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    Snow bird reacted to jm51 in The French are revolting   
    They were a life saver for Saturday dads. My kids were 70 miles away and having hungry kids when away from your own home was a nightmare before McD. Walk into a greasy spoon with sprogs back then and it would be like that bar in Star Wars. wtf are you doing bringing kids in here? Fish and chips eaten at a bus stop or eat in McDs and be treated decent. Eventually the greasy spoons woke up and started being kid friendly, thanks to McD.
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    Snow bird reacted to Frank Hovis in The left are literally going to lose their shit   
    Yup.  We had this with Brexit.  Remoaners claimed the intellectual high ground because more people with degrees voted Remain hence Brexiteers were thick.
    Listen sonny: your degree is trash and you have wasted three years of your life and sixty grand on it.  A piece of paper for a qualification that nobody, repeat nobody fails does not make you clever. What makes you clever is being clever; a worthless degree is a sign of stupidity.
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    Snow bird reacted to Banned in The left are literally going to lose their shit   
    This is what has been created by sending 40% of people in Western nations to universities.
    A load of thick twats too stupid or idle to do productive or innovative work, but by having a Mickey Mouse degree they think they're bright enough to have an opinion worth sharing.
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    Snow bird reacted to null; in Gerard Batten   
    What makes you think that university educated economists don't understand this?
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    Snow bird reacted to sleepwello'nights in Gerard Batten   
    I was particularly annoyed by the claim that most paedophiles were white Christians, especially Catholic priests. 
    I can't be bothered to look up crime statistics to refute the claim. Regardless, I haven't read any reports of organised gangs of clergy or white people systematically targeting young girls in most major cities or large towns throughout the UK.
    Such an apologist argument.
    Plus the ignorant assertion that islam is simply a religion. The panel seemed to have no idea of sharia.  
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    Snow bird reacted to twocents in Gerard Batten   
    During that interview almost every question and every statement by the So-Called BBC contained a lie or a grossly inaccurate smear of some sort.  When you add that to them allowing any mainstream politician to get away with making any false claim and statement they like without question then it's clear that the So-Called BBC is just an outlet for lies and propaganda.  I do think that more and more people are realizing that now and coming to that conclusion about all their output.
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    Snow bird reacted to twocents in Gerard Batten   
    Batten came across as extremely honest and straightforward repeatedly exposing the lies, twists and spin of the So-Called BBC.  BBC even twisting stuff that had been satisfactorily answered time and time and time again previously.  The So-Called BBC has nowhere to go except to repeatedly lie about stuff - BBC are like programmed robots brainwashed by their own propaganda and unable to get out of their self destructive web of lies.
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    Snow bird reacted to Alonso Quijano in Gerard Batten   
    I do like Gerard Batten, prepared to stand up and be counted, argue his position.
    That was a typical BBC stitch-up; who gives a shit what the EDL did or said years ago (almost certainly misreported and spun by the usual suspects). Noted the panel of cucks and offended, who simply cannot say anything that strays from the party/multi-culti line. They are more of a problem than the Muslims - they allow and encourage it: industrial, organised abuse of 1000s of young girls, there for the taking... what about whitey?! Shameful.
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    Snow bird reacted to SillyBilly in Gerard Batten   
    Really liked Batten's opening gambit in terms of exposing the set-up right from the off. I don't think the So-Called BBC/Sky/MSM are catching up quickly enough to the fact that their "guests" are no longer willing to be quietly led to the slaughter. They will ask probing questions back as to what the angle is of the interviewer/broadcaster. Only in last couple of years since about the time of Trump/Brexit have we noticeably had this kick back and I hope the trend continues. I imagine it to be very difficult to perform when you're under a broadside from a panel, have to hand it to likes of Robinson and Batten, they are becoming well honed, I guess they are well practised given it happens all the time.
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    Snow bird reacted to One percent in Gerard Batten   
    Tbh, I don’t care how people choose to live their lives or what they believe in, as long as it doesn’t negatively impact on my way of life and I’m not expected to pay for it through taxes that provide bennies so they don’t need to work. 
    The religion of peace fails significantly on both counts. 
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    Snow bird reacted to gibbon in Gerard Batten   
    Bible had most the nasty shit taking out of it with the new testament. Unlike the the quran which is a vile book (try reading it). Also practically nobody out there tries to live their life according to the bible unlike the quran. To compare the followers of Christianity and Islam is just fucking stupid.
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    Snow bird reacted to Van Lady in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    I would add DO NOT tell her about your income and substantial savings!
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    Snow bird reacted to wherebee in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Good self analysis, Joe.
    The ideal situation here is you meet her, you fuck her, and you have no ongoing relationship.  The more gash you get, the more confidence you will express in everything you do, and the more gash you will get.
    You MUST NOT fall for this girl.  No matter how good any sex is, you MUST see this as a learning experience, not an end state.
