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  1. Beg your pardon, serious rally country.
  2. The brother in law was visiting from Dublin a couple of weeks ago. He reckons that the odd bit of spectacular violence from the native crime gangs make ir headlines but the papers ignore the huge amount of violence including stabbings done by the immigrants.
  3. I do reckon that the 2008 downturn was pretty mild comapre to a couple of other that I have seen. I'm 69 BTW. In the mid 70s I was working for a building/property company in West London. We were converting a block of houses in Bayswater into fltas and got planning permission for a penthouse over all 4 houses. Really a fantastic place. The boss reckoned that it would sell for £70,000, a lot of money then. The arse fell out of the market and it went for £47,000. When I bought this place in 1989 I paid £55,500. A couple of years later I reckon that I would have been lucky to get £30,000.
  4. Bought here about 30 years ago when it was nice enough to be boring. This particular part is still pretty much OK but down the town is getting more and more barbaric. Going by the look of a lot of the latest blow ins, sub Saharan Muz, it's not going to improve any time soon. I worked in Norwich for a while some years ago and thought it seemed like a nice place. Visit Old Buck from time to time for airshows and the area around looks OK. Therefore I thought that Norwich might be worth a serious look.
  5. Thinking of moving from Ilford and I'm wondering about Norwich. Does anyone have any comments as to what it's like to live there?
  6. Given that he was driving a not so new Merc and the boot was said to be full of builders' tools, whats the betting is that he was a pissed off builder who had not been paid by the embassy?
  7. Yes, I've often wondered if Abbo and Lammy went to the same elocution school.
  8. I know that I'm insured. I've put the paperwork somewhere safe while I redecorated. How do I find out whom I'm insured with?
  9. Agreed Joe. I'm a Donegal man who has lived around London most of my life. As a Londoner I am all for a united Ireland or a totally independent North. Expensive nuisance at best. Howver if I lived in Ireland the idea would horrify me. A lot of people I speak to from around Dublin hate the idea as well. They are scared of the extra Sinn Fein elemnt. On the subject of the benefits syste, ther is a saying where I come fro. "Never employ a Derry man, not only will he do no work he will stop everyone else from working"
  10. Depends on your point of view. As a Donegal man I agree with you but as someone who has lived in Ilford for 30 years I reckon they have lots of space.
  11. https://www.ilfordrecorder.co.uk/news/crime-court/baby-jesus-decapitated-1-5828946
  12. Irish prime minister speaks
  13. About 25 years ago I was forced to go on a course on ISO 9000 as it was then. The guy giving the initial introduction gave an example of quality control. You want to produce boxes of matches. The specification that you give to the guy who actually makes them says that there should be 40 in a box +- 2. The specification also say that one in five should break when being used. That is quality control