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  1. Maybe she did a postal vote? (Hmm - does it still count if the voter is dead before the election day?)
  2. Well done. Good plan. Not sure I have done my "best thing" yet!
  3. If you are rich enough you have staff for that.
  4. Cool - it works! But I did need quite a few mins to work out my bday day of the week! (After calculating/subtracting #leap days and then total #yrs into the past then dividing the (neg) number by 7, I had to look up day of the week as follows ... Sunday 0 Saturday -1 Friday -2 Thursday -3 Wednesday -4 Tuesday -5 Monday -6 And got the RIGHT answer! Yay! I am easily amused? Rather comforting to know that if modern life/civilisation collapses one day soon, I can sit around a camp-fire and amuse myself (and others) with this metal arithmetic games! (Be prepared and all that?!) I will also be able to recount DOSBODS tales from yore. (And can just make some up if I run out of memories.)
  5. My mum liked to use that 'joke'. (It always needs to be explained tho! )
  6. Shd have gone with (some free tap) water? But he's a bit fat so probably for the best he didn't consume all those mega calories in the milkshake? (Do they serve milk shakes in prison?) Can't he get done for fouling the public pavement (with a sticky liquid) as well as assault? Oops I had the same thought!
  7. Very worrying. Push, push push. Eventually ppl of the UK will have to choose which side to be on and there's a risk of conflict between the 2 groups. The (white) convert woman says the schools are brain washing their kids and she knows this as she is a psychologist. So what would she say kids being brought up as muslims is - isn't that also a form of brain washing/conditioning? I believe we cannot chose our sexual orientation - we can merely suppress it if we wish to do so. But religion is 100% a choice. So what she is accusing schools of she is more guilty of herself? (How ironic.)
  8. Ah, LBC reported a 32 yr old man been charged. Good. What about now arresting/charging that one who attacked TR?
  9. I saw that the policeman managed to grab hold of the 'tubby asassin' which is something of an achievement I suppose? (Even tho the attacker wouldn't have been able to run very far or effectively hide behind a lamppost due to his evident corpulence.) But will the man grabbed be charged with an assault? (Or just told off and set free once out of sight of the cameras?)
  10. What I can't understand (apart from that his bodyguards might have been better at preventing this sort of thing) is why isn't there someone ready with a sponge pre-prepared for an attack by milkshake or eggs? (And carrying a spare suit naturally.) Then, instead of marching him miles looking stupid covered in milk, (and being mocked as he goes), the bodyguards could have instantly surrounded him physically and let someone sponge off the worst. Then then he could have walked with a lot more dignity to the nearest place to get changed. As a mother of 3 kids close in age (many yrs ago) I was usually well prepared for all kinds of mess when on a day trip. So think Nigel has a vacancy for a sensible wardrobe woman there alongside him ... as well as all the beefy bodyguards?
  11. Bloody scary replies there! Don't think there's only one MEP per region tho? So shdn't she have been asking who ARE your current MEPs? (Not who IS your current MEP?) I tried to be bothered once in finding it who were the MEPs and their policies. Hopeless task. Gave up. Voted blindly by party membership. Decided MEPs were useless. At least the main party MP candidates came around door to door. I met the guy I voted for - he's still in. But other ppl will struggle to even remember their MPs. While but MEPs are much more like unicorns ie we not sure if they really exist? Nb At least one guy in that video didn't seem to even know what an MEP was. So I worry that we are sinking to a average general knowledge level which is well below that necessary for universal suffrage to be effective?