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  1. TheBlueCat

    The UKIP Roll of Honour

    He’s free to defect to UKIP if he wants to.
  2. TheBlueCat

    The UKIP Roll of Honour

    Nothing so far...not that I'd expect anything for a couple of weeks at least anyway.
  3. TheBlueCat

    Twat of the day.

    Yes. Why the fuck is he still on TV anyway?
  4. TheBlueCat

    Japanese Demographics

    I think the Japanese have historically favoured more incisive (literally) methods of suicide.
  5. TheBlueCat

    The UKIP Roll of Honour

    I note that the UKIP donation link I gave was a one-off expiring one. Anyone that wants to donate or join, go here: Clicking 'Donate' (big button on the right) takes you to a Paypal page where you can give them whatever amount you want either anonymously or not as you prefer. There's no need to have a Paypal account to do this, all standard credit and debit cards are accepted.
  6. TheBlueCat

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I never thought I’d say this as I can’t stand Farage but the only logical course of action is to join UKIP. We may not be able to prevent non-Brexit but we can at least ensure that the Tory party is obliterated by it.
  7. TheBlueCat

    Smoking - what else is known to be bad

    Isn’t the specific issue that you react to the presence of carbon dioxide in your lungs (makes you feel out of breath) but not to the presence of other stuff? So, if your lungs are, say, full of nitrogen and completely lacking in oxygen you won’t notice. Then of course you pass out and die.
  8. TheBlueCat

    The UKIP Roll of Honour

    Just donate in that case, you don't need to share your details with them to do that. They have that anonymous via Paypal (you can still use a normal credit card, no need to sign up Paypal) thing: And that you're scared to be on the mailing list of a registered UK political party speaks volumes for everything we should all be standing up against.
  9. TheBlueCat

    Twat of the day.

    Ah yes, he's the cunt that thinks it's fine to insult kids with Down's Syndrome but that anyone who votes Tory is an evil pig fucker regardless isn't he? And he's about as funny as cancer to boot.
  10. TheBlueCat

    Twat of the day.

    I get the feeling he's very thin skinned, and somewhat lacking in self knowledge. As well as being a dick.
  11. TheBlueCat

    The UKIP Roll of Honour

    Quite! Join UKIP - or at least give them some cash - in that case. They're the only political party that actually supports Brexit at this point.
  12. TheBlueCat

    Twat of the day.

    I don't like Bannon or Tommy Robinson - dicks the pair of them. Theo Usherwood on the other hand is elevated to the status of prize cunt by that behaviour!
  13. TheBlueCat

    The UKIP Roll of Honour

    That's consistent at least. I'm hugely disappointed with Steptoe on Brexit, he was as absolutely clear leaver forever but has now caved into the Blairite end of Labour and supports soft (i.e. no) Brexit. Just as much of a useless fucker as Theresa bloody May.
  14. TheBlueCat

    The UKIP Roll of Honour

    Good point, just joined and bunged them an extra 100 quid in the process. Now is your chance to make amends for that fucker Blair.
  15. TheBlueCat

    Twat of the day.

    The only problem with this otherwise fantastic thread is that my blood pressure rises noticeably as I look at it. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to come back too often without popping a cork.