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  1. whocares

    George Monbiot dying of prostrate cancer

    He seems to be doing quite well now. (Good news.) https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/may/08/my-prostate-cancer-surgery-key-to-good-life
  2. Yes, years ago flying middle east to London. To prevent any mosquitoes from getting out at the other end with malaria inside them. (I used to put the blanket over my head as they passed me by. Yuck. And most likely highly toxic to humans? )
  3. whocares

    killing vipers

    I love snakes. Had a few in/near the house but have never killed one. (Middle East, Far East, W.Africa ... now we are in SW France. Seen lovely snakes in all these place but never in the UK!) We just catch them & take them out/discourage them from coming back inside. (Even when we had small kids.) Fully aware that most ppl go for "kill them" just cos they are snakes which is a real shame.
  4. whocares

    Duffed up by the police.

    I feel cheated now!
  5. whocares

    Duffed up by the police.

    Where has it gone? (Video unavailable.)
  6. whocares

    Duffed up by the police.

    Love it!
  7. whocares

    Duffed up by the police.

    She sounds like an over-entitled, over-educated waste of space. (What if the black kid with a knife had stabbed HER? What would her PTSD be then?) Agree none of us was there, but I am defo on team "police" with the evidence we have been given. Cos who would I prefer to see coming round the corner when faced with a potentially young criminal with a knife whom I would have to walk past on my route home? (Her with her "human rights" cards in her backpack ... or a couple of solid looking male PCs with some handcuffs, ready to carry out a random stop and search to check him out. Hmm.)
  8. Hmm, how much of that £100k windfall (if she actually got it) would she be repaying for the benefits she received over 18 yrs which shd she wouldn't have been entitled to had she had £100k for the kid's maintenance? Or doesn't it work like that? (Could she have claimed the same benefits while father was paying her £5k pa for 18 yrs?) Shame (for her) that it wasn't twins tho, eh?
  9. whocares

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    So wrong it's hilarious!
  10. whocares

    British holiday bookings to France plummet

    I love franglais!
  11. whocares

    5g and Bristol University suicides

    Who mentioned a pig?! Coincidentally, went for a walk this afternoon and met a very nice, massive pig! (I wasn't expecting that!) He was lying down on his own in a little wood next to our walking track, (and his owner's house), looking pretty comfy and very king-like. And he started making piggy noises to our passing dog who didn't know what to make of it all. (So she just ignored him.)
  12. whocares


  13. whocares

    Poll: Male sexual thoughts

    I hadn't given it a lot of thought but voted I agree with you. (With some exceptions obviously.) Probably women do a similar assessment but apart from being attractive enough (to shag) there might be other considerations eg fun to be with, helpfulness (DIY/advice on cars etc, help with a work problem), protection (when travelling around), potential connections to more attractive males. Basically, we are all after something? Who said that animals tend to approach another animal with this automatically initiated checklist ... Can I eat it? Can it eat me? Can I shag it? Not necessarily in that order?! With humans might be .. Would I possibly want to shag it? Is it fun/helpful (to me) to be with? But, as we age, the latter might become more important than the former?!
  14. whocares

    Tommy Robinson thread

  15. whocares


    This explains it all better ... Got lost half way thru. (Think I'll need to watch it a few times!)