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  1. Just a thought on this. This ruling will predominantly discriminate against muslim women which might be just what a certain section of the muslim community want, to reinforce the thought that women are less equal than men. I would be happy with a non-return valve type decision. An Islamic wedding does not entitle people to benefits* but if someone has been married in only an islamic ceremony or is in a common law relationship and wishes to divorce and have a share of the assets etc. I think there should be a legal get out that avoids a sharia court. *I'm not entirely sure what additional benefits a couple are entitled to if they claim to be married instead of cohabiting. Housing and child benefit do not depend on being married as far as I am aware.
  2. Is that due to an Americanisation of UK academia? In the colonies I think anyone who gets a permanent teaching job at a university is called a professor and that trend seems to have come over here.
  3. I find a lot of ebay buyers to be a bit thick as others have said. One of my experiences which I've probably shared before is about selling a tablet. I tried selling a tablet on their once that I had got 'free' with a phone upgrade. I tried listing it as a buy it now for £120 I think with free postage. That was about £40 less than they were going for online. The only interest I had was some tosser offering me £110 and giving me some shit advice on how to price my ebay sales. I didn't sell it to him and let the listing expire. I then put it on with no reserve and postage on top. It sold for ~£135 + postage. I was very tempted to tell the several people who bid over £115 + postage that the tablet could have been theirs several weeks before for £120 all in and they could have bought at their leisure. But common sense stopped me.
  4. I’ve never tried. I’m quite out of touch with technology and once I find something that works for me I tend to stick with it.
  5. I was trying to download some music to my phone for a long drive with patchy internet access.
  6. There was something about HS2 in private eye years ago. They said something along the lines of most car journeys are under 10 miles in or around centres of population not inter-city commuting. If your goal is to remove the number of cars on the road to reduce emissions and traffic then building local mass public transit schemes is the best way to do it, i.e. trams. They then went on to postulate how many cars could be removed from the road if the HS2 money was spent locally building tram networks in various cities.
  7. I was going to say I couldn’t throw a rock in my street without hitting a Muslim... However I might be mistaken for one of them stoning an adulterer.
  8. I think it’s headed that way. I’m amazed that Corbyn got a lot of media attention for being an anti-semite, whilst I’m sure he is it’s not like there is a big Jewish community in the uk. When I lived in the UK I would have to get in my car and drive 20 minutes until I could find someone who was wearing clothing that identified them as Jewish. Whereas I’d see people wearing Muslim attire before I’d got out of my street.
  9. From her local media persona she seems to be thick as mince.
  10. Thanks I did manage to get on Pirate Bay but I think the number of users has dropped and I struggled to download what I wanted. I’ve broken the habit of a lifetime and bought some mp3s from amazon. I didn’t spent much on them but it feels wrong. Like paying for sex or parking.
  11. Hello, can anyone recommend a decent torrent site? I've been out of the game for a few years so the ones I used to use don't work. I've got a VPN and did manage to reach pirate bay a few months back but I get error 502 now. I'm after mainly music and a few hollywood films not filth. Many thanks.
  12. I think we should as a forum steer clear of victim blaming, by the looks of it the people who died whilst we may think were naive didn't deserve what happened to them. I do have to question the security of the event and the overall management though for putting people in danger. Why weren't people searched on their way in to the event? This is now unfortunately becoming standard for many places and the general population are just expected to put up with it. So ex-offenders who are known to be a higher risk can't complain if they're searched on their way in. Why the fuck did the probation service allow him a day out in London without a handler paid for by his own pocket (te he) or by the charity that wants to bring him to London?
  13. On that note, my stats lecturer at university pointed out that if you must buy a lottery ticket. Buy it less than 30 minutes before the draw closes as a normally healthy individual your odds of dying through a random event (hit by a bus, gored by a dear, found in Michael Barrymore's swimming pool etc.) are higher than the chances of winning, until about 30 minutes before the draw closes and then your chances of winning the jackpot overtake the chances of an unexpected death for those 30 minutes. I did ask my lecturer what were the chances of buying a winning ticket and then dying by some freak event. At least 2,030,175,963,260,680 to 1 he said, if you bought at the magic 30 minutes before.
  14. I’m a big fan of oasis, including be here now, even. I used to listen to Russell Brand’s radio show and Noel was often on. He seemed very funny and switched on. So I was more of a Noel supporter. I’ve recently read the autobiography of Oasis’ first drummer and Noel comes across as a total knob. And Liam as the dirty scally he always appeared to be.
  15. We've just had them fitted. I couldn't notice any difference to how the car drives but I don't drive it very often, my wife thought it drove differently but was probably being hyper aware as I told her to take it carefully and to brake earlier etc. I'll keep you posted with how we get on over winter.