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  1. JohnnyB

    Escape from LA

    Are they just roving round the countryside now? Looks pretty rural. The whole point of a genuine demonstration is to raise awareness, which is why usually it's in the city centre or in front of parliament. If they are really targeting the suburbs, this seems like pure intimidation.
  2. JohnnyB

    BLM UK London rapper Wiley has fallen out with the media for tweeting about Israel, saying it should be land for black people. He's the sort of obscure, low level of success artist that Radio 1 would plug like he was the next Eminem, and Radio 5 would invite on to tell us all that the UK is horribly racist and youth clubs need more money. This is the issue I have with BLM, you can't solve racism with more racism. Have all the equality drives you want, but this is definitely a political movement now. Also another middling pop star, Dua Lipa, is coming under fire for supporting a 'greater Albania'. Even the most woke right-on sjw media darlings can go all ethnic nationalist when it's their homeland being discussed. No serb lives matter protests in Albania I note, calling for the sharing of land and ending discrimination.
  3. That's the second article she's had on the BBC, the first was to do with insurance cover. Not bad for a little shop in the provinces. Wonder if she has a sister high up at the beeb? Sadly I don't think the "new normal" economy will support these expensive candle and incense sticks merchants.
  4. Phony war at the moment. Mortgage holidays, car finance repayment holidays (just extended). No evictions. Can bailiffs operate at the moment? Just say you're high risk and if the enter the house it's attempted murder. Furlough, 50k bounce back loans. Probably the smarter ones who think ahead are the most worried. PCP Phil and Barratt Becky probably too busy booking cheap flights to Spain (need to recover from a busy 3 months furlough) to realise they are screwed.
  5. Conversely to the London points - was in the peak District yesterday, absolutely packed, car parks all full. Going up the hill passed lots of happy families and groups of all ages, everyone friendly and saying hello. No masks. I fear they've killed off the cities. But will the economy just reshape to virtual or socially distancing friendly activities? Having been a frequent user of public transport, the general standard of people's higene is disgusting so not surprised people are massively avoiding trains and buses still.
  6. A handy acronym. And don't forget to call the corona hotline if you have symptoms - 0118 999 881 999 119 7253
  7. JohnnyB

    BLM UK

    He's probably one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet on Scottish history, working class history and labour movements, so you would have hoped that if he was cautious on full Scottish independence, at least some of the politicians would take note. But no.
  8. Yep, I remember the nasty signs telling outsiders to keep out, dirty city folk with their deadly virus. BBC lapping it up, Welsh police setting up road blocks. Well 4 months later the killer virus is still around, international arrivals back at 50k per day and the rest of the world just getting started. But now the economic reality is starting to bite, so the tourist towns are quietly murmuring that maybe the oldies will just have to take their chances now. Lots of places will never recover. People will stock up at tescos and have a car picnic at the nice views rather than have to be masked up and sit apart at grim socially distances restaurants.
  9. Lots of rocks being tipped over, previously hidden contents revealed. Workers shipped over, living in overcrowded, grotty caravans. Big chunk of wages going straight back to the landowner. Farmers don't want any Brits who know the law or speak the language for a reason. Leicester wilting in the spotlight. How could we have Bangladeshi sweatshops manned by Bangladeshi workers in the middle of a UK city? But people knew of course. Grim truth of Boohoo revealed. One company that needs to fall. Jail the owners. Mirrors the textile factories of N. Italy, staffed by illegal Chinese workers. Somebody was making a killing, money wise. But then the virus wiped out whole villages. Everything has consequences, eventually.
  10. Yeah, they probably just recast to get unknowns on cheaper rates who would do 14hr stints in the recording studio without complaining.
  11. Hmm, the Birmingham JL was in an odd location, I think they'll just try and grab a better site at half the rent now. Being in the station itself rather than the main Bullring you got the undesirables hanging round all the entrances asking for money, and I'd imagine lots of people didn't fancy having to navigate the rush hour commuter crowds.
  12. Yes, it's easy to be popular when all you do is give free money out. Remember that Javid at least had the self respect to quit when Boris brought the Treasury under direct control of his advisors. From the general Westminster chitter chatter, Rishi is regarded as pretty clever and a good manager, but I doubt he's too much of a free thinker. I think the government are going to have to be really careful with their direction of picking winners. We have situations now where one couple could have the wife on full 2K per month furlough, having a long summer holiday and saving money from lack of commuting, with a self employed husband who got the grant and has been working throughout anyway. Plus they've taken the mortgage holiday (ignoring long term implications for now). On the flip side though, a couple where both were laid off or have slipped through the criteria for the schemes, will have been left with nothing and literally thrown to the wolves on UC. It's such a huge divide now, exacerbating young Vs old, rich Vs poor etc. I would rather they go down the American route of mailing everyone a cheque if we need direct stimulus, rather than this attempt to continue the status quo of everyone's Feb wages.
  13. JohnnyB

    Escape from LA San Francisco introducing a law to arrest citizens if they make a 911 call which is racially biased, i.e. the government thinks you would not have called against a white person in that situation.
  14. Oh god, that CV. Any HR / Hiring Manager who gave him a role in the last 5 years should be immediately fired. Interview question 1 - why do you never last more than 6 months in a role? Spent 3 years on a 1 year Masters he didn't complete. THREAD-CROSSER - did assurance for the Fujitsu debacle at the Post Office. I've actually often wondered how feasible it was to bounce around from role to role just by blagging interviews before getting found out.
  15. JohnnyB

    Escape from LA

    Situation is fluid, but early info is saying the road blockers were one female and one non-binary person. The two drivers were black.