach around' either
  6. mattydread


    Try it with your heels on. Piece of piss
  7. mattydread

    The Oz / Australia is fucked thread

    Showing some love for a Jewish sista
  8. mattydread

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Have you ever consumed copious amounts of alcohol or ecstasy (or both)? I'd want a go on that after a couple of pints.
  9. mattydread

    Best/worst British films

    Eden Lake Twin Town (welsh trainspotting) Full Monty has aged well
  10. You & pin need to get a room & bum the fuck out of each other
  11. mattydread

    The degradation of work and wages

    1998 onwards - new labour accelerated immigration like nothing else seen since ww2. Rubbing our (tories)noses in it or summat... Fast forward the destruction of England in 20 years. Unbelievable really.
  12. mattydread

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Quality post that mate Made me lolz Was she a proper dirty fuck & do you have any pics to pm me? What kebab did she get for her 1st one - I'm betting a chicken shish & you had donner
  13. mattydread

    James Middleton

    He's probably tried to fuck Donna Air up the arse. Fair play to the balding cunt
  14. It plans to build 250,000 homes by 2022, including homes for social rent. Talking on BBC breakfast, Mr Miliband said the proposal would "transform the fabric of the country, the lives of millions of people in the country" Apologies for the Beeb link & spunko please merge Why not build in underpopulated Wales & Scotland. Why import millions of dossers for no apparent reason than to fuck up the whole of the country in a short time in history...
  15. You either need a night of good sex or a holiday, preferably both. We'll set up crowd fund thingy page