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  1. But, but, but only minimum wage immigrants fresh off the boat will do farm jobs, Brits are too entitled to even consider applying. How can this possibly be true?!
  2. I wish that was true but no-one tools about it an air ambulance for fun, they cost way too much to run. We’ve had clusters of cases in nursing homes in rural areas, my guess is it’s people from those being taken to one of the big Toronto hospitals.
  3. I’m on the main route for the air ambulance heading into Toronto from out in the sticks. We had a couple of days silence when the lockdown started now there’s one flying overhead inbound to St Michael’s hospital every couple of hours.
  4. Everybody loves the sound of a train in the distance. The key word being distance!
  5. In the 70s I could clearly hear trains on the East Coast main line at least 5 miles in the distance from my bedroom window at night. Living in a big noisy city that’s one of the few things I really miss about the countryside.
  6. Not PFI, this is extra debt trusts took on to cover budget deficits. PFI will be 100s or billions rather than 10s at a guess. edit to add: 267B in fact -
  7. It’s an odd one. It sold out here in Toronto during the panic buying weekend but was one of the first things I look for to come back into stock.
  8. Here’s an ironic anecdotal. We’ve got similar mortgage and debt deferral rules in place in Canada as the UK has. The banks have been swamped with requests at the same time as having to close a lot of call centre capacity which has meant that the action has moved into branches (my local CIBC branch had a queue around the block when I went out for some fresh air yesterday). Anyway, a guy I work with just reported that his friend has come down with coronavirus (he’s on the mend glad to say) most likely caught, obviously, whilst queuing up at a bank branch to request a mortgage deferral. Banks, if they don’t enslave you they’ll try to kill you instead.
  9. What about deaf illiterate people you fucking Nazi? (I’m operating in Twitter mode today).
  10. ускоренный реакционный робот онлайн surely?
  11. Looks like a total wrong ‘un:
  12. He’s 6 days in so it’s around about now it could turn nasty from what’s been reported. If he’s not coughing his guts up already that’s probably a good sign.
  13. It’s really simple, it puts all the left wing remainer comments at the top and hides everything else. Why anyone vaguely to the right of Stalin bothers to post anything on that pile of excrement is beyond me.
  14. If she's actually in the US (still) regardless of whether the translation is accurate or not, she's a dead woman walking. They have guns there! edit to add: that could just as easily be a Home Depot store in Canada.