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  1. Rare Bear

    Islamification of Europe

    Funny, a guy who ran a pub in the small town I come from in Ireland used to say that 40 years ago. The ladies toilets were always by far the worst.
  2. Rare Bear


    Axle tramp tended to be on cars with pre historic suspension. I do mean really archaic, like cart sprung live axles.
  3. Rare Bear


    The limiting factor on almost anything is the tyres at low speed. My wife’s old Ka would brake traction on a dry road coming out of a low speed corner. That had only 60 or so bhp but suffered from FWD. Even my old Exige would break traction at low speeds despite having the engine in the right place driving the right wheels. When people talk of traction control they are talking of a system that reduces power output to what can be put through the tyres in the current conditions.
  4. Rare Bear

    Buy British

    I've been making curries from scratch since the mid 70s so what’s the big deal?
  5. Rare Bear

    Islamification of Europe

    Was that in thr Queen Mary in Praed Street? Just asking because there are a lot of Arabs in the area.
  6. Rare Bear

    Ahh was pikey

    Why not doctor all running water with some sort of contraceptive and have the fertility drug prescription only?
  7. Rare Bear

    UK acid attacks hit a new low

    What's a norbert?
  8. Rare Bear

    A very quiet Ramadanabomathon

    There's a mosque of the Saudi flavour at the end of the road and the attendance seems to have dropped off in recent months,
  9. Rare Bear

    Fix My Boiler

    Many years ago I worked on a conversion job in Hammersmith. Old house turned into 4 flats. The two plumbers wre a time served Scottish guy and and ex greengrocer from Fulham, a drinking partner of the Scottish guy. When the plumbing was done two toilets flushed with cold water and two flushed with hot water.
  10. Rare Bear

    Bye bye Treason May?

    That was almost certainly a security checkpoint run by police/army. Probably on a border crossing road but not a border thing, that would have been customs.
  11. Rare Bear


    An old mechanic worked for my father about 50 years ago. He used to say 'Any cunt can fix them but it takes a good man to find out what's wrong'. As true now as then.
  12. Rare Bear

    Old Car Spotting

    Looked like some sort of descendent of the old Fiat 1500 from the 60s. 124 Coupe was a thing of beauty.
  13. Are you thinking of Annabella Lu Win?
  14. One of my bosses had a Yank Tank with factory air and somehow or other I ended up using it all summer. Air con was pretty unusual in cars in the UK in those days.
  15. Rare Bear

    Which NHS treatment would you stop?

    I remember a reference to chloral hydrate by one of the older midwives in the So-Called BBC soap Call the Midwife.