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  1. Well no and no. There is no reason it has to be replicating for it to be found in faeces or urine. All kinds of things are there that simply pass through the system, there is no replication necessary.. From my reading all viruses are receptor specific. They can only attach and enter very specific kinds of cells. If covid19 could enter stomach cells then it would be a stomach bug and cause digestive type problems. It doesn't. It is very specifically, a respiratory tract only, infection.
  2. Maybe the virus is not killed but if it only has receptors for the lungs then getting it into the stomach would be a good plan. it would pass harmlessly through and out. You do what you like but I am sipping vinegar for a while. It can do no harm and the idea sounds plausible.
  3. Within the last few days I watched "Contagion" and "Pandemic" both on youtube. Rather similar movies but also eerily similar to our current covid19 situation except that both movies have a magic, happy Hollywood ending. A little sobering that this ain't no movie.
  4. I picked up a tip from a reliable friend (dyor) but apparently corvid19 can only attach to lung tissue and tends to get caught in the throat before migrating into the lungs. When in the throat it causes a dry cough, one of the symptoms of infection. Drinking water will wash the virus easily into the stomach where it is killed by stomach acid and other stomach fluids. Continually sipping water, or at least drinking a little and often is a good defense against infection. I might add that soap is very effective because the virus is made of a kind of fat that the soap easily dissolves. Since even though drinking soapy water might be very effective, it is not practical but drinking something that dissolves fat might be even better than water and three things come to my mind, lemon water, vinegar and alcohol. Your choice! Sipping vinegar is supposed to be good for you anyway. All good food for thought.
  5. You are missing the fact that the horizontal and vertical speeds and air resistance are independent of one another. The parabolic curve is irrelevant to the horizontal distance traveled and the horizontal air resistance is constant irrespective of the vertical. Since the vertical speed is rapidly increasing then so is the vertical air resistance but the horizontal air resistance is low and will have a very small effect on the horizontal speed. Horizontal forces do not effect vertical ones. Similarly a bullet fired horizontally falls vertically exactly the same as a bullet not fired but just dropped.
  6. Thanks for email. I could not get in at all but now all is back to normal. Thanks for DOSBODS and all your work.
  7. Real men eat with the fork in the left hand because we are using a knife in the right hand. The fork is not a scooper if you are eating real meat that needs to be cut up into small enough pieces to get into your mouth. The fork spears the cut meat and unless you want to change hands every time you cut off a piece of meat then you use the fork in the left hand. If you do it the American way, like me, then you use the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right hand and you cut up everything that needs it, all at once, so you do not need the knife anymore. You then put the knife down and put the fork in the right hand and away you go. Much more practical and masculine. It always pisses of snobs and pussies.
  8. No. I am not using BT. I use xplornet in Canada. Yes, please send my password (preferably the current one) by PM. I have used PMs before and pretty sure they work fine.
  9. I am changing from internet explorer to chrome but I have lost my password. I cannot get the site to send me my password or allow me to change my password so I am stuck with internet explorer. Can you send me my password somehow? The site keeps telling me it has sent an email but I never get one.
  10. Attaching a weight to his tail would massively increase the moment of inertia of his tail, so much so that the cat would be able to rotate his body much easier given he had the muscle power in his tail. It is quite likely the cat would only need a partial rotation of his tail to get his body feet down. Oddly I doubt the cat would appreciate this assist to being dropped upside down over a bed or whatever. He might well take even more offense at the assault on his dignity and enter you for a Darwin award. Oops that was supposed to be a steppensheep reply.
  11. When I dropped my cat he started from rest but upside down. His angular momentum was zero. When your farmer friend kicked his cats out the back door he imparted a fairly high angular momentum to the cat so the cat would rotate fairly fast and the opposite angular momentum the cat is able to apply with his tail is limited, so a number of rotations of the cat before the cat could restore his angular momentum to zero is to be expected. Even so, my cat rotated himself remarkably quickly. My guess would be that he was oriented feet down after a drop of about three feet. The other seven feet he was feet down all the way. I dropped him onto cushions so I didn't think his complaints were totally justified, probably hurt his pride more than his legs.
  12. I actually experimented on our cat many years ago and much to his chagrin, but what happens is that the cat rotates his tail rapidly thus rotating his body in the opposite direction according to the law of conservation of angular momentum. The cat was remarkably knowledgeable about physics and math! When his body was facing feet down he rotated his tail in the opposite direction just long enough to stop his angular movement and then he descended feet first all the way down. He didn't like me for months after that!
  13. The theory would not apply to an axe since the axis of rotation gives the maximum moment of inertia. The theory only applies when the axis of rotation is intermediate between the maximum and minimum inertias.
  14. Very similar. I got the wing nut and the mathematical explanation. Asymmetric moments of inertia . . . fascinating!
  15. Here's a good one: Take your regular cell phone and hold it on your hand as it would normally be used but hold your hand flat. Do this over the bed or something soft. Now flip the cell phone up with your fingers with the intention of rotating it towards you and catching it exactly the way it started. Toss it high enough to give it time to rotate. Can't be done! Try the same trick with a tennis racket. Stick a piece of duct tape on the mesh to identify the side. Hold it normally and toss it into the air so that it rotates towards you with the intention of catching it in exactly the same position that it left your hand. Can't be done. There is an explanation which was kept top secret by the soviets for ten years.