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  1. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Seems like you have it figured out but I would like to point out that no lying is required. I told my drafting teacher that I didn't like drawing. You can attend a dance class and tell the women you are there to learn to dance because you want to meet women. They don't give a hoot why you are there they just want to dance with someone who can dance. Back to the drawing analogy you might note that starting off I hated drawing. I came to enjoy it and eventually loved the drawing aspect of design work. You really don't know what you might like until you have pushed yourself into it and when you get good at it despite yourself it is very easy to actually like it just because you are good at it. The overall message might be to be proactive rather than reactive. Everybody has their own solution but in a society where women are looking for men and men are looking for women how hard can it really be?
  2. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Thank you for a thought promoting response and question. I had to think for quite a while to offer some sort of answer to your position which is very common. It reminds me of a time long ago when I wanted to study engineering. I loved building things and fixing things. My high school education had not included any use of a drawing board and to get into the college course I liked I needed basic drafting as an entry qualification and the college offered an evening drafting course just for people like me. I could not draw to save my life. I hated art classes and my pictures were a total disaster. My first words to my drafting instructor were "I have to get this course to learn engineering but I can't draw and don't see how I could ever learn." Not his first rodeo, bless him, and he got me started with some very simple stuff and at the end of it all I not only could draw but I liked doing it. You want a woman in your life but have no skills that would get you one. You don't like doing those things that you need to do to attract a woman but you still want a woman. OK so sometimes in life you have to do things you don't like doing to get where you want to go. Life ain't a bed of roses so pick an activity that has a lot of women in it and ignore your ignorance or even dislike of that activity. This is a skill you have to learn to get where you want to get. You don't have to like it. Just bloody do it and quit whining. Push yourself to go and stick with it no matter what or how you feel. Consider it a challenge to be good at this thing even though you have no interest in this thing. Success comes from doing difficult things and being uncomfortable and unsure and all that but doing it anyway. Give it everything you have and challenge yourself to succeed despite yourself. This might be the first time you do something you don't want to do just because it needs to be done. That is what men do. The first step to attracting women is to be a man. Get on it. Your new project.
  3. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    You have not given any reason why he should be whoever he is. If he changes his personality then the person he attracts will not be incompatible. That is the whole point of changing. There is some cognitive dissonance there! The personality he is does not work. It has not worked to date and my experience is that it will not work in the future. Why stay with a personality that does not work? Seven years ago I was pretty much where he is now. I changed my outlook and my attitude and changed my life for a way better outcome. I see no reason why he cannot go down exactly the same road. Just spoke with his intended date and she is worried he will be a wuss like most of the men she is meeting. She will be away for a couple of weeks so I have that time to coach him to be a manly man and to be attractive to women. It will be a challenge but my first words to him were "You have to ditch the Disney world you grew up in. They are fairy tales intended for children. They are not real life. Real life is harder and more brutal but you gotta go with reality even if it hurts or goes against what you were raised with." He was taken aback and had never thought of life like that. One of my recommendations will be to watch everything he can of Jordan Peterson and buy his book. There will be more but like fight club, we don't talk about fight club.
  4. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Changing subject here: I want to share an incident that happened last night and I couldn't help thinking of this thread and Joe in particular. I was at a dance and doing my thing having a great old time with lots of good looking women and sitting next to this newly divorced guy who was trying to get back on the horse so to speak. He was way younger than me ( 73/45) and was asking if I could help introduce him to a young (30) woman I often dance with but who wasn't there that night. I said that I would help him out but I knew it was going to be a lost cause. This guy is 6' 2" or even taller. He has a management job in a local large company, he looked well built and his features were pretty good but he was obviously so beta it would make you cry. He was wearing a suit, no tie, thank God, but his whole attitude was provider, nice guy, white knight, natural father figure. In other times this guy would be the perfect guy for almost any woman, back in the day, but at this dance and with the woman he was interested in I knew he would be a duck out of water. It was really very sad and I could do very little about it. If I could mentor him for a few months, and I will try, he might get the picture. All the women at the dance are looking for a good time, some fun, a laugh and a chance to show off a little and feel special. While I am spinning and twirling 'em and throwing the lighter ones around a bit in jive he is trying to look appealing by looking well to do and solid rock, husband material, which he is but that bait is not what the fish want. Guys! The women want excitement, fun and a chance to strut their stuff. It doesn't have to be dance but fer Chris' sake quit with the fancy meals and flowers and look like a good time and give them a good time. Pretend they are kids and do some exciting things like you would for kids. Include physical action and thrills. Rock climbing, most sports, camping, the list goes on but buying a fancy meal or going to a fancy theater and basically showing off your wallet dries them up. You have to be exciting to be with and to be that you have to be involved in exciting things. If the object of his attention had been at the dance she would have been asking me to dance, not because I am attractive by looks but because I can give her a good time. This guy would not have been able to give her what she wanted, which was thrills and fun. Guys! Get with the program and be fun to be with.
  5. You make a good point and it is certainly a complicated subject but looking back into history it has been mostly financial problems that have brought down empires. Yes, people doing things and making things is what drives our economy but as more and more people take the products of work without any real input of their own then eventually less and less people produce and since those people are paid with their own products there must come a time when they prefer to take than to make or must be paid more and more. The takers are growing and the makers are shrinking. Right now automation is taking up the slack but even that is owned by makers and eventually they have to get tired of producing for the unproductive. It is insane and insanity has a momentum of its own and no one knows how long it can play out but eventually the plug gets pulled by some sort of event. I do understand what you mean when you say that debt is a figment of our imagination but to believe that you have to admit that money is also a figment of our imagination. When enough people understand that, they will want to convert their assets to something more real and money will become worthless very quickly as has happened and is happening right now in Venezuela. A country with massive oil reserves that should be a paradise to live in but the people are eating seagulls. Raw materials and technology are dependent on a financial system that works for distribution. Money may indeed be imagination but it has to be an imagination that we believe in. When that belief disappears all the raw materials stay in the ground and we get abject poverty. Africa is a similar story. Debt works as a motivator only so long. There does come a time when the debtor says "no more". You can put him in jail but that will not pay your loan. Very similar to physical force, the revolution will eventually come.
  6. I think you are missing the point that this wonderful standard of living you talk about is totally based on borrowed money. It is very easy to claim abundance by borrowing money and throwing a party. You can party on only as long as someone, somewhere is lending you money. Turning the knife; we are borrowing money from the kids we are not having. Someday, somewhen, somebody will check out and the whole stinking mess will collapse. Mathematics will win in the end.
  7. Nasty bridge collapse in Florida

