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  1. Interesting do they count tax slavery ? Funny how it is different if the government mention it
  2. I did the same calculation, then started writing angry tweets to the council but to be honest they do not care
  3. £2216 to live in the shitty essex town of harlow, Funny thing is looking back at the costs when I first moved here a Band E house which is what mine is rated as was £1204.72 in 2001 which is not too bad They cannot keep on squeezing the productive like this anymore
  4. The easiest thing is council tax thay is what people are suggesting that and the tv tax The easiest thing is council tax thay is what people are suggesting that and the tv tax
  5. Lots of talk on Twitter about a tax strike. A good idea. Looks like politics changed totally for many people. Traitors the lot of them
  6. While I believe in the death penalty, after all some people just need killing. E.g. treasonous politicians The state, police, courts etc have shown themselves far to corrupt to be able to ensure it is correctly used.
  7. I agree he is not. Honestly While it may go wrong on its own. I thing the media can smell blood and hence sales and hits online
  8. I get the impression the media are trying to treat her in the same way they did Diana. Not sure he should have married her but the media are treating them very badly. Almost like they have an agenda
  9. As Frank said only net tax payers should vote. That would also exclude all workers funded by taxation. We need to end political parties and professional politicians
  10. Fuck me they have a column on look what brexit made me do. We really are heading to hard times
  11. Defence is one of the only functions the state should provide. It can be funded easily by low trade traffis. Most defence spending especially r and d is wasted I spent years watching it. As for roads looking at the state of them the government are not doing a good job there at all. Private sector can do much better Though if the government has to fund them again traffis in trade will suffice. Of course this assumes a very small state and less than 10000 government employees total
  12. Odd decision to be honest. Thay said it always amazes me when the families say there was no justice if there is no conviction. Surely that is the point of the justice system to examine the evidence and say if it was criminal or not. Not to make the families feel better by jailing someone
  13. How is tax moral it is theft.
  14. All tax is theft. Not sure why people are committing suicide though They would be better taking out mps and HMRC workers. If they are that desperate
  15. This is really true, CPR does not often work. I did it for the first time the other week on my dog and was amazed that it worked I full expected it to be the end but had to try for the wife