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  1. If it's her second job the the government will want maybe 42% of that £600. Thus £600pw becomes £350 pw. Magic.
  2. I suppose that driver thought the white lines were for decoration. Guaranteed that's a foreign driver.
  3. Yep, it's called plucking a figure out of your arse.
  4. How did you know where those two drivers were going? It's impossible to know that they were driving the wrong way unless you know their intended destination.
  5. They do it to hide their smell.
  6. We've only just left Autumn less than 3 weeks ago. Winter is coming.
  7. Further to my faecesious answer - Perhaps via the bloodstream.
  8. I refer you to my previous answer: Then how did the bacteria in your digestive tract get there? Up your arse? 😂
  9. Two words, Spanish practices.
  10. These ones
  11. If I could work out how to insert a picture from my phone I would. Probably best not to or it'll start a new thread on which actor they most look like. I still can't see Sean Penn in those trainers.
  12. Then how did the bacteria in your digestive tract get there? Up your arse? 😂
  13. My new boots were delivered today. Pair of traditional work boots from William Lennon in Derbyshire. Wearing them round the house to break them in. Wonderful to see 'Made in England' on the box. Seem to be very good quality. Vibram sole. Excellent value at £153.95. Paid £135 for a pair of Timberland boots made in Thailand /Vietnam about 4 years ago. No excuse for that price level when made with cheap labour Anyway, just thought I'd spread the word.