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    Snow bird reacted to snaga in Climate change and what we eat   
    and what about a few years later when it's 15B or 20B or 50B?
    The longer they leave addressing the real problem, the greater the misery. Also a good argument against democracy, someone's going to need to make some very unpopular decisions, I doubt democracy will survive that.
    Start will the relatively simple thing ... control of money, FIAT issued currency needs a forever expanding economy, that needs to be halted.
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    Snow bird reacted to Frank Hovis in Climate change and what we eat   
    I agree with you that a good vegetarian diet is healthier for you than a good omnivore diet but how many people in this country eat a good diet?  10% maybe?
    If I had a personal chef who prepared all of my food and ensured that as well as having variety and taste every meal had sufficient protein then I would never eat meat again and not miss it.
    I am however in the 90% who would not claim to eat a good diet so for me a vegetarian diet would be a lot less heathy than an omnivore diet as my persoanl experience of trying it demonstrated.
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    Snow bird reacted to Lone Lurker in Climate change and what we eat   
    Also wondering about the connection between vegetarians/ vegans and extreme SJWness.
    Starting to consider whether these diets produce mental instability in a percentage of humans,
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    Snow bird reacted to dgul in Climate change and what we eat   
    Meat is a funny thing.  Sure, if you raise beef indoors and feed it grain then you might well be better off consuming the grain directly.  But pasture fed animals use land that isn't readily useful for crops (otherwise it would be used for crops -- much better return for less effort).  Welsh lamb, in particular, makes great use of uplands grass that is very difficult to use for anything other than grass -- I suppose you could plant trees on the uplands (carbon positive), but to claim that veg is the replacement is facile.
    I certainly think that 'market miles' is important, and has been completely ignored in this analysis.
    Also, the fundamental premise is fantastical in missing the point:
    The solution there is to stop the population from expanding, not changing food production.  
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    Snow bird reacted to Libspero in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
    An architect, an artist and an engineer were discussing whether it was better to spend time with the wife or a mistress.
    The architect said he enjoyed time with his wife, building a solid foundation for an enduring relationship. 
    The artist said he enjoyed time with his mistress, because of the passion and mystery he found there. 
    The engineer said, "I like both." "Both?" Engineer: "Yeah. If you have a wife and a mistress, they will each assume you are spending time with the other woman, and you can get some bloody work done."
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    Snow bird got a reaction from Alonso Quijano in Operation Nookie 60   
    OK: some unsolicited advice from someone who gets laid regularly to someone who isn't getting laid at all.  Get this woman over to your place before the party for some feminine advice of how to run the party.  Chances are high that you will get laid at the same time, but even if you screw that up she will feel social validation at the party because you met her prior.  The whole purpose of the party is to get laid so don't make the mistake of chasing two birds in the bush for the one you have in your hand.   Keep in mind you only want one.  To go all Country and Western on you don't overlook the orchid while searching for a rose. 
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    Snow bird reacted to Cunning Plan in Another example of refusing to face reality   
    So yesterday we need immigrants to do all those low paid jobs that the Brits won't do.
    Today we complain that those immigrants are in low paid work.
    I think they are eventually going to disappear up their own arses with this kind of logic. 
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    Snow bird reacted to DocH in Another example of refusing to face reality   
    "... black and minority ethnic public employees were paid anything up to 37% less on average than their white counterparts. "
    Rather depends on the meaning of "counterparts", doesn't it. If BAME people get 37% less for DOING THE SAME JOB, well, that's wrong.
    However, I suspect they don't mean that. But careful use of deceptive language is used to try to hide the writer's dishonesty.
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    Snow bird reacted to PatronizingGit in Another example of refusing to face reality   
    Relative to the regional population, more slaves were taken by the Ottomans from Southern Ukraine/Crimea than were taken to the Americas from the whole of West Africa.
    No one mentions it because SLAVERY IS VIRTUALLY ALL HUMAN HISTORY.
    Also, thoughout human history, the shame part would not be on those taking the slaves...they would be the victors. On the contrary, it would be shameful to be regarded as part of a slave bloodline. To be the dominated, the subjugated, the losers. 
    Sadly, Black Identity has been whittled down to 'we've achieved nothing. We've never built civilizations. We've been everyones slaves. Bow down and respect us' 
    Er, no thanks. Sounds rather a pathetic history to me. 
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    Snow bird reacted to PatronizingGit in Another example of refusing to face reality   
    No its cos theyre black. 
    What? are you a racist or summat. 
    If you're a white guy, you wouldnt understand anyway. 
    Shut up.
    End of discussion.
    Pretty much The depth of actual Political discourse in 2018. 
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    Snow bird reacted to Strawberry in Another example of refusing to face reality   
    Will that include the Barbary Pirates and how over 1.25 million people were taken as slaves from the West
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    Snow bird reacted to Hail the Tripod in Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites   
    Why bother with anything, “on a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero”. You should never let the ultimate futility of the human experience get to you.