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  1. DeepLurker

    Twit coin

    Thank God it was just a boring bitcoin scam. Imagine if someone with full access to Joe Biden's account had decided to tweet "I HAVE UNAMBIGUOUS PROOF THAT TRUMP IS ABOUT TO ATTACK NORTH KOREA WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS"
  2. These are just the modern day replacement for the model train shows that used to be much more popular in the past. There’s nothin new about men indulging in “childish” activities.
  3. That's it, I'm out of this thread before XYY turns up.
  4. Don't they just. Stopped at traffic lights behind one the other day. Lights went green and it was like the Starship Entreprise engaging warp drive. Except it was totally silent. And yes, I look under the bonnet of my petrol-burning Pug and I think "WTF! What does all that plumbing DO?" (1). I don't expect my current car to have anywhere near the longevity of a Tesla. (1) and I say that as someone who has in the past dismantled and cleaned a carburettor.
  5. 1, 4, 6, 7. 3 looks badly anorexic, so I'll send her down to `Spoons every lunchtime with strict orders to not come back until she's wolfed down a full steak&ale pie, washed down with a pint of Doombar. 2 and 5 look like ladyboys. My first thought was to tell them to get lost, but the ironing won't do itself so I'll keep them.
  6. @ccc, I have to disagree with you here. I totally see where this guy is coming from. As for me, I still feel in my bones the racial shame I felt on the day when I discovered that Darth Vader was voiced BY A BLACK ACTOR. The infamy, oh, the infamy. Oh, hold on a minute. Actually, I didn't give a shit. Because it was, like, you know, just acting.
  7. Ok, ok, we get it, your wife goes commando under her skirt.
  8. Before you get the pitchforks out, it seems she was dismissed because of allegedly racist messages she posted on social media - not because she was the girlfriend of banner-man. I've no idea if it's true or not, but it sounds plausible.
  9. Well it used to be the planning. Allegedly - when FGTH's Relax got banned from the Beeb, their producer broke out the champagne as he knew then that they'd sell loads of singles. Thing is, they weren't making money from being on Top of the Pops, but from the record sales/live gigs and stuff. Whereas for people like Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins the social media giants control both the shop window, and the shop till (see also: ZeroLoon). To come back to my FGTH example: imagine if in the 80s the Beeb controlled the radio, the TV... but also the record shops. Almost no one nowadays would have heard "Relax". It would have been forgotten.
  10. Thanks - I'll try it out,
  11. Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
  12. I think that very few people are actually complaining. The number of people who want “Netflix in the sticks” far outweighs the number of amateur astronomers. to say that astronomers are against is frankly bizarre - if these constellations are to work long term they need dirt cheap launches - at which point “Seroius” telescopes can all be based in space.
  13. I know it's just an anecdote, but I know personally of a ex-council house in Wythenshawe (mancs will know that it's not exactly the nicest neighbourhood of that fine city ) that has been very nicely done up. Went onto the market, got loads of viewings and 2 firm offers in the first week.
  14. I've got a simple (hopefully!) question for the smart people on here: I'm building a couple of freight cars ("wagons" in the UK) that will need painting and weathering. I'm using acrylic paint as a. it seems to be reasonably non-poisonous b. acrylics seem to have the widest range of colours. In my tests so far acrylics are good on plastic, but when I've painted metal wheel axles the result is disappointing: I scratch it with my fingernail and it comes off. I read somewhere to coat it with lacquer to protect it, I tried that but the results were no better. My next tests will be: Rub the metal surfaces first with a mild acid (kitchen vinegar) and then paint. Buy metal primer paint (Tamiya sell some), and then paint on top. Am I headed in the right direction here?
  15. Thanks all for your thoughts. I was a bit concerned about the spiritual side of it, but it seems to be fairly easy to avoid that stuff. Which is good. I'll wait a couple of weeks for the pandemic to calm down, then I'll try to find a local class. Cheers again.