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  1. muggle

    Harry's missus is knocked up

    Due in spring? So it was a shot gun wedding then. LOL 😂
  2. It looks like someone was assaulted last night. But why close the entire hospital for a whole day?! Source
  3. muggle

    Who is America

    His interview with Roy Moore is genius... Context:
  4. muggle

    World Cup 2018 thread

    I think it is genius...
  5. muggle

    Suspect package explosion Tube

    Breaking news... Man arrested over Southgate Tube station explosion A 23-year-old man has been arrested after an explosion at a north London Tube station left five people injured. Source
  6. muggle

    Car deliberately drive into children in Glasgow

    Quelle surprise
  7. I wonder how the teachers decide who to 'let out' first
  8. Neither of the two suspects who were arrested have been named, but: " Ms Knoll's granddaughter Noa Goldfarb posted a picture of them together and claimed that a 'Muslim neighbour decided to take my grandmother's life'. She added: 'He burned away all the childhood memories we had.' Neither police nor prosecutors have commented on the religious or racial background of the attackers, simply describing them as French residents... " Source:
  9. I am surprised this has not already been mentioned: Perhaps this is one for the Where is everyone thread? ;-)
  10. muggle

    Vote: Who is Britain's most influential woman?

    Genius! I spat Prosecco all over my keyboard reading that...
  11. muggle

    Big explosion at convenience store in Leicester

    Police have now named those arrested...
  12. muggle

    Vote: Who is Britain's most influential woman?

    So I guess I go for brains, here is my shortlist: Ada Lovelace; An English mathematician and writer. Helen Sharman; A chemist who became the first British astronaut. Jo Salter; Britain's first female fast jet pilot. And because I can... Dame Shirley Bassey
  13. Sky News are running a poll to determine who the British public believe to be the most influential woman in Britain. There are some pretty heavy contenders; scientists, politicians, writers and even royalty. It is nice to see that in amongst all of these giants, Gina Miller and Dianne Abbott get a nod as well. So, who would YOU vote for?