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  1. My first experience of a 'turn down' service was not pleasant. I stayed in a five-star hotel for the first time when visiting Edinburgh, after an afternoon spent tasting whiskey I passed out naked on my bed. In my drunken slumber I sort of heard a knock on the door and a maid barged in! Not sure which of us was most surprised! No extras were offered
  2. Interesting, I have looked into doing something similar. How did you to open bank accounts in each of these countries? Did you need to achieve residency first?
  3. His version of the Hoover Dam? https://sites.psu.edu/charlottekruse/2014/04/28/the-hoover-dam-and-its-importance/#:~:text=The fact that the dam,social growth of that region.
  4. Can you imagine it though? I have made a start, feel free to volunteer or add your own nominations: Shipping Forecast - @MrPin Prayer for the Day - @unregistered_guest News reader - Breakfast Show - Woman's Hour - Afternoon - Evening - Night time slot - @The XYY Man / @Bkkandrew
  5. I spend a lot of my time on this site... https://www.dosbods.co.uk/
  6. Considering the reaction Rashford inspired shit-storm regarding poor families having to pay for their own kids meals, imagine the reaction to children of 'cancelled' families dying of starvation because their parents are banned from buying food...
  7. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-domestic-vaccine-certificates-under-consideration-dominic-raab-admits-12217870 So now we may need to be vaccinated before we can buy food???!!!! FUCK THAT!!!!!
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9256383/Oxford-Covid-vaccine-tested-children-young-six-world-trial.html#comments
  9. The comments would indicate that this proposal is not going to be popular
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