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  1. No matter how good a racing driver he is, or how much he does for the Black Lives Matter movement. When he comes out as a bender he'll be disowned by mainstream black culture.
  2. Are there any figures for the number of cases/death in Victoria/Australia that has led to the most recent restrictions? I've had a look for the recent numbers and there don't appear to be that many deaths for the number of cases they've had.
  3. COVID-19 isn’t a particular successful biological agent. It overwhelmingly targets the old and vulnerable like most viruses, and so far not many people have died from it worldwide. The response to the virus has caused the damage.
  4. Someone leaked his comments about herd immunity and old people dying in March. He then became the story and appears to have gone completely the other way to save his own skin.
  5. Cummings then changed tack and pushed for the lockdown. As shown by the sage minutes, the science didn’t advocate a lockdown only isolation of the sick and vulnerable.
  6. And probably caused a lot more early deaths from that age cohort due to lack of other medical attention and in the long term by cuts to funding and pensions.
  7. Wow not only has dementia been cured, we’re now on our way to curing cancer. Thanks to Covid no one will die of cancer this year..
  8. Yep, there was something I saw about sars1 and it mentioned a spread in an apartment complex due to the common soil pipe connecting the flats.
  9. I thought Portugal was left off to stop 500 met officers heading out to investigate Madeline McCann’s disappearance? After the trillions wasted on covid they can’t afford this years trip.
  10. It's interesting, lockdown sceptics are planning to have an article on this today/tomorrow: I'm not worried about the corona virus but I am worried that restrictions may be reimposed around the world like dominoes as happened in March. Looking at the data you posted a link to, the number of active cases has been increasing since 04/06/2020, but the number of deaths has been coming down since then. We've been told on average it's somewhere between 2-3 weeks between someone catching covid and dying from it. So we should have seen more deaths by now.
  11. Without blowing my own trumpet I think I'm quite similar. Someone who used to work for me in a previous job said "you don't do anything." Without realising that's quite an effective skill. Whilst everyone else was running round with their hair on fire I wasn't (or not as much). This was due to proper planning and having the confidence to miss early milestones knowing that problems solved in concept would save time on later stages. Where I work now huge multimillion projects are going into manufacture with huge technical issues unresolved.
  12. I’ve never met a civil engineer, there’s something about the profession that attracts cunts like me.
  13. Doesn’t the current uk economics model depend on debt fueled spending? The problems only become obvious to the masses if the merry go round slows or stops and people stop spending and start saving.
  14. I saw in the report that the pilots were distracted in part due to discussing Covid. When the plane crashed someone on here said they should check whether covid was the cause of death. I guess they were right.
  15. I think it was in the 80s when they became pro EU. Corbyn was anti EU but pro migrant, I couldn’t work that one out.