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  1. Great watch. Orange Man Badass, calling out the woeful Biden first month, the fraud, Supreme Court cowardice, naming RINO names including warmonger Liz Cheney, calling for breakup of big tech ... Watched it on Rekieta Law. Nick had one too many whiskeys beforehand while Trump made the GOP wait an hour. Was holding my breath watching him wince every time Trump said something that could imminently result in Youtube pulling his feed or binning his channel. Suspect this won't stay up long (cued to electoral reform bit)
  2. This came up on my Gab feed today. It's from Sept, and was on Alex Jones too, so may well have been posted already. Student sends comedian link to troll woke college in zoom call. This month they did ditch the mascot but sadly didn't go with his suggestion.
  3. The chicken virus mentioned in the study above looks to be an interesting real-world example of how a "leaky" vaccine, engineered to reduce the symptoms but not stop transmission of a virus, might lead to everybody needing to be jabbed. A tad worrying for anybody, like me, who was looking to dodge taking one of these not-quite-vaccines. Marek's disease in chickens was relatively benign until the introduction of leaky vaccines in the 1970s encouraged the evolution of more virulent/deadly strains. These new strains now have 100% mortality in any non-vaccinated chickens. https://en.wiki
  4. Just waiting on the supermarkets to start forcing us all to don both a pair of Y-fronts and a pair of boxer shorts, in case we fart on the premises.
  5. Liberals react to impeachment fail #2 (originally from the 2016 election but doing the rounds again this week)
  6. Beautiful cover, cheers. From the previous decade, this stuck with me ever since first hearing it on Annie Nightingale's R1 show in my bedroom on a Sunday night. Think it was the hook of the quiet first line, the slow build, then the raw human emotion. Still gives me a chill when the strings really kick in at 4:08.
  7. Was going to reply that the chords towards the end of "Is It Love" reminded me how the Brits took this raw Europop energy/joy and added that bit of class. So did a quick sweep of the thread to make sure JX not already posted, but there he was on page 1 . This tune still deserves a bump though.
  8. Totally forgot that brilliant series too, cheers. Prompted me to listen to this and now I'm going to have to order the series DVD.
  9. In the show trial, Rep Eric Swalwell (of being compromised by CCP spy Fang Fang fame) appears to have confused this lady's religious prayer vigil reference of bringing the "Calvary" with bringing the "cavalry". To add credence to his claims, he also granted her a twitter blue tick verification (via photoshop) https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/all-things-trump/impeachment-blunder-author-tweet-introduced-trial-says-it-was https://mission.substack.com/p/98dd5401-46db-45ab-b01b-0327d6386656
  10. Currently working for a company which was lured to Wales years ago by a taxpayer-funded grant. We never got back into the building between the four lockdowns, and our employer has now said the office won't reopen so we'll work from home permanently. Most of my colleagues are fine with this. Me, not so much - while I'm thankful to have dodged the furlough bullet and still have a job, I miss the office and people aspect. While ours wasn't a large office, I do worry about the wider impacts on the local economy, particularly if other companies come to the same conclusion. Couldn't say I'd re
  11. Trump's replacement defence team have released their response to next week's impeachment. Mostly just dry technical arguments showing it up for the kangaroo court that it is. Bannon and co (and me) will be disappointed there's nothing in there about the steal. Hope he's saving that up for a Columbo-style "Just one more thing..." moment in court.
  12. Re silver, I still follow Bix Weir. He thinks the Redditors should be careful what they wish for - they wouldn't be up against a hedge fund, they'd be fighting the unlimited printing of the whole machine. In the unlikely event they did succeed, they could take out JP Morgan and other too-big-to-fail banks. But he isn't exactly ruling out TPTB letting it happen either https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xJ5HXIRiKc (Disclosure: Bix doesn't get his next tarot-card reading from Jenny Moonstone until tomorrow)
  13. Just been listening to the Lin Wood interview I think was referenced in this video. So far, he's had death threats, been disowned by his own family, banned from Twitter & LinkedIn, smeared as having mental health issues by his old law school (and its woke students) and just been kicked off the Nicholas Sandmann cases he'd made possible. But fair play, he's not backing down and still sounds perfectly rational to me. https://rumble.com/vd88id-exclusive-lin-wood-i-believe-the-military-is-in-control-joe-biden-is-a-fake.html
  14. Patrick Byrne's started his memoir. He's only at the Preface but he has me hooked. Instalments to come every 1-3 days apparently. https://www.deepcapture.com/2021/01/draft-1-0-the-inside-story-of-the-steal/
  15. Think this might be from a while back, but Anna Brees shared today. Refreshing to see a decent human being, Charles Walker MP, trying to stand up for his constituents. Puts my Welsh Assembly and Westminster representatives to shame.
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