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  1. Explosions in Austin, Texas

    I'm pretty sure he personally invented the internet or was that Al Gore?
  2. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    If this was a Russian attempt to assassinate this spy why use this nerve agent? Wouldn't a staged car crash or just shooting him give more plausible deniability?
  3. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    I thought we should go out at the group stage in protest.
  4. Islamification of Europe

    Even if it were shown that the miscarriage was caused by stress how do they know it was this incident that was at fault? The father of her two children and unborn child was in trial for rape. That is also a very stressful occasion.
  5. Jaysis....

    With Ireland don’t most of their young people move abroad because they’re are no jobs, certainly on the west coast. Why not do more to make them stay rather than import 3rd world scroungers.
  6. Who the fuck....

    Elton John tried and failed to sue his accountants and former manager around the turn of the millennium that was rumoured to have cost him £20m.
  7. Big explosion at convenience store in Leicester

    It’ll be reported as a gas explosion ...
  8. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    On this subject, people are now venerating Brendan Cox for admitting what he had done was wrong and apologising. However he wasn't admitting or apologising for anything when the allegations first came to light in 2015. In fact he only appears to have admitted doing anything in a Mail on Sunday interview yesterday. My understanding of these types of interviews/stories is that a newspaper has dug up some dirt and gives someone the opportunity to put their side of the story in return for some sympathetic coverage.
  9. New leader required

    I nominate Brendan Cox, he’s got a lot more time on his hands now and if he’s got something to do it might stop him from raping women.
  10. Scotland have finally taken over all aspects of parenting

    I assume it's be halal food?
  11. How to be lazy

    Can you wipe your arse with a kindle?
  12. Heathrow

    It’s an odd accident and surprising that one person died from a cardiac arrest given the minimal damage to the vehicles. I wonder if one of them had a heart attack first which led to the collision.
  13. ULEZ -Bus Driver’s Son Again

    So the next time someone decides to drive a van into crowds of pedestrians in London at least it will be a low emissions vehicle.
  14. I guess it must be warming up in the Algarve

    And imprisoned her feckless parents for neglect.