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  1. This is why I would never be described as combat ready. First thing I do when entering a public venue is check out the tits and bums of any nearby talent. In any sort of terrorist situation I'm done for. In the meantime however, my life is highly enjoyable.
  2. The fact that someone so utterly moronic could be touted as a potential leader of the opposition and then PM under a "unity" government after a coup shows just how far into la-la land we've travelled. I mean, just stop for a moment and let the idea sink in: Prime Minister Jess Phillips. Esq. I must be dreaming.
  3. ZH reckoned he had a fairly high profile spat with Tucker Carlson, during which Tucker publicly accused him of presenting his opinion as news/fact, and derided his journalistic integrity. As for marching him out of the building I would think that was probably wise - if someone announces their resignation live on air, it probably suggests that any loyalty to the channel is gone, so who knows what else they might have had planned?
  4. I don't engage with any of them face to face because nobody is going to come out of that well. What I have found quite effective is to use the facebook "laughing your bollocks off" reaction emoji to any of the more ridiculous shit they post. It doesn't leave any room for an argument but boils their piss because they know you're laughing at them.
  5. I hope you reported them for that - if any Leavers made "jokes" about killing remain pols, they'd have the authorities crashing down on them like a ton of fucking bricks.
  6. Brexit: Deal 'essentially impossible' after PM-Merkel call - No 10 You guys are all a bit more on top of this than I am - what's the plan, fail to agree a deal and hope Boris asks for the extension?
  7. Fully Detached


    Yep, exactly. And you start to notice just how enslaved to debt and their employers most people are. As for FIRE, IMO the principle is sound but people doing it have been helped massively over the last 10 years by global central bank policy. The next 10 years might be rather different. Or they might be an extension of the status quo, of course, who knows?
  8. Indeed - claiming to be unaware of which direction the law might decide to take itself in is no excuse for finding yourself on the wrong side of it once it's made up it's mind where it's going.
  9. Well I'm with you, fuck the fuddy-duddies
  10. Yep - only thing I'm not sure of is if Q surfaced on another platform there'd be no way to verify that it was the same user account that was posting previously on 8chan. Although arguably even if 8chan returns and the original database is restored, then it could have been tampered with during the downtime. Then again it could equally likely have been hacked during up time, so perhaps it doesn't matter really.
  11. I doubt Voat know any more than you or I, so I wouldn't take that as any sort of indicator. Presumably 8chan is the only site Q can make a verified return on, since I presume the 8chan database still exists to authenticate the user account. From my perspective that Q is/was a pro Trump propaganda tool, Q is really not necessary right now - there's enough mud being slung around by the official channels that it wouldn't make sense to have Q shouting into the crowd as well. If it does come back I reckon it'll be in the run up to the 2020 elections and when either things are quiet or when Trump looks like he's on the ropes. The question is whether it will have any credibility or momentum. I hope it comes back, I really enjoyed it regardless of whether it was true, a crock of shite, or somewhere in the middle.
  12. If he signs it he ought to be in the Tower of London before the fucking ink is dry. It would probably be the safest place for him.
  13. He might well be totally full of shit, but 11/10 for the badass delivery.
  14. I think you're right that it's a spectrum - fucking with internet loons once a week or so is quite a lot more toward the restrained end of it than the sort of people I'm talking about, who are making 5-10 lunatic Brexit related posts a day. I can practically feel the anger as they bang away at the keyboard.
  15. Nobody I've noticed on here although to be fair I dip in and out of this thread. I haven't yet noticed anybody here using Eric Pebble fonts or using numerology, so I'm assuming everyone is still largely in control of their senses