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  1. muggle

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Well that was fun. There was a good atmosphere, thousands of people and loads of little old ladies. It will be interesting to see how the media portray it, or if it will even be mentioned. Time for a drink now.
  2. muggle

    Brexit Betrayal thread

  3. muggle

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I've arrived at The Dorchester. I'd say there are a good few thousand here...
  4. muggle

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Look out for me on the telly telling BBC news to fuck off if they try to interview me ;-)
  5. muggle

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Meh, I'm in. For what it's worth...
  6. muggle

    SUV Drives Into Pedestrians - Melbourne

    Looks like Saeed Noori (a typical Australian name) has pleaded guilty... to reckless driving. Note, this is most definitely not terror related! Source
  7. muggle

    Borussia Dortmund football team bus hit by explosion

    Source Sergej W??!!
  8. muggle

    Conservative Party Post-BRINO

    The Conservative Party is the party for employers, with a nod to the serfs who have ambition. However, there is very little opportunity for aspiration now due to high house prices. It is difficult to see how they will survive long term if so few have a stake in society.
  9. muggle


    Source It is looking likely that Treason May's dodgy deal might actually get approved by the EU! Arlene Foster may well be our only hope!
  10. muggle

    Harry's missus is knocked up

    Due in spring? So it was a shot gun wedding then. LOL 😂
  11. It looks like someone was assaulted last night. But why close the entire hospital for a whole day?! Source
  12. muggle

    Who is America

    His interview with Roy Moore is genius... Context:
  13. muggle

    World Cup 2018 thread

    I think it is genius...