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  1. Are you sure you weren't accidentally in France?!
  2. Has that tweet been removed? Getting msg that it's unavailable.
  3. Painful. I really want to give J O'B a slap now.
  4. Ooh, new avatar! (Citizen Smith? Wolfie?)
  5. Oh dear. My DH just can't get back to sleep and gets bored trying. Sometimes wakes up too early eg 4-5am. I am more the late to bed, sleep until afternoon type! It's 1am here now - I should to make all (4 of) the dogs go out for a wee and put them to bed. Then get to bed myself! (Not tired tho - could happily amuse myself online for hours more, while listening to LBC radio!)
  6. Oh I love my bed - could easily stay in all day if I wanted to. (Was allowed to!) Especially in winter. And I am not ill!
  7. Religion for peace .... my arse. ("Death to America" isn't the most peaceful of greetings?!)
  8. Is BIL sad about his demise? Ppl he knows around him?
  9. Love her bluntness!
  10. I had a bit of a sore throat/snotty cold b4 Xmas. Hadn't been ill for about 4 yrs so fair enough. The worse/surprisingly part was that after the cold symptoms lifted I was left with a persistent cough. Went thru a bottle of quite nice tasting (sort of vanilla/toffee?) cough syrup. (Bought for someone else who rejected it - said it made him feel drowsy but I didn't notice that & thought it was perfect! ) After the syrup ran out, i still had a tickle deep down in my lungs which seemed to set off uncontrollable coughing fits mostly just when I went to bed. All fine now. Phew! (Took a few weeks to go completely.) I'm in France, but think the germs came from the UK! While Brit friends from here went to the Londonfor Xmas ... & got norovirus b4 Xmas. Another friend in Scotland went down with noro just after Xmas so seems norovirus is everywhere in the UK at the moment?
  11. But the (oft ignored) fact that humans are still expanding isn't helping. "It's the continuing population increase stupid" - and the concomitant increase in consumption (of natural resources) and the displacement of other forms of life? We can't keep taking more and more wild land and expecting everything to stay the same/be fine for us? I always thought (in my youth) that Australia sounded like a really great place to visit ... I love heat and sun! But the idea of moving there permanently was not attractive - too hostile an environment IMO. (No enough water for the future.) I would not have been worried not so much for myself but for any subsequent generations. (Of course, that worry goes for the whole planet now?)
  12. Just now (35 mins ago) andrew castle (LBC) just asked a guy who had to take to his boat with his family and dog (to avoid being burned to death - is this due to climate change. The guy sort of hesitated (maybe cos a tree nearly fell on him during the interview as he was back on terra firma) then he let the Greens have it ie bush fires in Oz are normal. Greens stopped all the back burning (cos of animals and insects dying as well as the trees of course9 - result is far more animals and insect deaths, plus all the trees , houses, livelihoods ... and a few ppl. I think he mentioned a smallish (for them fire) escalated into 27,000 hectares of burning. Have I got the scale correct? (Such big numbers - hard for me to compute.) It's this place (Mallacoota) in the DM article ... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7839505/Thousands-trapped-beach-skies-turn-red-amid-Australian-bushfires.html
  13. Why isn't it a woman up for doing that? #womencandothesamejobsasmen Just sayin ...