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  1. Blair had conviction. If it's good for Blair do it.
  2. Rare Bear

    Mystery of Time

    Here you go Mr Pin https://www.npl.co.uk/products-services/time-frequency/internet-time 😀
  3. Rare Bear


    Mind you the ones that I know seem to have grafted and done well.
  4. Rare Bear

    Mystery of Time

    Funny, this thread makes me think of a Poul Anderson story. It's set in a post nuclear war USA and one of the characters is wishing that he had and old fashioned mechanical watch rather than the electronic thing that had been fried by EMP. If I remember one of his thoughts went something like this. 'The electrosmith over in Fort Worth should be up and running next year'.
  5. Rare Bear

    Mystery of Time

    Does anyone notice the that various TV brosdcaders don't seem to have their time synched and the internet connected devices beside you show yet another different time? Surely it's not beyond the ability of Man to sync everything to time servers which themselves are synched. Thirty years ago I had a computer dial up the atomic clock at the npl, sun h its own time to that of the atomic clock and then run a script to set the time on the Netware server. Then everyone had their own computer clock set when they logged in.
  6. Rare Bear

    Mr Bercow

    His ethnicity? What race would admit to having spawned him?
  7. Actually the bacon sandwich and roast beef. Two things which, when done properly, are England's greatest contribution to high class cuisine.
  8. That's a real attraction, the potential to really screw BT and their last mile monopoly where it still exists.
  9. Indeed, I've thought of your neck of the woods for my own Wight Flighting. 😀
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/feb/14/rising-tide-of-londoners-moving-to-northern-england They forget the big one, White Flight
  11. The only spreadsheet that I trust is one I can see the workings of.
  12. Rare Bear

    Buy more cars

    Wheel bearings, steering racks, suspension ball joints, tyres, shock absorbers, suspension bushings. There's lots of mechanical bits that are nothing to do with the drive train. But I do agree that the electric motor itself should be trouble free and the transmission should be dead simple as in theory you don't need heard, not even a reverse. Having said that I don't see any reason for the current trend for manufacturers the make replacement parts in the most expensive way possible to disappear. Like a wheeo bearing only being available as a complete assembly, 600 odd as against 30-40 quid or a complete wishbone being needed instead of just a ball joint, 250 instead of 15 quid.
  13. As the title. Why should someone who is trying to work around rules about who is entitled to live in the country have legal aid paid for by the taxpayers of the country in order to become a burden on the taxpayers of the country?
  14. Rare Bear

    Buy more cars

    Yes, just heard him. My thought was why doesn't he realise that the electric car will replace the ICE car when it is better, just like the car replaced the horse and buggy when it was better. He sounded like a left wing politico trying to ready his victims for more tax.