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  1. ILikeCake

    Blow Up Dolls

  2. ILikeCake

    4x4 recommendations.

    I am hirsute and proud!
  3. ILikeCake

    The Dosbods Best hair award

    Sam Elliott has always had fantastic hair and beard. Even now at 74.
  4. ILikeCake

    Fuckin' Weather

    Quite possibly
  5. ILikeCake

    Fuckin' Weather

    It's gone on mine now too. Cool bike, my dad had one back in the day
  6. ILikeCake

    Fuckin' Weather

    I had to consult Google but Urra Moor is slightly higher. The Lion inn stands at 404m.
  7. ILikeCake

    Fuckin' Weather

    I always assumed it was until I looked it up not that long ago. Round Hill (which is the summit of Urra Moor) stands at 443m above see level, where as Roseberry Topping only stands at 320m.
  8. ILikeCake

    Fuckin' Weather

    Not far from Clay Bank on the Stokesley to Helmsley road. Most people don't realise but it's the highest point on the moors.
  9. ILikeCake

    Fuckin' Weather

    Haha I stand corrected. Was up on Urra Moor.
  10. ILikeCake

    Fuckin' Weather

    Very cold but beautiful on top of the North York Moors today. Bonus Face Stone picture for @MrPin
  11. ILikeCake

    Have we done this one yet? Pay to Park at work

    What's that, another incentive not to work? Hospital parking has been a joke for years for both staff and visitors.
  12. ILikeCake

    4x4 recommendations.

    I've got better hair.
  13. ILikeCake

    4x4 recommendations.

    Panda 4x4?
  14. ILikeCake

    The degradation of work and wages

    Think I've mentioned in on here before, it's supposed to be a general medical ward but it's mainly full of lazy fat fuck diabetics and iv drug users.
  15. ILikeCake

    The degradation of work and wages

    My Mrs is a nurse, works on a very hectic, constantly understaffed medical ward generally filled by the dregs of society who have never worked and takes home less than that. It's a disgrace. Edit: that includes weekends and nightshifts. She also has to pay small fortune to park there.