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  1. the gardener

    Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson

    From wiki: A few days later, Hopkins published a tweet asking the question "Scrawled on any war memorials recently?" to Jack Monroe. Monroe responded stating that they had never vandalised a war memorial, and moreover had family members serving in the armed forces. Hopkins followed with a second tweet, in which she asked if someone could explain the difference between Penny (an "irritant") and Monroe (whom she described as "social anthrax"). I really don't think there's anything particularly libellous there. Ok so KH insinuated that Monroe was the type to deface war memorials but KH didn't actually accuse her of doing so. As for the other comment, well it's certainly critical of Monroe but libellous? Really? I know who I'd rather spend an evening in the pub with and it's certainly not some whiney cow who can't indulge in a bit of banter.
  2. the gardener

    BBC too shit to compete laments DG

    +1. Where else could I get a comprehensive demonstration of the 27 different types of patio door roller to enable me to identify the correct part to repair my patio door?
  3. the gardener

    Far right Nazi Lama

    Perhaps his holiness the DL would pay (another) visit to Aldershot's Buddhist temple and tell the 20,000 local Nepalese? Last time he was there he came for the official renaming ceremony, It's now called Nepaldershot, Hampshire.
  4. the gardener

    Children should be allowed to make mistakes.

    Yes, what are these adults doing reading a child's webpages. It sounds like stalking to me.
  5. the gardener

    how dead is your local

    Back in my late twenties I was the same. A whole group of us went up the pub every lunchtime at 12:30. I'd have 2 pints and some food, the boss would have four pints. We spent the afternoons in the office a bit woolly headed but everybody did it. At my latest job we used to do the same but only once per week. For me even that stopped when kids came along and money was tight which is understandable but the younger work colleagues just don't do the pub at lunchtime like we did, It's just not the done thing anymore.
  6. the gardener

    Interesting dog revenge attack

    I think thats the owner.
  7. the gardener

    Netflix/Amazon Prime bargain bin shitty movies

    On Netflix I've watched Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Plebs, Detectorists. The children watched Once Upon a Time. Amazon have Vikings, Black Sails, Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead. Other than that there's the odd good film and old TV series such as Red Dwarf, Blackadder et al. I often struggle to find anything to watch though and end up rewatching something just to pass the time and avoid cleaning the toilet.
  8. the gardener

    The big teacher thread

    The French method is absolutely mental, far more writing involved, much more confusing layout. It just looks wrong.
  9. the gardener

    Unreadable Mail Online

    This. The Mail is dead to me now.
  10. the gardener

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    You beat me to it. It'll also quite likely be in breach of EU and International Law as it is an arbitrary imposition of an economically damaging regulation when no such restriction has existed before (and not just the 45 years of EEC/EU membership). In truth the EU really has no teeth in these matters, it really has no choice but to continue the status quo as regards licences, flights etc. With flights about 90% of their threats are bullshit. The vast majority of air traffic is controlled by the ICAO and not the EU. The worst affected airlines would be Easyjet and Ryanair. EasyJet have already set up an Austrian subsidiary so have no problems and as for Ryanair, well that's Irish-owned so fuck them. I'm sure the EU27 will support them. 😊
  11. the gardener

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    Except its bullshit. Let's take France. Currently they allow virtually the entire world to drive using their home me country licence for visits of less than 90 days without requiring an International Driving Permit. In addition about 90-odd non-EEA countries (maybe more) can swap their licences for a French one, without taking a test, if they are staying longer than 12 months in France. I'm supposed to believe that UK licence)holders will be treated less favourably than someone from Burkino Faso? Right. What a load of Remainer, fear-mongering fucking bullshit
  12. Do you have the required EU Hazardous Waste transportation and storage licence for that?
  13. the gardener

    Using your child as a political tool

    She's too old for him anyway. His target age is about 9.
  14. the gardener

    Using your child as a political tool

    Man-jawed and also unable to disguise the horrible sneer with a lame attempt at a smile. She's the type that would cheerfully murder a child if it meant her precious spawn's grades would improve a point or two.
  15. the gardener

    Netflix/Amazon Prime bargain bin shitty movies

    I'm with you on Reacher 2. I didn't expect much from it and i certainly wasn't disappointed. I only continued watching as my painful groin strain meant I couldn't be arsed to reach for the remote which was just out of reach.