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  1. Little snitches

    One of the most simple but effective life strategies, IMO. As for the other person, I think there's quite a sizeable majority of people who will raise objections when there's someone else leading the way, but when it comes to following up with any sort of action on their part, they're nowhere to be seen. I can never work out what drives it - do they genuinely hold dissenting views but then later lack the courage of their convictions, or do they just claim to have a dissenting view that they actually don't, for some reason. All part of the fascinating study of humans
  2. Fatter, longer, heavier - Cars

    The Mini is particularly ridiculous to me. How can you call a car a Mini when it's bigger than the thing your average didicoy arrives in to tarmac your drive? I don't think it's just that people have got fatter, I think it's also partly that people define themselves much more by their cars these days, so there's a market for bigger cars to match the image people want to project. I'm certain the explosion of people driving massive 4x4s called things like Warrior, Barbarian, Trojan and stupid things like that is a part of it. And recently I've noticed a recent trend in car adverts showing animals bowing down in subservience to the driver of a car (one is Range Rover, another is a VW I think). It all points to selling an image that the driver wants to feel and project.
  3. Default

    Why bother with sovereign default when we can default anyway through relentless devaluation of sterling, and the numpties will still lend to us anyway. It's a win win.
  4. Nasty bridge collapse in Florida

    So it's a suspension bridge that was erected before the suspension parts were in place to actually suspend it from. Might that have been a teeny weeny bit of a sequencing error?
  5. Career advice

    I think even just shifting your perspective a little can make a huge difference. Being able to think "Well I'll stick with the PhD and if it all goes wrong then I can become a yoga instructor" is a million mental miles from "I'm stuck having to finish the PhD and there are no alternatives." Cost wise, I don't think you can put a price on happiness, health and fulfilment. You might find you shell out the £3k and don't become a yoga instructor, but that the people and experience that you come across will open up other opportunities that are more suited to you. I've learned over time to go with my gut feelings, and to do whatever I do with integrity; as long as I do that, the right people and things seem to come to me. I probably sound like some sort of wishy washy hippy with this stuff. That is not the case, either in my appearance or earning capacity. Following your heart doesn't have to mean low earnings, unless you want it to.
  6. Career advice

    I'd forget the criteria and just mentally and spiritually open myself up to new opportunities. If your last role was a major contributor to your illness then it's your subconscious' strongest way of saying it's not the right thing for you. But I think setting too many criteria or filters can actually cause you to overlook some opportunities that might have been perfect, but that you would never have considered. In your position (and I have been in a similar one quite recently), I would meditate a lot, and focus on what you want out of life at a very high level, e.g. health and happiness, emotional fulfilment. Then just open yourself up to all possibilities. It's amazing what turns up when you don't try to control it too much.
  7. Reds under the bed.

    No, that's not what I'm saying at all. I think as soon as you go down the route of deciding that some ideas need to be suppressed, then you have a conundrum of where you begin intervening. My opinion is that whilst some ideas are undeniably batshit crazy, the best thing to do is leave people to make up their own minds, and if they happen to wipe themselves or others out in the process, it's an unfortunate fact of life - but ironically some of the best evidence that the idea was, in fact, batshit crazy after all.
  8. I'm thinking about getting into BTL

    AIUI Kurt is intending to rent his new house out while he continues to rent the one he's living in from someone else, so he'll only own one house and only live in one house. They just won't be the same one. Personally I think that's fair enough. By and large I agree with you though, except I do think there are some professional and decent landlords out there, including my own. But I understand many people's entire experience with landlords is unfailingly negative.
  9. I'm thinking about getting into BTL

    I think house prices will fall minimum 50% and more like 90%, but I have no idea when that will happen, what currency we will be using at the time, and what would have happened to your net worth if you hadn't piled it into a house, so to me that's a moot point. I think interest rates will remain at or near zero for as long as we still have GBP. I have no idea when the currency will finally die a death. I don't know anything about your travels or wife's residency, but unless it's major I don't see much affecting a mortgage application. AFAIK we live in an economy that lives and breathes on ever expanding credit, so the entry criteria will theoretically always get easier (albeit not necessarily in a straight line) until the collapse I mentioned in points one and two. In other words, that's the shittest, most generalised response I could possibly have given, but it also happens to be my very honest opinion. Short answer - if your head and your heart say go for it, then go for it. Just don't be a cunt of a landlord, but since you've experienced that I'm sure you won't.
  10. Reds under the bed.

    In your opinion yes - and your opinion is every bit as valid as mine. That's kind of the point I'm making, in that you and I have differing opinions on the subject, and probably neither of us will have our minds changed by the other. But for anyone reading who is unconvinced either way, they will make a much more informed decision by being exposed to both view points. Suppressing or interfering with one over the other does not give the individual free choice. That's not to say that many people won't go on to make spectacularly shit decision regardless of the balance of opinion available to them, but that is our right as human beings IMO.
  11. Reds under the bed.

    Yes, but you won't change those people's opinions no matter what you do. These aren't the sort of people his paper is talking about IMO - he's aiming at people who are undecided or at the very least open to having their opinion changed. He just wants to change it to suit the way he thinks it should be.
  12. Reds under the bed.

    Perhaps, but I think you have to take the point he's starting from in order to put his language and his own belief system into context. To even be discussing the subject suggests a belief that there are certain viewpoints that are outright "wrong" and that the people with those viewpoints need to be encouraged or assisted to start thinking the "right" way. In my opinion all the damage is done within that belief - anything else, e.g. the paper, the paid trolls and the degree of deliberate opinion shaping etc are merely symptoms of the belief itself. As far as I can tell, there is no good reason to suppress the opinions of anybody because common sense and consensus will usually win the day. The only people who would seek to suppress opinions of others must IMO surely be working to an agenda in which they pursue either what is best for their own interests, or what they believe to be best for everybody else's. And anyone who believes they know what is best for everybody else is, in my opinion, usually deluded and highly unlikely to bring about what actually is best for the species, race, or whatever as a whole. On that basis, I'm not sure we need to be worrying about evil agendas so much as well meaning idiots in a range of different guises.
  13. End of cash

    Exactly. As usual, more inconvenience to the vast majority who aren't doing anything "wrong" and bugger all effect on those who do. Inverted commas for "wrong" in this case, because I'm distinctly dubious about the morality of taxation. Fair idea in principle, dreadful in execution IMO.
  14. Paedo hunters

    I think that's exactly the mechanism at play there. According to the MO in the OP, then these people are not exposing paedophiles, but actually creating the paedophile first via entrapment and then exposing them. Without their involvement, who is to say whether the individual would have ever actually crossed the line?