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  1. Uptherebels

    Smoking - what else is known to be bad

    Sadly it's not just in fizzy drinks. It's in a lot of squash and cordial too. Even the ones that have sugar. It's fine to cut down on sugar if you want or need to. Just don't replace it with bloody Aspartame.
  2. Uptherebels

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Would that mean Davies back as brexit secretary?
  3. Uptherebels

    World Cup 2018 - Knockout Stage

    .... And in parts of UK too.
  4. Uptherebels

    What are u doing to keep cool?

    Excellent. Should be a perfect day
  5. Uptherebels

    What are u doing to keep cool?

    Where are you?
  6. Uptherebels

    Best Songs of the Eighties

    Just creeps into the 80s, but reminds me of 1990! Great song. Great video.
  7. Uptherebels

    World Cup 2018 thread

    A deliberate Columbia own goal would have sent Japan out. That would have been fun.
  8. Uptherebels

    Criminal Offence to wear MBGA cap in Londonistan?

    Admittedly I'm pretty thick, but what am I missing here? I'd have ended up using the tazer thingy on her. God she's annoying. What's the difference between this stupid bint, and the American one on here a few weeks back? Although I agree the American one was even more obnoxious as regards her 'do you know who I am' attitude.
  9. Uptherebels


    Not around here. I'm all for that, but I don't think there's many of us left.
  10. Uptherebels

    Year Out?

    I took a year out in the mid 90s. Not for travel. To look after the kids when they were young. Best thing I ever did. Currently work a four day week. Just been out for a good walk, which included sitting by a lake for 30 minutes, doing nothing more than watching dragonflies. If that's retirement, then bring it on.
  11. Uptherebels

    World Cup 2018 thread

    So, if you were no good at football, and no good at goal kicks..... Were you a 'good shot stopper'?
  12. Uptherebels

    State Pension - incomplete years

    That only gives an example of partial periods in two countries being used together, to qualify. That won't be needed in my case. Do you agree that I'd be entitled to a UK pension, with 35 years NI contributions?
  13. Uptherebels

    State Pension - incomplete years

    I did. It doesn't clarify anything. I called the gov.uk international pensions line today. I was told it's not unusual for people to be in receipt of 2, 3, and even 4 state pensions. They can only discuss the UK one. Was told you need to contact the other countries one directly. So I did. Ireland has no issues with me applying for that pension, when the time comes. Whether I'm on receipt of a full UK pension, is irrelevant to them. If I meet the qualifying criteria, there shouldn't be an issue. Was also told though, that the qualifying criteria are changing from 2020. But she said I was so far inside them, it shouldn't effect me. So, it's looking promising. But I'm not going to budget on it, as it's too risky that the computer ends up saying no when the time comes. And I may well be dead long before then anyway!
  14. Uptherebels

    My Word! Average household monthly spend

    Are there any? What's the average age of a Dosbodder?
  15. Uptherebels

    State Pension - incomplete years

    Well your'e the first person who has said yes or no. Where are you getting that information from? Not sure what you mean by not being required to pay social security twice. I've already paid it thousands of times You can't start work in the UK, work and pay NI for 35 years, and then move to another country, work, and just say 'I'm not paying any more social security, 'cos I've already paid it in the UK' Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that it's possible to do this. I'm just trying to find out. Neither governments websites are very clear. I'm going to call the International pension centre later on, and see if they can advise. This is form the Gov.uk site Living and working overseas If you live or work in another country, you might be able to contribute towards that country’s State Pension scheme. If you’ve lived or worked in another country in the past, you might be eligible for that country’s state pension and a UK State Pension. To check if you can pay into or receive another country’s state pension, contact the pension service for that country.