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  1. I live in the south as France and it’s now hot as fuck. It’s due to reach 43deg C on Thursday.
  2. I think the invasion of Carrie’s normal life has got to her already. I can’t see her going the distance and becoming the PM’s wife. No matter how appealing the idea might be, getting there is the difficult bit.
  3. If we assume the number of people in these locations with the opportunity to see an extreme event has stayed constant over time. What has changed is the probability of them having a camera on them has gone from nearly 0% twenty years ago to nearly 100% nowadays. So if the number of these witnessed unexplained events stayed constant over the years, there should be a lot more photographic evidence.
  4. Yes but have you ever known a rich arab to do low skilled work? That's a white person's disease.
  5. How many rich kids who aim to be working class are called Fatima? Rich people of that persuasion tend to do fuck all, as with poor people and middle income people who also do fuck all. It does remind me of the pulp song "She came from Greece she had a thirst for knowledge."
  6. I think they changed it in 2010 to 30% of median rate. Whilst I'm sure Camberwell is a shithole*, but it is still very near the centre of London and gentrified enough for Boris' piece to buy a flat for over £600,000. I'm surprised she has a near neighbour who has a job that pays a lot less than the local average but can afford to live there, benefits withstanding. *From my time working and visiting London it is easier to list the parts that aren't shitholes.
  7. Has anybody explained how 32 year old nursery nurse Fatima can afford to live in Camberwell? Even making the assumption that she gets tax credits and housing benefit its still an expensive place to live. And given her age it's not like she bought somewhere 20-30 years ago when people with ordinary jobs and incomes could afford to buy what would have been an ordinary flat at the time.
  8. I've noticed that from the mid-90s interest in UFOs and aliens increased dramatically. In large part I put this down to the x-files TV show and the many similar types of shows that followed. As would be expected the number of reported UFO sightings increased massively at the time but there was a lack of supporting evidence i.e. people who saw them didn't have a camera to hand. From the mid-00s nearly every single person in the developed world had a camera phone on them at all times. Had there genuinely been a widespread increase in UFOs I would have expected to see a lot more photographic and video evidence of them, but this isn't the case.
  9. Equality has now become what used to be called inclusivity. That’s a luxury very few societies can afford for long. When I was at school for GCSEs half the people in top set of maths and science were female. When I went into a-levels of the maths and physics students 1/4 were female. At university studying engineering it was 1/10th. Now in the workplace I don’t know how many are female. If more women are needed in engineering then I’d try to target those who are clever enough to be in top set for GCSEs but choose not to study maths and physics for a-level.
  10. Has Kate McCann become a teacher? Only joking, I know that was in portugal.
  11. I’m not sure they’re Muslims. That car looks like it’s been parallel parked but the cars in front and behind don’t have any damage on them.
  12. I agree. A lot of people will think asylum seeker when they hear the word migrant. It’s a good ruse.
  13. You are correct, it doesn’t give a definition of migrants. If theirs is the fairly standard definition of migrants that includes asylum seekers as a large subset then my comment has weight. If they categorise them completely separately then I am wrong.