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  1. It all went wrong for him when he made claims about killing a mugger in Amsterdam when in his late teens/ early 20s. The courting of publicity to hawk his autobiography backfired spectacularly. This led to a flawed investigation into the ‘murder’ and seems to have brought out these other allegations.
  2. Have any Muslim groups volunteered to guard churches whilst Christians pray? After the New Zealand terrorist attack the police in Oxford increased patrols around the mosques in oxford. I trust they’ll do the same now?
  3. I’m surprised no group has claimed the attack. They’re normally very quick to claim they did it.
  4. Blame brexit, don’t mention anything else ...
  5. Bonus points if the new spire looks like a minaret.
  6. I agree. When we were much younger around 10-12 a small gang of us used to piss around by a railway bridge over a river. Putting things on the tracks to be squashed etc. We never sat on the tracks as even 10 year olds know that’s incredibly stupid.
  7. I know, I didn’t buy it either. I used to ‘work’ for network rail and they used to get the blame when members of the public died at level crossings when they hadn’t been following the rules.
  8. It’s been said that the girls thought the trains would sound their horns when approaching the crossing but they don’t at night.
  9. I’m sure we’ll hear stories in the next few days of heroic security guards cleaners etc. who saved people and priceless artefacts. All of one persuasion.
  10. However if Shila had said the Quran made it clear that homosexuality was wrong and Seyi had used the N word those two would be fine. As pointed out elsewhere Roger Scruton can only criticise WASPs.
  11. Wasn’t it put out of action by nearly all UK ISPs blocking access to the torrent sites? Only the most determined of masturbators would go to the effort of setting up a vpn so they could gain access. This is even trickier to do whilst only using your left hand to use the mouse and keyboard.
  12. A few friends of mine are in the trades. To a man they've all gone self employed in the last 10 years. One thing I've noticed is that although they can get paid a lot more as they keep a lot more of the money than when they're working for someone else. They need to spend a lot more time doing things they don't get paid for such as pricing work, chasing payments, accounts etc. which they aren't necessarily any good at. I'm fairly sure their hourly rate works out about the same now just with a lot more arse ache.
  13. Chechens are Muslims but wouldn’t necessarily blend in at a London mosque. I would suggest the culprits will be ‘tanned.’
  14. Not the bit of France I live in, it’s full of women in headscarves.