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  1. "I've just got a notification...", Yep, and unlocked your phone, started TikTok, checked your hair and set up to record. We should congratulate her for holding it together long enough.
  2. "Ruth Bader Ginsburg, beloved justice and a crucial liberal vote on the supreme court, died this evening" ...so says The Guardian notification on my phone when I woke up in Pyongyang this morning.
  3. We need tests to stop entire schools, classes and households being closed down for 14 days at a time because of the sniffles. However since we seem obsessed with positive case numbers without context, this might be the plan to manage the numbers. More likely though it's pure "gov.uk" Kafka-esque incompetence. It's got Serco/G4S/SopraSteria written all over it. Ive not checked. One of those three?
  4. Or..invite up to five neighbours who live in the same house, on rotation, seven times a week. Do your bit to protect the NHS.
  5. Boris signed the WA, and is now overriding the NI bit. The Guardian are annoyed because "EU". Can anyone summarise what's going on in a short paragraph?
  6. Update, apparently it is a huge breach of planning. All currently shut down while it's investigated I presume. Silence is beautiful. I'm sure it won't last as the money spent on this stuff must be enormous. Will keep you updated.
  7. My memory of the news seemed to be that twitter complained there was far too much oversight of the free money so they rushed out the self employed freebies and the bounceback bungs. It isn't like they forgot, or were surprised. It was the whole point of the scheme.
  8. Interesting that Lineker announces this just as the new BBC chairman starts making noises about the obscene salaries of its top presenters, isn't it.
  9. I loved that Darwin note. You know it's all downhill from here.
  10. I meant considering the enjoyable repartee between both sides of the argument before I blundered in with the FCO comment.
  11. Religious folk teach us this because the idea of life and death is mystical and terrifying and it's a way of coping. But when this then gets applied in exactly the same way to medical science and we have situations where people are kept alive with no quality of life for them or their family, I think we need a new moral compass other than "life is special". No. Some life is fairly shitty. We can't fix everyone, and we should find a way to take this responsibility away from the emotionally compromised family and gracefully end the suffering of these individuals for everyone's sake.
  12. Right...clearly I should have read the last five pages before posting in this one.
  13. If it says "all but essential" aren't you essentially screwed if something happens to you?
  14. We only heard about this boat yesterday, and oh look, it's front page news and in crisis on day 2. I'm not sure what the media agenda is here but there clearly is one.
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