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  1. It's nothing they wouldn't do for us when the tables are turned.
  2. Back when I owned a TV and watched broadcast media (2002-2003-ish) there was some programme interviewing people on benefits specifically asking how they spent their money on food, and I recall one repellent woman boasting about how she would buy a chicken, roast it, rip the breasts off and throw the rest away. After I got over being appalled I thought, in hard times, when the money taps are shut off, these people will be the first to starve or the first to turn to robbery.
  3. I gleaned from numerous mentions over the past eight months that something along the lines of 90-95% of all vaccines, antibiotics, pharmaceutical drugs and off-the-rack multivitamins from places like Boots and Costco are produced by mainland Chinese laboratories from recipes and methods provided by big boys like J&J, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer, Merck and so on, including a host of smaller outfits. Shocking, really, but these are large corporations: keeping shareholders in profit despite the human cost is the end game so of course they will go to the lowest bidder on production. Th
  4. I never intended any offence, just to say that discovering the provenance of any vaccine is ultimately fruitless in a court of law since big pharma has rigorously and ruthlessly seen to (starting in 1986) that they are pre-indemnified in every case against them claiming injury.
  5. Next time you are accosted/approached, look him in the eyes and say, Is your life really this empty? Don't wait for an answer, move on. If his soul is still intact he'll think about it later. If not, he's lost anyway.
  6. Even though nowadays no one can bring a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical corporation.
  7. He really believes it because mainstream news told him so. If he doesn't see reality by now he never will. Even when he's thrusting a begging bowl outside Lidl Is this the same guy you mentioned last month that several of us discussed at some length? if so, shake the dust from your sandals and move on.
  8. "I remember as a boy going to watch Spurs at the old White Hart Lane. The feeling of walking up the concrete steps and into the open, the atmosphere tangible, tens of thousands with me, anticipating, hoping, smiling, united. I remember the strange smell of cigarette smoke, the unknown, elaborate obscenities, the sudden silence of the crowd as a chance opened up, the sound of myriad upon myriad plastic seats flapping shut as the faithful arose, eyes focused, breath stopped… the eruption, the euphoria when the ball hit the back of the net. I jumped for joy. I remember fireworks upon the Riv
  9. That's why communism calls it 'The Struggle.' It's designed to never end.
  10. Toby says he hasn’t “quite given up on unionism” and still thinks “we’re better off together”, though worries “what will become of Scotland and Wales if we were to part”. Indeed. Personally I find it bizarre to think we’d no longer be Great Britain or the United Kingdom. Talk about a shock to the system! I’m more inclined to say we should be strict with our separatists in the time-honoured tradition of America and Spain and not even countenance secession. But Toby is more charitable and thinks we should give them an ultimatum: “The English can’t continue bankrolling you if you’re just go
  11. Gurgle. Sorry, Saliva. Court of The Two Sisters' Fried Catfish, Brennan's Bananas Foster, Grits, Biscuits, Remoulade, Jumbo Shrimp, big pile of bright red, steaming Crawfish, mo' po'boys, fresh, cold oysters and horseradish, eggs Hussarde, Oysters Rockefeller. Nawlins Cheesecake I'll stop now.
  12. Mmmmm, Po' Boys. Soft Shell Crab. Shrimp Gumbo. Crawfish Étouffée. Beignets and Chicory Coffee at Morning Call. Look away, Dixieland.
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