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  1. Uptherebels

    This killer Pret Baguette

    If she'd have had any of those in the baguette, surely she would still have died?
  2. Uptherebels

    This is a first - Tesco mixes up petrol and diesel!

    I think the mixing up of the underground tanks once happened at Tebay services in Cumbria a few years ago.
  3. Uptherebels

    This killer Pret Baguette

    I found it odd that a baguette had sesame baked into it. As has been said, if it were me, I'd probably take food with me rather than taking the risk. But a baguette should be fine for someone with a sesame allergy.
  4. Uptherebels


    Aren't cows only made out of processed grass?
  5. Uptherebels

    Far fewer cars in the future

    I completely agree with this. Though it's hard to do anything about the income tax part, as a paye employee, but I am doing my best with salary sacrifice. I fear that's also a complete waste of time though, as I'm convinced the rules will be changed by the time I try and draw any of that money, so that it'll be taxed the same amount as if I'd never sacrificed it.
  6. Uptherebels

    Any Urology gurus on here?

    How often are you supposed to have the DRE, and maybe PSA test done? I had it done once, aged about 54.
  7. Uptherebels

    The bodyguard

    Gutted no Keeley though. I love Keeley
  8. Uptherebels

    Far fewer cars in the future

    That can't be true. No BMWs have indicators that work.
  9. Uptherebels

    Online Privacy - Apple

    I'm not an apple user, but I thought the new IOS had made all the older ones, back to six, much faster?
  10. Uptherebels

    Freshers Week and bewildered parents

    Me neither. Didn't enter my head for a second, to stay in education any longer than the minimum.
  11. Uptherebels

    Fuckin' Weather

    Yes. Sunday could be troublesome. Fri AM possibly bad too.
  12. Uptherebels

    Retire in your forties

    I'm rapidly heading towards 60, and I've never figured out what I like doing yet.
  13. Uptherebels

    Retire in your forties

    And Wales.
  14. Uptherebels

    how dead is your local

    My first job, in the mid 70s, we used to go to a pub at lunchtime, and have a ploughman's lunch, (he wasn't happy), and 2 or 3 pints. Then back to work. Do a bit, then play cards for the final hour. Different times. As a junior office bod, I was on £20 a week, and I think Bitter was 17 or 18p a pint. Only worked there for a couple of years, then left to do factory work, as the money was so much better. These days, I don't do pubs anyway, and lunch consists of 30 minutes at best, in a 12 hour day.
  15. Assuming they've just lost power. Or it's no longer actually there