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  1. Honestly I would prefer to give her nothing. She is an Adult she can look after herself
  2. IT does we just for some reason think that laws are special and not just the wishes of politicians and that the states and it representatives are anything other than people in fancy dress
  3. WTF what about freedom of speech. I would not convict him if I was on a jury, I would also not convict him for killing anyone involved in this travesty we are past the point where the states representatives need to exist in fear for infringing on peoples rights
  4. Interesting I wonder which vested interest is behind it To be honest all schools should be private paid for by parents not the state
  5. ad_ceng

    Ka of peace

    Looking at the reports they are still looking for the car
  6. ad_ceng


    Apparently this is the start of the rumour
  7. The idiots are already starting
  8. I am fed up of this, if someone had told me 20 -25 years ago we would have anti vehicle barriers, have tubes and busses blown up and people stabbed randomly I would not believe it. Good drills by the police shame people have to wait unuarmed and volunerable for them to arrive. We need to be armed
  9. I suspect both, when the NHS nearly killed my wife in child birth they closed ranks very quickly
  10. When i hear agile i hear hacking to be honest
  11. ad_ceng

    The 80k man

    It depends on how you set you business up and how you work. They are going after the traditional one man contractor bands who are like permies i.e. they go to the office everyday, use clients equipment, are really despite what they say directed by permies and paid hourly etc so not taking any financial risk. If IR35 does not apply and it is easy to make it not then you can claim them still. Of course you need to run your business properly taking risk e.g work on a statement of work and delivery of milestones, having several clients, managing own time etc.
  12. ad_ceng

    The 80k man

    Tax is theft , laws are just the wishes of the politicians. The problem is people think otherwise. God I an going injin
  13. ad_ceng

    The 80k man

    Its funny I hate them with a passion these days including all government employees I see them as the enemy too
  14. ad_ceng

    The 80k man

    You can do it as an engineer freelance but working as a consultant not a contractor - so Statement of Work based Multiple Clients etc
  15. ad_ceng

    The 80k man

    I did both made the wife a share holder and a employee with a salary - interesting as we want another kid so will get the government to pay me maternity pay mind I pay her just less than 8K so we pay no tax pr NI and get full credit