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  1. Looks like we need a second ammendment like the USA that woukd soon stop terrorist muggers burgkars and state employees
  2. Me too, but then I would a total criminal they had made and they would not like that as I would target MP's and Leading police officers etc
  3. Totally immoral law and he should not have to unlock the devices. If I were on the jury I would never vote to convict
  4. I aimed for about 3 months with what we have in the house at the moment too. The plan is to eat the perishables first, and from the freezer
  5. There was also a part of me which thought if I prep then nothing is bound to happen. I am lucky in that I do not have to go out for work I can run my business from the house totally if necessary. It will not get to mad max style (yet) but honestly what worries me is most people cannot afford to prep or have the forsight
  6. Deadly serious, I tried to get non perishable things which will last and I can run down if necessary but I am going to make sure me and my family are protected worse comes to the worse There is something a little worrying about this
  7. Just done a £800 note shop just in case, first rule of panicking is to be ahead of the curve
  8. My statement might sound silly. But it ia true you get nothing as an employee for going above and beyond or thinking of new ideas and processes etc. At the same time many employees just attend do the minimum and leave. Pretty soon this grinds you down from trying to jist plodding along i have seen it several places
  9. Nah companies are mostly full of the mediocre.
  10. I think the fire and police are possibly only ones I agree with. voluntary is best
  11. The problem is what is essential for you might not be for me. All interactions need to be voluntary
  12. Tax is theft mate, you not entitle to anyone else money or assets.
  13. Lancaster House agreement was UK / French defence agreements also signed in 2010 it enabled further monopolies like MBDA
  14. This is really bad law and will catch if applied properly more women then men in my view