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  1. Mrs XYY

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Shurrup you two fuckers. What happened in Scunthorpe stays in fucking Scunthorpe...! Mrs XYY
  2. Mrs XYY

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Well you might've changed yer name pet, but I see you're still a cheeky cunt. I'll forgive ya mind if you get me that nice Mr Icke's autograph now you're gonna be his neighbour and new bum-chum... Mwaaahh..!!! Mrs XYY
  3. Mrs XYY

    Worst Wigs

    Our-lad still has a canny head of hair mind. Shame about his tiny cock... Mrs XYY
  4. Mrs XYY

    When did you (mostly) stop buying things?

    Really...? Send the fucker round here after the bingo... Mrs XYY
  5. Mrs XYY

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    Look - unless you've got a bank-balance like Robert Mugabe and a cock like porn-star, then you can fuck right off...! I'm married to one extreme - and if I'm leaving him, then I want the fucking other... Mrs XYY
  6. Mrs XYY

    Black Friday deals

    Aye right. So you're bragging with your poofy mates on here about how many fannies have enjoyed having their sides totally un-touched by you...!!! I'm off down the bingo - feed the cat before you fuck off upstairs to wank yourself paraplegic over all that internet porn...! Mrs XYY
  7. Mrs XYY


    In that exceedingly unlikely event - you'll still be fucking sleeping upstairs...! Mrs XYY
  8. Mrs XYY


    No pet he doesn't. I fucking do... Mrs XYY
  9. Mrs XYY

    Ok, own up, who is it?

    Fuck off you daft cunt. Mrs XYY
  10. Mrs XYY

    The purpose of this site

    Well you've got to be living with that drunken bastard. Thankfully he's fucked-off upstairs to his man-cave to talk to you daft bastards on here, and play Marty Robbins songs - so I'm off down the bingo. Catch you later pet ... Mrs XYY
  11. Mrs XYY

    The purpose of this site

    I wish it was Pinny. Then I could just stick it in the washer with his shitty fucking undies... Mrs XYY
  12. Mrs XYY

    The purpose of this site

    Next time, pop round and see me pet. I'm proper fucking bubbly... Mrs XYY
  13. Mrs XYY

    The purpose of this site

    Not much chance of that on what he tips-up every week pet. Cunt spends all his money on whisky, quiche, and fucking hair-lacquer...!!! Mrs XYY
  14. Mrs XYY

    The purpose of this site

    Possibly Pinny. I can't really make them out because of all the shite and cum stains... Mrs XYY
  15. Mrs XYY

    ASK FRANK...!!!

    Fuck off Rock Hudson. Even our-lad's nob somehow manages to touch the sides every now-and-again - which is more than your boy-cock ever would...!!! Piss off back to Thailand where you belong... Mrs XYY