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  1. Tourism is one of the biggest sources of income for many there. This will not help. I was there last year and my taxi drove past the new museum, which is still under construction. I stayed in a hotel right next to the Pyramids but only ventured out briefly to walk around Giza. I have travelled extensively and have to say that apart from the Caribbean, Egypt is one of the few places in the World I felt genuinely unsafe.
  2. Little Richard is genius!
  3. Pink Floyd - Echoes is a work of genius and not totally dissimilar to what I listen to now. It was written in 1970, before I was even born!
  4. Ambient, Psychedelia, Electronic Not sure if we already have a thread for this genre yet? After heavy night(s) out raving in my younger days I’d listen to this sort of thing to try and return to normal. I later realised I actually preferred this kind of music. Here are a few of my favourites... Carbon Based Lifeforms - MOS 6581 Bluetech - Misaki Boards of Canada - Everything You Do is a Balloon Portishead - Western Eyes
  5. Pattaya, Thailand, last week... Hotel room: 2000THB per night Company of a very fine lady for the night: 2000THB Drinks in bar 1 for fine lady and her friends: 5000THB Tuk tuk to club: 80THB Drinks in club 1: 2000THB Drinks in club 2: 3000THB Shisha pipe: 300THB Moped home: 100THB Total: 14,480THB = £349 Rocking up at the trendiest nightclubs with the fittest group of ladies in the city, followed by the best night of sex I have ever had - priceless!
  6. He could change it back to Stephen Yaxley-Lennon; Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, formally known as T0mmy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon...
  7. Where would one go to purchase one? (Asking for a friend).
  8. Well that was fun. There was a good atmosphere, thousands of people and loads of little old ladies. It will be interesting to see how the media portray it, or if it will even be mentioned. Time for a drink now.
  9. I've arrived at The Dorchester. I'd say there are a good few thousand here...
  10. Look out for me on the telly telling BBC news to fuck off if they try to interview me ;-)
  11. Meh, I'm in. For what it's worth...
  12. Looks like Saeed Noori (a typical Australian name) has pleaded guilty... to reckless driving. Note, this is most definitely not terror related! Source