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  1. I'm quite glad Treason has gone against Five Eyes in this Huawei thing - for as long as she's in conflict with the Donald I have hope that she might yet come to the end she deserves. On another note, I guess this got missed in all the latest: I wonder how that conversation went, exactly? Something along the lines of "Hello Jack, you're my bitch now" I would guess.
  2. To be fair to them it's only human nature to be all mouth and no trousers, but great video all the same.
  3. These are all questions I am asked by the in-store lackey, so I'll respond with the same withering stare that I give them But seriously, I do everything right, the fucking things just hate me as much as I hate them. The only time I ever use one is if I happen to go shopping on Wednesdays, aka international old people day, in which case it's still faster that using a staffed checkout with one old person ahead of me in the queue.
  4. I don't know if I give off some sort of weird electrical interference or something but every time I try using one of those self-service checkouts I get about 1.2 seconds into the process before the robot lady says, "Please wait for assistance". This occurs with every second or third item I scan, leading to repeated visits from the in-store lackey, increasingly fractious gratitude on my part, and ultimately teeing up my supermarket bon mot, "And you call this fucking progress, do you?"
  5. I'd like to cite opposition to treason and general cuntishness as my reason for wanting to deny Berkow the opportunity to breathe.
  6. I assume the believes that such a tweet makes her seem formidable and empowered, rather than an angry, incoherent fuckwit.
  7. Something to do with black birds?
  8. Not sure if it's in this thread or another but I saw the video interview of Batten where the female "journalist" refuses to give up on the nasty nazi Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon line of questioning. At one point in the exchange after Batten has legitimately defended TR, she tries again with something along the lines of, "Well if he's not a right-wing hate speaker, how come Facebook and other social media sites have banned him?" - utterly humiliating herself and her profession in the process. It's a joy to watch them in action.
  9. Farage is beginning to take on the same grinning jackass qualities of Tony Blair in my opinion, I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. Sadly if my social media is anything to go by he's successfully wooing a huge number of pissed of Leave voters.
  10. Agreed. Personally I found the rape tweet thing rather unpleasant, but UKIP have identified that they need to go in a new direction here, and while they might be stopping at some ropey diners along the way I think they probably have the overall route about right. They will make mistakes, the test will be whether they learn from them or not. Another thing that occurs to me is that I think Batten may be playing a much longer game than many of us are thinking. Sure, an 18 year old Sargon subscriber might not go out and vote this time around, but in 4 years may have a wife, kid and mortgage, and feel invested enough to care. We keep being told how Brexit voters are dying off while remain voters are being replaced with every passing year - I think UKIP have identified the demographic they need to be targeting, while Farage sticks with the dwindling oldies.
  11. I'm UKIP and Batten all the way, and that video just convinces me even more. Batten has integrity, he's consistent, and he's courageous - his defence of Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and his willingness to argue the point repeatedly against an utterly blinkered and biased hack sets him apart from every other politician. I completely understand why people think that he can't hold a candle to Farage politically. What I don't understand is why anybody thinks Farage will ever deliver on anything he promises. I'd rather vote for a no-hoper who I believe has integrity than a favourite who will just fuck me over once he's got what he wants out of it. I didn't vote for Treason in the last general election because I was concerned she wouldn't deliver. I hope my radar is equally correct this time.
  12. Thanks for the guidance - this is why I am not cut out to be an assassin.
  13. Driver should have used a Tesla, then at least if he survives the gunfire he could blame the auto-pilot for the accident.
  14. Utter, utter cunt. After the treachery of his wife's bill to legally remove our only negotiating chip (and the only one we needed) from the table, he's got the fucking front to come out and say this? He's delusional, either because he genuinely thinks that MPs have done nothing wrong, or because he thinks we're stupid enough to believe they haven't.