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  1. It cuts both ways. She wants an orgasm and I get a blow job. Seems fair. Yes, batshit crazy for sure and you might make a case that I should not "stick my dick in crazy" but I just can't say "no" to her, she is that good. Nobody gets out alive so if I have to go out with this crazy chick stabbing me to death with her stilettos then so be it. I'll take the risk (and keep a loaded 22 where she can't see it). I often feel like I'm in a James Bond movie with her. Her English is limited and her Russian accent is thick. Kinda stimulating really.
  2. No she is not, but I was watching a TED talk by Mary Roach about female orgasms and the gist of the story is that orgasms can be produced in many ways notably in one case by the lady brushing her teeth. I tried to copy the url but I'm not techy enough to do it. If you google ted talk female orgasms you will get it. The story is that female orgasms come from the brain and can be induced by a number of stimulations from almost anywhere on the body. Seeing it that way a blow job is an obvious source of stimulation I just never encountered it before. If you have not run into this it must be rather rare. Lucky me! How about the nipple stimulation? A rather obvious one really I suppose and I have encountered that before but it is not all that common either. Have you run into that one? edit to try to give link Dream on.
  3. Thanks for the accolades but if anything at all I am an example of "If I can do it so can anybody". I was just a regular guy, with limited success with women until, purely by chance, I became a dance instructor. Suddenly women came out of the woodwork and threw themselves at me. There are very few rules to attract women, be attractive, don't be unattractive. You can be good looking, rich, or offer status. Any one of the three will do. In my case it was status and I became a big fish in a very small pool but it was enough. After a tantrum type break up with my main squeeze (you dance with too many other women! . . . like duh! ) I was immediately setting my sights on the next squeeze with at least four options in the first week and she was begging to come back. Which is the corollary to a dgaf attitude . . . abundance. If women think you have options they want in every single time. Being needy is a sure fire loser. I got back together with her and celebrated with a weekend fuck fest. Damnit but she is just great in the sack. I find her fascinating and would like to throw this at @stokiescum . My main squeeze orgasms multiple times vaginally but also with nipple stimulation (it doesn't take much) but she also has an orgasm when she is giving me a blowjob. I have never experienced that before, how common would that be?
  4. Not really. You would be right if the cold approach was isolated. Cold approach a woman in a none social situation, like she is walking down the street alone, OK it is a numbers game but if you cold approach a women in a social setting, say a party or dance then it is totally wrong because if she rejects you all the other women see that and none of the other women want another woman's reject. Approach has to be social, in that you are engaging casually and inclusive of anyone near. Only when you get ioi can you zero in on an individual. The guy in the video is totally correct. Your job is to note the women interested in you and then decide if you are interested in them. The woman's interest has to come first but you don't have to take everything or anything that is offered.
  5. If . . . feminine, supportive, caring, loyal, and reasonable/rational at least some of the time . . . is objectification then I must be the sugar plum fairy. I am quite sure Butthead would be very willing to switch feminine for masculine and do exactly the same thing for any partner. Of course what you really mean is that being feminine, supportive, caring, loyal, and reasonable/rational at least some of the time suggests that you are required to take some responsibility for the success of the relationship and that does not make you feel good. You don't want to be responsible for anything at all so you feel bad, ipso facto Butthead is wrong. Yes it is about feelze. Looking for perfect partners is a total red herring. Deflection at its finest!
  6. She is not disagreeing based on any logic, facts or reasoning. She disagrees because his remark does not make her feel good. If she does not feel good then he must be wrong. You either understand 'em or love 'em. Not both.
  7. You are seeing this from the wrong perspective. Yes, you are going to get shit tested on a regular basis but you are the shit lord and you deal with these tests like swatting flies. On top of that you do not give a damn. If you are perfectly willing and emotionally able to walk out in ten minutes it really does not matter what they are saying. You are in control and their shit tests are mildly amusing. It is not unlike raising kids. They continuously test your limits but you put them right and maintain control and you don't consider their bullshit as a threat or an insult. It's just kids being kids. In the same way women will be women. Jo, you are seeing yourself as the person continually striving to please her. All wrong. You have to take charge and you determine the way things are going to be. You are a benevolent dictator and that is the way they like it. They want you to lead and they will follow. Of course you will get challenged but you respond with amused mastery and humor and put them back in their place which is where they want to be anyway. They just need to know that you are still in charge. Romantic ideas of shared love is for boys. Women want men. She does not want to be your mother. Never treat her like you would treat your mother. Mother/son is the closest you will ever get to romantic love, if you are lucky. If you never had it don't go looking for it and if you had it, cherish it and relegate it to happy memories. Don't try to get it back.
  8. I agree with "turned out nice again". Sorry Joe but you are looking for a unicorn and they are only in fairy stories and Disney movies. There ain't no such thing Joe, sorry. Women are hard wired to be attracted to masculine men (who'd a thunk it?) and a masculine man, in their eyes, don't take shit from no woman. If a man takes shit from a woman or does her bidding what fucking chance is there that he will stand up to another man if needs be? Nothing turns a woman on more than her man taking on another man, especially on her behalf. She wants her man to be a tough, no good mother fucker, but her tough, no good mother fucker. Jo, we all want a unicorn but there ain't any. If you limit yourself to unicorns you ain't gonna get no woman. AWALT
  9. It is not for the orgasm. It is for everything that happens before the orgasm. I purposely delay orgasm as long as possible and get way more enjoyment from her orgasms. The fun is in the journey, not the destination. I suspect it is a power trip of sorts. When she has totally lost control of herself after multiple orgasms I feel very powerful and get that feeling of accomplishment, similar to working on an engine that has quit. You hit the ignition key and it roars to life. Feels good, very good. Mission accomplished! Of course engines are not as much fun because working on them is not giving me any jollies along the way but you get my drift.
