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  1. Well she did used to fly Jeff's helicopter didn't she? Must admit, this is dreadfully sexist but I always thought that was a bit of a schoolboy error on his part. I wonder how often she called him up and said she'd pranged the chopper again?
  2. Yes, taking advantage of the French refusal to extradite anybody who was born on French soil. So her suddenly popping up in the US suggests that she's probably gone there of her own volition.
  3. This is what I have come to realise. Prices here could drop 50% and I still wouldn't want to live in what I can afford to buy outright.
  4. Whilst I understand the idea of wanting to feel settled, I'd say that not having the forever home feeling is advantageous in a lot of ways. People who are emotionally attached to their home struggle to leave it if need be, refuse to accept less than the gazillion pounds they think it's worth when they put it on the market, get hideously offended at any perceived sleight, and spend their entuire fucking lives banging on about it at dinner parties. Attachment is generally a worse condition than detachment IMO.
  5. Any thoughts on Boris' speech today? Didn't hear it but the so-called are reporting he's going to "help" young buyers by freeing up the planning regulations. Have to say a building boom would be a pretty standard way to help get the economy moving again, I just worry whenever the government say they're going to "help" anybody, because it usually means they'll help the buiders and the banks and fuck the man on the street. That said, apparently he did refer to the intergenerational injustice, so who knows.
  6. Yes I remember hearing about people doing this in 2005 or so. But back then I was completely unable to comprehend it - to me bankruptcy then was the last resort and something that would carry a stigma forever. What a dick I was
  7. Problem is once you've built up enough that you've got something to lose then that attitude becomes harder to have. From your posts I understand you own a house yourself in which case fair play to you for giving no fucks. I'm not able to do that, so my plan at the moment is to take my ball and fuck off somewhere else. But if my neices or nephews asked me for advice on how to make the most out of life in the UK, I don't think I could hand on heart tell them to work, to strive, to try to get ahead, because I honestly believe that since they have nothing right now, their best bet would be to max out credit everywhere they can, and when they can't pay it back, just go bankrupt and start over again 12 months later. There is something very wrong in a world where that advice makes more sense than trying to build a future for themselves.
  8. I know what you mean, at my age I should have bought (did in fact, sold it to pay business debts but that's another story). But my anger is mostly not about myself - you mention the young, I see my neices and nephews with no hope of ever having any security, of having to make a life and try to raise a family in damp, shitty rentals that they have no stake in, that they could be turfed out of with 4 weeks notice and all their disposable income being spent on rent, constant contract renewals, agent fees and moving costs every time they get kicked out. I see the people my age who bought, tied in to another 15 years in a job they despise, too scared to tell the boss to go fuck themselves because if they lose their job they can't pay their massive mortgage on their shitty Persimmon cardboard box, surrounded by social housing tenants who got theirs for free. Their only hope of ever being able to do anything for their kids relies on more HPI so they can release some equity, only then to watch them get 50k into debt for a worthless degree that guarantees them nothing more than a low end gig-economy future, and the very seed money that got them there has helped push house ownership that little bit further out of their reach - not that it matters because it was totally unobtainable anyway. And I look at the knock-on effect to the economy. Every spare quid being spent on mortgage payments, rental payments, car loans and credit card debt. The high street is dead, the hospitality industry is fucked. If cheap shit from China stops flowing we can't even fucking clothe ourselves. So I look at the future - the only possible future, which is massive inflation, outright theft of all those productive work hours, all the sweat and blood of the people who studied, upskilled, got off their arses, took risks with their own capital and built something, all washed away in a tsunami of rising prices. A future of being forced to be a gambler, when all most of us wanted was a little house with a little garden and some peace and fucking quiet. And yeah it makes me angry, but most of all it just makes me wonder whatever sort of world we've built, whatever sort of world we're passing on, what value there is in anything any more. There's nothing, no value, no point in trying to build anything, no point in doing your bit. It's all just been sucked out by the banks, the landlords, the gamblers, and instead of looking at the rot that's set in, successive governments keep stoking it and making it worse because it's easier to trick people in the short term than it is to make their lives better in the long run. What a fucking shit show.
  9. Given your choice of evening wear I'm amazed you haven't been invited already.
  10. I'm referring specifically to the current trend of rising asking prices during the worst economic outlook we've had for 300 years, millions of people about to lose their jobs or take pay cuts, and currently being kept alive only by furlough. But since you asked, the whole thing is unfathomable to me. It's unfathomable because they've removed any incentive to work, to save, to study, to strive. Your best bet in this shithole country is to have nothing, do nothing, and expect everything to be given to you for free. Ask and ye shall recieve. Question it, and ye shall bend over and take another one up the jacksie while they fleece you for money tax money to give to everybody else. I am not in a very good frame of mind for this discussion today.
  11. This started to occur in my area about 10 days after the market opened up again. This morning I am at the point of despair and seriously considering just fucking off to any bleak, remote county or other country where I can buy a little smallholding and live in peace and quiet, miles away from other people and this this absolute, unfathomable insanity. HPI was the greatest con trick ever played on the British public, and it's been played so well that most of them will now fight tooth and nail to prevent this basic human need from getting less expensive. The fucking housing market is like a 20 year long horror movie where the baddie just won't die.
  12. I think Trump's best chance would be for Biden to keel over and Hilary to jump in as a last minute replacement. I would so love to see Trump stick it to Hilary a second time - sadly I think the dems have finally worked out that she's unelectable.
  13. Yes, absolutely. Personally I don't think it's looking good for Trump right now, which regardless of beliefs or otherwise about Q is probably a pretty depressing thought for many of us.