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  1. Just block the bridges and Robert's your relative?
  2. How many police cars? (Plus the helicopter.) 😯
  3. He came to UK as a tourist & claimed asylum. And what a valuable addition to the UK he is proving to be. Only 25. Plenty more yrs of having to keep him in a secure setting. No doubt mentally ill but now he's our problem? Is that what asylum had come to? His brother has been reported today as saying it was self defence and that he didn't do nuffink. False arrest. Righto. (Where does his brother live?!)
  4. Two family holidays - only once my mum had gone back to work so my parents felt they could afford it. Both times at Butlins Pwllheli - full board. 1968 and 1969 I think. My brother and I loved it! And it was only down the road sort of, us living on N.Wales coast which was nice in itself back then so dad reckoned we didn't need to go on holiday really! (Holidays were for folk who lived in big city slums he imagined!) Dad was a Welshman who grew up poor so he didn't see the point in wasting money on holiday - we were already lucky we didn't have to work dawn to dusk on a farm in our summer holidays!
  5. No thoughts! Just trying to keep up. Hope something good will come out of this Q story whether Q exists or not. Thanks for the updates!!
  6. Why is it over 10hrs long? 🤔 Bit OTT even for a club remix?! 🙄
  7. Oh no! We were all so sure you'd be fine. But clearly we were too optimistic/wrong. So we must now hope that something good will come your way soon. Lots of changes ahead for all of us, and who knows where we will be heading. Hopefully, there will be new opportunities for those who are keen to find them. So "nil desperandum"... as Boris would (possibly) say. At least you are not aged 28 and being banged up for 2 weeks for having pissed publicly on the memorial for a recent victim of terrorism, after having drunk 16 beers. What a plonker. Of course, he deserves to be humiliated and punished. But at the same time I feel a tiny bit sorry for the idiot. I bet he had no idea what he was peeing on. Shd have just wet his pants instead. Anyway, it must be hard for him to be contemplating how he has screwed up his future for not having planned his day out a bit better. While in your case, today's bad news is just bad luck/circumstances and nothing you could have done to avoid it. That would be some consolation for me right now. Hope it is for you too.
  8. How do you know that tho? Just intuition ... or do you have more than that?
  9. Hope you will be ok next Monday but it'll be a long week waiting to find out. Good luck. Stay positive.
  10. I heard that bit too. Very disheartening.