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  1. Unless that plate is two feet in diameter then whoever serves me a portion that small (and no doubt eye-watering expensive) would be on the receiving end of a swift punch in the throat.
  2. Yes. Fortunately I survived and learnt from it. I understand just how easily an accident can occur in such conditions even when driving reasonably slowly. Without a doubt, ever since, I have avoided deliberately making unnecessary journeys in poor conditions. It's just a pity it took an accident to learn that.
  3. I have LibLabCon Green. I'm drawing my own Brexit Party box.
  4. This. My one and only (so far <cross fingers>) crash in 32 years of driving was on an icy night when I should have stayed at hone. It was an unnecessary journey out in very icy conditions merely to visit a couple of friends and go to the pub). My dad told me to think better of it and call it off but of course being an 18 year old idiot I told him not to worry. The end result, after a slide on an icy country road was a head-on collision and two written-off cars. Thankfully only minor injuries, cuts and bruises. Of course that left my dad having to then go out in adverse conditions himself to collect us from the hospital and then ferry my friends home, just what he needed, oh yes. He was most pleased.
  5. I'm not sure that's correct. I believe you can take the whole pot and stick it into a flexible drawdown scheme and that won't trigger the MPAA in itself. However once you access that flexibility i.e. actually take any of that money, you will trigger the MPAA.
  6. I understood that once you took a pension the annual limit on contributions drops to £10k. This may not apply if the pension you are cashing in is a DB, I don't know.
  7. I'm thinking of using these holy bricks and retrofitting them to my house to make it lighter. How much weight would I save?
  8. The NHS has belatedly started trying to charge people. It's still essentially a free-for-all.
  9. I have a moto G7 power. £165. OK so the up volume button randomly sticks and sets itself to max. I've sorted that by downloading a volume control app which has a toggle to disable the volume buttons. It's a free app and sorts the problem.
  10. Mine too. I'm going to spoil mine by adding a box for the Brexit Party and putting my X in there.
  11. Perhaps they should try shorter-term contracts?
  12. I'm in a fairly safe Tory seat. 123rd safest. 10-12,000 majority, 75000 electorate. Tory poll 55% of the vote. Back before the Libdums destroyed themselves over tuition fees they were close runners with 30-35% of the vote, Tories on 45% or so. In 2017 Labour took the place of Libdums but are still 10,000 shy. Anecdotally I have a remainer friend who is going from Con to Libdum. I think Cons could lose a fair few votes this way. I think the Libdums may have a surge and Labour, being toxic to most will fall back. I predict a Con hold with a slightly reduced majority, perhaps high 40s%, 8-10,000. I won't vote for any of them.