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  1. I think Trump is a vulgar spoilt baby but I think he won by a lot. Which makes the corrupt usurpers something far far worse. As in 2016, I am happy he won because the alternative was some hideous two faced woke establishment status quo with the screws tightened a bit. If they ignore votes cast what option do people have. Not blindly obeying laws and remaining peaceful for sure. Why would you?
  2. "We are all fat and stupid" works much better than "you are fat and stupid". Perfect man for the job then?
  3. Defund - disband and recreate smaller - both the police and the NHS. Both are no longer fit for purpose, bloated [with non-frontline and inneffective people / positions] and it's just time to start afresh with something better. I have been making anti-NHS posts since March and note that the number of people who agree / are critical is steadily growing.
  4. I prefer the second one providing the first one is dialled back. Much easier to not wear a mask and only be accused of risking yourself than be accused of risking others.
  5. Japanese mate in London insists it's down to face masks which are worn often even outdoors and by many pre covid. I don't agree and think it's either genetic or diet-fitness. Shame we or the US don't have decent race and BMI data for patients so that numbers for E.asian/SE asian ethnicities can be compared with african / european / S. asian. I assume the woke would object to such analysis as racist/fatist. So people die instead. Ignorance not bliss.
  6. In that case I suspect they've hived off [ring fenced into trusts] some of their assets so they're not available for liabilities such as USS. Can't be bothered to dig atm but would be surprised if they've spent/lost everything in the last few decades. Quick google search: queen has 88 bln and Trinity show 1.2bln in their accounts. Their asset allocation is probably similar and the story they were equal I only know from gossip pre internet times. What stands out to me is how low both those numbers seem in today's context. It's a small franction of covid spending, the odd allegedl
  7. Trinity is likely the most wealthy member and could possibly cover the USS liabilities but would then have reduced itself to nothing. They had investments and land comparable to that of the queen. Supposedly you can walk from Cambridge to London on Trinity land. Thus, a sensible decision decision from Trinity. Understandable unhappiness from the unions and other members of a probably bankrupt scheme. Pension schemes should be paid for by contributions during working life that are invested. The problem if you start to do that is how do you fairly pay for those who paid into the payg m
  8. More likely is that we're joining up as the 52nd state and as an opening gift to the incumbent will be sending our delegates to vote for him thereby swinging the result. [TBC I don't think either is likely to happen but hey it's 2020 AND fri 13th so....]
  9. The efficiency of public sector WFH. The reason for simultaneous exchange and completion is to avoid solicitors needing to do extra work. I think law society has recommended it for this reason. With the normal gap, extra clauses are recommended about what happens if either party has to covid-isolate, what if there are new rules etc etc. Without those clauses in a year where anything can happen, there's a potential shit load of extra work for the solicitor sorting the ensuing mess. The chances of any of this shitstorm kicking off is magnified by each extra potential problem in the cha
  10. BBC devon news were getting in confused hot water over which words to cancel this afternoon. As I drove to town they were reporting some women are upset at the BBC reporting that some of his women were innocent [non-prostitute] victims. With the implied non-acceptance / smearing of prostitutes etc. As I drove back the news started the report saying that the ripper targetted women of ill repute. No mention of any innocent victims or upset at previous reports. I really don't understand the rules of this game.
  11. Guessing he was a business owner and had already lost everything he had. If he gets a few years in clink, will maybe get out [and more help than he would as an ordinary law abiding failed business owner] just as things are recovering. Wait until we see a few of these and the police start to be afraid and wonder if they took the right actions when it came to enforcing new laws that clearly do not have general consent [in London at least].
  12. This is important as the envelopes *are* the documentation/only security that make the vote valid. For those that didn't read the NY Post whistleblower describing how votes are changed by going door to door offerring to post them: - the ballot itself has no security, you can photocopy a blank one. - All the security in the envelope - so his grunt-level vote manipulation involved steaming collected envelopes open and putting the new ballot in the envelope. simples.
  13. They're demanding right to end contracts if they want to [Fair enough] Plus a 40% reduction on this years accom. fees due to covid. .... why? .... just smacks of a new generation expecting a handout. If you have been missold you should be able to escape the contract without penalty. If you want to use it, you need to pay for it. If it's a stupid price [it is] campaign on that and a reduction for all future students as well.
  14. The reward of risk is being able to gain a much higher profit than the guaranteed salary if the punt / hard work comes good. I don't really see the connection with tax IF the premise of tax is gov takes a % of whatever income everyone has to pay for stuff for everyone [democracy, roads, schools, OAPs etc]. Why should you pay a lower % because of where your income comes from. There's a different argument that public sector salaries in particular are way to high but this is not the way to change that. Arguably private sector salaries too. If your gamble [with bitcoin] makes a loss
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