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  1. Comey FBI Willfully Ignored "Highly Classified" Hillary Clinton Emails; Barr Radio Silent Nothing new in this to anybody who has been following this thread, but notable perhaps for a couple of reasons. First of all, ZH are somewhere in between Q and the MSM so if they're starting to lay it all out, then perhaps others will begin to follow suit. Secondly, Barr coming under pressure for not doing anything about it. Leads me to two possibilities - either drain the swamp was all a load of shit and Trump and Barr are as bad as the last lot, or Trump is holding this back until the whole world is screaming that he and his AG are preventing justice from being done, so that he ends up being "forced" to make it all public. Seeing how he's played people to date I wouldn't be surprised at the latter, but neither would I be at the former.
  2. I do find it amusing to have swapped ends with you, albeit probably only in regards to this particular "proof". But as I see it, you've accepted there's a link between Jizz being at the In and Out and Tick Tock LLC ten minutes down the road. And now you're discounting the possibility that the Q drop could have related to a different business altogether because there's no link between it and Jizz. That doesn't make sense. My point is there's quite likely no link between Jizz and Tick Tock either. As for tick tock - why have the tick in lower case and the TOCK in upper case, followed by LLC? Why is TOCK more significant than tick, if the point is to draw attention to a business called Tick Tock? Too flimsy for me.
  3. Yes, agreed. There are a hell of a lot of things in a 10 minute radius of that burger joint that could probably be attributed to a previous cryptic Q post. And the post itself was written, "tick TOCK (LLC)". A quick search shows there's a TOCK LLC dealing in rental properties, albeit in Philadelphia, so why not that one?
  4. I'll give it a listen later, but for now I just wanted to say to TMT: LOLZ, FANBOI!
  5. Fully Detached


    Wasn't he in Right Said Fred?
  6. Q will resurface when it's politically expedient to do so - . IMO there's so much going on with Epstein, FISA etc that Q posting now would risk being repeatedly proven wrong by various turns of events. Better to wait until things have settled a bit and then shape the narrative from more solid ground - the 8Chan problem is probably a fortuitous bit of breathing space to go quiet for a bit.
  7. Thanks Carl. Can't help wondering if it might be less effort for you to point out the people who don't have Jewish links - that way we could all just assume that everybody does unless you tell us they're in the clear
  8. I had this same typo the other day - edited it 3 times and still couldn't get rid of it until I removed the comma after "so". @spunko is this a deliberate auto replace or a bug?
  9. Aka twat with the mental maturity of a 15 year old.
  10. Ah, I see the bloke is an "activist", aka virtue-signalling drama queen who probably picked the fight deliberately. If he wins the case, then presumably bakers in future would be equally obliged to bake a cake - upon request - bedecked with the slogan, "Support the throwing of gays off multi storey car park roofs". I mean, a company shouldn't be allowed to pick and choose their customers, he says. I can't see why that should only apply to the homosexual community. Or could it be that the whole thing has fuck all to do with equality and everything to do with making a fucking pain in the arse of himself so everybody notices him.
  11. Away with your facts! We'll believe whatever we want to!
  12. Fully Detached


    OK, so what does it mean, to stuff a dog? Are we talking taxidermy here? If so then despite this whole thing stinking to high heaven, there's a part of me that is cracking up at the thought of a stuffed Jeffrey Epstein shortly to be positioned upon an upturned barstool at Chez Clinton.
  13. Fully Detached


    According to ZH, 40% of Americans do. That's a staggering amount of conspiracy theorists.
  14. Fully Detached


    Yep. And regarding the bit in bold, I can't imagine him ever feeling that he'd lost control - we're talking about someone who had a royal in his back pocket even after being convicted for underage sex crimes, and a painting of an ex-POTUS (who just happened to fly on his private jet 27 times) wearing a dress and high heels openly on display in his house. That's somebody with serious confidence in his position. Even if you've lost all the compromising evidence, you've only got to bluff that there's a memory stick sitting in a lawyer's safe somewhere and you're good to go. I can't see any reason the guy had to take his own life. I can see lots of reasons for other people to want to take it for him.