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  1. This photograph is disturbing on so many levels
  2. Like I said; I'm sure it's nothing
  3. Hillary Clinton visited Meghan in the UK, back in November...
  4. I think that this video highlights what we have been discussing on here for a while. For years, people have moved from various countries around the World to make a better life for themselves, which in not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. However, from around 1972 onward things changed and we are only really seeing immigration from much poorer countries. I suspect immigration trends into Europe would be similar. What is going on?
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    2010-2020 So another decade is nearly up. I know that it is easy to be very negative about issues we discuss here, but personally I have had one of the most amazing decades of my life. (OK, probably not as good as the nineties; where I was young!) But I did finally get my shit together career wise. I bought a house, I drive a good car and I have travelled extensively, meeting amazing people from all around the World. So, fellow DOSBODS’ers, how were the ‘teen’ years for you?!
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    Check your intersectionality here folks... justice&adposition=2o1&source=google&device=m&ad=2 Apparently, I need to give more to others less fortunate 😮
  7. Seriously?! Who the fuck turns up at a cinema to watch a Disney film armed with a machete?!
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    She's got a lift back...
  9. UPDATE I recently received a response from the Liberal Democrats Data Protection Team. Essentially, to see what personal data they are holding, I have to supply yet more personal data to them! To say I am pissed off is an understatement!!
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    The Wall

    I only found out today that Angela Merkel grew up in East Germany... So there you have it; she grew up in East Germany, looking on enviously at those in The West, plotting her revenge!