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  1. I didn’t think that security clearance absolutely required only one nationality though? I know that, say, Russian citizenship would be a problem but I would have thought citizenship of another five eyes country wouldn’t be a blocker.
  2. Either that or EncroChat was set up by the coppers themselves and run for several years to make people think it was legit.
  3. The number they will be paying out is the sum of an infinite albeit converging series.
  4. In other news, the OED is considering removing the work 'gullible'.
  5. The numbers of infections in the US are going up rapidly but deaths haven't (yet?) followed. Just a matter of time or is somtheing else going on? By that I'm thinking a lot more testing is happening, the disease is getting weaker, we're getting better at treating it, new cases are young people rather than people in nursing homes, something else?
  6. I would suggest being immensely careful what you write about Dershowitz unless you have a great deal of money spare to spend on lawyers of your own.
  7. You're been a spy or a diplomat?!
  8. Nice flugel horn you've got there (oo-err missus).
  9. That's an average figure for everyone in all income groups. Taking that 25K single person living in a band D house in Middlesborough I was writing about: Before tax income: 25,000 Direct taxes: Tax + employee NI: 4,358 Council tax including the 25% single person reduction: 1,537 Indirect taxes: 5% on electricity and gas. Assuming that band D is a three bedder, that's around another 70 quid a year in tax based on this article and allowing for some price rises since 2017: Tax (fuel duty + VAT) on petrol comes in at 80p a litre give or take. An average car gives you about 14 miles per litre and average mileage is 7,600 a year. Sp that adds another (7,600/14)*80p = 435 quid rounded up. Running total then is 6400 in tax, which is 26% of that 25K salary. If we now assume this person spends all of the rest of their income on 20% VAT rated stuff (e.g. they never buy and cook their own food) that gives another 3720 in tax. So, in the extreme case of a single person with no dependents living alone, no mortgage/rent, eating entirely restaurant food and unable to claim any kind of benefits or tax credits, the total of direct and indirect tax is still only 40% of their income. And, on the final point, even if this was the normal case, which it most certainly isn't, the absolute amount of tax they're paying is still going to be a small fraction of that paid by someone earning 250K who will, by the way, be paying 43% in income tax alone.
  10. That’s an entirely different calculation to the 46% income tax + NI that was being claimed. The HMRC site says someone on 25K without other income pays 4358 in tax + employee NI. Check here: That’s 17.5%. A band D house in Middlesborough has 2049 council tax as you say, but someone on 25K with a family to support would almost certainly be able to get a reduction (not to mention working tax credits) and a single person living alone would automatically get 25% off. So maybe 30% of income maximum for a single person but not close to 40 let alone 46. Oh, and housing benefit of some amount if renting as a family. And it seems very unlikely someone on 25K is spending the near 15K a year you’d have to spend on non-zero VAT rated stuff and fuel to get to another 3K of tax out of that.
  11. Yep. Who should pay even more tax? People who earn more than me.
  12. There’s a 12.5k tax free band for the employee so how do you get 46%? And a bit of digging says that employers NI on a 12.5K salary is less than 10% in total.
  13. Depends which components. Purchase taxes on property vary a lot depending where you are but go up to 3 or 4% in total (a lot more if you’re an overseas buyer in Ontario or BC). The equivalent of council tax is a percentage based annual charge - high end is more than the UK for sure. There is no inheritance tax at the moment but, at the point you croak, your assets are marked to market and, principle residence aside, your estate pays capital gains tax on it all. The same applies if you make gifts whilst you’re still alive.
  14. Some total tax (not just income tax) figures for Canada. I expect the UK is pretty similar: ”Families in the top 5 percent of earners pay 28.8 percent of all taxes and earn 22.8 percent of total income. Families in the top 10 percent pay 39.6 percentof all taxes and earn 33.1 percent of total income.” › ... PDF