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  1. Every household will be given a free wall mounted television screen which will be used to broadcast updates from the government, medical scientists, and also offer daily exercise routines provided by a free impersonal trainer. It may also have some other functionalities which will be revealed as and when they are used against you.
  2. You really do need to find some new friends. Leave the soyboys to it.
  3. Yes, but if we're using Antifa as a model then surely we'd have to spout even more bollocks that the people we claim to be fighting against?
  4. IMO this is why the MSM have been so vocal and so excitable about the virus - it's their best chance of delaying Brexit with the possibility of getting it canned altogether. I reckon in November the EU will offer a 2 year extension right at the moment furlough ends and the economy is seen for the state that it's really in.
  5. Patrick Valance: Here is a pretty graph showing what might happen if the cases were to double every 7 days for four weeks. But this is not a prediction BBC:
  6. Yep, I switched off after they showed a slide with the recent rate of infections in a bar graph, and then a massive potential increase based on a doubling every 7 days. "This is not a prediction" they said, as they talked us through the bright red scary looking increase and possible infection / death rates. Amazing - this country has never thought twice about sending hundreds of thousands off to die in some foreign trenches, but for some reason they give a shit about us now.
  7. They all got scared off by the MSM back in March/April. Government have fucked themselves now, doing nothing will never be an option again.
  8. Just watched the first 10 minutes of this news conference. IMO it's a tiny bit more subtle than usual, but it's still fearmongering. Main point seems to be that we have to do something and we have to do it now. So you can be pretty sure we're not going to like whatever it is.
  9. Elevate her to sainthood, then whoever Trump picks will look shit by comparison even if it's a woman who ticks all the diversity boxes. BBC ran a headline yesterday about RBG along the lines of, "Feminist Heroine and Cultural Icon". Yep.
  10. I saw a programme where Romesh Ranganathan climbed the steps to the top. His humour is not always for me, but I did like his comment about 2/3 of the way up, "The only way this could possibly ever be worth it is if there's a slide at the top".
  11. Yep, I got a supermarket delivery yesterday but it was much harder to get a slot than usual. Bloke who delivered it said they've seen a noticeable increase in online orders. Currently I'm still able to socialise in a group of 6. Which is a shame.
  12. Well then employers will just have to ban their employees from eating anything containing poppy seeds. I can't see that being a problem.
  13. What's legal and constitutional is no longer relevant in the US. It's about who shouts loudest and with the most believable story.
  14. Interesting situation this Durham report. If it gets released before the election and results in indictments then Trump gets the dirt out there but the Dems can quite legitimately argue that the whole thing is an attempt to swing the election. Who wins? Depends how big and how credible the dirt is, I suppose. So now the Dems are demanding an investigation with a view to preventing the report, at least until after the election. If they're successful then they stop the dirt from getting out there, but the Reps can legitimately claim that it was an attempt to swing the election. Who wins? De
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