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  1. haroldshand


    ??? I wasn't trying to have a pissing competition with you, you gave the impression you was taking an interest in other alt coins and I was giving you the heads up on one I really rate. The smiley face was added because I don't want that Polkadot plug seen as ramping to any other poster where as many of us know alt coins are very volatile and not for everyone
  2. haroldshand


    Oh yes, that and possible negative UK interest rates, bit by bit by bit they are destroying fiat
  3. haroldshand


    Can you remember me mentioning Polkadot a few weeks ago?, got myself £5,000 worth and already up 80%, long way to go yet though Just saying
  4. Is this a financial move hoping to time the crash? Good luck to you if it is, but I am just not sure just yet
  5. Like I earlier said, I just don't understand it all anymore. But to be fair I am also a big advocate of people looking for safe/safer stores of value such as a gold, bonds and my own favourite right now which is Bitcoin, so I can sort of understand why everyone is throwing so much into property right now. Fiat is dying, and there was also talk of even having negative interest rates soon.
  6. haroldshand


    It was always and still is a threat, but honestly and check with some of the guys on here, bearish on Bitcoin I am not I did say as the price was actually falling live that it was nothing to worry about as some reached for their Kleenex and dropped their trousers. Noticed that there is resistance again at $40,000, if we can just comfortably clear that I can see $50-60,000 with months P.S checked the other alt coins that I mentioned on here that I was now ignoring for a while until we recovered and they have done really well, Polkadot shot up and I am well in profit, t
  7. Won't be long now until we are 1 year into the pandemic and if the Daily Telegraphs business articles and comments section is anything to go by the UK economy and peoples finances have been decimated and there is a lot of pain heading our way. So tell me this... Why with my hand on my heart do I have no idea how house prices will perform in the coming year or two? Commonsense, logic and good old basic math's tell me that the property market should be going a cliff, But!!
  8. Ehhh? 14 days ago it was celebrating the fantastic news that it had reached $20,000 This morning it was $35,000
  9. haroldshand


    It's volatility is what has made people with £1000 or even £100 millionaires, even now with less than £10,000 it is potentially very possible to become a millionaire. The day it becomes stable and it will, that will be the day it becomes boring and institutional, which of course is better in the long run though harder to make money
  10. haroldshand


    It's forming a head and shoulder pattern people which is Bearish people, expect it to fall as low as $18,000(not set in stone I might add) Am I selling? ... No I don't trade my main Bitcoins, too risky Just a warning for newbies, and yes it is a good thing if it happens
  11. haroldshand


    Same as I said to GG
  12. haroldshand


    Point taken, it is all quite subjective and interest might die tomorrow. I should have posted I think it's in the early stages
  13. haroldshand


    But the facts are Bitcoin is barely out of the early adoption phase
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