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  1. A long time since I read The Sleeper Awakes but I think it worked pretty well for him.
  2. Should really encourage they towards maths and science.
  3. You know, when I heard about Grenfell that morning I was expecting a really serious scandal to kick off and lots of reforms. That is, about all the non English housed at the taxpayer's expense in near enough Central London. Seriously. Not joking.
  4. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/arms-companies-fairy-tale-stories-bae-b1780982.html
  5. Rare Bear


    When I finally stopped smoking it was because Gideon managed to piss me off more than most chancellors. Depriving the bastard of the ciggy tax was the only convenient revenge. Hatred is a great motivator.
  6. A twisted nerve, a ganglion gone awry Predestinates the sinner and the saint.
  7. But when you say lots of work you probably mean that you had to work lots just to exist. And the big projects would have involved multiple generations of virtual slave labour.
  8. When I was 16 it was an OC71 and an OA81, if I've remembered the nod. correctly. Fuck me, I've just looked them up, they cost real money these days.
  9. Rare Bear

    BLM UK

    Surely to be encouraged, if they stick to stabbing each other. They can set up their own health service too. Seriously, I was last in Bruce Grove about 28 years ago. Definitely iffy even then.
  10. Well, once upon a time the toolmakers were the kings. You're thinking that the toolmakers might not be protoplasmic.
  11. Bondage language, superset of Pascal.
  12. Although, as someone who will be 71 this month, I reckon the age limit should be raised to may 85 with a further review in 10 years.
  13. Though I suppose that a Bowie knife at the other hip might be deemed illegal?
  14. You were tought how to make nitroglycerin in school in my day. And seriously warned about how much damage you could do to yourself if you tried it and didn't get it right. But you did know how to make it, not at all difficult.
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