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  1. Pak always seem to have a decent bowling attack but their batting can be iffy, I reckon it will be a drawn series or maybe Eng 2-1
  2. Eng's batting not looking too clever at the moment.
  3. yes as great George Carlin said 'it's a big club and you ain't in it'
  4. it's taking the piss, yes a great cricketer & did some charity work but thick as shit. The HoL needs abolishing pronto. Geoff Boycott won't be too pleased
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  6. Underwhelmed


    Those are Ashkenazi Jews (ie east european/russian origin) & generally moved to America because of pogroms in Tsarist Russia. What are Jewish names? Sephardic Jews are the ones you should be looking at, generally these were Iberian Jews who got kicked out of Spain and ended up in Netherlands etc. These were heavily involved in the slave trade and many moved to the Americas, many Caribbean people have partial Sephardi ancestry.
  7. you must've loved their first album then, The Hurting. Lots of angst ridden teenager tracks like this one:
  8. Maybe the rest of the village should've minded their own fuckin business, how did him shacking up with her affect them? Maybe he had a thing for older women? He would've inherited her wealth and then marry a younger woman to start a family etc You can see the same mentality prevalent today esp during the lockdown with curtain twitchers desperate to police their neighbour's behaviour to report any perceived minor transgressions of lockdown rules.
  9. so what happened to the sister, did she get punished too? I presume it was all consensual.
  10. why unexpected? Eng aren't as good as they think they are & WI won the last series between the sides
  11. yes as mentioned earlier this whole issue is an internal turkish conflict, pretty much the population is divided down the middle whether it should remain a museum or converted to a mosque, Erdogan is disliked in the urban more secular centres and loved by the rural conservative peasants.
  12. there are many in Andalusia that have been, including the magnificent Cordoba Cathedral which was a Moorish mosque