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  1. I've still got mine too, purchased it after I'd left home though. Also had a scoped Webley Tracker for a while. As a kid I had an ancient BSA .177 air rifle inherited from my uncle, spent hours in the summer holidays trying to get good, never really managed it!
  2. This one taught me about the limitations of non-digital memory at an early age Bloody card reading system wasn't precise/repeatable enough for accurate navigation. It was fun trying, though.
  3. We were given a couple of these which seemed very cool at the time. You watch a short Mickey/Donald segment by hand-cranking the mini film reel inside.
  4. I got an Acorn System One for my 18th ... inadequate father meant that our farm ran on child labour, the brunt of which fell on me -- I think this was Mum's way of saying "thanks" Never used it much, partly because there was a ROM bug that meant the mass storage interface didn't work until you'd laboriously overridden the cassette tape interrupt (looking back, they should have sent out new ROMs) and partly because of the pace of change at the time. I kept it boxed with manuals etc. all these years, and sold it a while back for a rather eye watering sum.
  5. The more you go with the flow, the more the leftists open the spigot. You end up with a society permeated by (for example) the racist idea of White Original Sin (which then gets expanded to other target groups). Outsourcing individual conscience to the majority puts society on a dark path.
  6. Michael Moore of all people articulated it well. https://archive.org/details/MichaelMooreViralSpeechOnWhyToVoteForTrump He clearly hates how US workers have been thrown to the globalist wolves, but he still can't bring himself to support Trump. A double helping of TDS with a well-frothed side order of cognitive dissonance.
  7. Same stuff is branded as a deodorant and sold for several times as much. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potassium_alum It also has cosmetic uses as a deodorant, as an aftershave treatment and as a styptic for minor bleeding from shaving.[7][8] Manly fragrance is achievable by not using the product
  8. If you do try the hippy type, try a styptic (alum) shaving block -- it's the same stuff but can be much cheaper. Less margin available on products aimed at men
  9. "Rateable value" never necessarily bore any relationship to market value. My water bill is still based on some ancient RV, I suspect that the annual bill is now higher than the old RV Value-tax would need a strong link between assessed taxable value and true value. If a house is assessed at 250k and the owner (perhaps having paid on an inflated valuation for years, or forced into selling because of the tax) tries to sell it and only gets offered 200k, then there needs to be a mechanism to correct/compensate for that. I've thought for years that the best way to achieve this, wou
  10. A last hurrah before it expires... Hasbro has announced that their famous Mr. Potato Head toy will soon be rebranded as simply Potato Head to break away from the traditional two genders once offered. “Culture has evolved,” Kimberly Boyd, an SVP and GM at Hasbro, told Fast Company about the change. “Kids want to be able to represent their own experiences. The way the brand currently exists – with the ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’– is limiting when it comes to both gender identity and family structure.” edit: I can't help thinking they're missing a marketing opportunity. Mr Potatohead already
  11. According to protocol established during the Cold War, he's entitled to an invite to Cardiff now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samantha_Smith Plus he needs to be careful about flying in the next few years... ... her death at the age of thirteen on August 25, 1985 in the Bar Harbor Airlines Flight 1808 plane crash. Also: "one of the world's most powerful leaders" The beeb tacitly admitting that Xi who pays the Biden, calls the tune.
  12. DRM'd I should think -- non-DRM Kindle titles seem to say "Simultaneous device usage : Unlimited" on the description page. Apparently Kindle DRM can be removed, DuckDuckGo threw up ways of doing it including a Calibre plugin. Alternatively, the postings on the Patrick's web site seem to be substantively the same as the book. He expanded it for publication but I reckon the essential information will be there.
  13. -- I say I say I say, my wife's gone to South Australia. -- Adelaide? -- No, I prefer to do that myself.
  14. Trying to implement something that could be presented as eugenics, would hardly have been a propaganda win. I think that white South Africans wanted it both ways: a more fecund "servant" population ruled by a less fecund white population. Doomed by demographics: the only way for the whites to continue in charge of their own country, was partition with all groups getting their own viable sovereign territory in proportion to their numbers. Early in the twentieth century, the white population was about 20%; it seems quite likely that a rationally-chosen and fairly-allocated 20% of South
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