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  1. Oh it is I agree and would rather trouble be in my time than my son's. One thing is sure government is evil and must be kept as small as possible and changed often.
  2. Not true mate they cannot refuse you a shot gun license unless your a criminal or have health issues which make it unsafe. No clay ground inshoot at have membership or take attendance. Section one is different that's a lot of hassle. The entire history of UK gun control is incrementalism whichstarted after ww1 as they were scared people who knew how to use them might turn them on there masters when they did it deliver on there promises of a land for for hero's etc.
  3. There have been rumours this has happened, no idea if true of not but it would not surprise me we like to import people who destroy our way of life. I would have put a bullet in her head and expelled her family but hey
  4. We have been fighting "terror" for 20 years now, we always knew who the trouble makers were. If it kicks off again we should just wipe them out in one night. Mind I would do the same to the leaders of the EU too to be honest on 31st October
  5. Does not look so bad,what are they all worrying about
  6. To be honest we should all go to court when faced with this as it would clog up the system, and stop them doing it as it is just a cash cow
  7. Still on zero despite getting caught speeding four times last year (twice in germany once in france which I gonored) and then once in the UK oddly I replied to the UK one on the last day allowable by law and never heard anymore of it
  8. That would be resignation event for me sell your skills elsewhere
  9. So they have opted for treason Honestly if there is GE no one who has ever been a member of a political party in the last 20 years should be allowed to stand. Esepcially those who are currently MP's it is time they were all fired for failing to do the job no matter how you voted. they also need to be very careful with a second referendum they seem to think they will win a remain vote. I think leave will win by even higher majority unless they cheat
  10. Twitter is really upset sayinthese are classified images and he is leaking them. They forget he is ultimate classification authority and likely downgraded from what is possible
  11. Ahh the fad of HR totally useless to and counter productive to any business
  12. Just shoot him and any other traitors. Should not even be in the media. He should be 6 foot down and Skelton order as one as squadie mentioned yesrerday
  13. Yup going in mid Jan 2020 will be so quite. It was this year too, why go when everyone else does
  14. Sorry to hear it sounds like Florida in the summer. Take the kids out of school and go in term time much better