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  1. DeepLurker

    Car Broken Into

    Never leave anything in plain sight: I learnt that lesson with my first car (Austin Metro). I'd left a sixpack of coke cans on the back seat & parked the car overnight in a part of South Manchester where some taxis refused to go . Ratboy and his mates broke the door lock - just to get at a couple of cans. They didn't even take the whole sixpack It's normal to feel upset and angry - but try to let it go. The scum who did this are not worth your anger.
  2. DeepLurker

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    Although the last few seasons have got me increasingly worried - several cast members - e.g. Arya Stark - have acquired cast-iron Plot Armour. And Girl Power is increasingly to the fore - the women are calling the shots, and the men (e.g. Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow) are turning into loyal betas to the perfect women.
  3. DeepLurker


    Maybe not many! Tesla seems to be as much an energy company as a car manufacturer - e.g. the massive investments in Gigafactories, and the push into battery storage for the home and for grid load balancing. Also, I'm surprised that they haven't gone in for a strategic partnership with an established car manufacturer where Tesla supply the drivetrain technology,, and the other manufacturer leverage their decades of expertise in mass-producing cars. Several manufacturers are badly lagging in electric car tech, and joining up with Tesla would allow them to jump to the front of the queue. Put these 2 ideas together, and maybe actually making cars is not critical to Tesla's future. Just a thought.
  4. DeepLurker


    Interesting - that is very similar to something that I read in The Machine That Changed The World [1]: the big US carmakers had invested in big factories for churning out V8 engines. When petrol prices when through the roof, they were stuck - they couldn't just switch overnight to making 4 cylinder engines, they needed new factories, new engineers, new production techniques. So the Japs broke into the US car market. [1] Well worth a read - a study by American academics into how Japanese carmakers steamrolled US manufacturers in the 1980s.
  5. DeepLurker

    Brexit Bingo

    MP warns Love Island could be axed because of BREXIT It's becoming ever more difficult to distinguish the comedy news websites from the real ones.
  6. DeepLurker

    what are you drinking tonight

    At Xmas the supermarket had special "Advent Calendar" mixed packs of beers - I waited till after the 25th, then bought a box on sale, €20 for 24 beers, all different. Wife and son are away tonight, so I've tried 2 Belgian beers - "Delirium Tremens", and something else. Both around 8-9%. Tasty, but a bit too strong for me. Think I'll sleep soundly despite the heatwave.
  7. DeepLurker


    Not really. Many companies get stuck in a rut, refuse to change, and die, even when it's obvious what needs doing. E.g. Kodak was bankrupted when digital cameras became popular, even though they were a pioneer in digital photography. Or look at the high street: Woolworths, BHS. Obvious for years that serious change was required, but too many people just stuck their heads in the sand. Golfs... possibly. But Zoes are pretty distinctive.
  8. DeepLurker


    Leccy cars with a decent range. The only electric cars that I've seen on motorways are Teslas. That says it all really :)
  9. DeepLurker

    Brexit Bingo

    Sounds good to me! Bring it on!
  10. DeepLurker

    the full bush to make a comeback.

    I don't know, and I don't f***** want to know!
  11. DeepLurker

    the full bush to make a comeback.

    Even if true, this new fashion can only last a few years. Pubic hair is haram IIRC, so shaving will compulsory in the UK in a decade or so
  12. Could we discuss what's inside her brains, not her dress?
  13. DeepLurker

    Islamification of Europe

    Ah, the Saudis. They remind me of the White Saffas: although most nations are a mix of nice people and bad people, White Safas and Saudis seem to be universally cunts. PS apologies to any Safas or Saudis on DOSBODS. You're here, which clearly means you're not cunt. But almost all of your countryfolk are. Sorry.
  14. DeepLurker

    Downvotes (new feature)

    In theory, I think that it could be a great addition to the forum. I'm a bit worried about trolls signing up and posting racist homophobic bollocks (or worse) just to make this place look bad. If our Lord and Master (All Hail Spunko!) is in Benidorm for 2 weeks (well he does deserve a break every and then) then those shitty posts will stick around, and, worse case scenario, get spotted by some purple-haired loon from Momentum - which could cause this place a lot of aggro. Having the option of downvotes allows the DOSBODS massive to quickly and easily shoot down wankers, and to make it clear to the wider world that these posts are not welcome here. Well, that's my theory anyway!
  15. DeepLurker

    Mass sexual assualts in Paris during world cup celebrations

    Alternatively, you could say that Macron was no worse than any of the other candidates. And he had the banks on his side.