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  1. whocares

    Islamification of Europe

    Or wheels? To be fair these developments do help us to get from A to B! (Whereas circumcision doesn't.) And in the Bible ppl rode of donkeys?! So God's not against speedier travel/transport improvements!
  2. whocares

    Far fewer cars in the future

    Didn't realise you (also) live in France!
  3. whocares

    Far fewer cars in the future

    I'd LOVE to see more freed up town centres/city spaces! (Playgounds? Jogging tracks? Exercise equipment Fenced in dog play-parks? Secure bike racks? Trees? Flowers? Free group dance classes for passersbys?)
  4. whocares

    Inspired by the Islamification of Europe thread

    Nice catchy tune - I like it! (Much more my style than the Lemonade one which follows it on YouTube.) Can't comment on whether the words could get 'your friend' into trouble or not. Seems to me that no lies are being told and it's not hate speech. (So far so good.) But as an atheist I don't go along with all the lyrics. (Eg Talk of "the devil" and of "our book".) So I would prefer some changes there. My position is that I would like to move to a more homogeneous, religion-free society as religions tend to divide. (More than colour of skins/ethnicity.) And that any religion just seems to take us backwards. Certainly, one newly arrived (growing in numbers) religion (to the UK) is proving to be much more restrictive than the one we already had, which had at least evolved some way to accommodate our more liberated points of view eg re women and homosexuality, Sunday worship etc. I feel we are currently pretty stuck if we continue to defend the old ('our') religion, as while we allow that one to be honoured we seem to feel that we have to permit all other religions to be respected too. (Or else we would appear to be bigoted?) If we could just get to the point of agreeing all religions are made up by humans (and hence silly) then we could get on with just arguing over politics instead? (Also quite divisive but at least there's no mysterious god involved.) Evolving to be rational is what's needed. Religion is the opposite of rational. Even when we are fully rational we will still find ways to hate each other so it will be an ongoing battle to remain friendly and cohesive. As religion (even a bad one) still has the benefit of providing some cohesiveness within, even if at the moment it feels it like this is going against us/the earlier society and our more enlightened views. I do think we need rules and better social structures for kids growing up. (Not in favour of a free-for-all!) But I am not a all sure where the optimum position is between now (single parents galore/no taking responsibility/no shame/give me free stuff) and the past where women had few rights and traditions were too rigid. The pendulum has swung too far perhaps? But please don't let it swing back to some sort of dark age.
  5. whocares

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Hasn't RR denied (yday) that he has admitted anything/is in trouble?
  6. whocares

    Any Urology gurus on here?

    Will you get it sorted out before Xmas then?
  7. whocares

    Fucking Funerals

  8. Even I got that one! (That Hungarian place name?!)
  9. whocares

    Question Time

    Ah thanks - got it now! (I had thought of that but wasn't very sure.) I was wondering what sort of noise a #bbcqt panelist would make!
  10. whocares

    Question Time

    So what's the connection with Play School 1979 then?!
  11. whocares

    Question Time

  12. whocares

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Watching this now. Upsetting. TR is a v brave man - a hero probably. I believe everything he is saying. And now I am feeling quite scared for him ... and for the rest of us. How did it get to this point? He is being destroyed by the state. He's speaking nothing but the truth it appears to me, but most ppl in my social circle would probably say "yes, bang him up cos he's an extremist, violent, rcist thug" without even bothering to find out anything about him. (So I don't talk about him with anyone except you nice ppl on here. I know I will be thought odd to support him. ) So I did wonder when he said "give me a jury of 12 and I will be found not guilty" ... cos it would depend if they were a jury of Guardian readers only?! So I really, really they let him go next Thurs as I don't think he's going to take the legal advice re apologising. And why should he? He hasn't done anything wrong? (The judge should apologise to him?) But I fear they might not. TR put things into the perfect perspective re the #metoo when he talked about women making a huge fuss about a look or a touch when these young girls in UK towns are being so terribly abused by gangs. What a contrast! Poor, working class girls don't count for much I suppose? (As compared to rich/beautiful/well-known female actors.) Grr.
  13. whocares

    Chavs: cuddly and lovable

    Me too! We live in the country (so no noisy neighbours unless you count the annual village fetes) but I love to go to sleep to LBC! (Recent convert to LBC. Before it was always Radio5Live or Radio 4.)
  14. whocares

    Chavs: cuddly and lovable

    It's crap for you and you shdnt have to put up with it but what about earplugs as a last resort? Nb I have never tried them - they sound uncomfortable but some ppl use them i think? (Wouldnt be an option for me as I can never wake up in the mornings so need to be able to hear my alarm!)