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  1. I never want to meet a vegan Yorkshire man who owns an iPhone. 😩
  2. Apart from the stupid knobs that'll collect food and dirt around them and be impossible to clean thoroughly - unless they are removable ones.
  3. My wife is a bit colourblind and sees green as grey. Moaned at me for painting a bedroom grey when it was clearly green. She still doesn't believe it's green despite everyone telling her.
  4. Agree but there needs to be 40 years between referendums. Only fair.
  5. Yes if the EU remove the backstop after years of claiming its essential it opens to question all the rest of the agreement too. The political declaration isn't legally binding and could be torn up if the EU are still intransigent. I don't think the EU are going to drop it.
  6. I've given £100 to the Brexit Party. Have never before given to a political party.
  7. Nope. Leave voters are not going away. I think you're correct in part regarding unrest however the majority of police and army voted leave and I'm not sure how they would take to cracking skulls and shooting leave protestors. Leave voters can ramp up the pressure by coordinating and protesting via boycotting EU goods, boycotting remainer companies, stopping holidaying in the EU, cancelling TV tax and so on. Many are getting involved in politics and overall becoming more politically active. I have never met a single leave voter who has changed their mind and most I meet are seething. We will leave or there will be hell to pay.
  8. Or a bridge underwater. It wouldn't be windy then.
  9. So is the money they use. Not only are Scottish notes not legal tender anywhere in the UK, English banknotes are also not legal tender in Scotland or NI, only Royal Mint coins.
  10. Yep, I noted this earlier upthread (or in the other thread).
  11. Boris and the Conservatives could just refuse to govern. What would Labour do then? They'd have to form a government and try to get a majority. That may prove difficult.
  12. Funnily enough I bumped into an old school mate yesterday. Both his kids are now back home with him after uni. £40k + debts, aged 24-26. A brother's two kids are the same, both same age, one with £40k uni debts. Mate from the pub, two sons, 28, 30+ same debt (or worse), one a policeman, other a fast track civil servant (right at heart of gov - cabinet office I believe) have just managed to buy a place together. Go back to when I was that age, I was out at 21 for uni and didn't come back, two siblings out at 18. One other hung around till 29 but out of sheer laziness as he liked it. Could have moved out at 18 if he wanted, no debt. None of this is news to you but why on earth can't the young see what is happening and make the connection?
  13. As far as I can see the exit date can be changed by the whim of a Government minister. Boris won't need to ask for an extension as we will be out by 14th October. The extension was only for the WA to be passed. It has been defeated three times and thus will not pass. The extension period thus is void. We can leave at any time. Boris & co know this and have been spending the last couple of months baiting Labour et al and getting them to damage their electoral chances whilst strengthening their own position. Now we are in prorogation (nearly) the trap will be sprung.
  14. He has done his job and his resignation is part of the panto.