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  1. mattydread

    There's something about Mary

    'Mr Pin mode on' I think they are cucked as they have big guts & small willies Like me😉
  2. mattydread

    There's something about Mary

    I have a few cunty mates that live in Chorlton Cum fucking Hardy. Enough sa Quinoa Cunts
  3. mattydread

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    On a road trip in Tamworth NSW & had a meal & piss and came across this - just for you Pinny.
  4. mattydread

    The invasion is underway

    sexual emergency & love. Send the fuckers to South yorkshire
  5. mattydread

    it's a sad sad situation

    Harsh - I like the edit though. Do it again & add one of these Cheers ruggy
  6. mattydread

    Islamification of Europe

    Controversial - 'probably' chop your head off & stick their cocks down your trachea or bum you
  7. mattydread


    Just jesting, Carlos😆 Message me, I've got some top antifa-pron👍
  8. mattydread


    Ask spunko if we can have a pron video thread in stealth👍
  9. mattydread


    Liking the description of 'Off Topic' as a 'safe space' 👍😂
  10. mattydread

    Amateur mechanics question

    Good to hear that you're back in the game. It's been a while
  11. mattydread

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I thought they'd be all sorts of dating sites for all an sundry these days- fatties, gingers, geeks etc. As you say - if I was single nowadays I'd stay that way and pay for the occasional stunner & bi-annual se Asia trip
  12. mattydread

    'drop in the number of EU and non-EU migrants'

    In my enclave of the Australian Capital Territory we have many shifty types with New South Wales number plates coming & going. I also don't have any problem with them.
  13. That's what it says on the trip computer thing - I know where I'm at with mpg tbf. To fill it (75litres) cost around $95 - 100 at the moment & I get 600kms (373miles) approx 4.54 (English gallon) ÷ 75litres = 16.5 373 ÷ 16.5 = 22.6 mpg Shite but fun. I do want a V8 version though.