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  1. Poor management mostly. Bit off more than they could chew with some energy from waste schemes which cost them hundreds of millions. I'm also led to believe they've lost a fair bit on middle east contracts.
  2. Managed to pick up a Merino base layer reduced to £9.99 today, might be store specific though.
  3. Very good Went straight over my head earlier while I was at work.
  4. Obviously not a DOSBODer. Being the tight arse that I am I would have left her behind.
  5. I think any Intersuck employees who hold shares in the company might be equally pissed.
  6. Hardly any snow left on top. Was beautiful blue sky nearly all of the way up. Clouded over and snowed heavy for about 10mins 3/4 of the way up but then back to blue sky. Just started to cloud over as we reached the summit so we didn't hang around for long. Soon blew off again though and the sun was shining most of the way down.
  7. Just had a long weekend in Scotland, managed to drag the Mrs up Ben Lomond while we were there. Absolutely loved every minute of it, both the mountain and the country. Hoping to have a full week up there later in the year to explore the west coast and bag a couple more Munros.
  8. Thanks TMT they look decent for the money, think I'll take a punt. 6% TCB too.
  9. ILikeCake


    Same here, have felt like I was getting a cold since the weekend...hello hayfever my old friend
  10. My pips are definitely squeaking.
  11. I haven't had a haircut or shave since early December, does that count? Currently doing a good impression of Grizzly Adams.