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  1. I sure as hell do! But then I grew up around farmers and it was bloody obviously a tough life. I did not envy the kids who came to school having got up at 4am to milk the chickens - they’d already done a full day’s work for most people before they got to first period.
  2. See the school friend death list thread - more than a few of those farmers were people I knew.
  3. The airlines are weighing my carry-on down to the ounce but someone else is allowed to check a horse?
  4. Did enough farm work when I was a kid to know that it’s gruelling, often disgusting and dangerous. I’m very grateful for my comfy desk job.
  5. OK, so the CBC (Canadian equivalent of the BCC) can be nauseatingly PC at times but it doesn't simper over left wing politicians (even Justin) in the way the So-Called BBC does. Here is an article tearing Elizabeth May (local equivalent of Caroline Lucas) another one for basically talking crap: Can you imagine the BCC ever doing that to anyone other than a Tory?
  6. Yup! 50 was a few years back for me.
  7. I remember Rutland Water being created. Dad took us for a drive around the area shortly before it was all blocked off prior to flooding.
  8. I spend the first few years of my life living near Oakham (dad was stationed near there) and it is a lovely area. Anyway, saw this: And had a good laugh at this comment: Now there is a man who has fully integrated into the English way of life.
  9. Who are you calling stupid, paleface?
  10. Here's a bit of (old) good news: Toronto is really good at this stuff. It's the only big city I've lived in where you can go for 100s of KM along mixed use trails (bike, walk etc.) entirely off-road through parkland without having to share space with cars. I have access to the trail network about 1 KM from my house and, from there, I can spend all day cycling round some really lovely scenery right in the middle of a city of 5M people. Two of the connected parts (which will join to the link above): These all being part of:
  11. That's fine, we can all go back to wearing animal skins.
  12. Sadly, human rights law only ever seems to be interpreted to protect the rights of utter scumbags. The rights of the rest of us not to be blown up by them are irrelevant.
  13. Hence my point about the citizenship removal order being reversed by a court in secret - most likely through judicial review as I don't think the decision itself is appealable. If, and only if, that happens then she becomes a citizen again and all the other crap kicks in. Edit to add, it looks like the decision can and has been challenged directly: It's not much of a leap from there to assume a gagging order has also been applied for so we don't get to hear what the decision was.