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  1. http://www.alt-market.com/index.php/articles/3651-luciferianism-a-secular-look-at-a-destructive-globalist-belief-system If you are interested in the warped, psycophatic ideology that the so called global elite adhere to I recommend the following article. I've followed this guy's writings for a while and a great deal of his predictions have materialised especially the contested US Election, he regards Trump as part of the global elite or at least beholden to them & he's just playing his part in the charade. Luciferianism: A Secular Look At A Destructive Globalist Belief System
  2. Not as exciting as previous weeks but this Sunday's installment, he's not giving up speaking.
  3. As this guy says the Great Reset has already happened https://www.oftwominds.com/blognov20/great-reset11-20.html
  4. You can't I believe, FCA recently ruled no crypto derivatives or ETN are allowed for retail investors for 'your own good' as we are too stupid to understand the risks. Previously you could buy XBT Bitcoin Tracker which I have in my SIPP.
  5. more forced sellers of houses?
  6. Who’ll grab the steering wheel from out-of-control Johnson? ByDaniel Miller - Identifying as female today perhaps
  7. Didn't Tory controlled Northants council go bankrupt last year? They're as bad as each other
  8. My leftie commie acquaintance's latest speech/arrest at Speakers' Corner yesterday,he was reading out Lord Sumption's speech, as the title of the vid says check out the Benny Hill finish as the police chase him.
  9. well the guy in the vid who said he was an educator & therefore claimed to have an exemption is someone I know; he did get arrested and carted off.
  10. This was last night in Central London, police acting like thugs. The leftie marxist anti-lockdown guy whose vids I've previously posted was arrested again following his earlier arrest last Sunday at Speakers' Corner after his altercation with Tommy Robinson
  11. The Marxist whose anti-lockdown vid I posted a few days ago was also involved in the fracas with Robinson and was also arrested for breach of peace and covid regulations
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