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  1. TheBlueCat

    The normalisation of female obesity

    I’ve always fancied chicks in specs, no idea why. If you’ve every tried Philipino food, that’s no surprise!
  2. TheBlueCat


    The 2001 breakfast.
  3. TheBlueCat


    I have porridge and nuts for breakfast if I’m doing a long bike ride but, for no reason I can figure, it leaves me feeling hungry mid morning if I’m just sitting behind a desk. The more I observe dietary stuff, the more I realize everyone’s metabolism is a bit different.
  4. TheBlueCat


    As we’re moving into recipes, what did the other vegetarians here have for breakfast? I try to go for high protein/fat myself and save the carbs for dinner - seems to work well for me - and had an avocado with a poached egg on the side (free range Mennonite egg in this case).
  5. TheBlueCat

    The normalisation of female obesity

    The weird thing for me is that I’ve never fancied super skinny women or noticeably overweight ones and I don’t think I’m that unusual.
  6. TheBlueCat


    Lots of variants! Mine was, I think, from The Goodies, but I may be wrong about that.
  7. TheBlueCat


    You’ve read the book, seen the film now eat the pie.
  8. TheBlueCat

    The normalisation of female obesity

    It’s the human condition! The interesting part is the interplay of social expectations and behaviour. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an article in a magazine telling fat men that they’re sexy that way and it’s just fine whereas we do get stuff telling us we have to be covered in muscles and not skinny if we want to get a shag.
  9. TheBlueCat


    They will avenge the spilling of the green blood of their silent brethren.
  10. TheBlueCat


    I never liked kidneys, they smelled of piss.
  11. TheBlueCat


    Wel, I’m not fat and most people haven’t even noticed I’m a vege as I never mention it unless I absolutely have to. Seitan or Satan as it is more properly called is vile!
  12. TheBlueCat


    Seems we have a few on here including me and Sypgril. I gave up meat a few years back because I found it fucked my guts up in anything other than small quantities and due to a long standing dislike of factory farming methods. What about others?
  13. TheBlueCat

    Community fridges

    Ok if you’re colour blind, not sure I could bring myself to pour green milk on my cornflakes though! I solved the problem by buying a second hand hotel mini-bar fridge and sticking it in my room.
  14. TheBlueCat

    The cult of corbyn

    It’s worth becoming a card carrying Tory just be certain that she will never attempt to kiss you.
  15. TheBlueCat

    Oh la la! Sacre bleu! Zut alors!

    Yes, maybe I’ll be able to get a bottle of Eau Sauvage aftershave that actually smells of something again!