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    whocares reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!   
    No interest in this from UK MSM.
    Complete outrage Sean Spicer could potentially earn hundreds of thousands of Dollars by appearing on Dancing With The Stars.
    This despite allegedly deceiving the American people, 'most infamously over crowd size at Trump inauguration'.
    This is even a main topic on Victoria Derbyshire this morning.
    Breathtaking TDS.
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    whocares reacted to Funn3r in DOSBODS Startup thread   
    We could call it Dosbods Den. I really fancy sitting at the front being all nasty then saying "for that reason I'm out" all the time. 
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    whocares got a reaction from MrXxxx in Had a chat today with two Norwegians   
    It's much cheaper than the food in Norway tho right?! And there's always our cheaper booze to rinse the taste away?! 😁
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    whocares reacted to The Masked Tulip in Had a chat today with two Norwegians   
    Or the anxiety of Windows asking you which region to default to. Then warning you that there would be no going back - EVER!
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    whocares reacted to Wight Flight in Degree or Not degree? That is the question   
    I think my issue is that some people see a degree as a measure of intelligence, and therefore if you don't have one you are thick. The police and nursing making them mandatory doesn't help dispel this myth.
    I don't have one. It really doesn't bother me - I had a very interesting time between 16 and 21, much more so than my contemporaries. 
    But I think I am reasonably bright and therefore have the advantage of understanding that not everyone that is degreeless is a dimwit.
    And not everyone with a degree is intelligent (See D. Abbot and D Lammy)
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    whocares reacted to Frank Hovis in Degree or Not degree? That is the question   
    Can I just say that this isn't a value judgement; my point was that a degree was incidental and didn't correlate with particular views.
    Not that people are more / less clever.
    I had two mates when I worked in the City who were both clever and doing very well.  They both however had an issue with not having a degree.
    Nobody except them was bothered; the MD didn't have a degree and it made no difference whatsoever to the way people viewed them.
    One wasn't satisfied until he'd told people several times that he'd had a place at Imperial but didn't go.
    The other totally wrecked his career by deciding in his late twenties that he had to get a law degree; which he then went on to entirely balls up.
    Nobody, literally nobody was bothered that they didn't have degrees except they themselves. 
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    whocares reacted to spygirl in 10M -/+ 2M Europeans in UK   
    The numbers are so big youd be an idiot not to.
    Mrs spys class last year had ~5 EEer, drawing ~ 1.5/m cash + 5k schooling per ki + NHS - you are getting towards ~200k just for mrs spy class. So 2k to 5k x 4m to 6m
    As far as work, none were doing anything useful - one sold Big Issues, the rest did the usual 16h, mainly at a Sklep.
    The idea that the UK will lose millions of essential workers is nuts - they are all doing TC make work scams.
    As fasr as polictal will on Brexit, May n team just dragged their feet.
    Im not  saying Boris is some sort of saviour .. however, they are actually progressing stuff at a rapid clip.
    As it stands the EU can hold various threats over the UK.
    But the UK holds a massive threat, niether side have really acknowledged it - there are so many EUers inthe UK. In fact, going by the number of different EUers you could argue that the UK is he only European country in Europe.
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    whocares reacted to Bobthebuilder in 10M -/+ 2M Europeans in UK   
    Had another one today. A chap called Polish Andy had fitted a boiler and gas hob in a kitchen re fit, that night customer could smell gas, emergency services called out and gas shut down. Anyone can make a mistake but it turns out Polish Andy holds no Gas safe licence. More illegal work with no one to police it.
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    whocares reacted to Bobthebuilder in 10M -/+ 2M Europeans in UK   
    I know a builder who takes 50% of the labour cost he charges to the customer, no end of Albanians lining up for the work. Ive seen fights between different EE nationals to try and control that 50%.
    I know a few EE gas fitters, they dont know shit about it, i dont even know how they passed the exam.
