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  1. Nothing to do with birthing and raising, everything to do with voting (by a group who'd made huge sacrifices and who were told/felt that they deserved to live in a land fit for heroes). https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/guides/zwhsfg8/revision/4 "Between 1945 and 1951, the Labour Government passed a series of measures which became known as the ‘Welfare State’. These reforms were designed to take care of the British people 'from the cradle to the grave'. This meant that they would be taken care of from the time of their birth, until their death."
  2. They look pretty horrible! Those early ready meals would (I suspect) have been an occasional treat for most families -- particularly large ones (we never had anything like that). Anyway at least they showed some veg and showed you how to make a raita
  3. Presumably it didn't have much effect because of EU FoM. Now that that's passing, they need to re-jig the rules to make sure there are enough people here, what with the labour market in the UK being so tight and all.
  4. https://unherd.com/2020/10/the-world-needs-jordan-peterson-more-than-ever/ Article by Douglas Murray. You would have thought that if any Canadian professor who had previously been obscure rose to prominence across the world, with audiences of thousands rising to their feet to welcome him every night, then whatever their ideological stance people — including critics — would try to work out what it was that he was onto. Yet Peterson’s critics, from Cathy Newman to the New York Times and the BBC, consistently failed to see any interest in the bigger story. They tried to bring him down,
  5. Perhaps it has escaped your notice that large numbers (of people who feed their kids junk, IMO) do not work for a living, or work minimal hours in pretend jobs.
  6. If they play their cards right they could spend (ahem) a year or two under the age of criminal responsibility. Or longer in other European countries, in Belgium it's sixteen for example.
  7. At first I thought that the 911 operator wanted to know the colour because they wouldn't want to further victimise a black suspect by sending a squad car. But the comments indicate that it was a SJW caller who didn't want to openly suggest that the suspect was black. (Still not sure which way around it is).
  8. The Guardian begs to differ: You also have to factor in how exhausting poverty is. Often the last thing that stressed, skint parents need at the end of the day is to start a meal from scratch [...] Poverty isn’t only exhausting and limiting, it’s also highly fattening. When it comes to eating more fruit and vegetables, do you have any idea how expensive ingredients such as organic blueberries or samphire are?
  9. Apparently he tried to scotch rumours about his marital infidelity by challenging a reporter to put a tail on him. The reporter did So Hart was caught lying and cheating. If he hadn't been married I wonder if there'd have been a problem?
  10. Fair play for sure. She's of age (24? unlikely to pass for 15), she clearly came onto him, he responded. Okay, most of us would have spotted that it was a setup but then most of us haven't got the mysterious powers of attraction that come with being a multi-millionaire
  11. Tea-drinking culture + island race = success. As long as the tea is drunk without milk.
  12. Very interesting, while also perpetuating a misleading stereotype: "Such was the level of anti-gay feeling that the then Conservative government was able to introduce Section 28 of the Local Government Act, which banned the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality in schools, with the support of 75 per cent of the British public. Many young people, struggling with their feelings, were left with nowhere to turn." Neither the text of the Act nor the opinion of the NUT supports that interpretation, it was another case of gold-plating. NUT: "While Section 28 applies to local authorities and not
  13. How broad-minded of you to pounce on that, instead of moaning about being misgendered
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