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  1. Not necessarily more value added but it shd make a sale easier?
  2. Combi doesn't need a tank so frees up some space?
  3. I would if you can afford it. Combis are great in a smaller house and you will attract more buyers (When you come to sell) with a new more efficient boiler?
  4. He used to be funnier ....
  5. I wonder if he is taking hormones and if that accounts for his odd behaviour of late?
  6. whocares


    Ooh . had to look up "gnomon"! And I did A level maths & physics! (A long time ago.) How have I never come across this lovely word before?! DOSBODs provides me with daily education! Thanks!
  7. whocares

    Not Right

    I have been thinking he looks not right for a while. Is he gay or just thinks he will get a better modelling contract like that? Wonder if he has any real/normal friends (of his own age) or if he only hangs out with Elton. Liz is a good looking woman for her age (fair dos) but she comes across as either a narcisist or possibly just a good business woman who knows how to make money from what she's got looks-wise? I don't like using one's looks only as a career (as shallow and probably mucks you up later in life when your looks fade?) so I would be disappoving of her leading her son down the same path. But her son, her life, he choices? Hope mentally he's sound at least, as not sure he's had a very traditional childhood. And a lot of the kids hanging around in Hollywood for example, (where his dad lives?) can't seem to function as adults without drugs and/or therapy.
  8. They look fine to me. (What colour are they supposed to be?!)
  9. I am always impressed seeing huge/long lorries being well-driven and being manoeuvred round tight corners or reversing into a narrow drives. Hats off! I would hate to have to try that. (I have enough trouble with the family car!) I guess if I had to I could learn (tho a bit old now) but I am sure some ppl are just naturally more gifted as drivers - find the required spatial awareness easier?
  10. I agree with the "send them back" bit being incendiary but didn't he actually say "they can leave" (if not happy with the way the US is) and then mentioned that IF they had all the right answers, how come they (or more correctly their parents) were so keen to move to the US just to criticise it, as their counties of origin don't seem that well run. So their families could have better stayed put and sorted out their own country's problems first ... to show the US how it's done? Or their US born kids could go back and make their familial countries better so they could all return to live there and not face 'racist' ppl like Trump? (It's sort of logical?) Rebuilding your own country to help your genetic family back over there? Isn't that what ppl like Madonna and Angelina Joli are doing by encouraging their adopted kids to go back and be a positive influence in the country where they were born? (And where they still have distant kin?) I agree totally this shdn't be a racist argument but if these women came from say Russia or North Korea and were vociferously criticising America's policies to steer it in a different direction, couldn't the same criticism be given out without the ppl of colour angle? If you immigrate to a new country/culture and then just rip it apart, it does seem quite rude I think? And ungrateful? Especially if where you came from was far worse and you escaped to the US gladly? I admit that I don't know much re these 4 Congress women but don't they talk rubbish a lot of the time? Like let's let everyone in/no borders? Free money for all? Ppl of colour are oppressed? So while Trump is crude in his dealings with them, I think he is making some valid points. It seems like he's clumsy and stupid and shooting himself in the foot when he tweets meanly, but Styx reckons it's quite well calculated and a smart tactic as they can play quite dirty too? (Calling him all sort of bad names?) That's how it seems to me but I realise all the "right on" ppl will have to denounce Trump as a misogynist/racist. As not denouncing him means you must be a racist? Why has politics become so nasty and full of denouncing and arse-covering clichés?
  11. Yes, I watched him last night. Always speaks sense!
  12. whocares

    Baked beans

    That's so funny! I also saw a TV pgm yrs ago re phobias and there was someone on who was scared of baked beans. (Seemed a bit out there at the time as this was before the dangers of potentially fatal food allergies.) So do you reckon those ppl who are afraid of baked beans look at them as some sort of alien spawn? Which might possibly hatch into something horrid? (Just a theory! ) For full disclosure I like BB but I haven't had any for ages and I now live in France where these things are expensive imports! I once made my own in the oven (using molasses, US style, as living in a country that didn't sell them) which didn't turn out at all well. (Shame as it took me ages and then I was left with so much of them!)
  13. Not tge transparent clear-cut justice that all the TR haters are claiming then? 😏
  14. We were told TR had pled guilty which shocked me at the time. TR was unable to communicate with anyone at that time. Bit after he was released on appeal he said that he didn't plead guilty at all ...in fact his time b4 the judge was a blur and no-one even asked him how he wanted to plead! (And he was denied access to his legal team.) So how come James O'Brien on LBC is still saying that he pled guilty. Is TR such a big fat liar? Or is that fake news? Anyone who rang in to support TR got ridiculed and/or cut off by J O'B so why bother? Was not good for my blood pressure listening to the complete opposite to what TR claims. So who is correct?! Where is the evidence either way? (I'd really like to know.)