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  1. We get out as much as we can but it's been difficult with the weather. I'm hoping now spring is just about here we can get out a lot more. I don't really give a shit about the rules but my wife is slightly more cautious. We went to the beach today and it was possibly the busiest I've ever seen it. Normally I would hate it but it was lovely seeing so many people out and about. Very few masks in sight too with was great. If the good weather keeps up the government have got no chance of controlling people any longer.
  2. I have been where I can. If it gets any worse I'll be taking some time off as sick as my family is more important to me than work.
  3. Apart from work I don't mind the lockdown so much as I'm a miserable introverted sod anyway but my wife is really struggling and I'm worried she's close to breaking point. We've got an 8 month old baby who's very difficult and only just started sleeping. My wife is the opposite of me and very sociable and it's a nightmare for her and the baby stuck in the house all day everyday. It's not too bad when I'm there to help but I'm out at work close to nearly 50hrs a week. My heart goes out to single parents.
  4. I was informed yesterday that our head office (company owned) is to be leased out. The client office which I am usually based from when I am not on site has been closed since last March and it doesn't look like they will be renewing the lease.
  5. My guess is most will probably struggle even with the 5% deposit.
  6. Yep, likely never paid back. Just like the majority of student loans. What could possibly go wrong?
  7. ILikeCake

    E10 Petrol

    Just read about this stuff which is to be introduced in September and is apparently damaging to older vehicles. Is it true or just scaremongering? Another way to get older vehicles off the road?
  8. I wouldn't count on it...I might use it to top up my ARB holding
  9. Some excellent posts here. They've just encouraged me to transfer another chunk of money to my SIPP. Wanting to get out/retire early/missing the good old days is now discussed daily where I work. I had some some sub contractors on site a couple of weeks ago who occasionally work on house building sites. They said some of the things they see are shocking and no one gives a shit...apparently a well used phrase is "I don't care, can't see it from my house".
  10. I had one go about a year ago. I was about 80 miles from home in the middle of nowhere on a site visit at the time. Took the decision to drive home steadily and headed straight to the garage. They put it straight on the ramp and could see that it was the top of the spring that had snapped off and I was lucky to get home without further damage. Cost about £100 to have it replaced I think.
  11. This is what I don't understand. What difference does it make going to a shop if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated when the so called vaccine doesn't stop you from catching or transmitting the disease?
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