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  1. Ha! I think he followed up with a Dylan song but I forget which.
  2. Ah, that explains it!
  3. I’m currently sitting in a hotel bar in Seattle which, for some odd reason, has a live music act. He’s now playing a cover of Road to Hell (the one by Chris Rea). Seems very out of place somehow.
  4. For the glory I guess? Odds are that their daily lives are just as tedious and uncomfortable from their perspective. I regularly do stupidly long cycle rides when I could stay at home and watch the telly and they’re often quite unpleasant at the time.
  5. When BlueCat junior was small, all blue sweets would turn him into a total mentalist. He grew out of it but I have no doubt the effect was real.
  6. If I drank the stuff from jars I’d give it up too.
  7. Needs a king sized duvet cover to really do it justice.
  8. I gave up Facebook ages ago and definitely feel better for it. This place on the whole cheers me up though, not sure why.
  9. BlueCat junior does that but he’s the opposite of an SJW (whatever that is).
  10. Did one a few years that my employer paid for - 3K CAD including full MRI etc. It didn’t turn up anything concerning but then I’m not a hypochondriac. The doc told me up front that, for someone my age, it was odds on that something would come up which would lead to a hospital follow-up and that would turn out to be benign. What they found was something I already knew about so no issue. A guy I worked with, in the other hand, turned out to have major coronary artery disease and ended up with a quadruple bypass two weeks afterwards - it almost certainly saved his life.
  11. BA has made a complaint to the EU about unfair competition. I think the main reason the government did this was to provoke the EU into doing something stupid - feels like classic Cummings. Does anyone know the status of the EU commission wrt to competition law during the transition period?
  12. Oh well, Uncle Knobhead will get his comeuppance when your bro and his dog are living on his couch hiding from the immigration cops!
  13. That’s a big dope habit he’s got assuming no other major expense you didn’t mention.
  14. Given that amount of cash - assuming he’s getting 180K too - it sounds like he could be away for quite a while. A bit of web digging suggests he could have anything up to a 1 year visa particularly if he’s got your cousin to put up a bond for him (he or she would regret that by the sound of it).
  15. Yes, cash in hand work will be his only option by the sounds of it. It will be interesting to hear whether he gets that far or whether he comes running back before his tourist visa expires. Good job you’ve got the house sale complete by the sound of it.