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  1. Civil Servant would be my guess.
  2. Are there any vacancies where you work?
  3. Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2018

    I remember that with Bob Mills? (what happened to him). RIP Dale. Sales of Ronseal will be taking a hit.
  4. A celebration of 1970s music

  5. A celebration of 1970s music

    This video is hypnotic.
  6. Fuckin' Weather

    The Sun has finally made it to the North east. Luckily I was on a training course today and got home early for once so I've made the most of it and been for a walk around a local park, great stuff.
  7. A celebration of 1970s music

  8. One of my neighbours was a copper (now retired at 50 ish). He was a dog handler responsible for training puppies so not exactly taxing. He spent the last 12 months before his retirement on the sick with stress which is also common practice apparently. During this time he went on several holidays including a sky diving holiday to Spain.
  9. I had to attend our annual health and safety update today. Mr safety went through the figures and the sick days for the public sector (mainly stress) were chronic as you say and way, way higher than the private sector.
  10. Fuckin' Weather

    I'm exactly the same, anything but grey. I've also noticed as I get older I seem to appreciate the outdoors and nature a lot more.
  11. Plenty of places in the North East for that money, Stockton/Darlington and further north, just avoid the town centres.
  12. Dosbods Chatroom?

    15 - yes please
  13. I use black circles and get them fitted at the local garage through them. Topcashback for a few extra quid off too.
  14. Fuckin' Weather

    Tomorrow through to Sunday looking good.