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  1. My sister is a personal trainer at a gym, so she has to screen all new clients in case they're likely to keel over and die on her. She reckons 50-60% of the new gym members coming through the door say that they're on antidepressants. I really struggle to understand that - she reckons gym goers are more susceptible, which is the exact opposite to what I would expect, but whatever. I took them once for 3 days about 25 years ago. Left me utterly brain dead, totally woolly headed and feeling strangely shit and happy at the same time. In comparison a weekly spliff is kid's stuff, I know what I'll stick with.
  2. That was a long read The first thought I had was to wonder if someone wrote that retrospectively because much of it seems to reflect recent and current events spookily accurately. But then it struck me that even if it was written yesterday, the uniformity of certain quite specific developments across western societies makes it appear that there is some sort of blueprint being followed across the board. Might need another skim read this weekend but thanks for posting, it was interesting to say the least.
  3. Good point, my own parents have fucked up twice on property in the last 30 years and lost significant amounts of money both times. Fortunately for them they had a large inheritance to bail them out, the remainder of which they're busy spunking away on other houses.
  4. The way I look at it, governments of all persuasions will do absolutely everything in their power to prevent house prices falling as long as i. they're personally doing nicely out of house prices rising and, ii. the majority of the electorate and big business don't want house prices falling. At some point that's going to come into conflict with i. an ever decreasing % of the electorate that actually own houses and ii. the immutable laws of financial physics which mean that at some point the whole zombie economy is going to go bang. I don't believe it is still possible to achieve a managed decline because we're not just talking about house prices, we're talking about credit addiction throughout every sector of our economy - it's bust now or bust sometime in the future. The questions that view leaves me are, i. how long that is it going to take for the inevitable collapse to occur, and ii. when it finally happens will any those of us who currently have cash will still be alive, or still have any cash left to buy a house with once that happens. Who knows. I do think we're on the precipice of this becoming a national and intergenerational debate. The Nationwide advert says to me that this is a conversation happening around many family dinner tables right now, and I think within the next few years we will see whether as a society we have collectively decided to bring about a collapse now, or whether we keep on partying until we die of liver failure. My money is on the latter. That said, I've been spared the emotional consequences of my own STR because I was forced to due to business debts. Financially I've obviously lost out as a result, but in terms of personal freedom I think I've gained immensely. The idea of never owning a house is only scary if you're in the position of currently owning a house; if you don't have one already then it's just another day the same as the day before. I think owning is actually a very false security when we have such an uncertain future ahead of us.
  5. I don't know wouldn't it be more in character to let him attend the meeting on his own with a set of instructions and expectations, then bawl him out for any real or imaginary failure on his part to achieve them? If she wasn't at the meeting she wouldn't have to take any responsibility for it not going the way she wanted it to?
  6. Exactly - must have been nearly 10 years ago that they were more finance orientated and writing their own output. TMT, As for the views of commentators, I'm in favour of free speech and that means putting up with views I don't like.
  7. Zero Hedge - An Introduction To 'Q' Thought this was interesting, although I'd question the author's inference that it's a serious piece of analysis. Although I read ZH regularly I'm well aware that it's every bit as partisan as CNN (albeit proTrump) so it's always struck me that they've never really acknowledged the Q phenomenon in any notable way before. I assumed it was because they didn't want to lose credibility, although I'm not sure they have that much anyway. So why now? Is it suddenly looking so dire for Trump that it's time to throw everything in support? Is something about to break re Q and ZH want to show they were ahead of the curve? Or is it just that they had nothing else to post?
  8. It's the Ms in her signature that stand out to me. As @Hopeful says it's not possible to do those without lifting the pen from the paper, therefore they are about making a statement rather than making her mark(le). It has nothing to do with convenience or congruence, and everything to do with making an impression.
  9. How should I know? I'm responding to suggestions here and in the media that she was threatening to do a tell-all interview. It wouldn't have much value if we knew it all already, would it?
  10. If she's got mud she's ready to sling then it won't matter who his father is. And I don't see her doing anything quietly somehow. Can you imagine in a few years time when this new foundation is on it's arse, they've publicly fucked up the accounts and need some money? Time for her to wheel out the old "tell-all" interview gig again for some easy cash. Seriously if I was the queen I'd have her done in to save more bother in the future. Ginge will come round in time.
  11. If that's the case then I expect some sort of accident will feature in her horoscope in the not too distant future. If such a threat got her what she wanted this time then there's no reason for her not to use it again, and possibly even see it through at some point in the future. I don't imagine for one second that there isn't the will and the skill among the royal family and the British intelligence services to make the problem go away.
  12. Fully Detached


    Cory Booker out of race for Democratic nomination Not that he was ever really in with a shout anyway. I reckon we need Biden and Warren to fall away before Hillary sweeps in on her white horse to claim the nomination that was rightfully hers all along. And the rest of us can enjoy another several months long train wreck again
  13. I saw one once, "What is the opposite of coffee?" WTF?
  14. And we're quite sure that given the subject matter, PC Gul didn't actually tell him to "check his ting-ting", are we?
  15. Does the fact that I had to google that prove your point, or does the fact that I'm admitting it disprove it?