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  1. We'll that's what happens when you get ignored (at best) or called racist scum (more usual) for 40 years. Me? I'm all for rescuing migrants crossing the Channel, destroying their boats and taking them straight back to the French coast and throwing them back on the beach.
  2. That's the reason I went for a Haibike powered by the Yamaha motor instead of the Cube/Bosch.
  3. Looks like a hellish place to be. Mid-february would be much nicer.
  4. If I'm reading this thread right people are saying there are chinks in the Three Gorges Dam?
  5. This. My company once had an employee who was convicted for indecent exposure but he did not get the sack. No matter what the offence proper procedures must be followed when seeking to dismiss an employee.
  6. Honey badgers are just about the most vicious creatures on the planet.
  7. I've no clue if mine is higher or lower. Don't care much as its pretty cheap. £109 per month. Might check sometime if I can lower that by putting a reading or two in.
  8. We've cancelled our trip to a French campsite at end of July. Booked to stay in a lodge there. They've allowed all who need to cross a border to cancel without penalty and issue a voucher for same place next year. I've only paid the 25% deposit so not too much invested in that. If voucher not used in 18 months then a refund in cash will be automatically issued. Seems pretty fair as they're within their contractual rights to keep the deposit
  9. I recently bought myself one of these: I love it. Great fun on the trails in Standard mode, for steep hills I whack it on High mode. It flattens all the hills and you if you feel energetic you can drop down to Eco mode. Eco+ mode is a bit weak though. You can ride it just fine with the power turned off but it does weigh 24kg and has knobbly tyres which I've deflated a bit to help soak up the bumps on the trail. I do have a brand new Cube mountain bike too which I thoroughly enjoy too. I'm keeping my 20 year-old Marin as a town bike which I'm ok with locking up in town and won't be devastated if some scrote nicks it.
  10. Apples generally ripen between September and November. You do get some earlier varieties which you can pick Las early as ate July though. They do store well though (particularly if stored in a nitrogen-rich atmosphere cold-store) so British apples are available just about all year round.
  11. Yes. I'm serious about the weapon. There's a guy who walks his dog who carries a 2ft long iron bar. It fairly slim and looks like a stick so doesn't attract attention. He carries in it case he meets the nasty, vicious pit-bull cross that attacked his dog there once. The iron bar has other uses though, I'm sure it'll fuck up a mad stabber running amok. I've got a pretty sturdy 3ft hazel stick which would be better than nothing and isn't illegal.
  12. Yes what an utter cunt. I'm about to go to the park. I'd like not to have to carry weapons with which to defend myself from islamic nut jobs trying to cut my head off. Is that too much to ask?
  13. Exactly. Just do a quick perusal on the Internet and you will see plenty of videos where it takes 6 policemen to take down a violent person resisting arrest. Two or three coppers will struggle to do so without getting injured. Drugged up mentalists can easily give you a career-ending injury in seconds. A sibling who is police has been injured multiple times whilst arresting violent neds. Suffers from back issues because of it.