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  1. Yes - and it was much more interesting than I was expecting!
  2. Haha! Expect the unexpected? (The other guys were nearer!) I think that ram's been watching some parkour? (The sneaky side approach works well.)
  3. I just watched ALL of that - not sure why. Appalling. (All of them!)
  4. Some of the educated/rich ones do opt to go to those ME countries listed (I assume) as they will be accepted/integrated there by way of their pre-existing status (profession or business success) and religion and they will be well rewarded. They they will be able to afford good housing and domestic staff. But some of this educated group might also like to head to the UK, for all the freedoms (religious and political) they can experience there. (And not so much in the ME.) While the lowly poor/uneducated/unsophisticated muslims (I imagine) would not fancy arriving in any of those muslim countries listed as if they do go there they will be subject to the unofficial caste system which is in operation and find themselves at (or near) the very bottom ie in the slave class? So, much worse off than in the UK on benefits where the victim card works pretty well (not so much in Qata etc were they really don't care) and where there are plenty of ways to 'game' the system and the risk of getting cuaght out isn't much. (Cos you wouldn't want to steal and end up in jail in Saudi for example?) I have no data/evidence at all - just how I would imagine it to be.
  5. Think he'll get blamed (by some ppl) either way? I think banning ppl like TR won't stop nutters like this guy tho - it will rather make them more angry/determined to take unilateral action cos there's no discussion possible?
  6. Is this all your own work? Or are you transcribing it from a woman's mag? (Hope there's a good ending coming!)
  7. Like blocking "right" leaning speakers from speaking in Australia? (NZ shooter is Australian.) Didn't Stefan Molyneau (with Lauren Southerland) get blocked from speaking while there recently? The pair of them might have views than no everyone likes to hear but many do want to hear and they are not advocating hate or violence - just pointing out (intelligently) where social problems might be gatherring.
  8. I feel sad too. The de rigeur speeches of "sadness" and "we are all in this together" from various leaders (esp those from within NZ) make me feel like you that it is becoming more and more impossible to speak freely about Islam without being called a right wing hater/racist. I don't want violence and/or killing. I want tolerance and peace. But I also want freer speech, equality and honesty. And for politicians to stop speaking in ridiculous clichÊs about what they assume/decide we are all should be feeling ... without even asking us. It's been a bad day for me. But nowhere near as bad a day as for those poor ppl killed, injured ... and their loved ones. We need to stop the killing/angry marching. The only way is if we can start talking more openly with no more taboo topics.
  9. I'm gutted for Tommy. How is this result even possible?
  10. Considering all the stress TR is currently under, I think he responded brilliantly. Made the report look like a toad. Yes TR gets emotional. But he's a real (flawed) person, speaking from the heart who is genuinely affected by the awful events in Christchurch. Unlike so many of the media/govt. Well done Tommy.
  11. I think that's why I still listen - just to see how far he can go, how extreme he is. I do get angry sometimes but would never phone or msg in. Prefer not to engage with him! Maybe I should stop listening. (Sheila Fogerty is as bad but a lot less clever IMO!) But I probably haven't got anything better to do!
  12. I listen to O'Brien most days as I find him an interesting talker ie clever and funny. But he has very different views to mine (on many issues) and I am increasingly aware that he is broadcasting (to me) in the same way as a charismatic cult recruiter would - ie I feel like I am being brain-washed just by listening to him. He's so smarmy, know-it-all, patronising and dismissive. (Eg Laughs at Brexiters and says he feels sorry for them.) Not sure how much more I can take of him. But it I like to hear all views ...not just mine.