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  1. We don't really do political rioting in this country any more, just rioting as a cover to nick some new trainers from JD Sports.
  2. I see this as a positive. I roll out of bed, do a couple of hours morning work whilst I ease myself into the day then spend the middle part of the day exercising, cooking, watching cycle racing etc, then log back on later in the afternoon for another couple of hours to clear up the last bits of the day. It's the workday pattern I've always dreamed of. Endless studies over the years have concluded that most people are only truly productive for around four hours in an average working day and now I am only working my productive hours it seems that the other half of each day that was spent list
  3. Was on the phone to my friend in Switzerland today and she said to me "What do you think the breaking point is in the UK?" I replied that we don't have one. Furlough is making the natives docile and the plan is just being got on with and will take as long as it takes. This is getting proper mental now. People being paid by the government for not working for 18 months, it would have been unthinkable. Crazy, crazy times.
  4. I have spent my whole life being baffled why people pay a hairdresser ten times the price of a box of hair dye to put it on for them. It's not splitting the fucking atom, it's putting a bit of goop on your head. This is reason number 652 why I am ostracised by my own sex on a regular basis.
  5. Thanks, I've subscribed. Looking down the top listings I would say there's a lot of episodes there that sound interesting.
  6. What's causing your loss of motivation do you think? Is it just boredom with what you can eat and too many things being "off limits" ? Or the lack of weight loss?
  7. My old work journey was 10 minutes through beautiful countryside and I have no intention of ever working in the office again if I can. I do that same beautiful 10 minute drive anyway, if I go to the supermarket or visit other people who don't live in my village or basically, go anywhere outside of the village. The reason I don't want to go in the office is the people. They got really tiresome during Brexit and Covid has just multiplied that by a hundredfold. It's my own fault for working in the lefty, SJW charity sector, but I love my actual job and so doing it from home has been a dre
  8. Like retail trying to compete with Amazon etc, eventually the field is just too uneven to continue.
  9. That's pretty shit. It gets harder and harder not to be cynical when it always seems to be the good stuff that gets cancelled rather than worked around and also that once again it's the youngsters being hit the hardest
  10. No, I never went that mental. It was something that my ex talked me into and he bought absolutely everything that goes with it too, but I decided I would see if I actually liked riding the bloody thing before I went crazy on the accessories. I do have an aero water bottle on it though, which is very snazzy in a tragic sort of way. In the end neither of us did it that much and all his super-duper accessories never saw active service in a single time trial or even left the house! . We trained on them over one spring and summer and I did ride a couple of 10-mile club time trials in the la
  11. Most fixed penalty nonsense is unenforceable, you are just relying on people to not have the nerve to take it to the wire because they don't want the consequences. Just more nudge and mind control from our evil overlords.
  12. I can't decide whether to go back on Strava this year or not. I don't really do any other social media any more, although I still have accounts on other platforms. I'd be interested to know if things like Whatsapp groups have dented the main social media platforms. I'm in a group of 3 with my two closest friends because I do actually care what they are up to, so that seems to be enough for me. I certainly can't be arsed with all the PR cleansed cobblers that comes out of celebrity accounts these days. I think anyone even slightly famous who shares an honest opinion on Twitter must be insa
  13. I got my time trial bike out of storage this week. Haven't had the nerve to ride it for 4 years. This year might be the year, or it might just be an ornament for the living room, time will tell. It's been superseded by much younger and prettier models over the years and frankly, so have I, but we might still be able to enjoy ourselves in our twilight years this summer . This picture isn't of my one, but it looks like this:
  14. 10% hill on a mountain bike. First outside ride of the year. Felt amazing. God bless you Keto!
  15. I've finally stopped dropping the weight, thank goodness. This Saturday I am exactly the same as last Saturday. So, based on my spreadsheet for the week, low-carb means I can eat somewhere in the region of an extra 300-500 calories per day than I was eating on high carb. Which is nice. I'll do that for another week and see where it takes me.
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