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  1. DeepLurker

    Best way to transfer pounds overseas?

    Another vote for Transferwise.
  2. DeepLurker

    Women football - Twerking outrage

    Womens beach volleyball!
  3. DeepLurker

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Down here in Bordeaux, this protest continues to be a weird affair. On the one hand you have the original Gilets Jaunes - peaceful and jovial 50+ whites, holding up roundabouts, blocking péages on the motorway so that motorists drive through without paying. On the other hand, some protesters have tried to march in the town centre - and almost immediately, you get the violent rent-a-twats joining in, itching for a fight with the police. Some wanker tried to pick up a grenade lobbed by the police and got his hand chewed up. A number of shops got wrecked. Support seems to be growing - purely anecdotal, but I'm seeing more and more motorists sticking their gilets jaunes (which by law they have to carry in their cars) on the front dashboards, as a sign of support.
  4. DeepLurker


    Alpaca wool is valuable. The meat is pretty useless; I've tasted it * and I wouldn't bother again. It reminded me of turkey, in a "cardboard fibers with a bit of meat mixed in" kind of way. * and that is my only useful contribution to this thread!
  5. DeepLurker

    The twilight zone has arrived

    My wife bought me a nice shirt for my 40th. On reflection, I'm happy that she bought me a shirt.
  6. DeepLurker

    Feckin over the young (again)

    That's important: if they haven't been in a job for 2 years, they can be more easily be made redundant - and will be first out the door if their employers cuts back. So it's a higher risk for the mortgage company. It's not discrimination against the young - it's just a loan company being cautious.
  7. DeepLurker

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Hello - I live in France. I'm not too clear myself on all the reasons as different groups of protesters are protesting about different things. The main thing yes is petrol/diesel prices, which have gone through the roof. A secondary issue (at least here in the South West) is the government's decision to reduce the speed limit on open roads from 90 to 80 (km/h). The reason given is because "speed kills". Everyone hates this measure because yes, people driving too fast cause a lot of deaths. But they're already over the speed limit, so reducing to 80 is just punishing the innocent. And it feeds into a general feeling that Parisians don't care about the rest of the country - as they drive either in town or on motorways, the new speed limits do not affect them. Another thing is that the far-right have picked up this protest as a way to have a go at the government. A very curious feature here is that Le Pen and friends are rooting for the protesters, but the Unions are pretty quiet - usually they rush to be in the front row of any anti-government march. I'm not clear on all that's happening here. Finally, the French just enjoy protesting. Macron has introduced a number of simplifications to the tax system that will help the country, and he had a stab earlier in the year at modernising the railways and stood his ground when the train drivers subsequently went on strike - which is a big plus in his favour. But the positive changes take a while to feed through, meanwhile the country grumbles.
  8. DeepLurker

    World's Strictest Immigration Policy

    Did the Yank have any kids? Just wondering if he's a candidate for the Darwin Awards.
  9. DeepLurker

    Thongs for Feminists

    6, 7, 9, 14. 15 can do the washing up. 18 is clearly a bunny boiler.
  10. DeepLurker

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    That sounds a bit more sensible :)
  11. DeepLurker

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Could be that the flats have underfloor heating. A great idea from the 1960s, when petrol was dirt cheap. Heat all the flats from a common boiler, put pipes under the floor - so no unsightly radiators - don't bother with taps to regulate flow - so less maintenance bills. If it's too hot, just open the window a little. Mother-in-law lives in such a place. BTW, after 50 years or so the pipes will inevitably start to degrade, and if a pipe in the concrete floor of your flat springs a leak, you are oh so royally fucked
  12. DeepLurker

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Today has been a day of protests over the price of petrol and diesel. Anecdotally - here in Bordeaux, it's been fantastic for us. The roads and shops were very quiet for a Saturday afternoon, looks like a lot of people decided to stay at home. We whisked through the supermarket, no queues at the checkouts. The protest is based on the yellow jackets that have to be carried (by law) in every car. I reckon maybe 1 in 10 cars had put their yellow jackets on the front dashboard, I guess as a sign of solidarity. A speed trap had been taped up with bin bags We didn't see any protesters, but we did see police and their blue helicopter. According to local media and to Google Maps, the ring motorway was blocked to the North and the South of the city. But it was all a long way from us.
  13. DeepLurker

    Black Friday deals

    Big words from the guy who's married to a "woman" that's built like a brick shithouse and drags her hands along the ground when she walks.
  14. DeepLurker

    Black Friday deals

    Looks like they do Guess that my point still stands
  15. DeepLurker

    Black Friday deals

    That's not always true. Sometimes there will be a mismatch in the numbers between what the factory is producing - and what the customers are buying. It's more noticeable with food: a few years ago M&S launched a ready-meal range for toddlers - and mini-me was just at the right age. At full price, they were too much, but I think that they over-estimated the initial sales figures and the whole range was almost constantly on special offer. Then after a few months they went up to full price and stayed there. In the meantime, mini-me ate well