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  1. Which part? Being 63 years old, or banging 3 times a day?
  2. Plus, I don't think @spunko would be overjoyed if he received a letter from the b bc copyright lawyers. Copying-and-pasting entire articles is doubleplusungood.
  3. The first few sunny days are the best. Women try out light summery stuff - hardly-there cotton dresses, t-shirts that expose the midriff, shorts that cover barely half the bum. Then after a few weeks, it's all finished. I'm not sure if it's because they get tired of the lecherous neanderthals, or if they get too much cattiness from other women. But it's heaven while it lasts.
  4. It happened in a country with 99% brown people, so expect a passing mention - just the one - and then never heard of again.
  5. Well there are no options for women, I'm afraid. They simply must have hair on their head, and none on their faces (even if they're Greek). No ifs, no buts. Men have it easy in comparison.
  6. On the other hand, if they fucked up, resulting in the near destruction of one of the world's most iconic buildings, they're not going to just fess up "yeah, sorry, that was Big Steve, we told him about not smoking fags while on the job but it looks like he forgot...". Of course not. They will deny any responsibility till their last breath.
  7. Maybe. I've a feeling that it's not the only time that she will have referred to 9/11 in that particular speech. It would be useful to know how she referred to that event in other parts of her speech. Maybe "some people did something" was some kind of rhetorical trick she used at that particular point of her speech. Basically, I don't trust anything I read and I recognise that I will instinctively distrust a muslim Somali (for good reasons) so I have to be aware of my own prejudices and give the girl a chance.
  8. That BBC article is horribly vague. I've read it and I still have no idea exactly what she said, and in what context.
  9. When the alternative is being in close proximity to 80l of highly volatile petroleum when white-hot bullets start flying - is it more or less dangerous?
  10. I think you're being a bit harsh there. No, she didn't do it alone - it was pretty clear to me that the headlines were a crock of shit from the word go. But there's no evidence that she tried to hog the limelight either. It looks like "the media" looked for a hero, and found one.
  11. It's so sexist of you to presume that she was the one offering. Maybe it was her boyfriend who accepted to be pegged for Valentines!
  12. I think it's just part of the scenery now, life carries on around it. I cycled this afternoon through the centre of Bordeaux, right past the protesters. The police presence was massive - possibly as many police as protesters. They were kitted out "Judge Dredd" style, and they'd erected these massive steel walls across several streets - no doubt in an attempt to control the flow of the protesters. Life carried on as usual - this was in the shopping district, and people flowed past the protesters, sometimes stopping to gawp, or to take selfies. The Gilets Jaunes were counted in their hundreds, rather than in their thousands, IMO. They were a motley crew from what I saw. A mix of "serial protesters" - e.g. old beardy blokes you take one look at and guess that they teach in a secondary school and sell the French equivalent of "Socialist Worker" on a Saturday morning. And also a noticeable number of North African youths, laughing and jostling in that boisterous way that can quickly turn into an "are you looking at my bird?" situation. Several banks had had their windows stoned. No idea if it was done today or at some earlier date. The protest felt like a damp firework; a few months back I saw the same protest in the same town, and it was totally different - big crowds, of all ages and all walks of life, relaxed and having a good time.
  13. DeepLurker


    That dress looks smoking hot on a woman whose tits stand proud, and it looks shit on a woman whose tits cover her belly-button piercing. And who also picked the wrong size. Oh, and I wonder how much Pretty Little Thing paid for these blatant adverts?
  14. Well, this story has been debated in great detail over on the Mumsnet forum. Not.
  15. More likely to be like reprogramming an iPhone - not impossible, but a right pain as the software and hardware are deeply intertwined. And I bet that any car manufacturer's guarantee will be invalidated the instant you "jailbreak" your car.