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    mattydread reacted to Conniption in Pandemic coming? - Wuhan Coronavirus Dec/Jan 2020   
    He's got a taste for YT fame now and keeps uploading the same-old stuff day after day.
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    mattydread reacted to spunko in When buying a house, if you see this big wet thing near it....   
    The government is complicit in flooding of new builds though, both directly and indirectly.
    They like to act as some sort of quasi-regulator of standards, but then override commonsense by allowing building on flood plains. The Planning Inspector is appointed by UKGOV, and given that there's massive pressure to relieve the "housing shortage" (so called), they have an almost anything goes attitude. Housebuilders know this and always push to appeal as they know that the Planning Inspector has their back.
    Another quango, the Environment Agency, are equally as culpable too, for drawing up massively inaccurate "once in a hundred" and "once in a thousand" years flood maps. I'm only in my early 30s but I know of a "once in a thousand" site that has flooded about 5 times already. It's just about to get a load of slaveboxes built on it.
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    mattydread reacted to onlyme in Pandemic coming? - Wuhan Coronavirus Dec/Jan 2020   
    Friend worked on cruise ship, she said the Norwegian/Scandinavian was best of the lot, areas / sights you could not see any other way, bypasses the mega expensive cost of living in drop off locations that would be incurred too. 
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    mattydread reacted to wherebee in Pandemic coming? - Wuhan Coronavirus Dec/Jan 2020   
    Update from Australia:
    No new cases detected in Australia; almost all those initial Wuhan evacuees taken to Christmas Island for quarantine have been found to have none infected all all were released today.  36 last leaving tomorrow.
    Plenty of communication from the PM and the Health Dept about what is happening and they stress none detected in Australia outside the initial 15 from the Wuhan tour group, of which about half have recovered.
    The group from the Japan tour ship are going to be taken to Darwin (Howard Springs) for quarantine.  It's not that isolated, looking at the map, but I can see a military base which might be what they are using.  I suspect one reason for that might be that they expected Christmas Island to have a few cases and so still be locked down.  The Health Minister said future quarantines will be back to Christmas Island.
    One Health bod just admitted on the press talk that some cases are asymptomatic.

    Nothing else new from Oz - pretty 'calm before the storm' in my view
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    mattydread reacted to Virgil Caine in Death of a Z lister   
    Just another example of Them and Us Britain in which insiders such as Celebs and Politicians are constantly pleading for special privileges denied the rest of us.
    To be honest I suspect what drove Caroline Flack to suicide was not the threat of the court verdict but the fact ITV had terminated her contract thus causing her to move from being an insider to an outsider in luvvy land.
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    mattydread reacted to spygirl in Death of a Z lister   
    He goes to bed.
    She sits, drinking, steaming.
    Winds herself up and goes to batter him.
    You see this dort of lunacy with violent people.
    Some people can start an argument in empty houses.
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    mattydread got a reaction from JFK in Death of a Z lister   
    I would have fucked her like as many times as was possible,  till the madness showed.
    Then run like fuck & sold my story to The Sun
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    mattydread reacted to billfunk in Downing Street adviser Andrew Sabisky backs EUGENICS   
    We don't need eugenics, we just need to abolish the current policy of dysgenics. 
    Which will be hard given our debt based money system which demands perpetual growth and encourages ponzis.
    1. Reform the money system.
    2. Stop all the ponzies - money, property, education, population.
    3. Stop paying spastics to breed because you think it's going to add to the GDP bonfire and somehow help the pensions crisis in twenty years. 
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    mattydread reacted to ste 🏅 in Downing Street adviser Andrew Sabisky backs EUGENICS   
    I was going to say, the Labour party (and the tories) have been promoting a reverse eugenics program in the country for decades. 
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    mattydread reacted to Roger_Mellie in Cunts Corner   
    Many, many years ago 'cunts corner' was a section on a website called 'HolyMoly' which was a celeb gossip site. Then they got some serious sponsorship, went mainstream and changed the name to 'the corner'. I would guess this is an offshoot of that.
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    mattydread reacted to Thombleached in British culture; the definitive list   
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    mattydread reacted to SpectrumFX in Pandemic coming? - Wuhan Coronavirus Dec/Jan 2020   
    I've given up on the fresh bakery section in supermarkets due to the good awful hygiene of most people these days.
    I've also given up on any sort of prepacked sandwich or similar as they'll be made as cheaply as possible by our new minimum wage immigrant underclass. People being paid a pittance whilst they live in over populated HMO's, making sandwiches as quickly as they can, tend not to have the day to day focus on the germ theory of disease that i want from they people making my food.
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    mattydread got a reaction from Libspero in Why do we need 5G?   
    I can knock one out using 4g at any time 24/7 with zero buffering.
    Why would any one need 5g?
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    mattydread reacted to One percent in Reasons to leave London   
    Yeah but we have lost what has been built through generations, for millennia, in 10 years. It’s gone. Poof, just like that. Fucking scary. 
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    mattydread reacted to Bus Stop Boxer in Reasons to leave London   
    Some commuuuuuniteees are thriving however.
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    mattydread reacted to Democorruptcy in Pandemic coming? - Wuhan Coronavirus Dec/Jan 2020   
    I bet it's worth a fortune.
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    mattydread reacted to Melchett in Why so many slap-heads?   
    Men’s problems. Nobody Makes a fuss, nobody gives a shit.
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    mattydread reacted to Lightly Toasted in Pandemic coming? - Wuhan Coronavirus Dec/Jan 2020   
    And they live packed together in vibrant cities...
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    mattydread reacted to snaga in Pandemic coming? - Wuhan Coronavirus Dec/Jan 2020   
    they would need a month or more to decide if quarantining people in their own homes was racist first.
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    mattydread got a reaction from Bus Stop Boxer in Boris's cabinet   
    Share the drugs bruv
    Why don't they just install aload of Saudi cunts into parliafuckingment - I don't give 3 shits anymore 
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    mattydread reacted to twocents in Pandemic coming? - Wuhan Coronavirus Dec/Jan 2020   
    Normally you would expect a whistle blower type to emerge and loudly point it out to the public but I expect such people are deterred now because they've seen the way people like TR have been treated and the way the MSM would in any event keep things under wraps.  Not to mention the de-platforming of people.
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    mattydread reacted to kibuc in Pandemic coming? - Wuhan Coronavirus Dec/Jan 2020   
    Maybe there is no handle on the inside.
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    mattydread reacted to Kurt Barlow in Fighter escort   
    Was that when you got pegged? 
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    mattydread reacted to JFK in Fighter escort