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  1. I wish you were right but the weird voting system means they would need around 60% of the vote to do that. Take a screenshot and make a formal complaint to whichever organizations are relevant.
  2. So what you’re saying Cathy, is that they’re a bunch of treacherous cunts and everyone hates them?
  3. The only way forward now is a GE except that I guarantee the fuckers (as in MPs, not any particular party) won’t call one as they know they’d mostly lose their seats to the Faragists. This sorry shit show is going to shamble on for another three years and through several more Brexit extensions or possibly even a revocation of Article 50. Utter, utter, utter traitorous anti-democratic cunts the lot of them.
  4. I think we may finally be at this stage now.
  5. Back to the lovely Ruth Townsley, very interesting to see the reader comments on this article: Bristol voted 60% remain and is stuffed full of SJW types to my recollection but they're not much in evidence here. I wonder if a bigger shift of opinion - not necessarily in favour of leaving the EU - is afoot and is being missed?
  6. Good for them, they are attempting to live by their own principles for a change.
  7. It sounds like a really stupid attempt at a joke gone wrong to me. As funny as a wet weekend in Bognor.
  8. Added an extra bit, Sky do criminal background checks. That's a very good point. The question we now have to ask is who's funding him?
  9. I recall him saying he never smoked - do you know otherwise?
  10. This is tried in a Magistrates court and my guess is that most, if not all, Magistrates are SJW types.
  11. Innocent until proven guilty so they have to say that (and the cops are very consistent about that). Looking at this I doubt he'll do any time though, most likely a fine and maybe community service. I'm pretty sure Sky will have to sack him though:
  12. You forgot smug self-satisfied grin.