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  1. Do you get Metformin on prescription? That is the holy grail of anti-cancer/longevity.
  2. Wasn't expecting that. Beautiful woman;
  3. Not necessarily. I've seen loads more people jogging/cycling over lockdown. If you don't have to spend 1-2 hours commuting every day (mostly sedentary on a dirty bus or train), you have more time and energy to do proper exercise in fresher air. You are also less likely to rush out for your 15 minute lunch break to buy overpriced carbs. If you work from home you have more time to make and plan for a proper healthy lunch and spend less money on ingredients. WFH tends to be less stressful so less production of cortisol which is partially responsible for fat accumulation. Win-win for everyone except the Government and the rich.
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    Thank you. My ceremonial robes are being laundered in preparation for being initated into the dark arts afforded by the secret Dosbodsian forum.
  5. Home working also reduces many climate change problems such as transport/CO2 production, rubbish from consumption, food waste from eating out, the need for more unskilled, low wage workers producing more CO2 etc. The Government should be happy that coronavirus has reduced climate problems in one fell sweep (and in theory reduced the chance of more viral/bacterial pandemics which are partly caused by globalisation and predatory capitalism).
  6. A home working tax will be brought in to pay for not doing their part for the 1%ers social good.
  7. I prefer the LHC or 9/11 opening a Pandora's box/gateway to hell explanation, it's more exciting .
  8. I saw this on reddit yesterday... https://anonym.to/?https://old.reddit.com/r/Showerthoughts/comments/hnn47d/since_the_matrix_was_released_in_1999_cellphones/ See the 3rd comment down; Need to rewatch the film. What a coincidence .
  9. Sometimes I wonder if the theory about the LHC opening a portal into a dysotopian reality has some truth to it. Reality seems to get more bizarre and matrix-like every day.
  10. Reddit has some amazing sleuths. They have done this with a few different users.
  11. What are the chances, eh!
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    Where is that thread? I wanted to post in it but it doesn't come up when I search?
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    This is interesting (and weird) if true. Reddit users think they have found G. Maxwell's reddit account; https://anonym.to/?https://www.reddit.com/r/SubredditDrama/comments/hnfqo3/jeffrey_epstein_superfan_ghislaine_maxwells/
  14. Via https://anonym.to/?https://www.taxwatchuk.org/bbc-tax_avoidance/
  15. A few seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Sean Lennon, James Woods. Any others?