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  1. My house has a number on it and my street has a sign with it's name on it so people can easily get the address of my house. My name however, is not The Legal Occupier, so I reckon my identity is safe.
  2. Hang, I'll have to go and fish the (unopened) one that I threw in the bin 10 minutes ago.... Yep. I have the exact same one. "Act now to stop an investigation."
  3. Regarding fishing I'd be happy with continued access to UK waters by the eu fleets but with the proviso that the UK sets the annual quota on an annual basis to manage stocks. UK fisherman are prioritised. Licences / quotas should be priced appropriately and purchased by the interested parties. Some restrictions may be put in place such as the requirement to land the caught fish in a UK port if such measures are thought appropriate. I'm OK with the principle of foreign access as prior to the 1970s these areas were traditionally fished by many coastal nations. I have a British sense of fair pla
  4. I'm currently receiving umpteen emails from Amazon which are informing me that I'm being refunded for an item in my Morrisons order that was not delivered. It seems to be working it's way through my entire last week's shop. Virtually all the items were actually received just fine but the Romanian? Delivery driver didn't have a clue what he was doing, clearly didn't speak much English and has probably marked the entire delivery as not delivered. He also left the two cold bags each with half a dozen freeze packs in them despite my wife telling him that he should take them back. Free food a
  5. Just to add, I am cutting my cloth too. We have cancelled the planned holiday for 2021 (we'll have to wait some time for the deposit to be returned). We are still waiting on about £400 back from Easyjet and a concert venue. No current plans to spend on any holidays though I am still paying the instalments for a child's school trip to the USA next July. I also thankfully sold the caravan in early July and am pretty pleased about that. Got a good price and managed to get shot of it before the storage fees were due (which went up to £500 per year) - just had an email informing me that the st
  6. I don't think you'll get a true picture of just how bad it is (or is soon going to be) out there from us lot on here as we are generally pretty clued-up financially. Take my family for example, we've always lived well within our means. Every mortgage we've had, we've overpaid from the outset. Mortgage of £500, overpay by £500. Only in the last year or so have I not overpaid and that's just so I can divert that money into SIPPs / company pensions. At one point last year for about 6 months I was paying nearly 2/3rds of my salary into the company pension. My friend's jaws collectively h
  7. Yes, my eldest lost her part-time job. They paid furlough until September but now nothing. She's missing out on all the Christmas overtime. The money isn't a big issue as we can cover that but it's the social and mental benefits of working that she is missing out on.
  8. I built an ebike from a kit 15 years ago but whilst it was great (and illegal) it's not a patch on my Haibike. OK if money was tight then I might consider a kit but since it's not I much prefer the purpose built bike as it looks and rides much better being properly designed and engineered from the ground up.
  9. His career is finished. There's no coming back from that. He's spaffed his career up the wall.
  10. Exactly.. There are simply not enough police/officials to visit every shop, especially if each business owner stalls them and delays them each time. Mass civil disobedience is the way.
  11. In my experience those with higher levels of qualifications are the last to question the official narrative.
  12. When you've got a spare bed lying around it makes sense to fill it. Got to give the staff something to do.
  13. This. Many people listening to me would claim I was pretty right wing and this just reflects the fact they've swallowed the MSM propaganda. Whenever I take one of those tests to determine political leanings I always come out as left and libertarian.
  14. I like the look of some of their stuff. Thanks for posting.
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