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  1. From a sparkling summer's day to an evening of mayhem; the difference? Legacy culture with striped beach umbrellas vs lawless recent arrivals primed to trash our country.
  2. By your logic you might as well have said, "If there were no negroes in America that boy would be alive."
  3. You should not fall for that, it has nothing to do with availability of firearms. If there were no guns in the world, this precious, shining child wouldn't have died with a bullet in his brain, true, but would instead be dead from being clubbed over the head, stabbed, being set on fire, run down by a car, any number of choices would do to the vicious, hateful, demon-filled animal who killed him.
  4. "There are plenty of people who think this Government, indeed almost any government, is hell-bent on a systematic plan to destroy individual liberty, force people to be vaccinated, inject them with chips, monitor social media accounts, use algorithms as a mechanism of control and to do it all with the cynical efficiency of a Bond villain. Others think governments are exercises in accidental chaos, masked by spin, staggering from one crisis to another, fuelled by individual self-interest, opportunism and chronic disorganization."
  5. “Maybe there is a beast… Maybe it’s only us,” pondered Simon, in William Golding’s classic Lord of the Flies. In the book, a group of juveniles are stranded on a tropical island. Without the constraints of grown-up civilisation, primitive terrors break free from the subconscious and drive the boys hysterical. “The sleep of reason produces monsters”, as Goya wrote. A dream of a terrifying beast lights up the boys’ imaginations and has them jumping at shadows. A fanatical tribe emerges, comprising those most afraid of the island’s invisible enemy; they wear masks which free the id further “The mask was a thing on its own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-consciousness” and, crucially, they develop superstitious rituals which they believe will keep the beast at bay.
  6. add a pair of Ray-Bans and a Heisenberg hat and you've arrived.
  7. I've had two myself, the last one in the 90s. In the midst of the crisis I could suddenly visualise the long road that led me to the heart-pounding, breath-catching adrenaline flood and knew it was a consequence of months and months of keeping one foot on the fuel pedal and one foot on the brake, scared all the time but rigidly under control, until it all came to a head and that horse just bolted from the barn (to mix metaphors. me, that is. not the horse) Suddenly I knew I wasn't going to die, that my body had amazing powers of recovery and that it was my mind instead that needed to be examined and tended to. The panic attack subsided like a rheostat being turned down, never to return. Over the years I began to learn the danger signs of obsessive thoughts and focussed on exercise, dance, even screaming into a pillow, releasing that adrenaline pressure valve so it would not build up again, then making a physical list of positives to obsess about . Been working for decades.
  8. Now that's a keeper... great exchange.
  9. Anxiety is low-level, continual dread of encountering anything one fears is out of their control. Yes, plus... in the case of women it's mainly • fear of being judged by other women • fear of losing the ability to be convincingly seductive, and the subsequent loss of status since men aren't very nice to women they don't desire • fear of losing control of children as they hit puberty and go into rebellion mode and • fear of losing negotiating power with husbands who get tired of all the fear and go in search of someone happier to be with.
 In the case of men: losing their hair, losing their ability to earn a living and losing their erections are probably the big three, though I do not think men get quite as wrapped up in constant low-level dread as women and instead concentrate on fixing the problem.
  10. Conniption

    BLM UK

    don't leave us hanging. hit it with your best shot.
  11. Conniption


    Help me get this straight, that PSA is targeted at white people because only white people can be racist.
  12. At taxpayer expense, of course.
  13. The 'Dandenong Frontline Tactical Unit' — they are not even trying to hide it anymore. No shits given about public safety, fair and equable treatment, or the protective colouration of compassionate optics. From here on out look for a steady stream of hastily cobbled-together laws and statutes designed to imprison and eventually kill us outright by entities who do not create, only conquer and enslave. Our Anglosphere nations make it more clear every day that they no longer need creators, innovators, free citizens making the world a better place. They want us gone. I urge you to plan accordingly.