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  1. I have had a long day - realise I am too tired to even follow John's audio file let alone work out if what he is saying make sense. So far he is sounding very credible tho, just by the way he speaks and all the details he uses. All sounds very natural and unrehearsed.
  2. That's a great tool! Quicker than scrolling thru potentially thousands of twitter names!
  3. How can we check that claim that Gen Flynn is following him on Twitter?
  4. We are starting to get worried about you now! 😬
  5. Good question! (Actually I think he's right - a verb with "ing" ending?)
  6. Participle? (OK. I thought it was just a verb!)
  7. Totally agree with that from my own experience. (Spent 7 yrs in Muscat, 30 yrs ago.) I haven't been back since so I do stimes wonder how they are doing now man more of them have been highly educated and now their country has been vastly modernised. Have they changed at all? For the better or for the worse?
  8. What's the significance of terminating the writer 3 weeks ago if you know? (Did they suspect sthing like this was going to/might happen? Or are just things going downhill in general/budgets being cut?)
  9. Can't agree with you more!! All very well for Stella McCartney (et al) to push their vegan/sustainable credentials but most of us buy too many clothes just to be fashionable? Not out of any kind of real need? Eg shoes. Most women will have some (or a lot of) high heel shoes - but there's just no need for them? Ever? Sturdy boots for working/walking, wellies for flooding, sports shoes for sports, sandals for hot days/beach & slippers for indoors. Doesn't that cover every possibility? (Ok, dancing shoes for ballet,/tap where necessary I guess?) Disclaimer: I have a lot of shoes myself where the non functional/fashion related/unnecessary kind spend 99.9% of their time in the wardrobe gathering dust, as I don't have to go to work/look smart/attractive & don't need a varied 'look'. So the 'pretty' (but pointless) shoes are being phased out since we retired (very gradually) in favour of the above permitted categories only. Fuck- I think this means I am officially "old" and past it now, doesn't it?! (But at least I am not wearing the elasticated trousers ... yet. ) Anyhow, fashion is very wasteful in general? Always changing? So what about we all just have a practical uniform?! Same thing in all sizes?! Oh yes, I think Chairman Mao already tried that?! 😬
  10. I guess my experience of other mainly female forums (eg Mumsnet's, where there are also some male posters), I saw that the males (the minority gender) tended to specify who they are at the start in each thread as it might be relevant for their post and if one wants to reply to them? Where no-one said ever ... COGTFO! I had simply assumed saying I am "F" (as the majority on here tend to be "M") would be in the same category of info as say one's age or whether married/single. (And not asking for any special treatment.) I do absolutely see what you are saying tho, and I agree that in general discussions eg politics, finance, tech M/F shouldn't make any difference to one's posts. My own hate is when women start off with "as a mother" .... as a preface to their opinions. It's pathetic. (Like you have to respect me now/not have a go at me.) Being a parent can be a relevant but it shdn't be used just to show superiority of knowledge or some sort of moral higher ground in society. (Andrea Leadsom fell at this hurdle tho she was probably pushed towards jumping it?) So I will try to behave more appropriately from now on, as I really don't want to have to post pix of my tits! And I do thank you (LC1) for taking the time to give me the background info/explication re TOGTFO! (As I never stop learning new things on here!)
  11. Had to look up that one! Isn't that proof in itself?! 😂
  12. They are not really married (under UK law) if their only marriage ceremony is Islamic?
  13. Except Americans have to let the US tax their worldwide income & I assume (without reading the link) this only applies to income originating in France? Of course those French expats on huge govt pensions might suffer. Or those with a portfolio of expensive properties? (But not those earning money outside of France.) Would have been funny if they had propsed going full USA - the number of Brits here who have been scrabbling to become French (since the Brexit vote - tho no idea why - trying to game the system I suppose?) might suddenly have 2nd thoughts just in case they want to move on/back to UK one day but are stuck paying French taxes forever?! 😂
  14. Bit of mental effort needed ... but I got there in the end!