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  1. Churning this over in my mind here are a few ideas: Granite is a number of different minerals embedded in a matrix of quartz. Granite also has the peculiar quality of melting at a fairly low temperature of 650C when wet (Wikki says so, go figure). Quartz is the major ingredient in glass and glass gets squishy (technical term) around 650C too. Pure quartz does not start to get squishy till 1,000C but if you add lime the squishy temperature goes down to 650 again. If the quartz in the granite were converted to glass by adding lime then the other minerals would retain their solid form and the granite would convert to a kind of porridge consistency and when it cooled down it would look much the same as it did before because the large crystals of other minerals never melted. However: the quartz would not be quartz anymore but would be glass. It would look and behave much like the original granite though. So to test this theory we need some mineralogist to test to see if the white part of the granite in Egyptian statues is quartz or glass. You read it here first!
  2. I have just read a very interesting fact about the Serapeum granite boxes. The volume of the box is exactly the same as the volume of the void. This suggests a "press forge" method of manufacture. In fact it is hard to come up with any other reason for such an odd dimensional anomaly. So much points to the liquification of granite somehow. Totally fascinating!
  3. Many constructions look very much like concrete and some broken stones even suggest breaks due to a poor "mix". The insides of the stone look for all the world like a concrete failure but analysis of the stone shows a crystalline structure exactly as the original stone. There is no material evidence of a concrete type mix. We are missing a major piece of knowledge. Actually many pieces of the puzzle are missing. Check out the stone vases and bowls that we could not produce at all with our modern equipment. They cry out that they were made on a lathe or potters wheel but they are hard granite and have integral handles so neither could be true on top of which they are very hard granite and polished at that. We simply could not make them at all no matter how much equipment we had. There are thousands of them!
  4. This subject has always fascinated me. There are lots of relevant videos on youtube and some of them are bananas but many are very logical and factually based. The polishing of granite and similar hard stone statues is particularly fascinating since we could not do it without power tools and diamonds. The evidence on those big boxes is particularly interesting. They are cut to a precision that we would have a hard time replicating with power tools but we could not do it at all with inside corners. There is also almost irrefutable evidence that the polish was achieved by means of a liquid. We have nothing even approaching such a liquid. The machine mark evidence proves disc tools and tube drills used a material about 3/16" thick and the discs were at least six foot diameter. The advance per revolution was a little short of 1/8". We cannot achieve anything like this with modern materials. The cutting rate suggests something way harder than diamonds. Many of the ancient sites on both sides of the Atlantic show scoop marks which suggest that the stone was soft when quarried and many building stones have "nubs" which are totally unexplained but for all the world look like the remains of a casting process. Again suggesting that the ancients knew how to liquefy, or at least soften, stone. We have nothing even close or any idea how that could be done. The shear size of many blocks weighing over 1,000 tons and some transported hundreds of miles is beyond our abilities today with all of our equipment. There is one huge mystery for sure.
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    Hitting you with some Buddhist philosophy. Where you go in life is a result of decisions you make. There is no such thing as preformed destiny. I've taught more clumsy lumps to do simple dances (like two step) than I can shake a stick at but it doesn't have to be dancing. Any physical exercise will do, but I would bet dollars to donuts that her indoors would love to go dancing with you.
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    Good on yer. Thing is that I love dancing so going dancing with my main squeeze is a bonus to me. May I respectfully suggest that if you went dancing or any other physical activity you would be getting it on regularly way into your seventies. I would rather be a dirty old man than just an old man. Aside: derailing a thread about death and turning it into sex for the elderly is a gas.
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    The formula is not rocket science. Eat well, stay in good shape with exercise then surround yourself with beautiful women. Nothing gets the libido going more than a hot piece of totty even if she is not yours. Make that ten pieces of hot totty and things start to stir that you thought were long dead. Older women are much more available than younger ones and love a red pill approach. Join a dance club! I have my own but go to two others. Totty galore, I could have four or five on the go if I wanted but my Russian tiger takes all I have got . . . and often more. Get some Viagra too. Gets you through the night to morning glory!
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    Read 'em and weep!
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    There is no such thing as "oversexed". If God created anything better he kept it to himself. I had a bloody wild time last night. After a falling out we had make up sex and she admitted she sometimes winds me up just for the make up sex when she is punished for being bad. Punishment is making her orgasm one more time after she claims exhaustion. Life is good!
  10. The rise of Nazism is a bit more complicated than that. It starts in Russia about 1905. There was some sort of dust up, revolt or whatever and a whole pile of Russian Jews were in deep shit. They wanted out of Russia and Germany took them in. Fast forward to 1917 and WWI was winding down to a draw with heavy losses both sides. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Jews had a notion that they should have a homeland and noticed that the British had kicked out the Turks from the Middle East (Lawrence of Arabia and all that). This meant that the old ancestral home of the Jews was up for grabs and was under occupation by the British. A few influential Jews decided that they were now Zionists and approached the British with a deal. The deal was that the Zionists would win the war for Britain if the British would give them a homeland to be called Israel carved out of the old Ottoman empire just recently kicked out. The British said "deal" and the Jews had a little chat with the Americans who had declared neutrality and none interference In the crazy European wars. After the little chat America entered the war on the side of the British and handily beat the Germans with their new troops and equipment. The British organized the creation of Israel (Balfour declaration) and the Germans were mad as hell with the Jews declaring they had been stabbed in the back. The French and British screwed the Germans over at the treaty of Versailles which resulted in Germany going broke and electing the Nazi party who had it in for the Jews.
  11. Thanks. I first heard the term when chatting with my bank investment manager who used the term referring to Trump. I asked her what was the difference between popularism and democracy. Her stunned silence lead me to transfer my investments to a credit union that has a customer appreciation day every year and the manager is out front serving hot dogs and hamburgers to all comers. The old bank was establishment and the credit union is populist. Pays way better too. Get woke, go broke.
  12. Democracy is the recognition by the lower classes that members of the elite, political class are superior to them and they vote for the member of the ruling class that they think has the best ideas and who knows what is best for the lower classes. Populism is when the lower classes vote for someone who is not a member of the established ruling elite.
  13. Like a whole slew of you, starting my own business was one of the best things I ever did but another one was going to dance classes with my daughter as partner when she was about 14. It was father/daughter quality time together and we both had a great time. She eventually went off to university and I launched myself into dancing which gave me a social life and women. Never looked back. Independent work and a social life I love. Yes, I too could die happy tomorrow but hope I do not. Life is very good.
  14. Gillette did it for me too. A few days ago I ran out of trak 2 blades. I bought a standard Wilkinson Sword safety razor and Wilkinson Sword blades. Great shave. I will never buy Gillette ever again.
  15. It cuts both ways. She wants an orgasm and I get a blow job. Seems fair. Yes, batshit crazy for sure and you might make a case that I should not "stick my dick in crazy" but I just can't say "no" to her, she is that good. Nobody gets out alive so if I have to go out with this crazy chick stabbing me to death with her stilettos then so be it. I'll take the risk (and keep a loaded 22 where she can't see it). I often feel like I'm in a James Bond movie with her. Her English is limited and her Russian accent is thick. Kinda stimulating really.