    I once went to a boiler breakdown in a HMO, i was the 5TH gas man, the other 4 (who were cheap plumbers by the way) had failed to find the fault. It took me 5 mins, the regulator on the gas meter was stuck at 9mbar working pressure, less than half that it should be, classed as immediatey dangerous, instant shut down and the gas regulator called in. Everyone could have been killed by carbon monoxide. Fucking mental situation we are in right now.
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    whocares reacted to One percent in 10M -/+ 2M Europeans in UK   
    I’m wondering whether this is linked to the retire after you are dead thread. Game plan
    leak a report from a think tank about the rise in pension age report it as government policy on leaving EU, really tighten access and o bennies and services (ie, you don’t get if you are not british await the sjw backlash  put it to the population, we can’t afford both.  What do you want?  A pension or free stuff for foreigners?    
    Problem, reaction, solution. 
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    whocares reacted to One percent in 10M -/+ 2M Europeans in UK   
    We shouldn’t have tax credits. 
    First, we don’t import any people until there is full employment. 
    Then, we make sure that employers pay a wage that can be lived on for a full time job
    lastly, any benefits are contributions based. 
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    whocares reacted to Alex in Well fuck a doodle do.   
    It's too late for this trip, but you can learn a lesson from it: don't go where (or when) other people go. I learned long ago, before even having kids, that I get too easily annoyed by dickheads to find myself on holiday anywhere with them, but there are ways around it: go out of season, go to places that are nice but not popular, etc.
    It's harder if you're in the UK because you'll be arrested and shot if you take your kids out of school (so I've heard) but it's still manageable. May mean changing your expectations but the reality of expensive/flashy holidays rarely lives up to the expectations anyway. A holiday should be relaxing, not stressful.
    I haven't shouted at anyone in a long time, not because I'm calmer than I used to be (although I am a little) but because I make sure I don't end up in such situations. It's just not worth the stress. It only takes one bellend to ruin it for everyone, as you've found.
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    whocares reacted to Libspero in Well fuck a doodle do.   
    Sounds like you need a holiday where you can get away from the great unwashed..  not be surrounded by them.
    Also,  the resort sounds incredibly shit.  Anywhere you have to queue for 4 hours (how is that a holiday?!) is badly designed/managed IMHO.
    Hope things improve for you.. 
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    whocares reacted to DocH in PC Keith Blakelock part II   
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    whocares reacted to JackieO in Diversity on dosbods   
    I'm a horribly white, shorty, visually impaired, dual national, vegetarian autist with a mixed race hubby and child and a leg off.
    Do I win? 
    ok I lied about the leg
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    whocares reacted to Battenberg in Diversity on dosbods   
    Someone once asked me if I had any Welsh in me. When I said no he asked me if I’d like some!
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    whocares reacted to maynardgravy in Diversity on dosbods   
    Well it would be pointless handing them out at the church of latter day virtue signalers - they'd all be white.
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    whocares reacted to Cosmic Apple in Diversity on dosbods   
    Me too  Caught it when I lived there. 18 years in Yorkshire still hasn't cleared it up completely. (thankfully I never caught the god awful accent)
    My partner is a banana.
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    whocares reacted to spunko in Diversity on dosbods   
    We must flood it with diversity. I shall be handing out leaflets.
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    whocares reacted to maynardgravy in Diversity on dosbods   
    My beautiful and highly intelligent 2nd generation Bengali missus is hilarious in social situations.
    People always assume that because we're a mixed couple (including me being a muso) that I must be a soy munching border-hater. If anyone talks Brexit or orange man bad memes, I just tell them they're talking shit. They then look at the missus who then affirms they are talking shit. Try the racist card now you twats.
    Is that Alex Jones?
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    whocares reacted to King of Fools in Diversity on dosbods   
    My wife is scouse.
    So I ticked “other”.
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    whocares reacted to MrPin in Diversity on dosbods   
    Like Spike Milligan, and joanna Lumley?
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    whocares reacted to DocH in Epstein   
    "Deadman's bitch"?
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    whocares reacted to the gardener in WTF is it?   
    Concentrated evil. 
    I hope you don't still have it. 
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    whocares reacted to Libspero in WTF is it?   
    Graphite fragment from Chernobyl ?