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  1. You might well be right. The population of the ROI seems to have gone up by about 50% since I left in 1986. No wonder it seems crowded to me when I visit.
  2. The mushrooms should be served with the steak, floating in the juice.
  3. How is anyone going to enforce the equitable distribution of anything around the world? Anyone with the power to do so is going to look after their own first.
  4. Actually, the only Vauxhall bit was the engine. Lotus built the car. Essentially an Elise with the Vauxhall engine.
  5. Bit presumptuous for a mayor to call herself Regina.
  6. Sadly, I think that the Magic Money Tree is the religion of a great number of people. Agree, the governments in the Republic seem to pick the worst ideas if the British governments and gold plate them.
  7. On the subject of cats, has anyone ever heard of a belief that boiling a cat will bring luck? I saw it mentioned in a book once and it was supposed to be a belief amongst peopl of Scottish/Irish descent but I've never heard of it.
  8. Being from Donegal I often consider NI. No way am I going to live in the Republic, to the government there is simply too greedy. If I could afford to live there I'd never sleep at night given the amount of tax I'd be paying. People here look at wages there but don't realise how high the taxes are and how many charges that there are on top.
  9. Depending on exactly how Brexit turns out, NI could be a hotbed of commerce. I remember saying that to my widowed aunts in Derry a couple of years back and I'm still thinking it possible.
  10. Maybe he needed the cross for the Ilford Passion Play?
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