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  1. Tommy punches a migrant in Italy

    There one minute (45k views when I started) ... and gone the next! I had been on the page for a while, (getting interrupted at home re my viewing) so decided to refresh just to see if the viewing numbers had substantially gone up and then continuing watching. But video was no longer available. So I didn't get past the first 13 mins or so. (Saw them arrive at Hyde Park corner but didn't hear Tommy speaking from the top of his aluminium, portable step-laddder.) So is the diappearance of the video due to ... a random technical issue, Tommy (et al) taking it down eg for editing, or state censorship?
  2. Who do you think actually did it then?

    So if I don't know do I tick "other"? Wish I was able to know what Treason May knows and then make my reasoned decision. Cos at the moment, it's just a guessing game unless one assumes what the PM says is infallible. (So whatever she said.) I have become far too cynical to believe what I am told sadly. But have no evidence either way. Just seems quite stupid to use a nerve toxin in that way - not very professional. And why now? Also why aren't we pulling out of the World Cup now, if everyone in the govt is so sure? My husband is so sure it was definitely-not-gay Putin (cos he hates him/thinks he is evil/he had the motive and the means etc) but that doesn't automatically mean it was him in my mind. (He's just ONE of the possible suspects!) This is causing some trouble chez-nous as apparently me not jumping to the conclusion it was definitely-not-gay Putin means I am defending definitely-not-gay Putin. (Being a definitely-not-gay Putin apologist.) I certainly think definitely-not-gay Putin is capable of doing bad stuff but was it really him this time? He says it wasn't him but he would say that wouldn't he?! So where do we go from here? I am worried that Treason May has been persuaded the chances that it was him are just a bit more than the chances it wasn't him. But is it really 99% 1% or more like the Brexit/Trump result?! I hope I am not being a silly woman going on "feelz" but my instinct is saying I need more proof to tick definitely-not-gay Putin did it. However, I had doubts about the McCanns and before that the gf in the Peter Falconio case in the Australian outback. So I know I can be mislead by ppl's odd reactions and by trying to insert myself and my reactions/motivations into the equation! (Which proves nothing!)
  3. mapping

    We are not really talking about sweet shops are we ... Are you a part-time spy?!
  4. Is Stephen Hawking dead? Mail conspiracy theory

    So are we going to end up like those sort of tenants who are definitely not getting any of their deposit back? (Cos the owners of the universe are going to have to do a complete refit before the next civilisation can move in?!)
  5. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Oh yes - that sounds right. I had thought krasny was more like "great/brilliant" by following convos and trying to make some sense out of the words! Cerny (cherny) is "red" in Czech tho right? (So that's not the same as in Russian then?)
  6. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Think the Czech word for beautiful (or pretty) is "hezky", or something similar to that? (Just trying to test my knowledge/memory!)
  7. Last time you had a bath?

    Correct - as you are suppose to wash it in the washing machine occasionally! I'm going to hazard a guess that most females are not gonna agree with you on that point! (Can we have a poll to see?!)
  8. Last time you had a bath?

    Remember not to flush them tho! (Bad for the environment in any case I think as not biogradable like loo paper is?) So just dampen some toilet paper, and then flush that?
  9. Last time you had a bath?

    Had a lovely bath just the other night. (Hate showers!) Bath is wonderfully relaxing ... and a steaming hot bath in the winter is pure ecstasy for me! (It's not so much about getting clean as about the pleasure!) Don't have a bath that often tho. (Don't want to be wasteful on water and the energy to heat it.) So I just have a stand-up wash the rest of the time. We live in the country, and wear casual clothes, so as long as partner isn't complaining that I smell (bad), my minimum wash routine seems to do the job/be acceptable, as we both think most people now tend to over-wash thewselves. (And that it's probably not even good for them.) We don't wash the (short-haired) dog either. Had her for almost a year now and have managed with just the occasional quick hose-down outside if she's obviously muddy or poo-covered. Otherwise I am sure she is self-cleaning, like a cat! (She licks herself.) So no bath/shower for her. (And don't think she will ever really need one?!)
  10. Financially Feckless

    What about moving to rural France or Spain when you retire then? (If that's still possible after Brexit and all!) Some bargain properties for sale if you have cash, a pension you can live on and if you are able to learn a new language/be flexible re location.. We are in SW France now (having retired 2 yrs ago and moved over here) where the outdoors is great. (Plus the winters are a lot shorter.) We are somewhat isolated but have already met a lot of interesting ppl who have moved here from other parts of the EU and from the US. Many are well educated, but not all. Quite a mixed bad of ages and backgrounds. Most have something of the pioneer about them though, which is quite attractive I find. While many are truly admirable eg because they are managing to live on a very modest income, or because they are rebuilding a wreck of a house ... or just because they had the courage and optimism to leave their old life behind to try something new with different rules and not much of a of safety net. We find the (country) routine here fairly quiet (being retired) but we like it that way. And we have internet so we do not feel that detached from the rest of the world! It definitely feels like a healthier lifestyle. We accept that things could get a lot harder as we get frailer (and when one of us dies) as we have no family or history here. (And we have quite a big garden to manage!) But then again, I guess old age issues can be a bit rubbish wherever one lives?! So we will wait and see ... and just try to stay here for as long as we can. (As long as we are still enjoying it.)
  11. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Good. Keep us informed on your health and don't do any nearer to Salisbury for the time being!
  12. Does my bum look big in this?

    Your forum name is quite appropriate here?!
  13. Debit card fraud question

    Little Red Riding Hood and a load of ugly Grandmas springs to mind?
  14. Debit card fraud question

    No as you have a PIN? (They don't need the Security code.) Or pay contactless? (Again then don't need to see the card number or anything.) Security code only needed for phone transactions?
  15. Debit card fraud question

    Some older people do seem to become very gullible eg my husband's parents. Someone phones them to try to sell them something and instead of saying no thanks and hanging up or just hanging up without any engagement, FIL tells them his age! (92.) I tell him not to give out any info whatsoever! When I get those sort of unsolicited calls I slam the phone down or give them an earful and then slam it down. My own mum (who died at the age of 83) was highly suspicious and remained always cautious with her money .... to the very end! (Good old mum.)