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  1. Learning guitar

    Not seen those. I'll check him out this evening.
  2. Cancelling Sky vs Kodi / Covenant

    Yes. Both made in 2017 I think. Gary Oldman won the Oscar for The Darkest Hour.
  3. Cancelling Sky vs Kodi / Covenant

    If you want to watch a film about Churchill, then I think The Darkest Hour is better than Churchill. I enjoyed Hidden Figures. I thought Baby Driver was really good for the first half, then absolutely awful in the second. Can't comment on sci fi, as it's not my thing. We go to the cinema a few times a year, but I'm struggling to remember what else we've seen in the last couple of years. That's either a bad sign of the quality of the films, or just that I'm old!
  4. Come back knockoutjohhny!

    I've always fancied a Breitling. I'm never going to spend that much on a watch though! There are sites offering fake ones. Are these sites just a scam? As in, you pay the money and just never get the watch?
  5. Crazy figures. I've had 3 weeks off in 42 years, since starting work. That's two incidents, of one week in 1989, and a fortnight in 2011.
  6. Learning guitar

    Certainly a lot more help around these days, compared to when I started in the 80s, with all the online stuff. If you're looking for some simple songs to learn, in order to have something to practice, and achieve, you could have a look on YouTube at Justinguitar. He explains things well, compared to some teachers, and has hundreds of songs and lessons, from basic onwards.
  7. Behind the mask

    So.... You're in the check shirt?
  8. Behind the mask

    I've no idea who Simon Pegg is, but I know what you mean about the hassle anyone well known gets. I've no idea how they put up with it. Seems to be worse these days, with mobile phones. I've never once met, or even seen, anyone famous. Apart from when they were working on a stage or a sports field of course. Though to be honest, I'm pretty unobservant, so I may have walked past loads! If I did see someone, there's no way I'd approach them.
  9. What factors make these places best?

    No he's not. He's definitely Pickering!
  10. Where's fucking wally

    Can't get past level 4 in Spain .
  11. Really odd things that became accepted

    October 2017? No wonder I couldn't find it
  12. Really odd things that became accepted

    @Everentt what work one?
  13. High functioning autism....

    They can sell all they like of my data. Good luck to them if they can get anything for it.