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  1. The left (socialists and communists) have no morals or ethics. They are only interested in promoting themselves and at the same time smearing and maligning their political opposition which is anybody who is not socialist or communist. So when an atrocity is committed they have no interest in the victims. They are only interested in the political position of the attacker. If they can label the perpetrator as right wing (not socialist) then they will pile on the sympathy for the victims and smear the attacker. If there is no political advantage in a news item they have no interest in it. They do not care how many are killed or how or where only the political views of the attacker. Muslims are seen as socialist because they vote socialist and will continue to do so until they have their own party. Muslims are also socialist voters because the media is socialist. This cover works very well for them, pretty well makes them immune from coverage of their atrocities. You make a mistake assuming anyone in the media or on the left has any morals or ethics at all. They will never be shamed because they have no shame.
  2. This was my experience for sure. I used to be a simple member of a group and was just one of the guys. Suddenly (like in about 3 minutes) I became the leader. Just as suddenly I am fighting off women who I had known for ages who now want me for a boyfriend. It was amazing and not very flattering to be honest. I was popular suddenly because of my sudden status. Nothing to do with looks or personality or wealth, just status. It was a rather rude awakening to the nature of women. My red pill moment.
  3. I run into this situation all the time. I've experienced it personally but am also in a position to observe lots of interactions. Women in the 19 to 30 age group are highly sought after and they know it. They are only interested in the top 20% or less of men. Unfortunately they treat the other 80% very badly. Fast forward to older women and the older men have largely moved on in life and have a justifiably jaundiced view of women. By this time only 20% of women have found their partner so 80% of women have failed to hold down 20% of the men but have been pumped and dumped. The men have a history of rejection, and nasty at that, and the women have a history of failure. In an older social group there is usually a shortage of men but if you talk to the women about it they blame the men for not being there. If I suggest to them that maybe the women are doing something wrong because the men prefer to stay away they simply cannot get their heads around it. It is always the man's fault. I point out that they are not treating men very well and never have a good word to say about them so it is not surprising that many simply stay away. The response is always that such men are not real men and they should "man up". it is always the man's fault that he is not there and the women are smug in their lonely superiority. The fact is that older men find hobbies or sports or whatever and they are pretty happy in whatever they are doing and can do without women especially if the woman is a bitch and comes with a sack load of baggage and continuous drama. On the other hand women need a man around the house to fix stuff and do the heavy lifting on the practical level but she wants a partner for all sorts of social functions and just day to day living. The way I see it is that the problem starts way back at the pump and dump stage. Back in the day women got pregnant and had to be way more careful in their sexual activities. They could not have a tryst with Chad until Chad was locked down. These days they get their Chad temporarily while he looks for something better but they get alpha widowed and very resentful blaming all men for the actions of the Chad. So yea, there's lots of women available in the older age groups but do you really want to get involved in all that resentment and baggage. Lots of men say, "Piss on that" and stay home with a video game or whatever turns their crank. It ain't rocket science.
  4. Usually yes (simulator) but Boing made the case that the max was just an upgrade of a 737 so special training was not needed. A cost saving measure. Should never have gotten past the FAA.
  5. As I understand it, it is a bit worse than that. The forward position of the engine creates a tendency to make the nose go up. The more "up" the nose goes the more lift is provided by the engine which is why it is called unstable. There is a feed back loop so that the more the nose goes up the more the nose goes up. This happens very quickly so that only a computer can react fast enough to apply counter measures. A good analogy is trying to steer a boat going backwards. The motion of the boat amplifies the out of center alignment of the rudder so that the rudder quickly goes full over and the boat is out of control. Compare this to a normal steering in a car. The car "wants" to go in a straight line. Moving the steering wheel requires effort. If you remove the effort on the steering wheel then the car reverts back to a straight line. This is dynamically stable.
