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  1. Indifferent Indians

    If you add the yoghurt/yogurt with the mint sauce in malt vinegar (Colemans, which is the best on the market IMO) doesn't the vinegar overpower everything? I've tried to re-create curry house mint/youghurt sauce with fresh mint, natural yoghurt, salt & pepper & lemon juice which is ok - but not quite there.
  2. Indifferent Indians

    Is it yogurt or yoghurt? To the dismay of traditionalists, more manufacturers and retailers have have been using the Americanised spelling of yogurt that drops the letter 'h'. But producers have defended the move, saying the British spelling of yoghurt is now outdated and should reflect the industry changes. I thought you might like this .
  3. Indifferent Indians

    I had a curry in St Andrews a few years back - Supposed to be the top joint there, walls adorned with famous people that had visited. I asked for some mint sauce with me chicken tikka & the waiter brought out a small cup of fuckin Colemans mint sauce in vinegar... Fair do's if it was lamb tikka
  4. Indifferent Indians

    Agreed. Curry makes me feel bloated, so only once in a while. Thai - I can stuff my face and feel great walking out after a full feed.
  5. Indifferent Indians

    Lahore Kebab House in Whitechapel - Londonistan Best Paki food ever & they don't pretend to be Indian. As spy says most 'Indians' are Bangladeshis
  6. Islamification of Europe

    To be fair it does sound like a shit hole. I always thought it was just/mainly England where the shit kickers of the world were dumped.
  7. Universal credits starting to bite?

    At the very least she needs to be steralised - Who the fuck does she think she is? A fuckin Muzzer
  8. Best thread title - nominations 🔥

    Islamification of Europe
  9. The cult of corbyn

    'For the many not the few' Quality.
  10. Here we go...Chemical weapons kill 70 Syria

    As if we're gonna see an exchange of nukes between USA/ RUSKIA over some shitty muslim shithole. Nah bollocks
  11. DIY and self reliance to avoid the tradesmen

    I use this for the perimeter joints It's a smooth part a & b that goes off in a hour. I prep the tiled wall/floor perimeter joint with a die grinder (Makita long nose) with a diamond 6mm bit Preparation of the joints is crucial. You can buy DIY epoxy grout kits but I make my own
  12. DIY and self reliance to avoid the tradesmen

    It's definitely the best before/after pics of a job I've done. DIY'ers if you get any new tiling done in your kitchen, bathroom or high traffic flooring areas insist on epoxy grout. It's the future.. I've only been using it for around 6 months & won't go back to cement based grout. It's a bit more expensive & a cunt to apply but well worth it in the long run.
  13. DIY and self reliance to avoid the tradesmen

    That's better You all guessed correctly - It was a Muzzer Extended shower sealing service - with re-grouted walls, re-grouted floor in epoxy grout - Epoxy perimeter joints & cracked wall tiles sealed with epoxy Paid up no worries.
  14. Thailand - murdered?

    I was there in Feb for 3 days - Beautiful. Too many French, diving tossers. No muzzers.
  15. DIY and self reliance to avoid the tradesmen

    As a tradeperson I've always stuck with Makita - never had any issues. The switches on Makita can be a bit shitty according to some trade forum I frequent. Ryobi are fairly decent for low end trade work Here is a good example of a DIY shower sealing job I agreed to take on a couple of weekends back. Cash job as it was a Saturday. Any idea of whodunnit? As in country/race/culture/religion haha