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  1. If it involves Doug then send me your PayPal details you dirty reach around cunt
  2. From the link “You need to lay off the drink, young lady, because otherwise when you get into that state it might be strangers doing this to you next time.” Fair game for our new friends who wouldn't give a shit pissed or not Aye - I clicked on the link hoping for a pic or 2.
  3. 'Terror Police' - What the fuck does that imply? Question everything - I reckon Jim Slip thinks it's ropers
  4. Britons. What the fuck does that actually mean?
  5. Carols got a go a bit of a rack on her. I was expecting some blue haired fat sjw cunt. Shipping in the big black cock for her & mates
  6. Let us all get a grip. It's been a few difficult days/ hours at times. You will eventually be back to normal. Cold, whinging etc. It's called fucking SUMMER Have a good one
  7. Don't worry it will soon be shite again for 9 months of the year..
  8. Double everything cunty 2
  9. Sit me down over your axe wound & we'll have a pint after.... Cross threading or summat
  10. mattydread

    Hi Mum!

    Aye brother - One in the pink & one in the stink.
  11. The 3% muzzer population are certainly doing a great job.
  12. Are you getting to climb on board more often? has the quality improved?
  13. All over the show apart from London/Midlands