    Since it was only meant for pedestrian traffic the load it took when in use would be only a tiny percentage of the weight of the bridge itself. If the dead load of the bridge required cables to hold it up then it follows that the bridge would not support itself without cables. From a loading point of view the bridge was already fully loaded. If it was considered safe without cables why bother with cables at all? Obviously a major screw up of the bridge needing additional support until the cables were in place. Even though the bridge was intended for people only there would most likely have been construction equipment in use on it while under construction. The weight of this equipment could have been the trigger to collapse it. They were rather lucky (or rather unlucky) that the bridge did not collapse as soon as the equipment used to transport it into place was removed. The bridge obviously needed temporary support and this is what was missing.
  8. Nasty bridge collapse in Florida

    Those large square sectioned web braces are completely crushed in the collapse suggesting to me that they are not what they look like but are part of the cable to come. In other words it is not a truss bridge at all and is two slabs of reinforced concrete with no trussing between of any consequence. Makes sense since once the cables are in place there is no need for web braces. Looking at it like that it is a very flimsy partly constructed bridge. Not at all surprising it collapsed. I wouldn't be surprised if it collapsed as soon as somebody drove a construction vehicle on it.
  9. Nasty bridge collapse in Florida

    I did read that it was intended to be cable supported. If so looks like the cables were not installed yet and somebody didn't allow for the period it had to stand alone without the cables.
  10. Reds under the bed.

