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  1. assetrichcashpoor

    Heathrow passengers prevent Somali Criminal deportation

    I’ve said before that anyone granted asylum should be entered into a lifetime behavioural contract. If after they are granted asylum they are convicted of a crime that could attract a sentence of 4 years or more then once their sentence is completed they are deported immediately on their release from prison. With no right to appeal, if they want asylum they need to demonstrate they can behave in a civilised manner.
  2. assetrichcashpoor

    When studying society isn’t a search for the truth.

    With a few minor tweaks and some references that text would still raise eyebrows but would meet the societal and historical context that the campaigners are complaining about. People would still not like it but tough.
  3. assetrichcashpoor

    Ahh was pikey

    To be fair living in a shed in squalor is normal for Cumbria. There’s a reason why my grandfather moved to the south and it wasn’t for the friendly conversation.
  4. assetrichcashpoor

    Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson

    I’m not sure, I suspect not though. I’ll try to find the original article and see what it says.
  5. assetrichcashpoor

    Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson

    I read something about this at the time of the judgment. It went along the lines if both sides chose no win no fee lawyers. The winning side’s lawyers are allowed to charge double to cover their risk of not winning and not getting paid. As the loser is likely to have to pay the other side’s costs this means they’ll be on the hook for double the normal amount. However if the loser can’t pay and declares themselves bankrupt then they’ll have to pay their lawyers fees. So in this case Katy Hopkins if Katy Hopkins declares herself bankrupt then Jack Monroe will have to find the money that her lawyers should have been paid by Hopkins. If Monroe can’t pay it she could declare herself bankrupt and the lawyers don’t get paid in full.
  6. assetrichcashpoor

    What were hipsters before there were hipsters?

    I used to work with someone who would be termed a hipster. She was an incredibly tedious person who put a lot of effort into ‘spontaneous’ activities. One year for Halloween she spent most of the week putting together a pumpkin costume at work for a party. The following Monday we were subjected to her showing us photos from the Halloween party that she hadn’t planned to go to and ‘thrown her costume together in an hour.’
  7. assetrichcashpoor

    So. Who is it. No names!!!

    Didn’t he die in prison in the 80s? 😉
  8. assetrichcashpoor

    Which dosbodder is MIA?

    Mentally ill lone wolf?
  9. assetrichcashpoor

    Kebab shops - Drugs and child abuse?

    From a hypothetical point of view, say Kebab shops were laundering drug money. By putting it through the books to legitimise the money they'll be paying tax on the proceeds which will be going to the exchequer. Is this why a blind eye is turned? 20% of something is better than all of fuck all after all.
  10. assetrichcashpoor

    Kebab shops - Drugs and child abuse?

    That’s a plus good comment.
  11. assetrichcashpoor

    Islamification of Europe

    We don't have an islamification of Thailand thread so I'll put this article here: It's surprising critical given that it's in the Guardian. Of course it is the Thai governments fault for allowing this to happen...
  12. assetrichcashpoor

    Alex Salmond

    Isn’t it a bit to do with the money? He is Scottish afterall....
  13. assetrichcashpoor

    Women Increasing Drawn to the Right Wing

    Are people more right wing or have people’s beliefs and values stayed the same but what is thought of as right wing has changed?
  14. assetrichcashpoor

    Jobs that no longer exist

    In the second to last job that was in the public sector they phased out the stores to save money, so the job of storeman disappeared. However being the public sector they former storemen weren’t laid off, they moved into logistics. So what we used to get from stores we’d buy from an external supplier. This would be delivered to the old stores buidling when one of the former storemen would then deliver it to use a day after it had arrived in site. This didn’t save any money but did add at least two days.
  15. assetrichcashpoor

    Estate Agents

    A former colleague bought a repossessed house from an estate agent. Similar to the anecdote above my colleague managed to get a key from the agent and started measuring up/began work on the house well before the sale had gone through. He was in the house when some other prospective buyers came round he told them the house was off the market and managed to fuck them off. During this time period some youths vandalised the house smashing some windows. My colleague tried to get the agent to have them replaced, the agent told there wasn’t a chance and reminded him he had got a huge discount and to stop taking the piss. After he bought the house he put in a fake insurance claim for the windows, saying it had just happened rather than happening several weeks before when the house was uninsured. My colleague did get his comeuppance in the end. He took so long renovating the place and spent a fortune that he lost all of his illicit gains.