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  1. Uptherebels

    Bye bye Treason May?

    So..... Do we end up with a labour government, jeremy as PM, another vote, with remain as the winner? Presume if that happens, the Tory brexiteers will be wishing they'd backed May.
  2. Uptherebels

    Where's Sarge?

    Yes. That was indeed Miss S.
  3. Uptherebels

    Upgrading the sound on my TV - soundbars vs surround sound?

    Not sure how I would connect that to the amp? Anyhow...............I did eventually find that sound test thing on the TV, though for some reason, it wasn't in the audio section That didn't make any difference. It just plays sound through the tv speakers, and asks if you can hear it ok. It was fine. I tried connecting the DAC to different inputs on the Amp. Same result as through AUX. The sound is there, but way too low in volume. Turning TV speaker on and off, has no effect on the sound through the amp. Not sure what to try next (if anything). I'm probably less likely now, to buy a sound bar, or soundstage box, unless I can try one first. If I just get the same results I'm getting now through the Cambridge Audio amp, then it's a waste of time. Sooner or later, I'll renew the TV, so will maybe get a bar at the same time, and just tell Richer Sounds to set it up
  4. Uptherebels

    Upgrading the sound on my TV - soundbars vs surround sound?

    No 2ch or anything like that. If I mess with it anymore this evening, I'm going to end up with all the remotes inserted in me! I've plenty of time tomorrow. Thanks for the help!
  5. Uptherebels

    Upgrading the sound on my TV - soundbars vs surround sound?

    No. Nothing about sound test. Just the usual sound mode thing, standard, music, movie, etc etc. Balance, treble, bass. There is an auto volume, has two options, on or off. This doesn't seem to make any difference to anything. TV speaker on or off, does turn it on and off, but has no effect on the external speakers. I think that DTV audio setting could be key, if I can find a way to alter it. Is that connected from the optical out on the TV using a DAC?
  6. Uptherebels

    Upgrading the sound on my TV - soundbars vs surround sound?

    There is one setting on the volume menu, called, DTV audio setting. This is set to Auto. It's also greyed out, so can't alter it. As you go down the options, it just slips past that one.
  7. Uptherebels

    Upgrading the sound on my TV - soundbars vs surround sound?

    Well you are right! It is not excellent. Only got around to this today. I've connected up the optical lead into the new little box, and the left and right connections then go from that, into the amp. The box is also connected to the TV by a USB, to get power I guess? Now, the connection works, but not really.............The volume is too weak. I know where the volume should be on the AMP dial, when playing a CD for example, and it's barely on. Let's say that zero on the dial is at 7 on a clock face. Normal listening would be at 8 or 9. I think it would blow the windows out if turned up to midnight. With the TV connected into the AUX, I can turn it fully up to maximum, so all the way around to 5 on a clock face, and you can just about listen to it from a few feet away, but it's very weak. Been through the settings on the TV, and there's not really much I can alter. Maybe it's because it's a 12 quid box.......................
  8. Uptherebels


    Try Union Jack, especially if you don't want presenters. As the name suggests, it's basically British stuff only. For a more wider choice from Britain and the rest of the world, try Jack 3, again with no presenters.
  9. Uptherebels

    Flu jab for older people is different

    Do they still put Formaldehyde, and vaginal spermicide in the flu jab? Or was that only ever a myth?
  10. Uptherebels

    Upgrading the sound on my TV - soundbars vs surround sound?

    Apparently, I need a little DAC box, so tv optical into that, then left and right out, and into AUX on the amp. Just ordered one for about 12 quid. If it works, it'll be cheapest option .
  11. Uptherebels

    Upgrading the sound on my TV - soundbars vs surround sound?

    Thanks for the answer. I've just tried that, into the aux on amp, from tv. Didn't work. Tried it into all the inputs as well, but no sound. The connected cd player works, so I know the amp and speakers are fine. Is it anything to do with the fact that the tv is getting pictures and sound from a virgin v6 box? There isn't an old fashioned left and right out on that. I'm off to a shop to see if they have a simple cable or adaptor solution!
  12. Uptherebels

    Upgrading the sound on my TV - soundbars vs surround sound?

    I swear all this stuff is getting more complicated. Well, more expensive anyway. Back in about 1983, I had the TV connected up to whatever budget hi fi system I had then, and it sounded brilliant. Not sure how old current TV is, but it's at least 7 years. Doesn't have hdmi ARC, which I think I'd need to connect a soundbar?? It has the old style audio out, left and right, and digital optical audio out, both not currently in use. At that end of the room, is also a Cambridge audio amp, 540A, and some Mordaunt Short speakers. Nearby is also a pair of Sonos one's, paired together. These are used for music streaming, and mainly as a radio via tune in app on phone. Is there a way to connect current TV to anything I already have?
  13. Uptherebels

    Council debt madness

    At the end of this financial year on March 31, NCC owed £1,012,258,000 to various different organisations and had a number of higher interest ‘toxic’ LOBO loans in its debt portfolio. Read more at: https://www.northantstelegraph.co.uk/news/one-billion-pounds-northamptonshire-county-council-s-total-debt-1-8548150 I assume that those higher interest toxic loans, are not included in that headline figure from last financial year.
  14. Uptherebels

    Council debt madness

    I live in Northants. I think we might have invented it
  15. Uptherebels

    Someone shooting up a synagogue

    What about the suspended railways, like the one in Wuppertal? Not sure how many are still in operation, but you could try and do them all.