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  1. Doesn't surprise me. I've avoided using companies that have offshore call centres since a really bad experience with Norwich Union back in the 90s.
  2. Agreed, tell them to fix the problem otherwise they can fuck off. Right now, they don't give a shit how many "rich" westerners are getting fleeced, it's just another offshoring industry segment that brings in cash from their perspective.
  3. Massive problem here too: I get 5-10 calls a week from these fuckers. They constantly change the number they're calling from so it's really hard to block them too. Mostly I hand up as soon as realise what the call is about but, every now and again, I'll say something like "I recognize your voice, I fucked your mother up the arse whilst you watched didn't I?" - Indians really don't like to have their mothers insulted.
  4. It's normal so don't worry too much about it. Large companies have to follow some stringent rules when handling credit card data ( so odds are your card details are safe. Don't ever use a credit card when paying over the phone with a small place - e.g. pizza delivery - though, that's pretty much the #1 way to get your card cloned.
  5. I had the most expensive curry of my live in Oslo - eating out there is insanely pricey.
  6. Quite right, the Wanch is way more fun!
  7. You have your own silicon fab facilities?!
  8. I bought 50 Amazon shares in 2001 for about 10 bucks a share and still have them. One of a very small number of single shares I’ve ever bought, would never do it again.
  9. TheBlueCat

    The Wilsons

    He’s definitely sold quite a few individually over the years - presumably to raise cash for interest payments on the rest. What’s unclear is how many he has left now.
  10. Eat them while you can. After Brexit you’ll have to live on a diet of gruel and mud, or so the So-Called BBC tells me.
  11. Confusion over how much fuel was in there partially due to recent metrication. The good news is that no-one died.
  12. Non-stop public readings of books from the various Grauniad top 10 lists and nothing much else I would expect. Like Glastonbury minus all of the entertaining bits.
  13. Honestly, hanging is too good for them.
  14. TheBlueCat


    It’s funny to think that Andy Warhol was actually spot on. I thought the 15 minutes of fame thing was a flippant remark but I now believe he’d thought it through carefully based on trends he was observing back in the 70s.