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  1. Snow bird

    Blow Up Dolls

    If your rubber sex doll gets a runny nose, what is the problem? She's full.
  2. Snow bird

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Zero expectations is a classic red pill approach. Very best frame. Looking forward to a field report.
  3. Snow bird

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    That is so very true and I would take it a step further. I started dating a 61 year old (then 60) about a year ago and we have had so much fun and wild sex that I adore her to bits and I swear to God she is more attractive now than when I first dated her. If a women is pleasant, agreeable and fun in the sack she looks better and better as time goes by. Mother nature does indeed take care of age. It is all in the head for sure.
  4. Snow bird

    Man stabbed on train

    And that is why you will always fail. The group always beats the lone warrior. A lesson we learned before we climbed out of the trees. Belong to a group or die. You can only look after yourself because the group around you allows it. If or when the shit hits the fan you need to be a member of a group and belonging here is good practice. We only fight with words. It may not always be so benign and the group around you will turn on you because you are not one of them and obviously never will be because you are for yourself and yourself alone.
  5. Snow bird

    Man stabbed on train

    And that is why you and people like you will always be exactly where you are . . . fucked . . . because when the going gets rough and when you can't see a way out you turn on those closest to you. You are unable to attack the enemy so you attack your friends. You have a bad day at work so go home and kick the cat. We are not perfect for sure but we need to stick together. People like you are a problem. We can't trust you. You are likely to turn on any one of us because we are not "pure" enough, or we made a mistake, or you see an opportunity to be "holier than thou." When the shit truly hits the fan people like you are dangerous and need to be gotten rid of, much like bleeding heart liberals who will get us all killed by having sympathy for the enemy. You are either with or agin us and you need to accept your friends, warts an all, or get the fuck out.
  6. Snow bird

    NYE Refuseniks Amnesty

    A very happy new year to all dosbodders. After a rather dry Christmas because of family and stuff I spent the evening having mad passionate sex with my Russian main squeeze but at two minutes to midnight she insisted we stop and listen to Putin's new year speech (in Russian) and toast each other and the new year with Georgian red wine, well known as Stalin's favorite. She is worth it but as I listened to Putin I considered that she and all her family and Russian friends love the guy to bits and are so very proud of everything Russian. Admitting to the bad bits like Gulags and communist bullshit they all feel that under Putin Russia is moving upward and forward and their pride of nationality is envious. I was jealous. I can feel a part of UK, Canada and Australia but I feel the future is bleak for all of the Western world due to the usual bullshit. She feels tremendous pride and hope. I pray to God we can turn this Western train wreck around because I want some of what she has!
  7. Snow bird

    Do my lips look big in this?

    You can scoff but a year ago I had a crown come off. I put it back on with plumbers underwater epoxy putty. Doing fine!
  8. Snow bird

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I feel obligated to back you up on that. I get offers all the time at 73. Only last week a woman offered to go anywhere and do anything I wanted. Never happened when I was 25! I passed it off as a joke because my main squeeze is way hotter. I could "run" multiple women if I wanted to but I get laid two of three times a week, sometimes four and it is all I need. Never happened when I was 25! There is an oversupply of women and an under supply of fit men. If you are over 50 and fit there is no shortage of women!
  9. Snow bird

    Have I been radicalised?

    If you are looking for proof you had best restrict yourself to mathematics. Even the sciences shy away from claiming absolute truth. Newton gave way to Einstein eventually. In the realm of the humanities there is no such thing as proof. We have ideas and theories and that is the best we can do. I suggest to you that looking for proof is simply a cop out so that you do not have to consider some inconvenient notions. We find out what might be going on in someone else's mind by asking them. Yes, they might lie but if you ask enough lefties about their reasoning powers you will get enough correlation of replies that drawing a conclusion that they are incapable of reasoning will be a pretty good indicator that they are collectively thick. About superior attitude: you say that as if having a superior attitude is a bad thing. That is a typical lefty response. You make no argument that being superior is bad. You assume it as a premise. I put it to you that some people and some ideas are superior to others. If that goes against your particular ideology then make your case but to me it is a truism. I am superior to my cat. I am superior to many people and I am ok with that. If you want to believe that all people are exactly the same and nobody is better than anybody else then I wish you luck in life.
  10. Snow bird

    Men's Winter Hats

    I wear a black traditional Russian fur hat complete with red star on the front (online purchase). I can pass easily as a KGB agent and have enough to Russian to put the beJesus into the odd Russian I meet. Always good for a laugh. I get to meet a fair few since my main squeeze is Russian. She gets a laugh out of it too. Good conversation starter.
  11. Snow bird

    Assumed abnormalities

    Always did. That is the root cause of the problem. Working on it!
  12. Snow bird

    Assumed abnormalities

    I used to have a rice cooker but we got divorced. I have a new one on order and she is very good but not moved in yet.
  13. Snow bird

    Assumed abnormalities

    That will be plan "B". Thanks for the input.
  14. Snow bird

    Assumed abnormalities

    OK Thanks I will try that.
  15. Snow bird

    Assumed abnormalities

    This is the problem in a nutshell. People who know what they are doing assume others know the same. I am going to push this to the limit and try again but your statement is confusing to we the uninitiated. If I have one cup of rice do I add two cups of water (twice the volume of rice) or do I add one cup of water (doubling the original volume of rice)? I find this sort of thing rampant in recipes and have to give up. Sauté the onions . . . . yea, sure, what the bloody hell does that mean?