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  1. Long drop , short rope

    Some people need killing I agree with that however, I cannot agree that the state should be the one who does it. Look at how corrupt the government are in reality and how they rail road things through the courts especially. Interesting I read peirpoints autobiography and he made a similar comment about most murders being normal people who snapped and not career criminals, he also made a point that most people who had big campaigns to reprieve them where hanged, while others where only the family lobbied where not. I read another autobiography by an assistant (sid dernly I think was his name) and he made an interesting point that most of the time for hangings he was moving around the country. His theory was they reprieved many people but let ones where there had not been a hanging for a while go ahead to remind people (the world was not as connected then).
  2. Panic Buying

    Nice collection
  3. Free money

    To be honest I am about to quit the full time job and go contracting about the same income much less tax fuckem I am going Galt
  4. Free money

    This is just getting silly now, why bother trying at all
  5. Is it not £30 each shop they use it in until it you report it stolen ?
  6. Job Offer

    I do not think it is, and if one is necessary pay to hire one the few times you will need one. I think these days it is a way to top up your salary
  7. Job Offer

    This I get a car allowance and just take the cash and then drive my 9 year old car.
  8. I would go electronic design it is much more transferable than semi conductor design the cost of FABs at new nodes limits the number of key players and they are mostly in ASIA and a few in the USA. I have had a pretty good career as an electronic designer, though I do not do commercial electronics as that is boring but focused more on space, defense and other applications where there is a need for UK citizen ship. If he wants to do semi conductor design he still could in electronic design perhaps Via FPGA (similar ish but abstracted) or ASIC design If they would like a chat then drop me a PM happy to help Ad
  9. Education, education, education

    I see your point luckily at the time I had several other lucrative jobs and contracts. Recently I was offered a whole $2000 to write a book on embedded systems, once I stopped laughing I pointed out I charge double that for one 500 word technical blog
  10. Education, education, education

    You are not being rude at all, it was probably more like an evening. I spent quite a lot of time on it as I was pretty disappointed with the text so I ended up making a lot of recommendations. For example one chapter was on driving a LCD, the only problem was it was not driving a LCD but driving a seven segment display instead something completely different
  11. Education, education, education

    What has happened to HE since 2000 has been terrible, but like others say it is designed to hide serious faults in the UK and its economy just like many other things. I often wonder how long they can keep the plates spinning as I suspect deep down those in power do as well. On a side note, I have reviewed a number of chapters for an academic text on FPGA design, I asked for and got paid for it I think about £100 a batch of 2 or 3 chapters. One thing that was apparent was the author obviously had the academic qualifications, but he had never designed one or worked in the field. Universities could do very well by engaging with industry experts, if they want to give their graduates an edge but every time I reach out to them it is crickets.
  12. People betray their country for the following reasons 1) Money 2) Ideology 3) Compromise / Coercion 4) Ego I would imagine he did it for point 2, what ever the reason if true he should be prosecuted and sent to prison, after being publicly humiliated
  13. Mass shooting Florida

    If I remember correctly it has something to do with brown again
  14. Mass shooting Florida

    I am more pro 2nd amendment than many Americans, the ability to protect oneself from bad actors and yes the state is a inherent right we all have. The entire history of firearms legislation in the UK stems from the establishment not wanting a armed populace after ww1 when they lied to those that did the fighting about post war promises. It terrifies them we might be able to stand up to them, and to be honest it is way past time we did Sadly you cannot legislate away bad people or prevent them from accessing weapons. What you can do however, is disarm law abiding people and turn them into victims. School Zones in the US are "gun free" Not quite the police have no business in licencing, there should be no licensing for firearms. At your next renewal try mentioning you want one for protection and see how fast it gets revoked.
  15. Agreed he really is up there with Reagan who also gave a good speech, particularly his Time for Choosing speech which still holds true today