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  1. Hopefully she will be dead in a few years. I don't really dislike many people but she is up there with most senior politicians including Blair, Brown, stalin corby et al
  2. If the 2nd one is Leave. Will they have a 3rd?
  3. Doing my banjo string on a young Swedish hottie. Ended up ringing the nhs helpline a few times shitting myself.
  4. Aye, I had a Spanish burd who had hairy nips. She was cute though. Delores from Malaga. Them the days when I was young..
  5. Agree. When I saw the name, little fucks were given. Harsh, but fair dinkum.
  6. Another stunner. No wonder they rape - A crack head street burd would probably say 'nah bruv'
  7. I'll always take advice from Dosbods resident financial guru👍.
  8. I think this tourism/crowds in the quaint villages/small towns in the UK is that people are skint & want a few hours away from their enriched shit hole cities.
  9. I think if you have one of those sexy NI accents - thinking James Nesbitt.. (been told this by many burds) you would be getting plenty of free sex in Aus & NZ. They go nuts for the Irish accent/cock - looks & hair don't come into it. Make em laugh & you slappin balls in some pussy😂
  10. Frankie I'd like a 'Frank's accountancy/type q&a' type of thread please. Just asking as I have recently (fairly) gone into business (sole trader) For the record I would pay bossman spunko 5 quid per annum to be on this site. I'm sure most of us would (even the yorkshire tight snatches)