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    DeepLurker reacted to Great Guy in Explosion at Manchester Arena   
    Just imagine if any other community group had people preaching terrorism. If the Women's Institute started having preachers telling members to kill others they'd be closed down. If a women's institute member blew herself up in a music concert on the behalf of the women's institute it would be prescribed a terrorist organisation.
    However since it's a religion favoured by brown people it's really a peaceful religion?
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    DeepLurker reacted to JFK in Explosion at Manchester Arena   
    Close it down for platforming hate speech etc etc
    ... in fact just fucking close it down, close all the Saudi funded ones, moratorium on any building.
    Any 'radical' preacher - investigate to the nth degree the finances of him and his family and the whole mosque. Shut them down. 
    Fuck them. I anm out of fucks to give, seriously.
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    DeepLurker reacted to sleepwello'nights in Explosion at Manchester Arena   
    Many of us do care. We look on in frustration as our politicians and authorities seem determined to stop us airing our sense of betrayal. We know action is going on behind the scenes and security personnel and the police are doing what they can to deter and prevent terrorist outrages. I'm sure the rank and file officers are equally as frustrated by the words of appeasement their senior officers are compelled to utter. 
    All the while our politicians tell us we must abide with the law and exercise tolerance and fair play. They then let the communities within which the terrorists shelter grow and strengthen. New mosques are allowed, the extremist ideology is allowed, hate preachers are allowed to spout their words of intolerance. Our free speech is curtailed, any who wish to speak out against the ideology are shouted down or shut out.
    We do care.
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    DeepLurker reacted to JoeDavola in The normalisation of female obesity   
    The only way I'd agree to look at your arse would be if you had 'Joe' tattooed across it in my honor...
    ...which you could do with a strategically placed J and E. Bargain.

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    DeepLurker reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in The normalisation of female obesity   
    34" waist size trousers or you've measured your 34" waist?
    Trousers are not the same any more. I can still squeeze into what are laughably called 32" Levi 501s, but that's supposedly the same size that was quite tight back in the 80s when I weighed 11kg less and had a six-pack. As a rough estimate I reckon 32" trousers in 1988 = 28" trousers in 2018.
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    DeepLurker reacted to ccc in The normalisation of female obesity   
    Even I wouldn't. 
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    DeepLurker reacted to NewryH in The normalisation of female obesity   
    5, 26, 32, 145, 80, 65 ...
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    DeepLurker reacted to snaga in The normalisation of female obesity   
    shocking, all those poor opressed women forced on to the beach in nothing but a bikini.
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    DeepLurker reacted to mattydread in The normalisation of female obesity   
    Fisting material that. 
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    DeepLurker reacted to JFK in The normalisation of female obesity   
    Just no. None of them. They were all fucking rank.
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    DeepLurker reacted to dgul in The normalisation of female obesity   
    I don't think anyone knows much about human diet pre-farming.
    My presumption these days is that most of the time they'd have more than enough to eat and that there would have been considerable variety.  
    The interesting thing might actually be that they had massive seasonal influences, with day length, ambient temperatures and availability of different foods driving when to lay down fat for the coming winter (possibly during which most starvation would occur, if it was going to occur).  Perhaps the modern man's problems lie with the fact that this seasonal influence has been removed -- maybe we now live in a state of constant autumn, forever laying down fat for the winter that never comes.
    [I don't believe this, but it is a fun hypothesis]
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    DeepLurker reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in The normalisation of female obesity   
    You misunderstand, it's a control thing. If you're fatter and less fanciable it is :
    a) less likely you will stray.
    b) a sign that you're not bothered about doing so.
    c) less pressure on her to maintain herself.
    She doesn't prefer you fatter, she just wants to be the hotter half.
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    DeepLurker reacted to sleepwello'nights in The normalisation of female obesity   
    The blokes walking by in the background need to shape up as well. That is a man with moobs isn't it and the one on the right I don't get how his muffin top pulls in so sharply from his bloated belly? 
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    DeepLurker reacted to Hail the Tripod in The normalisation of female obesity   
    It is usually vastly (and unnecessarily) over-complicated IMO. The simplest formulation I have heard is: Eat a wide variety of plants and animals, in moderate amounts. 
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    DeepLurker reacted to SpectrumFX in The normalisation of female obesity   
    There is something about the modern western diet that's fucking people up though.
    It's got to be systemic because it happened to so many people in such a short period of time.
    I used to blame individuals -- let's be honest it's easy to mock a fatty -- but official dietary advice based on the "eat grains and seed oils, and avoid animal fats" model is starting to look beyond moronic. Then chuck in the government sponsored weight loss advice -- to double down, cut more animal fats, eat more carbs, and take your fat arse jogging 'till your knee pops from the strain. -- and I just feel sorry for them. 
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    DeepLurker reacted to Bkkandrew in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    I wish people were not so down on population reduction.
