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  1. I am the same, but would not totally rule it out. But it would only be Normandy or Brittany now, complete contrast from the shitty UK and yet only 70 miles away
  2. I looked at the UK hard and it was so difficult to find any spot worth going to now, and the places that are OK have had their soul destroyed by the rich London crowd and house prices have gone through the roof. It will eventually arrive on my new doorstep i have no doubts, but not for a while yet.
  3. Only square between Hamiltons bollox hopefully
  4. The ones not paying are probably poncing housing benefit anyway.
  5. I am cheating a little because this has been on the drawing board for a few years now and on schedule, though C-19 has reinforced my drive to get going hugely. I am moving 300 miles North into central Northumberland where I will be 60 miles from the Lake district, close to the Northumberland coast and sandwiched in-between Kielder and Northumberland forest and The Pennines. Scotland is only a stones though away, so can make the odd raid there and Galloway Forest is 80 ish miles away with great water sport and fishing, it's my outdoors lifetime dream with all my favourite things on my doorstep. Just hoping for the cherry on the cake which will be a dramatic property crash so I can get a bigger smallholding, and where I am living is less than 3% ethnic, call me what you want , but sick of all the problems that go with a rainbow nation. So what are your plans if any?
  6. That cannot be right. where did you get that from? Hope you are right though
  7. To be fair I would sooner be facing the 200 illegal rag heads if it's all the same to you
  8. I suggest the Cotswolds, send every illegal immigrant there starting next week, see how soon the problem gets dealt with then
  9. Just for the record and if you are one of those people who believe that Nigel Farage will at some stage make his move, when do you think it will be? I initially thought he might hold back, but I am going for early 2022 now, maybe even next year sometime
  10. Who here can remember the day when politicians informed us that they were going to flood the UK with immigrants and we all said OK? It is so disturbing that reporters such as this are being prevented from telling us something that we want to know, while the same Lefty UK establishment will have us believe that all of Russia is a nasty dark place who are out to get us, which has small elements of truth, maybe.
  11. You beat me to it. This latest Halifax house price data at last 100% proves that the UK housing market is not built on a strong economy and a strong employment good wages environment like many of us already knew, where aspirational hard working people are thriving and bettering themselves on the back of it. The housing market since the 2007/08 financial crisis at least has been built on sand/funny money, just a load of spinning plates. The economy now is totally f****d, as bad as anything in the last century which for now is only been put off by the UK PLC credit card, if we have a "thriving housing market" it is not on the back of real wealth, something we are soon going to find out once furlough ends
  12. Yep Just give them a few years to settle in, housing paid for by us and a British passport and a friendly scum lawyer in the background telling them all their new British civil rights and soon the first plane loads of families from some sh**hole can then legally visit the UK on "holiday", never to return home again.
  13. I think it is probably the biggest worst kept secret in politics today, Nigel Farage is waiting for that perfect moment to make his move, and he will have millions of followers. And the more I think about it as someone who usually hates far left and far right politics equally it will be the best thing that could happen to this country right now.
  14. It's not a case of "what can go wrong", it has gone wrong. We have this weird UK system which is played out like the film Running man. As an immigrant that has passed through at least several safe havens to reach the UK, if he can somehow using any means possible just place one foot on UK soil he has won. He is straight into a 4 star hotel and seeing as though he will not have one useful descernible working/economic quality he will be straight on a lifetime of benefits, and within a couple of years he will probably sniff out and hook up with more of his newly arrived criminal immigrant friends and top up his benefits even more with an ever increasing crime wave. Give it a few more years and then he will start playing the race card further and start slagging off the country he broke the law to enter while trying to ponce even more off the system.