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  1. Islamification of Europe

    When gullible old XYY is slaving away at work - while I sit at home eating Ferrero Rocher, and supping Co-op vodka all day - I often log-on to his PC, and read all the wank you daft cunts talk in the so-called "stealth" forum..! Stealth...? Yeah, right. You dozy bastards couldn't sneak-up on Helen fucking Keller...!!! Mrs XYY
  2. Islamification of Europe

    Aye...? Well the daft cunt's not getting up my crack...!!! Mrs XYY
  3. Could you be a male lesbian?

    You wish - you bent cunt...! Mrs XYY
  4. To be sure they do...! Mrs XYY
  5. New Year's Eve

    We have in fact been very poor at finding an island, and the factors involved in this shite performance were: Factor 1) There aren't actually that many islands available to buy. Factor 2) Those that are available cost tens of millions of pounds. Factor 3) The precious few DOSBODders who can afford such islands don't want the likes of us living there and potentially fucking up their grouse shooting. As an idea for 2018, can we drop the dream of the island - and maybe look for the reality of the DOSBODs hippy-commune, or at least the suicide-pact religion. Anyone with a load of money who is prepared to step forward and buy us our own island is of course more than welcome to - but in the meantime, can we cut out cloth accordingly folks...? I can possibly get us all in a half-decent caravan-park for a few weeks in July - if anyone has a few horses to trade with the pikeys that own it... Mrs XYY
  6. Mrs XYYs New Year's Eve Punch-Up

    Dead right there mind pet. Reckons he changed Cliff Richard's nappies - or expressed milk for to feed the infant "bachelor boy" . Never mind that daft twat - come to bed and fuck me senseless... Mrs XYY
  7. New Year's Eve

    Aw, that's proper lovely that is. Come round one night while XYY is out - and I'll make the fucker worth your trip..!!! Mrs XYY
  8. Mrs XYYs New Year's Eve Punch-Up

    Thankfully it was benign... Mrs XYY
  9. Mrs XYYs New Year's Eve Punch-Up

    Shit - I can't find any pet. Any chance of a lend of some soot from your fanny...? Mrs XYY
  10. New Year's Eve

    Hiya everyone - it's Mrs XYY from next-door..!!! Happy 2018 - you bunch of sad cunts..! And if anyone sees our-lad - tell the sly bastard he better get next-door pretty fast. Or I'll cut his fucking nuts off... Mrs XYY
  11. Mrs XYYs New Year's Eve Punch-Up

    Well I better pop next door and wish all the boring cunts a happy new year. Back in a bit - merry 2018 you cunts...! Mrs XYY
  12. Mrs XYYs New Year's Eve Punch-Up

    Aye pet. Shame you can't wipe the shite off your arse properly either. Nor that bit caked on the end of your nose... Mrs XYY
  13. Mrs XYYs New Year's Eve Punch-Up

    Speak for yourelf sister. I'll hold it for you if the strain gets too much... Mrs XYY
  14. Mrs XYYs New Year's Eve Punch-Up

    No problem pet - anyone can have an accident. Like just now when I shat in your haversack...! Mrs XYY
  15. Mrs XYYs New Year's Eve Punch-Up

    Right, I'm off to get me boob-tube and make-up on - and one of you lucky fuckers will be dancing with this hot-chick when I get back...! Might as well chuck your car-keys in the fucking fruit-bowl now... Mrs XYY