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  1. I think most nurses are band 5.
  2. This might help; Need to be quick as only have until end of Nov to open one. Might be worth opening one with just £1 so at least the option is there in the future.
  3. I took a punt with my LISA bonus this morning. Interesting to see where this one goes.
  4. That's where I'm at now along with paying as little tax as possible. "I'm out"
  5. Need to change your username to Hugh Hefner.
  6. Love the hat and drinks cabinet.
  7. Same here. I think it must be easier for men to spot. Keep trying to explain to my Mrs why I don't like her but she won't have it. Time will tell.
  8. I wonder what the true figures are?
  9. Maybe we should all post her a banana with " you are brave" wriiten on to cheer her up?
  10. Apologies for quoting myself. Think it's best we all get some lube ready for the shafting we are about to receive.
  11. Well it's definitely not Stockton.
  12. I don't trust Boris. Watching the news all the Euro bods seem pleased with the deal. That says to me we're getting shafted.
  13. Already quite cold for the time of year up north. Max of 9 degrees today in County Durham at work.