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  1. ILikeCake

    Sheffield school riot

    I don't think they're going to save the country. I was cheering the dog on.
  2. Does anyone think that's the bottom?
  3. ILikeCake

    The normalisation of female obesity

    It pisses me off, It's mostly just laziness.
  4. ILikeCake

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Kidding themselves. It's not ok ffs. Will be costing the nhs a fortune between them in few years.
  5. ILikeCake

    The normalisation of female obesity

    It's definitely slim (pardon the pun) pickings out there. Fair point. I think there are a higher % of women over weight than men though imo.
  6. ILikeCake

    Question Time

    While Rome burns around them. Idiots.
  7. ILikeCake

    Question Time

    Once upon a time I thought Vince was ok, I feel dirty now.
  8. ILikeCake

    Aussie flu

    Years ago I worked on a site in a placed called Tow Law in the north east. I was warned about it by people who knew the area before I started there. The sun disappeared sometime in the October and didn't reappear again until about April time. I only live 30 ish miles away but that place is like another world. I'd much rather have a holiday later in the year like a few on here but don't think I'd be able to convince the Mrs.
  9. ILikeCake

    Fat shamed by Piers Morgan

    Can't stand him but he has a point on this. Serious health problems for her in the future, nothing to celebrate.
  10. ILikeCake

    Fuckin' Weather

    Forecast for Sunday looks horrendous.
  11. Sorry I meant driving a bus 75hrs a week. Yeah that's what I'm thinking.
  12. I'm guessing it's not legal, driving anyway. Probably not the whole story from the mail as usual.
  13. Not sure why he was working 75hr weeks though?
  14. Me too but I couldn't help myself. My mates are the same, most with large mortgages. I've still got a bit of post booze depression (I don't really drink much any more these days so when I do it takes it's toll) but it actually upsets me when I think about what's coming. I think life is going to get a lot worse for a lot of people.