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  1. Oh dear Rodders, London property no longer guaranteed to make you a millionaire in a year anymore... https://anonym.to/?https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/55838674?search_identifier=3c7478010ce9041e42321a37285f0fb1
  2. But the US is still very generous when it comes to tax. It will be a 62% rate for someone earning hundreds of thousands if not millions I imagine in comparison to our 40% tax rate (not including NI) for anyone earning over £50k or whatever it is here. Most people pay very little tax there. And everyone complains about having to pay health insurance but it's basically a few thousand pounds a month which is the equivalent of what most people here earning over £50k have to pay in tax/NI for our supposedly "free" NHS so US health insurance isn't so terrible. Of course the NHS is free if you a
  3. We're back to the days of NuLabour when you were better off on benefits than working. The Tories are even worse as they've basically punished full time workers by removing child benefit for higher earners and the small amount of CTC higher paid working families could get as well as increasing housing costs for those that don't get benefits whilst continuing to increase benefits. The ratio of net givers to takers must be something like 20/80 by now. How is it in any way sustainable. I imagine a 90% tax rate for anyone insanely rich on £50k per year will be the next bonkers suggestion to elimina
  4. I don't understand why people think benefits are insufficient. Even a fairly small family (2 parents, 2 kids) gets about £2k per month. How is it sustainable? Minimum per child seems to be about £75 per week (CTC + CB) or the UC equivalent. That's plenty for food.
  5. I thought Child Tax Credits and Child Benefit was given to people to buy food (among other things) to feed their children?
  6. The Government want to put a special premium on council tax to pay towards TFL as well as getting rid of fares for under 18s (not those for OAPs for some reason) and extending the congestion charge (and switching to driverless trains). TFL is resisting. I don't really see a solution. London Transport is about to get a lot worse and a lot more expensive (if you're not a cosseted pensioner) I actually think Sadiq has been pretty good when it comes to London Transport. Much better than when Boris was Mayor. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8861737/Ministers-threaten-strip-Sadiq-
  7. Surprisingly balanced; https://anonym.link/?https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/_chat/4052902-Did-anyone-hear-the-woman-defending-Charlie-Hebdo-on-R4-Today?
  8. Are any of them regretting voting in the Tories yet? I bet they didn't think a Tory government lead by Boris would do this to them.
  9. Mumsnet talking point; Are the plebs (or in this instance the middle classes) waking up? https://anonym.link/?https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/am_i_being_unreasonable/4049090-AIBU-to-be-very-wary-of-the-Great-Reset
  10. How do you realistically see this ending then? It's like the Tories have a scorched earth policy - that they will go all in until the whole house of cards falls down (and them with it). Add Brexit to the mix and house prices should be absolutely collapsing. Instead they have gone up in a fucking pandemic. Can they even afford for prices to fall now. I mean if they collapsed 20% let alone 50% or more, would the economy actually survive seeing as everything is now based on house prices.
  11. Sure but that was over 20 years ago. Everything has changed since then. We have a different kind of economy based on lies, fraud and protecting the 1%. We have BTL, HTB, ZIRP, QE etc. You know all this.
  12. So what is the next step for London housing? The Government will never let it fall since they are all so heavily invested in it themselves.
  13. HolyCow

    Old vs Young

    The way I see it, old people (obviously not all, but many boomers and pensioners) have benefitted from huge amounts of largesse over the past 20-30 years. Now with the pandemic, the lockdowns are mostly about protecting the old (and vulnerable). Most of the people who will lose out (either from job losses, disruption of routine, economic consequences) will be younger generations who won't enjoy all the things that older generations took for granted (even before coronavirus this was stark) such as generous pensions, cheap housing, NHS, free education. Now the younger generations will have to pa
  14. Why do you think benefits will be rolled back? The Tories are not saying anything about cutting benefits. Infact they have increased them since the pandemic began. I don't think they have any intention of reducing them. Far more likely that workers will have to pay more tax and the welfare state will get even bigger to protect the "vulnerable". The current Tories are more like NuLabour. And more benefits means more money channelled to rich landlords and big business as subsidies for housing benefit/LHA/tax credits. You know this!
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