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  1. It's not just the convenience of picking up stuff in the supermarket. Aldi sell own brand carbon copies of all the things I used to buy in Boots for a fraction of the price. Shower gel, deoderant, shampoo and conditioner, face and body moisturiser stuff, hairspray. Unless someone is an absolute brand-loyal maniac there is simply no reason to pay Boots prices any more. Supermarket versions of stuff used to be inferior and generic, which was why it was cheap. Aldi have changed that completely.
  2. Llanfairpwll-gwyngyllgogerychwyrndrob-englishfucks-gogogohome
  3. Are you sure they're not just old lady plastic rain bonnets that have slipped down?
  4. Thank you for that, I had no idea that was how it actually worked. I've certainly not seen it explained like that by anyone from the government or the MSM. Another lie by omission of the detail?
  5. I will never forget the gusto and glee of the lady that was queue-marshal-in-chief and head-8pm-clap-leader at my local Tesco. It was a moment of clarity when I realised that I just simply don't understand some other humans.
  6. I'll be listening out for the inevitable deaths of the three riders that got pulled out of the Giro D'Italia bike race this week too.
  7. Cooked tomatoes are very rich in lycopene which has been linked to many health benefits. So you may be on to something. There's no money in it for Big Pharma, just like Vitamin D.
  8. I'd question the sanity of anyone taking a test in the first place.
  9. I'm probably still sticking with financial motives too. During 2019 there were endless articles and news coverage (even on the so-called BBC) about how the next financial crash was coming and how it was going to make 2008 look like a Teddy Bear's Picnic. Then suddenly there was Covid and now everything financially bad will be attached to that. With regards to the religious slant, I do also think that the focus on alcohol is disproportionate, but maybe that's because drunk people are harder to coerce and terrify than sober ones.
  10. My favourite line from Nana in The Royle Family: Barbara Royle : She married a joiner, moved to Leeds, he knocked her about a bit, but her home was lovely.
  11. I have absolutely no recollection I'm afraid. It was one of the Uni houses. All I remember was that you could walk to and from the seafront from it, down a street that used to howl a gale so strong that you could lean into it.
  12. If the article is in the Daily Mail then I'd hope to get the value of his house as well.
  13. Social Housing you say? Like that lovely Mr Cadbury did? I'm sure those London planning applications will look just like this:
  14. There is simply no need for Asda to exist any more now that Aldi and Lidl charge the same (or less) for food that is actually edible.
  15. That seems insane. Chris Froome has a BMI of 19 and he's a walking skeleton.
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