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    DeepLurker reacted to Dave Bloke in Macron - how long before wheels fall off   
    The problem is, there are sufficient French voters are gluttons for the next smooth talking charlatan.
    How Macron cast himself as the new broom when he'd been at the very heart of the previous administration is beyond me. He had serious MSM backing though and the dream of being in a run off with Le Pen which is really yours to lose.
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    DeepLurker got a reaction from maynardgravy in Macron - how long before wheels fall off   
    Well, they did vote the cunt out... the previous cunt (president François Hollande) that is.
    Better than that, the two main parties that had shared the presidency since... forever... came 3rd and 4th in the last elections. It was a humiliation for them.
    Unfortunately, while democracy makes it reasonably straightforward to vote a cunt out, it's not a very good system for choosing a non-cuntish new leader. Maybe we need to do like in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy where the president was the person who least wanted the job.
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    DeepLurker reacted to The XYY Man in UK Propaganda Unit Has Secret Plans To Target French Muslims   
    Good for you mate.
    Here's a list of the ones that should particularly be avoided...
    Conservative Party Co-operative Party Democratic Unionist Party Green Party Labour Party Liberal Democrats Plaid Cymru Scottish National Party Sinn Féin  

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    DeepLurker reacted to MrPin in UK Propaganda Unit Has Secret Plans To Target French Muslims   
    There are no strings on me! There's a sweaty hand up my arse.
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    DeepLurker reacted to Virgil Caine in 'Conformity and the Dangers of Group Polarization'   
    Have they only just managed to work that out.
    Dean Swift recognised that human beings were quite capable of waging war over which end to open a boiled egg
    It also highlights the futility of all religious and political fundamentalism because even if you managed to convert or coerce everyone to become a Muslim, Communist etc it would only be a matter of time before minor differences in doctrinal interpretation got everyone splitting into factions which would eventually get more and more extreme.
    If you study late antiquity you will see that in the early Christian Church that arguments over the nature of Christ (wholly human, wholly man, both simultaneously, or gradations between) soon led to riots, massacres and civil war. People were quite willing to kill other over whether
     Jesus Christ is the Son of God who was begotten by God the Father at a point in time, a creature distinct from the Father and is therefore subordinate to him, but the Son is also God
    In case you are wondering the above statement is a core element of the Arian heresy that tore apart the later Roman Empire. In essence Orthodox Christians and Arians both accepted Jesus divine nature but merely differed over whether the God the Father created the rest of the Holy Trinity. You can find equally obtuse arguments in 20th century Communism over the interpretation of.Marxism. All were enough to start fights.
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    DeepLurker reacted to Frank Hovis in 'Conformity and the Dangers of Group Polarization'   
    It makes sense; if you are amongst a lot of people similar to yourself then you aren't going to be interested in identity as you all have a common one.
    The more you deal with people who are different to you the sharper becomes your own sense of identity; which is one of the reasons why multiculturalism is a barrel of horseshit.  It divides people.
    There have been a few comments on here about it being time to "choose a side"; I think that's the way it's going.  Multiculturalism is driving people further and further apart so that there is increasingly less middle ground left.  Even if you won't define yourself by your own identity it matters not because others will do it for you to your detriment; passivity, or "tolerance" as it's usually labelled, is a losing option.
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    DeepLurker reacted to spygirl in Restoring old cars for cash?   
    Frankly, every busiess that Ive scratched my head about *is* tax credits.
    I walked by two dog grooming places on the same street.
    Ditto a black hair hair dresser shops in a town where tehres very few black people.
    Ditto most of the vaping shops.
    It really is all TCs.
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    DeepLurker reacted to Sgt Hartman in Restoring old cars for cash?   
    I actually came very close to buying one of these (see below) that I found in a rural barn in Oxfordshire that had been sat there for a very long time. It was in shit nick but I thought it would have been a fun project to work on. 
    In hindsight I would probably have financially bumfucked myself and ended up skint and divorced.
    The only reason I didn't get it was Mrs H. telling me she was pregnant, so no car but at least I still got to be financially bumfucked.

