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  1. TheBlueCat

    Boiler Insurance - con?

    My mum has the BG one and it’s been worth it I would say. Having said that, she knows the plumber that has the local contract and gets better service as a result I suspect.
  2. TheBlueCat

    Draft Withdrawal Agreement

    I started reading it myself when it came out and concluded that it was a modern day version of the treaty of Versailles with us playing the krauts.
  3. TheBlueCat

    Settled Status

    Did she have a thirst for knowledge?
  4. TheBlueCat

    4x4 recommendations.

    Any Subaru I would say. Very tough transmissions and not ridiculously large.
  5. TheBlueCat

    Favourite Food?

    I grow my own in tubs and they are an entirely different food item to what comes from the shop. I’m not sure what happens to the commercial ones but they taste of nothing. San Marzano ones whole in the tin are still good though in the whole.
  6. TheBlueCat

    Favourite Food?

    Possibly even both at the same time?
  7. TheBlueCat

    Favourite Food?

    I guess you’re in the caviar & filet steak washed down with a bottle of Bolly camp?! I’ve tried a lot of that super extravagant dining stuff - I was lucky enough to spend many years working in an industry where it came for free - and, whilst some of it was exceptionally nice it was not something that most people would want to repeat too often. In recent years I’ve come to appreciate that culinary perfection is usually something very simple and commonplace but done exceptionally well. I think Heston Blumenthal nailed it in In Search of Perfection - we’ll worth getting the book by the way.
  8. TheBlueCat

    Bye, UKIP

    That’s the other side of the same coin I guess. I doubt many of them were actual Labour Party members though.
  9. TheBlueCat

    Bye, UKIP

    Nowhere. These were random people who hadn’t been members of any party but signed up because they thought Jeremy was going to take them to a socialist paradise and have now got bored and moved on to some other bullshit cause. I doubt any of them left either, they just didn’t renew their memberships. Probably mostly teachers and other public sector types.
  10. TheBlueCat

    Favourite Food?

    Gnocchi are good, particularly if you have the time and inclination to make them fresh.
  11. TheBlueCat

    Favourite Food?

    Spaghetti with freshly made pesto. Some chopped basil leaves mixed in and loads of pepper and Parmesan on top to finish it off.
  12. TheBlueCat

    I Chose the Wrong Profession?

    The best way to earn decent money in the music business has always been the weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs circuit. Back in my uni days, I played in a cheesy covers band (we did a few Blues Brothers numbers for example) and we made loads of cash doing weddings and stuff despite being no more than competent. Meanwhile, my girlfriend at the time who was doing a performers course at the RCM was cadging a few quid here and there busking despite being a top 0.01% type musician.
  13. TheBlueCat

    Chinese, Not SJW, Just Get on With Shit

    They seem to quite like us guilos too.