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  1. it is still available, there are some guys on twitter doing great analysis
  2. most of those are historic and the PHE non hospital ones are insane. We are running about 5 deaths a day a the moment
  3. We are going to have to fight back I fear. not protest but actually fight politicians and local leaders should be the first ones targetted
  4. You are not alone, they are de-humanising and pointless Covid is pretty much done The shame is they are still panicking and implementing stupid rules - latest is they can bulldoze your house if it inflected
  5. This is why it makes no sense either it is needed for all or for none
  6. It is unpleasant to go shopping so I think many people are not going. We have been getting what we need online There is going to be a massive economic cluster fuck coming
  7. Congratulations - It was the best thing I ever did as well Corporate world is shit best off out of it
  8. This is the other thing that is coming the pandemic has allowed companies to work out who actually added value and who did not, there will be many managers about to find out they add nothing and are out the door
  9. I tell you know we are going to have to fight to get back to normal, to many professionals are living out there dream in this and the politicians love it
  10. Good once they are angry we can destroy the politicians and others who have caused all this bollocks
  11. maybe they are losing it though, go look at the comments in the mail or responses to gov tweets they have over played their hand
  12. I found this interesting - of course could be fake