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  1. Saw this Ford GT (?) Yesterday at motorway services. Very smart.
  2. Anyone thinking of dobbing in a neighbour or two, should probably think twice before ever going to sleep again. I suppose if there are two or more in the house , they could sleep in shifts.
  3. I'd be interested to know what percentage of employed people work in an office. To listen to the media you'd think it was over 80%. I clearly exist on a different level.
  4. I got to the end of that, though didn't understand pretty much any of it . I did however, fail to get to the end of The Dark Knight. Now that's not my normal sort of viewing, but it makes loads of best film lists , so I thought it must be good . Bailed out with only about 30 minutes to go. Absolute pish.
  5. Watched last night , simply based on your post . Really enjoyed it, thanks for the tip .
  6. They could offer me free food and drink, and a £20 note on the way out, and I still wouldn't eat in a pub
  7. Everyone will ignore it once they are back home. They'll just carry on as normal.
  8. I thought this vaccine thing was years away, if it was even possible. Now Russia plans mass vaccination in October, and the US plans to start it before the end of the year. Didn't take long. I think I'll pass. Then it will be a condition of employment etc etc
  9. How do you find out your 'score'….?
  10. Even if it was still 12 people, I don't think it would be possible now, given the average size of people in 1980 and now
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