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  1. I would like to see some of the ancient Egyptian sites but, aside from that, I can't think of any good reason to go there.
  2. Electric seems unlikely but combustible non-fossil fuels are not impossible. Either that or a fucking big catapult.
  3. TheBlueCat


    Agreed. It’s basically the same in Canada too.
  4. They get that way when they’re not heavily used (e.g. if you mainly ride on the flat). They can be de-squeaked by carefully cleaning the disks with stainless steel cleaner and scrubbing the pads with wire wool or something else a bit, but not too, abrasive.
  5. With that criminal record - penalty free or otherwise - she wouldn’t be able to pass the background checks to work for any bank I know of. Just staggering that she’s allowed to run a central bank.
  6. About 35 GBP including tax a month at current exchange rates for 100 down / 10 up cable internet. Only 1 meaningful outage in 10 years and the latency to most major sites is very low so, all in, not bad. I have a friend who get 1gb symmetric into his apartment for about 50 GBP a month via a direct fibre line into the building.
  7. Converging geometric series are possibly a bit too sophisticated for most post office staff! I did once watch somebody calculate the sum of one using a spreadsheet, which was a bit of an eye opener.
  8. P + (P*R)/(1-R) where P is the price of the stamp and R is the rate of the tax.
  9. I guess. For once though I’m with the SJWs on something. Turing was a mathematical genius and a hero of the war effort and the only thanks he got was a prison sentence and a prescription for some horrible sex hormone suppressing drug.