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  1. Again I have seen enough reports today about how serious the coming problems that the western and EU economies and banks face that I again should be as close to 100% certain now that the housing market in the UK is about to tank or even worse if that is possible. But my only problem right now is that I just cannot bring myself to believe it for some mad reason or blockage in my sensible conscious thinking
  2. Is it 5 or 6 million Muslims in the UK now? That's a lot of votes with the vast majority of them being Labour voters(welfare ponces) and of course renowned Jew haters, he just could not bring himself to do the right and moral thing with the fear of losing too many votes.
  3. It's another property they have their paws on I suppose, the daughter has cousins etc several years older and actually work and aspire to better things, but cannot housing like this slapper has now. At some point a government is going to have to find a way to make education and work more worthwhile or where will it end.
  4. Why oh why didn't they make it a head shot or just finish off with one
  5. Yep, you are probably right, but we will probably wait until the moment we have a beast to deal with, even now we could probably rectify our mistakes in a year no problem, but of course we won't
  6. Far too early, but we will get there. More amusing to think that we planted the seed, watered it and protected/nurtured it only to be cowering behind our doors in 50 years time waiting to be hacked to death by it
  7. Just wondering what century or even decade that Christianity will be wiped out in Europe by that stone age religion?
  8. 10 Million Jews on the whole planet compared billions of cut throat Muslims and they walk the floor with them when it comes to science, arts, economics and so much more. Labour is the Islamic bed/home mainly because of all the handouts and victim card BS, does all this anti semitic come from the Muslims I wonder?
  9. Break out the tea candles and dust off the "we are all stronger together speech" Nothing on the BBC, suppose story is not big enough to knock off "Amar first woman to go ferreting in a burka" article
  10. House prices have probably trebled in value since 1997 and in a low inflation world, it just does not make sense
  11. So someone please explain to me that for most of the time since it was under 7000 with a short period above that and with it now only 5500 with gossip that it may will even go into the 4000's, so where has all this wealth and cash and endless partying come from? I always thought the FTSE was a good indicator of the economy and future prospects of our economy, am I missing something
  12. I have a dense 18 year old family member who spends most of her life taking selfies on FB, beautiful but thick as fuck and has hardly ever worked. Her mother who always lectures about scummy chavs and welfare cheats recently went through the motions of pretending to throwing her out of the house in order to get social housing when she became pregnant from her equally thick boyfriend. Mother has handful of BTL's and she also lives in a massive 4 bedroomed home
  13. Or if you are a 19 year thick uneducated slapper you can open your legs to some idiot you met a few hours ago only to never meet him again and repeat a few times and also get the same as above or better.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-54697714 This thick stupid woman looks under every rock and pebble hunting for tiny bits of racism where it mostly does now exist, last time I heard anything from her it was the Fire brigade she was then calling racist. If only her son had been killed by another black man which is statistically way way more probable then we would of never heard of this woman, black on black murder a subject I might add that I have never heard her discuss. So many of us were on her side when her innocent son was murdered by those scum, now I cannot stand the s
  15. I think I said that to you the other day about spreading the withdraw of the pot. I would love to get hold of my pot, I have learnt now I fall into the bracket of "you have taken care of yourself in life and so get fuck all" as lazy pieces of shit who just bred and slept in life get the same and better than me in old age for free.
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