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    DeepLurker reacted to TheBlueCat in Epic Trolling (I Think)
    This made me laugh. As a bit of background, I met Richard Hipp at a conference a few years back and he's a lovely bloke with a wicked sense of humour. 
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    DeepLurker reacted to unregistered_guest in Epic Trolling (I Think)   
    What amused me most is that it has apparently been eight months before anyone who would take offence complained.
    It is a work of genius though. Why mindlessly copy/paste a generic code of conduct from someone else's project, when there's a perfectly good one already in the public domain that you can steal?
    OK, some of the clauses aren't entirely appropriate to database manipulation; but that would be true of anyone else's CoC.
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    DeepLurker got a reaction from maudit in Paris is a Shithole   
    It's little things like this that make "male privilege". Speaking as a 6ft white male, who lived and worked in Paris for several years, the very idea of being groped on the métro is utterly alien. Yes, there are stations that I would actively avoid at night, but the only groping that I would expect and fear is from the endemic pickpockets.
    Also - yes, lots of the people on the Paris métro look "dodgy and dirty". It's because fare-dodging by the chavscum is endemic - I always look back when I go through a turnstile, as a burly youth is probably going to barge in behind me and push me forward before the barrier closes.
    The thing is, there are no human beings standing by the turnstiles in the station, whereas in London it's pretty much a given. The result is that the London tube is mostly used by people who can afford to pay, but in Paris the chavscum can go jump the turnstiles and spend all day cruising from station to station, instead of being stuck in their sink estates.
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    DeepLurker reacted to Cunning Plan in Huddersfield grooming: Twenty guilty of campaign of rape and abuse   
    There are just over 2m Manchester united supporters in the UK.
    Which puts their number  higher than Muslim men of Pakistani origin.
    If 80% of child gang rapes were carried out by Man U fans, what do you think the reaction be? Would the authorities and women support them?
    What would be the reception of a bloke in a Man U shirt turning up to a child's play area be?
    Makes you think.
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    DeepLurker reacted to Funn3r in Huddersfield grooming: Twenty guilty of campaign of rape and abuse   
    As a vegy I do shun bacon. This is why I have to double up on the alcohol so people don't get suspicious.
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    DeepLurker reacted to stokiescum in Huddersfield grooming: Twenty guilty of campaign of rape and abuse   
    he aint a sikh,he is a muslim convert.the cynic in me he has done it to spite their religion.
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    DeepLurker reacted to The Masked Tulip in Huddersfield grooming: Twenty guilty of campaign of rape and abuse   
    Just a reminder to be careful what you post here folks. I am both angry and flabbergasted by what I am learning about this case tonight. But remember that one person has already gone to jail over it. Will be back in court next week.
    So think twice before posting. If in doubt, do not post it.
    Perhaps some recent posts could be re-worded or deleted.
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    DeepLurker reacted to spygirl in Huddersfield grooming: Twenty guilty of campaign of rape and abuse
    So, bbc sent a helicopter over cliffs house on one allegation.
    Adam johnstone was hounded during his trial, for sticking his hand up a girls skirt, sho he met in a nightclub.
    Yet the trial of mass rapists has blanket secrecy.
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    DeepLurker reacted to Fischer in Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?   
    The loony complaining about White Patriarchy and saying the patriarchy needs to be destroyed now is Mona Eltahawy.
    She's a muslim !!!
    A member of the most patriarchal system in the world yet lives in the awful Western world created by the white patriarchy she hates.
    Ungrateful cunt.
    Ship her out to one of her beloved muslim countries and let her live there.
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    DeepLurker reacted to maudit in Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?   
    Why don't we ban first cousin marriage? I know a teacher who worked in a special school 90%+ kids product of first cousin marriages. Children with severe disabilities deaf+blind+can't walk  poor children is so sad I don't understand why we allow it.
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    DeepLurker got a reaction from Frank Hovis in Things you wish you didn't know.   
    Is that a flat fee?
    Asking because on some Renault (can't remember the model), you have to unscrew the front bumper before you can change a headlamp bulb. And paying £5 for some poor sod to do that on my behalf sounds like a bargain
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    DeepLurker reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Where's Jamal?   