  6. Don't feed the trolls.
  7. Very funny! No chance they have heard of most of them. I have heard of fentanyl and Oxycontin but only through the internet. The others mean nothing to me. I would bet dollars to donuts my dancers know less than me and no chance at all they use any.
  8. So I phoned one of my dancers and asked, "Do you know what an opioid is and have you ever used one?" She said, "Sure, it is a fancy name for a cell phone and I use one all the time." I guess you are right.
  9. Absolutely no way Hosé. 50% (at least) have no idea what an opioid is. The other 50% have no interest. You are under the delusion that the world around you is representative of the whole world. You live in a shit hole and do not realize that there are places very different and very decent. I never lock my car or my house either.
  10. That is very sad to hear because it is a lot of fun for all. I guess I am very lucky to live where I do. I don't know a single person on any drugs and our idea of fun is a communal *Zorba at the end of a night of dancing with all ages holding hands in a circle and joining in with a hearty O la! The personal interaction and group dynamic is electric with bonding going on all across the board. I often sit back and watch (with other older members) and get a gigantic kick out of the general camaraderie of the group. * A line dance done in a circle taken from the movie, "Zorba the Greek"
  11. In my experience the whole notion of a youth group is wrong. I run a dance club and it is open to all ages. About 40% of the club is under 25 so I would consider them youths especially since the youngest is 11. The rest of the group are adults all the way up to early 80"s but mostly 50's. The group dynamic is terrific. The younger crowd add energy and fun while the older set supply security, and responsibility. The young are very polite to the older ones and the older ones are very encouraging to the younger. They all join the club activity of dance. My takeaway is that the youth need to be included in the activity of the adults and what is wrong is that an awful lot of adults do sweet fuck all. Parents with a social life of any kind who include their kids will have no problems with kids. The kids learn how to behave by being always included with the adults.
  12. Salo: a Russian delicacy much loved in Ukraine as well. It is raw pork fat salted down for a week or two. My Russian girl friend loves it and eats it like chocolate . . . can't handle it at all. Sheep's eye balls. Arabic delicacy always given to guests at feasts. I had to eat one or insult my host. Rather bland but the lens cooks hard and crunchy so a bit of a mouthful. It wasn't the taste it was the thought of it all . . . yuk!
  13. Your post resonated with me. There but for the grace of God go I. I still can't help being attracted to trashy women. My partner is totally wife material and we are very close but I have to make myself look away when a piece of trash walks by. There was a time when I would have ruined a good thing but we learn as we grow older and we can pass on some wisdom these days with the wonder of the internet. I really think it is our job to talk it all out and hope we can help the younger set coming up behind us. To be quite honest about it; a young person reading threads like this gets more advice or at least food for thought than I ever got from either of my parents and that has to be a good thing.
  14. Actually, yes it is because a good chunk of us have been through similar shit or are going through it just like you. You might need a good kick in the ass but it hurts us more than it hurts you and it is done with good intentions. Tough love and all that. The whole of western society is struggling with these problems and any solution is likely to come from forums such as this one. There will be no solutions from "feel good" mumsy net p.c. places. It just might be that your experiences or insight or whatever helps to spark an answer somehow. Your input is important and any insults or hurty words are irrelevant. Throw in your nickel and let the cookie crumble. Mixed metaphors be damned!
  15. I totally agree with you but you do not take it far enough. The welfare state is largely a result of giving women the vote. Women will vote to benefit women (who'd a thunk it). Women got the vote largely as a result of the growth of industry supplying jobs that women could do and at the same time providing the wealth to finance benefits. As society marches into a more socialized system then it begins to collapse since it relies on taking from the productive and giving to the unproductive and eventually the productive switch sides and we run out of money. Of course we don't run out of paper and bytes so the money gets more and more worthless and bingo bango Venezuela, Soviet Russia, Wiemer republic etc. etc. All of these crazy relationship screw ups are a symptom and not the disease. We have to find a solution because if we don't nature will and good morning Islam.