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  1. 4 x £25 this month. Bang on target for ''average winnings'' so far in 2020 I'm already finding having PB's quite irritating, I really don't enjoy the monthly anticipation > deflation cycle.
  2. That's all very interesting, although I'm not sure it would take 2 generations for benefits culture to set in? I'm guessing the low skilled, low paid HKers are hard working because it's a low tax and low benefits system over there so it pays to work long hours? I'm sure they'll adapt very quickly and embrace the system here pretty much immediately and become feckless breeders claiming to be working 16 hours a week in some made up non-job.
  3. I have often wondered how a leftie liberal who also happens to be a keen naturalist squares the circle with regards to recognising the harm that invasive non-native species wreak on natural habitats and ecosystems and the efforts that are made to prevent them from coming or eradicating them if they have arrived... whilst also being in favour of unlimited mass immigration. We should be welcoming Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hornets... they're only coming here to try and make better lives for themselves.
  4. Can't remember the last time I heard any content on Money Box that wasn't just something related to how the ''vulnerable'' need some form of additional help. (The ''vulnerable'' being feckless debt junkies, Tax Credit Queens, full time single mummies or ''Self Employed'' cupcake makers). And yes I agree every other programme on there, be it factual or fictional, can be guaranteed to shoehorn in a bammie, trannie or feminist angle into it without exception.
  5. There's an ongoing thread on corona used car prices on PistonHeads where all the dealers are saying they're currently doing a roaring trade, have increased prices across the board and stock levels can't keep up with demand... and I am inclined to believe them. But as you say I think it's just a temporary flurry of pent up demand and spare money burning a hole in idiots pockets.
  6. Heard a snippet of a conversation in the supermarket queue the other day (when I went in for my daily perv at the teenage temporary shelf stackers in their see through leggings) Anyway, one woman asking another was she working at the moment and she replied that she's been taken on to be a ''track and tracer'' 3 weeks ago and she hasn't had a thing to do so far.
  7. Christ your island must be very different to mine. Prior to lockdown I couldn't get a builder (for a full a refurb) for love nor money, apart from a couple of absolute piss take quotes. Throughout lockdown I've still seen plenty of tradesmen vans out and about And I'm sure post lockdown they'll be busier than ever here catching up on jobs that people couldn't or didn't want to have done.
  8. Probably lots of opportunity for furloughed staff to come in and be paid cash by their existing employer, but don't forget you can quite legitimately get work elsewhere whilst on furlough, so people could have picked up full time supermarket work and still be getting their 80% furlough money as well! It's just another form of helicopter money for the masses so I suspect the govt won't pursue any potential fraud anyway.
  9. Yep, the only conclusion I can come to. I find it very unlikely that all this traffic is people going shopping, visiting relatives, taking their daily government prescribed exercise etc all at 7.30 a.m. when none of them were out and about doing these things at that time of the morning 3 weeks ago
  10. I've said previously I used to love listening to the World Service (especially in the middle of the night if awake) it had some really interesting and obscure reports and programmes on. But now EVERY single item on there is just an indoctrination piece on female empowerment, gender inequality, LGBQTT "issues" or the plight of "refugees" or as you say some anti-Trump propaganda.
  11. Latest figures are furlough numbers have risen, now up to 9.3m from 9.1m in mid June... so I'm still completely baffled as to why the rush hour commuter traffic has gone back up to pretty much normal levels on my commute over the last 2-3 weeks.
  12. Not sure if this has already been covered here...
  13. Royston

    Escape from LA

    Already been done. The Tulsa Race Riots in 1921 included private planes shooting up and dropping firebombs on the black district!
  14. There's a small village on the edge of my old hometown in Derbyshire called Charlesworth, 1 shop and 1 pub and yet pre-industrial revolution and pre-cotton, back when wool was a valuable commodity it was a bigger, wealthier and more important place than a neighbouring village a few miles down the road called ''Manchester''
  15. Most of the EA ramping throughout Covid has been the narrative that the rural property market will see a ''resurgence'' A resurgence?? All my adult life rural property has been as in demand and pricey as any other desirable area. You'd think you could still buy a hovel in the hills for pennies the way they're talking. On the theme of changing desirability I remember reading somewhere that back in the pre-tourism days when coastal villages were proper working villages inhabited by locals, the houses with the sea views were the least desirable... partly because they were most exposed to the elements but also the sailors and fishermen who were the residents of those villages would be sick of the sight of the sea and preferred to not have to look at it!