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  1. assetrichcashpoor

    The Bempton Triangle

    Is this a ruse to get people ‘hill walking’?
  2. assetrichcashpoor

    When did you last use a fax machine?

    I last used one in 2002/2003 when I was a temp. I had to fax over my timesheet each week to the agency or I wouldn’t get paid. I had to call to confirm they’d received it as well or they wouldn’t pay even if they had received it. In 2004 at a different job we had a group mailbox that could receive faxes sent to our team. The easiest way to scan a document was to fax it to the group mailbox number, after 10 minutes an email with a pdf copy would appear.
  3. assetrichcashpoor

    I don't want to die. I want special treatment

    Also it breaches the fundamental British principle of queuing. You don't mind a wait as long it's fair and someone won't jump the queue. I've noticed this a lot with our guests in the Islamic Republic of East Oxford, they don't like to queue and take umbrage when they're told to wait their turn.
  4. assetrichcashpoor

    London - Grenfell House

    That was my conclusion as well. If a factory made crimp had been inadequate it would have failed much sooner, pretty much as soon as the fridge was turned on. It wouldn't keep running for years and then suddenly fail would it? There are still a lot of questions over the flat where this started and who was staying there. From what we've been told there was a council tenant who was illegally subletting the two bedrooms and was planning to use the income buy the flat under right to buy, he meanwhile was sleeping in the living room. We don't know much about the sub-letters. We do know that there were a higher than normal number of fridges/freezers in the kitchen. One of which according to the official tenant hadn't been modified or repaired but a crimp spontaneously overheated after years of normal operation. Somehow wiring from this wire was found in one of the bedrooms. I presume this wire would normally have been crimped at each end. So the wire in the fridge should have been intact with possibly a detached crimp at one end. Although the person who examined it confirmed the crimp was still attached just poorly crimped. The fire wasn't hot enough to melt copper, and from the photos of the wire it's not been melted. I think the inquiry should explain how part of this cable ended up in the bedroom. It's obviously a white christian's fault but I'd like to know why specifically.
  5. assetrichcashpoor

    Personalised number plates

  6. assetrichcashpoor

    Get paid leave to change sex

    Can I identify as a post op transsexual and get my 4 weeks paid leave?
  7. assetrichcashpoor

    Heathrow passengers prevent Somali Criminal deportation

    I’ve said before that anyone granted asylum should be entered into a lifetime behavioural contract. If after they are granted asylum they are convicted of a crime that could attract a sentence of 4 years or more then once their sentence is completed they are deported immediately on their release from prison. With no right to appeal, if they want asylum they need to demonstrate they can behave in a civilised manner.
  8. assetrichcashpoor

    When studying society isn’t a search for the truth.

    With a few minor tweaks and some references that text would still raise eyebrows but would meet the societal and historical context that the campaigners are complaining about. People would still not like it but tough.
  9. assetrichcashpoor

    Ahh was pikey

    To be fair living in a shed in squalor is normal for Cumbria. There’s a reason why my grandfather moved to the south and it wasn’t for the friendly conversation.
  10. assetrichcashpoor

    Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson

    I’m not sure, I suspect not though. I’ll try to find the original article and see what it says.
  11. assetrichcashpoor

    Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson

    I read something about this at the time of the judgment. It went along the lines if both sides chose no win no fee lawyers. The winning side’s lawyers are allowed to charge double to cover their risk of not winning and not getting paid. As the loser is likely to have to pay the other side’s costs this means they’ll be on the hook for double the normal amount. However if the loser can’t pay and declares themselves bankrupt then they’ll have to pay their lawyers fees. So in this case Katy Hopkins if Katy Hopkins declares herself bankrupt then Jack Monroe will have to find the money that her lawyers should have been paid by Hopkins. If Monroe can’t pay it she could declare herself bankrupt and the lawyers don’t get paid in full.
  12. assetrichcashpoor

    What were hipsters before there were hipsters?

    I used to work with someone who would be termed a hipster. She was an incredibly tedious person who put a lot of effort into ‘spontaneous’ activities. One year for Halloween she spent most of the week putting together a pumpkin costume at work for a party. The following Monday we were subjected to her showing us photos from the Halloween party that she hadn’t planned to go to and ‘thrown her costume together in an hour.’
  13. assetrichcashpoor

    So. Who is it. No names!!!

    Didn’t he die in prison in the 80s? 😉
  14. assetrichcashpoor

    Which dosbodder is MIA?

    Mentally ill lone wolf?
  15. assetrichcashpoor

    Kebab shops - Drugs and child abuse?

    From a hypothetical point of view, say Kebab shops were laundering drug money. By putting it through the books to legitimise the money they'll be paying tax on the proceeds which will be going to the exchequer. Is this why a blind eye is turned? 20% of something is better than all of fuck all after all.