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  1. I see you have that internet up your way. Smart nothern cunt, all connected n that!
  2. I lived in London 98 - 2005ish Dollis Hill - Willesden Green went tits up in 6 months
  3. Like everywhere I see - New surburbs going up like shite. The Australian birth rate isn't going up... So the plan is to ship in the rest of the world (mainly educated Indian/other Asian etc) Which is fairly good. Europe/UK can take the rest of the shit kickers
  4. NZ population 5 million - Aus population 26 million. Don't worry too much about us - I'd be more concerned in your own back yard
  5. Gareth Hughes will be one of the first cunts to get his/her head chopped off or arse raped by these fine people.
  6. To be fair - have you seen the absolute state of the recently released cctv footage nowadays - It's like they don't want to catch the fuckers! Especially if they aren't whitey
  7. My mate, Pete. He lurks on here from time to time. He hasn't actually bought his Russian burd, but he pays through the nose to climb on board when she is in the mood
  8. Looks like your standards are slipping, Stokie. She ain't no Margo!
  9. Thai burds can stay & these cunts haven't walked through half of Europe
  10. I think many of these shit hole curry places have been less busy over the years & a lot will close down (or be used as raping palaces) The future is lockdown
  11. mattydread


    Hi cunty - I'm not too far behind you.. I lost one of the fuckers the other week having a bite on a Bahn mi. Before you start.. It's a Vietnamese roll with exotic ingredients inbetween a mighty,crusty shaft. Before you get too excited - I wasn't in Vietnam. I thought you'd appreciate the gay foreplay. You big Faggot!
  12. mattydread


    Where is cunty bollocks Xyy? We'll have a dosbods whip round for these Invisathings, throw in some stones & he's good to go.
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