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  1. Sure I saw someone catch it on an episode of Casualty in the 90s.
  2. Sorry to hear this. I'm not in the best of moods today after reading about the teachers pay rise. Half of my family are teachers and have done sweet fa for months (apart from one who is a headmaster) and are now on their summer holidays. Meanwhile I've had to work right through this whole thing. Bonus was cancelled in May, pay rise cancelled this month and now at risk of redundancy as they've announced 10% across the board are going...brilliant.
  3. No planes in the sky or vehicles on the road and my daily walk with the Mrs.
  4. I also think it has decent potential. Kicking myself as I was going to top up my current meagre holding last week but never got round to it. Will probably still get some more as I think this has a long way to go yet.
  5. Looks to be making a move today.
  6. ILikeCake

    New Phone

    Agreed, that's my favourite feature on my Mi9se.
  7. ILikeCake

    New Phone

    I bought a Xiaomi Mi9se in January for £230. It's a fantastic phone for the money. Even convinced my Mrs to give up her iPhone for one at Easter. Couldn't find her a Mi9se anywhere at the time but managed to get her a Mi9lite for £240. She absolutely loves it and wouldn't go back to an iPhone now they're just not worth the money.
  8. Thanks mate, think I'll be ok for now but this is just the start and you never know. Been through it a few times before and it's shit. Hope something works out for your good self.
  9. 10% redundancies across the board announced at my place this morning - that doesn't include any agency staff which will also go so real figure probably much higher.
  10. What a load of bollocks. What about pubs and restaurants, will they become compulsory there? How will that work? Aren't gyms meant to be opening soon? This will do wonders for all the snowflakes mental health. What a fucking depressing place the world is becoming.
  11. I thought about doing the same but decided against it/bottled it. I'm still holding what I've got for now, hoping for at least 50p
  12. You definitely learn not to be fussy when it comes to tea and coffee if you work it construction. I've also got used to having them both black.
  13. Won't somebody think of the environment . Pre-Covid I thought the government & companies were encouraging people to work from home where possible, you know to help stop climate change and all that?