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    muggle reacted to stokiescum in How?   
    Back to the 50s that means women will all wear stockings again....fantastic
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    muggle reacted to Heart's Ease in The Presidential Election, Trump-Biden   
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    muggle reacted to lid in The Presidential Election, Trump-Biden   
    Hope this kraken isn't just a big damp squid 
  4. Informative
    muggle reacted to stokiescum in They are coming for your pension again   
    But 1 gold coin a month when you retire sell one a month .it’s something they won’t bank on I hope .ie a boost to your pension .
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    muggle reacted to Austin Allegro in Christmaaaaas!   
    Considering I formed bubbles with six households during Lockdown II, why would I now want to reduce that to three?
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    muggle reacted to NewryH in Prince harry talks absolute bollox.   
    It all comes across like some Hallmark channel movie script.  I think she lives her whole life as if she's in a film.
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    muggle reacted to Knickerless Turgid in Prince harry talks absolute bollox.   
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    muggle got a reaction from mattydread in Christmaaaaas!   
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    muggle reacted to wherebee in BLM UK   
    Good stuff.  now, next step is if you have a meeting, write everything down on a notepad in the car after the meeting.  Make sure you write down any indications of dissembling, distraction, gaslighting, nervousness.  You basically want to create a record of the meeting that can be used later.  after you have written it, take a photo and email it to yourself (that datestamps it).
    If you want to be more aggressive, ask for a verbal promise that the teacher will have no more one-on-one private sessions with your daughter unaccompanied.  Two teachers are fine.  You don't need to explain why, but the teacher will give some reaction you can note - anger, frustration, etc.  If she asks why, say you have heard about grooming and whilst you are sure that the teacher is not a problem, a rule you have seen people put in place is for no single adult to be repeatedly alone with a child, unsupervised.  
    Basically, you are using the tactics the progressive cunts use to smear innocent people, but on someone who, I suspect, would do the same to you in a heartbeat.
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    muggle reacted to One percent in BLM UK   
    I would strongly suggest writing everything down at the time, in plain sight .  It rattles them knowing that their pc, sjw bollox is being recorded.  Also, stop every now and again  to ask for something to be repeated as you didn’t quite get it down.  Psych ops. 
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    muggle got a reaction from Ash4781b in Christmaaaaas!   
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    muggle got a reaction from Andersen in Christmaaaaas!   
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    muggle reacted to Fully Detached in Is full time work going out of fashion?   
    For me, yes. Fuck them. I used to fly all over the world, losing my weekends to travel, spending all week away from my wife and home, and doing a job that stressed me out no end. I earned a lot, I paid and generated a fuck load of personal and business taxes for the government.
    And I just don't see what I was getting for my money and for the impact on my home life and mental and physical health. So I decided to vote with my feet. In business I always had the approach that a deal needs to be mutually beneficial to both sides or it will either not get made, or it will end badly at some point in the near future.
    The UK government do not understand this. They think you're just a bitch to make them money. They need to be taught otherwise, and the only peaceful way to do this is to withdraw your participation.
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    muggle reacted to MrLibertyRedux in Covid vaccine - did you know   
    So that's everyone, his dog and Kev the barely literate carpet fitters mate then.
    Me neither.
    Not at fucking gunpoint.
    1 year minimum with no ADR's until I even consider it. Probably longer. I think more facts will come to light by then anyway.
    Our only saving grace in this is that deployment will be such a clusterfuck it will be longer than that before they have done even the most vulnerable.
  15. Cheers
    muggle reacted to The XYY Man in Test and Trace - Power in the hands of imbeciles   
    'Cos we were the cool as fuck kids born after the Second World War, who built model Spitfires that would fly, made catapults and numchukkers, and shoved bangers up the arse of next-door's cat every Bonfire Night.
    We got lost, we asked some cunt for directions. We got punched, we punched the fucker back. We were brought up to deal with shit using our our own nouse and ingenuity - and to sometimes get hurt trying. But whatever happened to us, we DIDN'T go crying to teacher.
    We were the dog's bastard bollocks - and the world will see fuck all like us ever again...
  16. Lol
    muggle reacted to NewryH in trans madness   
    I know the feeling . 
  17. Lol
    muggle reacted to satch in trans madness   
    Hope you managed to keep looking straight ahead at the wall while peeing and did not let your gaze wander. She was probably finding it difficult enough peeing stood up without some random bloke at the next urinal staring down at her fanny.
  18. Lol
    muggle reacted to Libspero in Happy international Men’s day 😳   
    Lockdown boredom got that bad? 
    Next you’ll be telling us you’ve started watching BBC 
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    muggle reacted to MrPin in FFS! Telly is broken, anyone know of any good cheap deals?   
    Give up on computer games and play this.
  20. Lol
    muggle reacted to Dave Bloke in The Presidential Election, Trump-Biden   
    More like ugly fat face
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    muggle reacted to Roger_Mellie in The revolt of the elites   
    Yes. By someone who decided what knowledge is important. 
    We all laugh at the stupidity of the Catholic Church and their treatment of Galileo (ironically from Google):
    Early in 1616, Galileo was accused of being a heretic, a person who opposed Church teachings. Heresy was a crime for which people were sometimes sentenced to death. Galileo was cleared of charges of heresy, but was told that he should no longer publicly state his belief that Earth moved around the Sun
    Which is exactly where we are now. A new dark ages, with a modern equivalent of the Medieval Catholic Church deciding what is fact and what is fiction, what is a crime and what is not and who is punished and who isn't, regardless of what might be considered justice. 
  22. Lol
    muggle reacted to MrPin in Washer dryers   
    I only wash underpants. It's all I wear.
  23. Lol
    muggle reacted to Yadda yadda yadda in Washer dryers   
    My opinion is that you need an efficient washing machine as your ladies don't want to lay in other ladies dirty sheets.
  24. Lol
    muggle reacted to The XYY Man in England Ireland rugby, who will take the knee?   
    My guess would be that the Irish team didn't give a shit about BLM - but would rather die than kneel down in front of a load of Englishmen...
  25. Agree
    muggle reacted to Miner Willy in Ambient, Psychedelia, Electronic   
    Agreed, it's fantastic. Excellent find. I love the bit around 3:10 where the bass kicks in.
    It's very reminicent of Sine (also from Germany - home of a lot of great electronica). Particularly epic sound scape kicks in at 2:56
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