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  1. Fully Detached


    Absolutely, but the behaviour is only moronic if you know the other side to the story.
  2. Fully Detached


    Perhaps not directly so, but a 14 year old is not impervious to parents and media pointing out that they've been fucked for the benefit of the old. Of course, it would be better if they knew the truth that they've been fucked for the benefit of the banks and politicians, but that would never do.
  3. Fully Detached


    Maybe there's more to it but this is the kind of thing I think we'll see more of over the next couple of decades or so. It's what happens when you fuck over the younger generations in favour of the older ones. I'd guess the dichotomy is felt far more keenly in seaside towns than most places.
  4. Absolutely tragic but really, that's piss poor procedure from the authorities. A drug user in any country - let alone the US - is highly likely to be carrying a weapon. Surely it would have been a good idea to search him and confiscate the damn thing before bringing him back to consciousness.
  5. Are you sure he's yours? Now might be a good time to disown him...
  6. Indeed. Bojo it is then, assuming that little shite Gove doesn't have something up his sleeve to take him down again. But I reckon this time it's Gove who will be getting stabbed in the back.
  7. In my personal and deeply considered opinion calling someone a honkey bastard is way worse than calling them a spunk gobbler. Publish and be damned!
  8. Modern economics seems to me to be mostly about using complicated models and data to present whatever viewpoint suits your agenda, whilst at the same time giving yourself an excuse for being hopelessly wrong.
  9. If it means I can get round the weekly supermarket shop without Mrs Detached spending three hours weighing up the relative merits of two different sized bottles of ketchup, then I'm all for it.
  10. The next logical step is to do away with adverts altogether and let the government tell us what to buy.
  11. Fully Detached


    I totally agree with you. However, I would suggest that the actions of the father are indeed the actions of a fucking retard. I didn't see anywhere in the article that he'd attempted to discuss the situation with the school so if that's correct, then we're talking about someone whose first reaction to his daughter being sent home from school is to go and superglue his hands to the gates. Which means he's a fucking retard, regardless of how nazified the school actually are. And in an amazing twist of fate it turns out I've been educated in writing this post, because I thought I'd just made up the word nazified, but the spell-checker says it's groovy.
  12. Yes exactly - my expectation is that they will continue to devalue GBP, and for this reason I see my cash savings, even those that are index linked, as risky. The decision in 2008 to bail out the banks and keep house prices high has basically crystallised them at ridiculous levels - if the banks couldn't afford price discovery in 2008, then no way in hell can they let it happen now, so I see devaluing cash as the route the BoE will take right up until the point it all goes spectacularly bust. With a small mortgage I'd be able to withstand much higher rates than the majority of borrowers. I feel uncomfortable at the thought of trading my financial freedom for supposed security which carries a level of risk, but I can pretty much mitigate that risk to the extent where I would be a gold plated borrower compared to Mr and Mrs Average.
  13. Yep I had a quick look at those - if we decide to buy then I'll look in more detail but ideally I'd like to minimise my borrowing as far as possible. The only reason for wanting to hold the non-cash assets is that I think they'll hedge to some extent the potential risk I'd be taking by buying at the top of the market. Even as I type this I'm thinking how ironic it would be for me to buy at probably the all time top after 15 years of waiting for prices to drop. Life is a funny old thing.
  14. Yes, that's basically how I'm looking at it now. I think there is no longer any opportunity for a controlled rebalancing, so it's going to be pedal to the metal right up until the moment we hit the brick wall.
  15. I wasn't expecting replies so quickly, thanks to all. I'm definitely not looking at a house as an investment, it's just that I've worked hard to save what I have (spent years saving to buy outright but was always just outpaced by HPI) and I don't want to lose any more than I have to. But as I look at it I'd be exchanging my riskiest*/largest savings - cash - for a house, whilst holding on to assets that might do very well in a failing economy (OK the land would lose value but long term I might get planning on that so it's a definite hold). So even risk means I have a net £30k mortgage, worst case is I have an £80k mortgage and best case is maybe my other assets do well enough to negate the mortgage altogether. I need to get over the butt hurt about the cost, I'm aware of that. The other thing in my mind is that this summer might be a good time to get a better price because of Brexit worries etc.I"m sure that could go both ways in that maybe people won't sell until they know what's happening. Just seen Spy's comments and yes I agree with every word. The problem is I've agreed with every word since 2003 and all I've seen so far is extend and pretend, ably assisted by a deliberately undereducated and dumbed-down population who think that 35-40 year mortgages are there to help them. Those same people will probably be queueing at the doors when the first intergenerational mortgages go on offer. It honestly makes me think that we'll have flat or positive HPI right up until the day when the shit hits the fan and it all goes Mad Max. * I say riskiest because it's the one that's entirely in the hands of the govt / BOE and oddly enough I don't trust them as far as I could fucking throw them.