    It is genuinely tragic that a country that has the highest IQ averages in the world (107) has one of the lowest birth rates (1.05), whereas the lowest IQ shitholes bang them out at record number (c) Idiocracy; but:
    The fact remains that overall population reduction from 7-8BN humans to a more sustainable 500M-1BN would be the best chance of our species surviving in the medium to long term.
    One child per couple should be a societal aim, not a ‘problem’ that requires a ‘solution’ like immigration!
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    DeepLurker reacted to Bod in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Listening to the World Service because it had a strong DAB signal inside my car, and ''Assignment'" came on.
    South Korea has the lowest birth rate of any nation (1,05) and the story woven by the young, strapping British BBC reporter was that Korean men are wife-beating misogynists who use prostitutes and who are never at home. And pregnant women are cast out of work by nasty male bosses, so careerist women avoid pregnancy. And no woman wants to marry a Korean man because his parents are a nightmare with their traditional values, so the women are looking for Westerners to marry. The reporter even managed to find three Korean feminists to interview!
    The depressed young men complain that they have to study a lot to land a company job in order to afford a wife and children because housing and childcare are so expensive. When they do land a company job, they are working 12--16 hours a day so cannot meet women, and if they do, the women get angry that the men are out 12--16 hours a day at work. The unfortunate BBC sleuth never seemed to find out that the women are full of contempt for Korean men who don't earn six figures, and they wouldn't entertain dating a man with a degree from a provincial university.
    Brilliantly, the So-Called BBC interrogator asks the stuffed Koreans  "what about allowing immigrants in" to counter the birthrate deficit, and on hearing the retorts concludes that Koreans have a long way to go because they are both sexist and anti-immigrant.
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    DeepLurker reacted to Hail the Tripod in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    My wife seems convinced that until it can witter on at you for 10 hours straight about the difficulty it had filling in a spreadsheet at work, it'll never fulfill men's real desires.
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    DeepLurker reacted to JoeDavola in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    That table means that my mate with 2 kids doing 3 shifts a week as a shelf stacker is as well off as my civil engineer brother working his arse off long days in a stressful job.
    And that's without the council house; if my mate was getting a council house too he'd be considerably better off.
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    DeepLurker reacted to spygirl in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites
    Now not taking a pop at the women involved but ...
    'Polly Kerr is one of a growing number of single women to have opted for IVF.
    The 39-year-old from Oxford used an anonymous sperm donor to conceive last year and gave birth earlier this year.
    The treatment, which involves an egg being fertilised in a laboratory, is more often used for couples struggling to have children.
    Polly said: "It became clear if I wanted to have a baby, I needed to get a move on.
    "I was 36 or 37 when I first started thinking about it seriously and became very aware that I hadn't been in a relationship for some time, so if I didn't go down the IVF route it may never happen."
    She said she had been "surprised and pleased" to see how accepting her family were of her decision to have IVF.'
    'IVF can be free on the NHS if certain criteria are met - but people such as Polly are prepared to pay for it.
    She said: "IVF was not something I had specifically saved for but I did have savings... as time went on, it was the best possible thing I could spend that money I had saved on."'
    Well.. in terms of the tax credits she'll get and the fact she works for the NHS, which lays on subbed childcard and offer job sharing, she';ll be getting a very high return from ger IVF investment.
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    DeepLurker reacted to Long time lurking in Infowars being censored   
    I have posted this else where ,i clicked on a Fox News link on my mobile which is on Tesco Mobile which i believe use the O2 network ? they now consider Fox News as adult only content ...this now getting ridiculous 
    The irony is though IMO this is going to have the exact opposite effect to what they think as youngsters minds in general are far more inquisitive than those who have been exposed to the MSM indoctrination for years .it`s not as if the average teenager can`t fill in the form required to access the site  ...the forbidden fruit is always more appealing 
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    DeepLurker reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in FFS Handshake   
    She made an effort to explain her position and offered another physical gesture to compensate instead of a flat refusal. if I have understood the article correctly. So they were very stupid. Coolly noting the situation, continuing the interview and finding another reason to not employ her would have been the way to go.
    It's alien to me, I probably wouldn't employ her, not for the handshake thing but simply because who knows what else she'll refuse for religious reasons, but they were pretty damned stupid to say that was the reason.
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    DeepLurker reacted to Frank Hovis in And you thought GDPR was bad   
    Which will only add to the reasons why so few tradesmen these days take on apprentices to expand their business; preferring to keep it below the VAT threshold and not having to deal with any of the HR stuff or pension auto enrollment.
    There's a whole generation of tradesmen not being trained because of these endless rules and regulations.
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    DeepLurker reacted to Melchett in And you thought GDPR was bad   
    I honestly wonder how the average bod has got a hope in hell of keeping up with all of this stuff.
    Thats rather the point, though, isnt it? The big boys want this sort of thing because it creates barriers to entry to smaller, more nimble, lower cost competitors. And they have the resources to lobby for these things to be made law.