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  1. So much PC bollocks bound to crash I hope
  2. It is nuts, it is obviously government intervention and holding the price high when they should have allowed a correction. Everything about it says miss selling. Do not get me wrong I do not blame the people who took it, for many they realised it was rigged game and the only way forward, but I suspect most of it will be written off
  3. That is a good point re misselling - I think that and at some point help to buy will be massive scandals.
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    117 -> 375

    I get the same from my parents my Dad was a policeman, never promoted past DC and retired basically at 50, he is nearly 66 now even though he has worked since he was 16 or maybe before there is no way he has ever paid in anywhere near what his lump sum and annual pension are. The economics of it all do not add up and they do not want to admit it
  5. I would imagine getting builders to sign up to a LD clause would be nearly impossible here sadly
  6. Exactly, if it is not delivered by the date the price goes down normally in the commercial world
  7. That is a very valid point and a good post.
  8. This should have been spotted a long time before it was. Sadly it is life these days that to many people want to buy into the genius drop out (yes there have been a few, Gates and Zuckerberg etc). I think the fact she is an attractive (ish) female also went a long way to raising the money. It can be summed up as style over substance, the modern world. The funny thing is when I have raised money or tried to raise money in the past for good technical ideas with markets it has been hard, these people seem to be able to get millions very easily
  9. Just watched this on Iplayer, my god the politicians and the contempt they have for us - the mental gymnastics about the change UK bi election and peoples vote in one case it is not needed in another it is
  10. Indeed they are scared of losing their jobs, one place I worked had built a real culture of "engineering gods" around a few old engineers who were supposed experts. That these "experts" has never attend conferences, published work, did research etc or kept current was not to be questioned. The younger engineers were terrified of challenging them because they wanted to a career there (young and naive) I am pretty jaded these days most large companies are terrible at engineering, they get there due to a small group of competent people despite there processes and systems . What they are great at is politics and waste
  11. Sadly it is and when projects are not going right there is too much investment to just stop / pause and assess the situation and work out a way out of it. Far too much pressure to continue on hoping it will be ok. The problem is safety and verification is expensive. I was talking to someone in the rail industry and they were explaining how a SIL 2 processor was going to load a SIL 3 FPGA in their system...... I find a problem these days with younger engineers wanting to actually engineer, most want to be come managers
  12. I design a lot of high reliability electronics for defence, space and aerospace. This is a total cluster fuck, it is what happens when management drive costs and people who should, do not stand up and be counted, they even mis-lead the FAA if some of the reports I have read are correct about the authority of the MCAS system and the degree it could move the control surfaces. People should go to prison over this the Max 8 should be scrapped and withdrawn from service - Until it is made very painful for companies and the CEO they will continue to push the boundaries We also need to start teaching engineering students engineering ethics. I have resigned from more than one company in the past because I did not like their approach to safety or how they spent tax payers money
  13. Mostly development boards, pen knives, air rifles and pistols
  14. I have met some really interesting people through it. For some reason I seem to get placed doing a lot of military applications the most interesting chap was a military air crash investigator some of his work was amazing and very novel.
  15. I do CEng interviewing it is one of the most interesting things I have done