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  1. Could the audio in the bedroom have been doctored to make it sound more compromising? She might have left him into the bedroom to help him remove his mic not "to have a drink" etc?
  2. Oh dear. Sorry for the loss of your uncle Stokie. But 83 is getting on I suppose. Could he have had Covid on top of the original chest infection?
  3. More here (interviewed by his daughter this summer, June 2020) explaining how he got addicted to prescription drugs and talking about his wife's cancer. Btw, his wife seems to have made a miraculous recovery since 2017? (So that makes two of them then?) Plus his daughter, who had some severe chronic illness which now seems to have been fixed by a meat only diet? Summary, at the end of 2016, he ate something which made him ill - a suspected allergic reaction. His daughter and her husband also got ill ... but not the rest of the family eg hi
  4. Remembered the quote (from your previous mention of it most likely) but in my head it was a woman's voice! Think about it sometimes when out dog walking on a sunny afternoon/evening!
  5. Cheers. It usually pays to have a guess but Jezza is scary when he thinks the answer is too stupid! 😂
  6. The latter. Edit due to quotation fail! That there is no god and everything is random and meaningless ... was my reference there!
  7. The clip cut Jeremy off, so now we will never know the correct answer??
  8. I presume ppl who fit that definition are fine with letting ppl worship their God (any God) as they see fit, with no judgements made whatsoever? And are also ok with believers imposing random rules on their kids and neighbours, just because their God has told them to? (As long as all is within the laws of the land, of course?) This is my problem - I can't prove there is no god but I find absolutely no reason to believe there is one. And I think religion is (on average) bad for us. (Depends which one and how it is being interpreted, of course!)
  9. No women with their tops off? Fat and weedy grads are consigned to the driving duties?
  10. I have just checked online and you are right - (unvented) bottled gas heaters DO give out quite a bit of water vapour. (More than I had thought - tho I had not really considered the water vapour aspect at all till now!) Also found some mentions of possible CO (but we have a monitor for that) and other nasties/pollutants. Bugger. Nothing is 100% worry free is it? OTOH, the kind of gas burner we have (an expensive model) has mostly rave reviews on Amazon uk. (Fake or genuine? Who knows these days?) And seems safe to use for limited periods, assuming room is
  11. Lozza is going to get a lot of votes like this! 😁
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