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  1. You might find that aircraft reg letters are a bit bigger than car reg characters or normal sort of sized house numbers. However, I did know a guy some years back who, when temporarily sure of his position, would fly low enough to read motorway signs.
  2. Shouldn't be be on some fat shaming thread?
  3. Don't think I've had mine even that fast. Talking of speeding, I was in Ireland at the end of August. Went over from Liverpool to Belfast. I was driving out of Belfast heading in the Donegal direction. Just leaving Belfast on the M2 there is a bend which is downhill goi into Belfast. I remember racing a guy in an MGB going down that hill in 1969. I was driving a BMW 1600. The speedo was just nudging 100 before I eased off. No speed lit in NI in those days.
  4. Years ago there was no bother buying acetone by the gallon. We used to use lots of in when working with fibreglass. Mid 80s.
  5. Yes, mines the F. I was really just wondering why the different limits. I assume that Lexus don't give aonkeys about the sort of gentleman's ,155 whent they set the limit on the F purely on mechanical limit criteria.
  6. Any money taken out of your pocket by government decree is a tax no matter what it is called. Given that is is Wales, surely it will encourage more booze cruises across the Irish Sea post Brexit?
  7. It will be my 70th birthday.
  8. Mine is supposed to be limited to 168. Apparently the limit is there to avoid overheating the transmission.
  9. I meant that it rose after he had flogged it off.
  10. Well, McRuin dumped lots of England's gold and the price shot up. So maybe it was the announcement that vauseo the price to rise.
  11. Rare Bear

    Web Hosting

    I've been using Crazy Domains for several years just to host a domain for email. TBH, I've no idea if they are cheap or expensive but they have the really annoying habit of starting to chase payments about three months in advance. It really does give the impression that either they might be going broke or they are just greedy. However, things just work so I will stay with them, much better the devil you know.
  12. Hunterian museum at the Royal College of Surgeons. Interestingly, the building that was the set for that TV programme based in a London hotel is right next door.
  13. Yes, I'd forgotten about that suggestion.
  14. Well, I was thinking that maybe young Trudeau and Meghan might fall madly in lust and disappear together.