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  1. Good to see you have got the old Ketborad out. I was getting a bit worried for a while
  2. New cunt. Have you ever been called a northern Cunt?
  3. I agree - Was taking the piss as Im pissed as fook. Fuckn Clown Country the UK is..
  4. They are lovely & hard working...The Poles are amazing people etc etc They also love all the free shit that is handed out by gov via Stokie/ tax paying/sap cunt
  5. Pakistani PIlots - 95% of them have a full licence* Pakistani taxi drivers in uk - 5% have a full licence* Pakistani So called Groomers - 100% have a full licence from UK Gov/police etc* *Unverified figures from Indian news agency
  6. This very statement ^^ underlines how the English(UK) have been fucked over by successive government's - lab/cons/soros & all of the other nasty people in the world Quite obvious now - nothing surprises me anymore about the global shitstorm that is unfolding very quickly.
  7. Maybe Dons got his HAARP fired up after so called covid
  8. Pakistan was the origin for HALF of Britain's imported coronavirus cases - amid calls for tougher quarantine checks from 'high-risk' countries Since March 1, 190 flights carrying more than 65,000 people have arrived in the UK You couldn't make this shit up if you tried
  9. That would've been fairly ok'ish - it was the Muzz/African 3rd worlders that have done the most damage. Plus giving them free houses/bennies....every fucking thing
  10. We did the Minehead Butlins in 84 in the old fellas Morris Minor from Manchester.. great times