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  1. ILikeCake


    Same, mine started early 20s. My mum was also the same, her's has settled down a bit the last couple of years, she turned 65 this year Coincidentally mine started after I had glandular fever, I blame that for a lot of things as I've never been right since.
  2. ILikeCake

    Bad to the bone

    He's definitely badass. 1) He once delivered a baby under a tree, and bit off the umbilical cord with his teeth.
  3. ILikeCake

    Bad to the bone
  4. I'm by no means an alpha male but no way would I put up with that. As if a couple of them agreed to be photographed for the article, hey look at me and how much of a mug I am.
  5. ILikeCake


    I've tried cutting out wheat and dairy before but it didn't really help. Probably didn't give it long enough, should really try again.
  6. ILikeCake


    Prednisolone is the only thing that has ever really worked for me. Be wary of the side effects if you get prescribed some.
  7. ILikeCake


    Currently the worst I've been for several years.
  8. Not sure where else to put this. My guess is the women in the article will be hitting the dating sites in a couple of years.
  9. It's actually going to be available for free, courtesy of the sap tax payer.
  10. I've recently been on holiday to Benidorm, the Brits over there really are a sight to behold, not just the women mind. I would say at least 90% are overweight or obese with the majority sporting shit tattoos and badly sunburned.
  11. Band of Brothers. From the Earth to the Moon.
  12. Twat should be in jail with his war mongering mate Blair.