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    Darren Grimes

    We always have been and always will be. People are just told the lie we live in a free country with no corruption. The older I get the less I want an organised state or government. Seems to me to be where most evil comes from in the name of doing good
  2. You know there is a great story about Deke Slayton and the Russia / USA meet up
  3. Plus we would have to hear the screaming that the money would be better spent here on earth helping the poor. Forgetting that everyone in history who went exploring helped bring the level of civilization up through new discoveries of land, resource or science. In short the poor have benefited much more than they would if the money had been directly spent on reducing poverty but that is lost on the people who would make the claims and scream the loudest.
  4. I love this man, can you imagine how is going to be when he does not have to worry about re election
  5. He is a brave man, not always sensible in his actions but brave and he leading the fight back we all deep down know we should be but are too comfortable in our lives. He is risking his life and the state wants him dead if possible In years to come he will be seen as a great Briton if we still exist
  6. That is why I said in rare cases, rape and if it they are going to be disabled etc. Look at the stats most are not due to Rape or Incest but life style choice
  7. except in very rare cases it is totally wrong and shows the moral degeneration of our society.
  8. ad_ceng


    This could be massive. My personal hope is it brings them all down. The problem it then create a is i am fucked if I will ever pay another pound in tax or obey there laws. I suspect I will not be alone it all needs burning down
  9. I just saw this on twitter about journalism not being a crime, especially when they have just convicted Tommy of journalism You have to love the replies
  10. They can make the time spent awaiting appeal not count, if they feel your taking the piss I think
  11. We are in the stage when a leading few realise it and its to soon to start shooting them in the face. Only thing we can do is stop funding them
  12. If she got 6 months in April why was she out now. I know the answer but It is nuts there should be no early release. Oh less apologist in the world
  13. Fucking hell we are living in clown world. These "crimes" are subjective too, so perfect for the government to destroy people
  14. injin mode on and one I am begging to agree with more and more. Putting on a costume does not suddenly make you behave differently, instead it attracts a certain type of person who wants to use authority. Government, police, public sector are living mostly in a delusion that they are helping when mostly and 99.99% of the time they are the cause of the issue.
  15. SYP needs to be disbanded, every officer fired and every pension cancelled. Until we have action like this it will continue. I say that as someone who has family in and retired from SYP