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  1. muggle

    Newly Retired

    Congratulations! If all goes to plan I should be able to retire myself in around twelve years. I can thoroughly recommend visiting New Zealand if you have time (and money!) I hired a campervan and spent a couple of weeks touring the South Island. Possibly the most beautiful country I have ever visited. California is amazing as well, outside of the cities. Enjoy!
  2. Discharge Verb /dɪsˈtʃɑːdʒ/ 1. Tell (someone) officially that they can or must leave a place or situation. 2. Allow (a liquid, gas, or other substance) to flow out from where it has been confined.
  3. muggle

    Dosbods meet

    Perhaps someone more Tech savy than me would know how to arrange something anonymous? I love you all, but there are some right nutters on here! 😁
  4. muggle

    Dosbods meet

    Anyone up for an online meeting? We might all be dead soon
  5. Been thinking that myself, but not going to be easy; they have nukes!
  6. It's nice to have the time to plan and prepare meals, I just hope the food supplies keep up
  7. Starter Scallops gratin, creamed leeks, mussels, herb mash Main Baked salmon fillet, braised leeks, caramelised cauliflower purée, mussels, garlic and spinach cream Basically I am eating as well as I can, whilst I still can!
  8. This gives me hope, people do seem to be pulling together.
  9. Although I am OK, I am worried sick about how my parents, both in their seventies are going to cope. They cannot get to the shops, along with many others. I have a business opportunity suggestion; someone more technically competent than me could set up a platform similar to Uber or Diliveroo to unite people recently made redundant to act as personal shoppers for all the growing numbers of people currently self isolating. There are a lot of IT bods on DOSBODS...
  10. I am 'earning' 0.1% on my cash savings, my meagre pension is down by at least £8K in the last week and my P2P investment is looking perilous. It is clear that we are about to see massive inflation. On the plus side, I have more debt than savings! Gold and Bitcoin are tempting right now.
  11. Or maybe they were covering their tracks?!
  12. Amongst all the negativity lately, there is good news; like these two innovative solutions, which if successful could save thousands of lives: Saving four patients with just one ventilator GTech swaps vacuums for ventilators in bid to ease NHS Coronavirus supply crisis
  13. Agreed that she was initially discovered because of family connections, but no denying her talent, IMO.
  14. More the fact she is a songwriter, musician and a singer. It is unlikely you'd find more than one of those traits in popular music these days, let alone all three. It is refreshing to see such a high-brow thread by the way, I expect it will descend to toilet humour before long!