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  1. She lost her British citizenship because she gave interviews to the media and courted attention. Had she quietly got to turkey and got to the British embassy she would have been given a new passport, flown home and given a council flat in London with some token prevent nonsense.
  2. assetrichcashpoor

    Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2019

    I think he self identified as a pikey and this event was then grabbing so was lauded by the SJWs as it celebrates that culture.
  3. assetrichcashpoor

    Brighton tragedy - man killed last night

    In one of the photos a spring could be seen hanging down from the car. Possibly the suspension collapsed. Maybe driving quickly over speed bumps etc.
  4. Because she's a mentally ill lone wolf? That's a bit wolfist isn't it?
  5. assetrichcashpoor

    Ahh was pikey

    Only 90%? I've only known caravan dwellers to go hare coursing.
  6. assetrichcashpoor

    Aggravated burglary then killed escaping arrest

    From the looks of it. The police responded in large numbers to the aggravated burglary, whilst responding to that burglary they started pursuing this car for reasons unknown. Rather than stop the driver made off, and drove so badly the police cars backed off and let the helicopter take over monitoring the car. The car drove the wrong way down a dual carriageway and crashed into an oncoming vehicle. In the original article the other police said they hadn’t linked the burglary to the crash even though the daily mail had.
  7. assetrichcashpoor

    Islamification of Europe

    I would enact a law that banned UK citizens from visiting certain countries without prior approval of the government. I.e Syria for example I would make it a specific offence to visit unless you had permission which would be granted if you were working for an accredited news or aid agency with a lengthy sentence for breaching this law. Then the UK would only have to find evidence of visiting the said country not evidence of committing crimes in that country to bring a prosecution. I think the us enacted a similar law banning their citizens from visiting north Korea.
  8. Wasn't this idea in part inspired by the high line park in new york? Although there they had something to start work with i.e. the bridge was already there so basically they had to pop down to homebase and buy some plants like a gormless apprentice candidate on one of the pointless challenges.
  9. assetrichcashpoor

    Aggravated burglary then killed escaping arrest

    By the dates given in the news story she was 7 months pregnant and they got married 3 months ago. So she was pregnant before they were married which is unusual for travelling folk.
  10. Thanks for that, I've had a difficult few weeks but that joke brought a smile to my face.
  11. He’ll whine at politicians for not spending enough on Africa but avoids tax when he can...
  12. assetrichcashpoor

    Colleagues habits that annoy me intensely

    I have a colleague who I catch the bus to work with. He stinks, but fortunately is in the next office. I used to share an office with a female Colleague who although in her early 20s had a full moustache. She also used to chew with her mouth open.
  13. assetrichcashpoor

    NUS going bust

    I went to Sheffield University (pre 9/11 when no one gave a fuck about Muslims) and all the union types only cared about their pet projects but didn’t do anything to campaign against tuition fees or the privatisation of halls of residences. Both of which had big impact of students like me but didn’t bother the Champaign socialist cunts. You’ll take my nestle Kitkat out of my cold dead hands, even if they do ‘kill babies.’
  14. assetrichcashpoor

    immigration raid strips bar of licence

    I know someone, an American, who is living and working in the UK. He has used a succession of 6 month tourist visas and has lived in the UK for 15+ years. He has managed to acquire a NI number and worked in pubs all this time. As such NI and tax are taken directly from his pay despite it being illegal for him to work here even if the visa in his passport says he can visit the UK he can’t work here and therefore is in breach of his visa conditions, similar to Jean Charles de Menezes. The person I know used to do regular 6 monthly visa runs to France to get a new visa in his passport. After about the 10th trip he was denied access to the UK. And being a total fuckwit had no money or clothes with him. A family member who foolishly was going out with him at the time managed to wire him some money. He was then able to get a hotel room and another Eurostar ticket and try again the next day when they let him in with another 6 month visitor visa. After that he ‘lost’ his passport and got a new clean passport to start building up his visas again.