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  1. TheBlueCat

    Dead by Christmas

    They’re sent to live in LA aren’t they?
  2. TheBlueCat

    Bye bye Treason May?

    A metal press and/or some molten steel would work too.
  3. TheBlueCat

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Does anyone else think that Treason May might actually be a robot? The kind of political damage she’s been taking would have destroyed any past PM - including the one eyed Scottish mentalist - months back but she just keeps on going. She’s a veritable terminator of the political world.
  4. TheBlueCat

    Not buying EU Products

    Hey, I had an AX GT and it was awesome! Bits regularly fell off it and it rattled like a tin of nails mind you.
  5. TheBlueCat

    Uber loses $1bn in a quarter

    Yes, I think that’s exactly it - they wouldn’t be marginal businesses if they were really hard to get into. Where I live, there are at least 4 food delivery companies operating that I know of all covering the exact same restaurants for example.
  6. TheBlueCat

    Uber loses $1bn in a quarter

    All of these autonomous vehicle projects feel like a huge punt to me. I can see it working well in very constrained situations (e.g. an Olympic village) but I just don’t see the level of sophistication being there to handle general roads without there being a human onboard to take over when needed. Trivial things like driving down a laneway behind a row of houses and reversing into a garage are currently completely out of reach to even the best fully autonomous prototypes. And, in Toronto for example, the first heavy snowfall of the year would kill them stone dead.
  7. TheBlueCat

    Uber loses $1bn in a quarter

    They spend a stack load on R&D as someone else said. My guess is that the main taxi and food delivery services are marginally profitable and that they’ve figured they need some big tech breakthrough (e.g. driverless cabs) to ever have a chance of making serious money.
  8. TheBlueCat

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Denmark and Sweden are not in the Euro and the EU Constitution was dropped (albeit replaced by the almost identical Lisbon treaty) so no idea what that tweet is trying to prove. Fuck the EU by the way, but the truth is bad enough without the need for people to make shit up.
  9. TheBlueCat

    Not buying EU Products

    What about mini’s what?!
  10. TheBlueCat

    Not buying EU Products

    Only if it was made after 2004.
  11. TheBlueCat

    Not buying EU Products

    China, Bangladesh, Hartlepool, I’m easy.
  12. TheBlueCat

    Not buying EU Products

    I only buy stuff made by 8 year old kids manacled to benches. None of that poncy ethical consumer crap for me.
  13. TheBlueCat

    Eu draft proposal thread

    I wish there was, somewhere, a dispassionate summary of the key points - the sort of thing a really good lawyer could write without getting tied up in the emotional aspects of it. Every bit of press commentary is so tainted by personal opinion it’s impossible to figure out what the reality is. I don’t suppose anyone has found anything out there on the web have they?
  14. TheBlueCat

    Knives are so yesterday, crossbows are where it’s at now

    I know Sri Lankan’s with names like the second guy but they may well be Indian or Pakistani in origin I guess. Either way, I’m going with religious or racial differences as a likely trigger. Root cause is that the guy is a AAA military grade cunt of course.
  15. TheBlueCat

    Yoga Pants

    The Devil has all the best tunes (and gym apparel).