  10. Exactly! When I was working on her house I distinctly felt a lack of attraction on her part. It was like I was suddenly the tradesman, hired to fix stuff. Her estimation of me dropped because she was dating a dance instructor who made her look good and gave her status and she knew I could replace her at the drop of a hat. She did not want to date the local handyman. I was her alpha but dropped to a beta by fixing her bloody toilet, and replacing eight bloody lights. Add in an off the cuff romantic gesture, immediately regretted for exactly the same reason and giving her a pile of time for her benefit only, just because I was willing to help and she lost interest, like overnight! A month of no contact and dancing with every hot chick available and many younger and hotter than her and she is begging to come back. It is hard to be anything but an asshole and treat them like shit. It is the only way they respect you. So very sad but also, so very true.
  11. A landwhale would not be a common alternative. Sex robots look promising, hookers are traditional but the really big alternative is porn. Like Bill Burr said, "Give up on all the drama and bullshit. Quit spending money, just go home and rub one out, problem solved!"
  12. Right on Joe. Just by chance I recently did three "nice" things for my main squeeze. One gave her a lot of my time with no benefit to me, another was pure romance and the third was fixing a lot of stuff in her house. I did all three purely because I wanted to help her out and I generally like helping people. I like feeling useful and helpful. Big mistake! The relationship was totally fucked and on the rocks. A month of dread and I know for absolutely certain I could have her in bed in an hour but do I really want to live avoiding doing "nice" things and behaving like a general asshole just so I can get laid on the regular . . . . probably will. You can love women or you can understand women, you can't do both. The group that fully understands women is women and they all hate each other!
  13. Way too long and too complicated. Relationships follow the rules of any transaction. There is a product and a price. As the price increases there will be a fall off of sales. There is a price when the buyer decides not to buy at all and at that point the profits of the seller fall off a cliff. There must be some sort of economic law about this since it applies to any and all products. As an example I buy milk. If the price of milk goes up I might not buy less for a while but if the price continues upwards I will indeed buy less. At some point I decide that it is too expensive and I drink water instead. The person selling milk will, at this point, go broke because his profit drops to zero. Taxes are similar. If taxes go up too far people simply stop working and pay zero. Note that up to the decision point you are paying top dollar. One day after the decision point you pay sweet fuck all. Women have been steadily increasing the price of their presence. Some men are starting to opt out. It is likely that as the price passes some arbitrary mark then a vast majority of men will opt out totally and the price of women will drop through the floor. It will pick up but only slowly since a decision has been made and the alternatives are in use. Men will not forget easily and the price of women is likely to stay low for a long time.
  14. I think your word "strategy" is a loaded word. It implies that somebody actually had a plan. I rather doubt it. In hindsight it was just a number of social situations that came together in "the perfect storm". In the 60s the job market was wide open. Getting a job was like falling off a log. Owners of industry needed more workers or needed to pay more. The owners of industry tended to be the aristocracy who considered workers something less than human so there was no consideration of the workers' social situation and no consideration of "the national interest". At the same time the union leaders were busy selling their members down the river and worked hand in glove with management or politicians or anybody else who would pay well (note the absence of a secret ballot, a dead giveaway for a thug, mafia type organisation). The workers were too stubborn or thick or both to fight back and the scene is set for a clusterfuck. Now add in the brain drain. Workers were leaving the country in droves for the old colonies with offers of a decent life style and higher pay. The brain drain created a vacuum which was filled by third worlders from the old colonies. The availability of cheap labor discouraged the development of efficient systems particularly automation, which other countries adopted (like Japan) so that eventually industry with high labor requirements became uncompetitive and suffered form poor quality products. A financial system that required continual growth of house prices added fuel to the fire and throw in a few stupid wars (like Iraq, Syria and Libya) which created a massive pool of displaced Muslims who are mad as hell because they were bombed to pieces for no good reason and then add a molycoddled welfare state new generation who were more interested in virtue signaling than anything practical (because they had never known hard times) plus a national pastime of "oneupmanship" and you get modern day Britain. It was not planned by anybody and there is blame enough to go around twice. It could have been saved many times if the population had had the will and the balls. They didn't and still don't. The media is a disgrace, the educational system likewise. The politicians are sell outs and the population too apathetic to change anything. It does not look good.
  15. Thank you Joe. I should mention that I find Viagra very helpful though. 12.5 mg if she is going home and 25mg if she stays the night will give a repeat performance in the morning. I suspect that I don't always need it but it is like a confidence builder. If I use it I get guaranteed results so why skimp and risk an embarrassing moment? I'm 74. Exercise is dancing 3 or 4 times a week. Usually screw after dancing. Always worked physically so climbing ladders and lifting moderately all day.