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    DeepLurker reacted to Sgt Hartman in Restoring old cars for cash?   
    As said above, if you've got a fully kitted out garage and enough staff who know what they are doing then you could probably turn over enough restorations quickly enough to earn a few quid though I'd imagine the margins are much thinner than what the shows like to portray.
    For your average bloke, I'd imagine buying up a knackered classic to restore at home is the equivalent of dropping an incendiary bomb into your bank account.
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    DeepLurker reacted to Hail the Tripod in Zombie millennials   
    Journalist gets a brown envelope to deliver some free advertising. If he’s good enough at corporate brown nosing, one day he may get the job of turning Apple/Marks and Spencer's press releases into “news” features for the So-Called BBC. 
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    DeepLurker reacted to feed in Zombie millennials   
    Well it’s Kent, so probably the most exciting thing that’s happened in their lifetimes.  
    Besides “free” T-shirt.    
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    DeepLurker reacted to dgul in Zombie millennials   
    With Jeremy Kyle off the air what else is there to do?
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    DeepLurker reacted to steppensheep in Alabama passes bill banning abortion   
    I'd always vote pro abortion but I'm quite content that there exist places where people have different laws and cultures and view things differently
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    DeepLurker reacted to eight in Alabama passes bill banning abortion   
    Bit simplistic. I'm an "atheist" and my view on abortion is to not have a view, and hope that I never find myself in a situation where one is required.
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    DeepLurker reacted to MrPin in Alabama passes bill banning abortion   
    Alabama once banned "evolution", and if you have ever been there, it worked.
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    DeepLurker reacted to gilf in Alabama passes bill banning abortion   
    Same with Brexit over here, in both cases the opposition still haven't got past the fact that more people have a different opinion to them than do. The lesson of both events should have been "why if this is such a seemingly illogical decision from my point of view did people vote for it".
    The focus has been on the decision itself in isolation rather than why people might have come to that decision.
    I suspect in the case of Trump this lack of understanding will deliver him a second term because rather than having taken stock and come up with a plan they will just make the same mistake again and offer up a challenger which is directly opposed to what Trump stands for rather than offering up a solution to the underlying issues at hand.
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    DeepLurker reacted to Sgt Hartman in Alabama passes bill banning abortion   
    Alabama. 'Nuff said.
    I listen to a lot of American-centric podcasts to do with politics and culture moreso than here as at least quite a few Americans have twigged that they've got trouble brewing.
    I think they're in deep shit culture-wise and I think the next vote is going to be the decider as to whether it kicks off or not. If Trump gets in again (and as it stands I think he might) then I reckon there will be some trouble, however I think that some people are so desperate to have him out that they will vote reactively and that could mean some ultra-left leaning nutjob who'll do far more damage than the current POTUS.
    Basically they've not even addressed the reasons of why Trump got elected in the first place, in fact, they've made it worse through a combination of ignorance and virtue signalling towards people who don't have a pot to piss in and were thrown on the shitheap while the other half of America dranks Starbucks, preened on Instagram and got very worried about gender pronouns.
    When someone like Dan Carlin says he's worried about what's coming, it's time to batten down the hatches.
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    DeepLurker got a reaction from The Masked Tulip in Game of Thrones   
    Fuck knows why it's "sexist". If anything, true equality has finally been achieved.
    Daenerys and Cersai are just as shit as the male rulers that came before them: Tommen, Geoffrey, Rob, and Mad King.
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    DeepLurker reacted to kibuc in Game of Thrones   
    There were some cool scenes in the latest episode and it was visually compelling, but it's nowhere near enough to counterbalance key characters completely breaking their... well, character. Jon, Daenerys, even Varys were simply not the same people we have watched through the original 5 or 6 seasons.
    However, I can see a fair number of commentators claiming that the latest plot twist was "clearly sexist", which immediately makes this episode one of my favourites.
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    DeepLurker got a reaction from The XYY Man in Game of Thrones   
    Fuck. This has got to be the best thread derail ever.
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    DeepLurker reacted to The Masked Tulip in Game of Thrones   
    That SJW's think this is a good tactic bodes well for the war to come between the fascist libtards and civilisation.

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    DeepLurker reacted to The Masked Tulip in Game of Thrones   
    Remember Varys telling Tyrion that one day he will tell him about what he saw in the fire on the day when he was cut and his bits thrown into the fire? Remember the Red Priestess asking Varys what the voice from the fire said to him and who said it?
    Well, we ain't going to find out now.
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    DeepLurker reacted to SillyBilly in Game of Thrones   
    They needed to be dispatched of as quickly as possible so we can get to the end, end of. I used to play Age of Empires with 12 year olds that could understand the basics of medieval military tactics...this show doesn't give a damn anymore.
    Varys? 8 seasons of Varys masterfully orchestrating deceitful schemes...and then snitched on by Tyrion to the boss and executed a couple of mins later. Arc ended. Sums it up. Its as if the writers wanted inconvenient "loose ends" (that have taken years to be arrived at) tied up in a 30 second reel. If an army was a loose end, just pile them up in the most ridiculous position for a 30 second slaughter fest.
    The ending was never important in GOT I don;t think, it could have gone it so many directions, the journey of the characters to that end was important however and it has been well and truly butchered. Taking the Varys example again, he should been caught in an elaborate and clever deceit that did his character justice. Just piss poor writing all round, from start to finish.
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    DeepLurker reacted to eight in More BBC originality....   
    In recent years the So-Called BBC has discovered "North".
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    DeepLurker got a reaction from Bedrag Justesen in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Wait until you're married before revealing the EM gauge model of Paddington Station (circa 1953) you've built in the loft.