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  1. Is there a flux capacitor behind the paper?
  2. 90s for me too. Apart from New lab and bozeye brown. Really puts a dampener on a decade that was otherwise amazing for everything else.
  3. Get everything you fool... I can't be bothered to see if you've stated the date but if you've time get something kinky especially a vibe and user it. Start with just getting a coffee and toast though with flowers Riding crop... Talk about that later if that's what your into but take it easy.
  4. Okay get something that is only for opening after kids hours. If you get my drift. Kids do not kill passion... Adult behaviour does.
  5. Get up and get breakfast made then do that bit... The rest of the day will be as breeze!!
  6. Extended highly likely... 25% possible as we are talking clueless twods making the rules but it would actually reverse the intention as Mon to wed at places that this is being redeemed at would offer a greater discount than that in normal times anyway.
  7. Own up... You was sat at a table by yourself and didn't even have an invite!
  8. Salt. Lots of salt. Or camels but they are harder to store.
  9. Thought this thread said idiots in parked cars! One of my irks when people pull up in a car and then just sit there for an eternity! Get out or drive off ffs!
  10. I can partially understand wimmin' and the cyclical sex drive (menstrual cycle). TBF I think that when 'on heat' the female is far more horny than the bloke who is pretty much on a constant level of heat regardless of what time of the month it is. However, I still don't understand the no sex at all. I've been in previous relationships (well, one) where she had a pretty much non-existent sex drive but as has been said sex isn't everything - there's more than one way to crack an egg! I can't fathom that someone would have no intimacy whatsoever in a relationship, no BJ/HJ/TW/mutual mastu
  11. Not sure that normal will ever return... People's mindsets have been altered. Quite frightening that the government can lockdown now whenever they feel like it and most will just say baaaa.
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