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  1. DeepLurker

    Paris is a Shithole

    It's a bit different being groped in a bar/club on a Friday night out - where half the people around you are horny and out to get laid - than at 8am on a Monday, on public transport, where your main thought is to finish off that spreadsheet for your boss
  2. DeepLurker

    Things you wish you didn't know.

    Is that a flat fee? Asking because on some Renault (can't remember the model), you have to unscrew the front bumper before you can change a headlamp bulb. And paying £5 for some poor sod to do that on my behalf sounds like a bargain
  3. DeepLurker

    Paris is a Shithole

    It's little things like this that make "male privilege". Speaking as a 6ft white male, who lived and worked in Paris for several years, the very idea of being groped on the métro is utterly alien. Yes, there are stations that I would actively avoid at night, but the only groping that I would expect and fear is from the endemic pickpockets. Also - yes, lots of the people on the Paris métro look "dodgy and dirty". It's because fare-dodging by the chavscum is endemic - I always look back when I go through a turnstile, as a burly youth is probably going to barge in behind me and push me forward before the barrier closes. The thing is, there are no human beings standing by the turnstiles in the station, whereas in London it's pretty much a given. The result is that the London tube is mostly used by people who can afford to pay, but in Paris the chavscum can go jump the turnstiles and spend all day cruising from station to station, instead of being stuck in their sink estates.
  4. DeepLurker

    Poll: Male sexual thoughts

    A son causes problems outside, a daughter brings them home.
  5. DeepLurker

    Dr Who Bingo

    BBC documentaries are a well-known brand abroad - you can buy the DVDs in some French stores, for example.
  6. DeepLurker

    Orwellian times?

    I self-identify as a 16 year old teenage girl, and I'm looking forward to swimming classes.
  7. DeepLurker


    It might be a very good thing for Tesla. Tesla has been driving Musk mad (literally). He's too involved, he runs too much of the company. It's not healthy, either for him or for the company. Compare this to SpaceX, where there are a number of top executives who have good reps in the industry, who run day-to-day operations, and who can stand up to Musk and some of his crazier ideas - the result is that while Tesla is financially iffy, SpaceX has cornered half the worldwide market in commercial satellite launches, and is grabbing big juicy contracts to launch payloads for NASA and the US military.
  8. DeepLurker

    Companies and brands whose virtue-signalling is off the scale!

    #notallmuslims my well-heeled MIL, who lives in Paris, a few ago got some cowboy builders in to entirely redo one of her rental flats. She moaned that the only day they didn’t have a liquid lunch was the Friday - because they had to go to the mosque yes, I know, saying that muslims can as crap as anyone else is thoughtcrime
  9. DeepLurker

    The normalisation of female obesity

    As expected, the comments on that Twitter post include the "healthy eating is too expensive". I very nearly answered the one about "homemade spag bol is £7 mince and lasts one meal". Idiots. I make spag bol all the time, pad it out with veg (carrots, mushrooms) and it always lasts us 3 meals (family of 3). It's dirt cheap - as long as you realise and accept that humans traditionally have always eaten more veg than meat.
  10. DeepLurker

    The normalisation of female obesity

    The 2 members of my family who smoked like chimneys in their youth were both dead before 65.
  11. DeepLurker

    kids films you can watch yourself

    The Incredibles 1, Despicable Me 1 or 2, Ratatouille, Ice Age (any of them), Madagascar/Penguins. All are great films that slip in a few jokes that only adults will get, which makes them easy to watch.
  12. DeepLurker

    The normalisation of female obesity

    To help her see something very small.
  13. DeepLurker

    Oven cleaning

    Nope - they have extra thermal insulation so it's not really hot on the outside when running the self-clean. On the other, it stinks a lot when cleaning (think of meat fats being burnt).
  14. DeepLurker

    Oven cleaning

    We've got a Miele fridge (gift from MIL). So far it's about 13 years old and running smooth. But the door handle is spring-loaded and the spring broke a few years back - €100 for a new door handle, or €30 for just the metal spring Oh and the veg drawer cracked, so I looked at replacing it - over €100 So, so far I'm not convinced. If it lasts another 13 years with no further bits breaking, I might become a Miele fanboy