    Yea, you say to someone, "Do you know that half the population are below average intelligence?" It is depressing how many will challenge you to sources, accuse you of elitism or say you are crazy. That is what we are up against! Way too many people are as dumb as shit!
  11. Reds under the bed.

    I don't think it matters how many trolls or bots there are. I come on here to find like minded people and to share ideas. If I don't like an idea I simply discard it but if I like an idea I add it to my own. It really doesn't matter if the idea comes from a bot or a troll or a real person. I don't care how many trolls or bots disagree with me. Probably thousands of real people too . . . dgaf. I am enhancing my own ideas and linking up with the like minded, whatever they are.
  12. Michael Savage has been banned from entering England for some time because of his opposition to Islam on his radio show in USA. Makes you wonder how many are banned that we don't know about because they are not famous.
  13. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    The idea of marriage most likely pre-dated city states. Obviously we don't really know when it started up but modern experiments with collectives, most notably the pilgrim fathers and all that shows over and over that men will not work for the benefit of "the state". They will work for the benefit of their own family. This suggests to me that the one man, one women idea was tied to the rise of agriculture as opposed to the hunter/gatherer society. For hunting it is obvious since a group is needed to bring down a large animal it follows that the group shares the meat. Farming is much more individual and works best when he who works eats. Working and hunting are quite different. A man will only work to support his own kids and wife. He will not work for the collective. "Best" is not determined by the teenage boy or any man for that matter. It is determined by the women. If women choose badly, as I am sure some will, then they will not survive. I agree it is a disaster for society as it is now but the old way is over. It has to fail. It is very busy destroying itself right now. We don't know what the new society will look like but I am suggesting it will be brutal and nasty. It could be a new dark age or the dominance of Islam but my guess is it will be a ruthless dictatorship or tribal war lords. Out of the chaos there will arise something sustainable and we stand a better chance of surviving because we have technology light years ahead of ancient Rome or even the British Raj. This new society will not take shit because that is how it survived. Not so sure I have addressed all your very good points but I try! I think it is so very important to exchange ideas even if we disagree. I think we have the same goals in mind.
  14. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I agree that it looks that way right now but I think we both know the current society is unsustainable and when it collapses, as it surely must, it is the alpha male that will dominate and the definition of alpha will be decided by the women. It is likely to be the tradesman who can build or fix anything who is built like a brick shithouse and doesn't give a tuppeny fuck for any bullshit ism. That is the trend right now. The women prefer the bad guy who dominates them and other men too. He is muscular and big and is smart enough to earn good money but is likely independent or running his own business. The weak, ineffectual beta male will not be needed and will not breed. Keep in mind that women prefer to share an alpha rather than have a beta all to themselves. When there is real conflict and competition for resources the alpha will win every time and the women know this. He will also be totally ruthless to any opposition. There will be no more nice guys. I agree not pretty but we have to have a cull to survive. Beta does not cut the mustard when the shit hits the fan.
  15. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Totally agree but would add that the phenomena is not limited to the online world. Modern transport and communication links us up with a far greater number of possible mates than in the days of horses and villages. Add to that condoms and the pill and the old system of one man, one woman is long gone . The notion of marriage had the result of getting all the men working by giving them a family to work for. The women instinctively want to breed with only the best men so a system of natural selection using women as the gatekeepers of sex, a system that worked for millennia was thwarted to produce civilization. The downside is that we got an awful lot of low value men breeding and eventually, aided by technology, we don't have enough real men to run the place. The system that created civilization had within it the seeds of its own destruction and is simply re-adjusting itself. The best will always rise to the top eventually and that is what we are seeing with the breeding success of the alpha male. The system that emerges is likely to be far more brutal and savage but with all of modern technology. The white colonial system mostly failed because it needed manual labor. Keeping conquered people around was always a major risk and liability. With our modern machinery we do not need hoards of low IQ workers. The transition will not be pretty but as any gardener knows you have to take out the failures and encourage the strong plants. Nature does it all the time. Human intervention in its own development has run its course. It was fit for purpose but is not anymore. The future ain't what it used to be.