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  1. This is really growing on me.
  2. Not where I live either. Prices at least equal if not above peak. I know as I am looking to move as need more space. Not much selling though, only the decent stuff. Also I can't believe how cheap mortgages are at the moment. Another year or 2 and I think/hope we'll see big drops, although I've been thinking for what feels like forever.
  3. Plusnet good, talk talk bad. I switched from BT to plusnet (who I think are part of BT?) ages ago and have no complaints. I find the service much better than when I was with BT strangely. My initial deal has ended but I don't know who to switch to now.
  4. Don't worry the police are now on the case, ffs.
  5. What is the average cost for a swim? Bloody expensive in the UK.
  6. The previous version the na Swift Sport is a cracking car.
  7. ILikeCake


    I've had a beard for just about all my adult life. I hate shaving and have a weak chin/jaw and prefer how I look with a beard. A few years ago before they were trendy women would come up to me on nights out and say ergh why have you got that thing? I hate beards you'd look so much better without it. Nowadays they come up to me and say I love beards can I stroke it? They usually get told where to go (unless they're really fit) People are fickle creatures.
  8. Wasn't going to bother as it's a waste of time but did in the end. Voted for the only UKIP candidate and wasted my second vote. I'll never vote for any of the main parties again and the two independents are dodgy ex tories.
  9. Absolutely tragic. Dodgy fridge freezer? Edit. Fridge freezers?
  10. Well it should have been done and dusted by now if they'd done their job. What about the mental health of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave?
  11. Haircuts. I dread to think how much my Mrs spends over a year. I trim my beard myself and I've just had my first haircut since Christmas (I did look like Grizzly Adams and really should have gone sooner) today at a cost of £8. Some of the younger guys I work with get their hair cut almost weekly at a min £10 a pop, that soon adds up.
  12. After booze, fags + sky tv they've got to spend their benefits on something.
  13. I'm sure I've seen a documentary about this, think it was called V for Vendetta
  14. It's blatantly obvious now that it will either be Mays/the EUs/bankers shitty deal or no Brexit. Either way we're fucked. I'm now hoping for the later so at least the coming mess can't be blamed on Brexit.
  15. Most people are idiots. Yes we are fucked.