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  1. Can't see Corbyn agreeing to anything that doesn't include going to a second referendum.
  2. I've been wondering that pretty much all my life!
  3. If leaving with no deal has been ruled out completely, what happens on April 12th?
  4. I'm sure they could, but how on earth is there ever going to be a leaver government?
  5. If that's meant to say awal, as in what I always thought was written awol, then yes, maybe a bit. Been a bit sort of dead. I know that's not a valid excuse though
  6. Thought that was a new one, but it's one I signed ages ago, so it won't let me sign again.
  7. If May cannot get a deal through the house, because it's too hard for some, and too soft for others, then how is someone else going to get a harder deal through, given that the majority of MPs are for remain?
  8. Looks more like they'll just keep extending it, forever.
  9. £159 a month for me. Think it was £151 last year.
  10. Same here, but sadly there is zero chance of those being the options.
  11. I've stayed in the Euston Premier Inn, and also the Leicester sq one. Both fine, though obviously the Leicester sq one is is, let's call it livelier, immediately outside, at night! Usually we stay at the Radisson blu at Bloomsbury St, very near the British museum. Great location, not too far from tube at Tottenham Court. We usually are only there for one night though, and there's only two of us, so in your case, a lot more money.