    He died in a fist fight. 
    You'd think they'd have thought about it beforehand and invented something at least semi credible. 
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    DeepLurker reacted to LC1 in Things you wish you didn't know.   
    And 70% of naval recruits believe any old shit you tell them
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    DeepLurker reacted to Malthus in Things you wish you didn't know.   
    That Sam Fox prefers the ladies 
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    DeepLurker reacted to SpectrumFX in Paris is a Shithole   
    To me, the gold standard of civilisation is whether a young pretty woman can walk about at night by herself with no bother.
    I think most big European cites fail that test these days.
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    DeepLurker reacted to dgul in Huddersfield grooming: Twenty guilty of campaign of rape and abuse   
    Nothing on the So-Called BBC about them being Asian.  You sure?
    Anyway, it seems certain that they're 'men', which seems a bit sexist to me.
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    DeepLurker reacted to ILikeCake in Huddersfield grooming: Twenty guilty of campaign of rape and abuse   
    It's going on just about every where isn't it 
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    DeepLurker reacted to The Masked Tulip in 2000 Hondurans   
    Come on, that is a bit too convenient isn't it? Honduras does receive a lot of aid from Israel and there is some police training agreement.
    However, I think they would be smart enough to go out of their way to hide any nefarious involvement in this march to the US border, especially as the US is their biggest funder and armourer.
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    DeepLurker reacted to MrPin in 2000 Hondurans   
    Is Honduras where Hondas come from?
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    DeepLurker reacted to man o' the year in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    In my last job (teaching) I was sacked for handing in my notice. I had also written a piece of software for them but had the foresight to write in a hidden routine which stopped it working a few days after I left.
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    DeepLurker reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    “It presents women as interchangeable items and suggests only their appearance is interesting … It also shows degrading stereotypical gender roles of both men and women and gives the impression men can change female partners as they change jobs.”
    So will they be looking to ban rap music too?
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    DeepLurker reacted to wherebee in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Every time I have dealings with a HR apparatchik I understand just how so many people can be involved in running concentration camps, torture centres, etc.
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    DeepLurker reacted to Melchett in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    I feel for you. There is only one solution to a toxic worplace if you are a lowly employee.
    Leave. Never look back, except to learn and spot similar in future.
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    DeepLurker reacted to JFK in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Good for you.
    It's funny how these organisations say they do all the equal ops things but when push comes to shove it's found lacking.
    I had a similar experience with my youngest, she was ill and rather than Mrs JFK cop all the having to deal with a sick kid, taking time off and having that to deal with at work (employers being shit), plus it's damn stressful, and I wanted to share the stress rather than it all falling on one person ... well I decided I'd do it.
    I took some time off to leave work early (and I took work home it must be pointed out - so I could fulfill my work responsibilities) to look after sick toddler.  Get a fucking phone call from manager asking me what was going on so I inform them. 
    When I get back into work I had a meeting and this was brought up, informed them I had OK'd it with my line manager to take work home and to look after my sick child.  The whole fucking response was basically why can't mum do it.  Utterly gobsmacked I was.  I just looked at them.  These blokes have kids too - just because I didn't want to sacrifice my whole life to them it did not compute.
    I knew I was being blacklisted anyway due to previous shit that had gone on and I wasn't on the chosen list for being given extra responsibilites etc so my attitude was fuck you and I was planning my escape route anyway.
    So much for gender equality duty and all that.
    I was glad I left that place, moral is still rock bottom, people have left and the people still there feel totally trapped - how wonderful.
    The new manager is an even bigger horror, female manager but an absolute harridan that makes the previous male cabal of managers look like eunuchs.
    The day I left is the day I felt instantly better physically and mentally.
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    DeepLurker reacted to Southmartin in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    To be honest, I don't have a problem with women (generally) having a few more sick days then men - this is just down to biology. 
    Women's bodies have the ability to grow an entire new human inside them, then push it out too. It's not that surprising that they'll probably need more medical treatment over their lifetime than someone (e.g. a man) who's only experience in that area might have been the mother of all dumps after a pretty hot curry.