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  1. the gardener

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    The Lords are signing their death warrant. They're being given enough rope to hang themselves. The people aren't going to accept a reversal of the referendum decision.
  2. the gardener

    The big teacher thread

    The whole "learning styles" bullshit has been shown to be just that. Yet they continue to base teaching on it.
  3. the gardener

    The big teacher thread

    And it's done that way since the teachers themselves haven't got the first fucking clue about maths. I've been there with my children. They've been taught methods that are not only overly complicated but also actually obscure and distance them from obtaining a real understanding and fluency with the subject. If they are to progress further they have to unlearn much of what they're taught.
  4. the gardener

    The big teacher thread

    You got it in one. GCSE maths is so easy that obtaining the minimum pass grade is something the average 11 year old could achieve. You can pass it by regurgitating a bit of rote learning having zero understanding or ability. By the time the teacher is out of uni/pgce and pass their NQT year the swotting they did 6-7 years earlier to get a C at GCSE is a distant memory and they are back to being thick as pigshit at maths. Most primary school teachers are dangerously thick.
  5. the gardener

    The big teacher thread

    They're not. You need a GCSE in maths, English and science (in addition to a degree) to be a primary school teacher. I agree that most of them can't add up past 10 without taking their shoes and socks off. Teachers on the Isle of Wight have an advantage there since they can get to 12 before removing their footwear.
  6. the gardener

    Discovering Slovakia

    Never been myself but know some Slovaks and have seen lots of photos of home. They speak of their grandmothers' home in the Tatra mountains and summers spent there, lots of skiing in the winter. The way they speak of it makes me think, "Why did you ever leave?" It was a bit shit under communism though. A fair few Roma scumbags too. My Slovak friends can't understand why we let muslims into the UK. They think we're insane.
  7. the gardener

    Italy to act on illegal immigration?

    I don't want these people in my country. Not a single one of them are refugees. Not one.
  8. the gardener

    Discovering Slovakia

    IIRC Slovakia has the highest per capita car production in the world. Beautiful country.
  9. the gardener

    RNLI dodgy politics

    ๐Ÿ˜ No - I was on the beach in the Vendee region of France but I think you knew that didn't you? ๐Ÿ˜Š
  10. the gardener

    RNLI dodgy politics

    Ah that might explain why while in the Vendee last year I saw a guy who had just been fished out of the water and winched aboard a helicopter, "fall" about 50 feet from said helicopter. He probably told them he wasn't paying up. - Actually he seemed to be unconcious and they appear to have dropped him during the transfer from door to helicopter floor.
  11. the gardener

    question time

    TBF I went to a comp that was set on 25 acres. Not in London though.
  12. the gardener

    London - Grenfell House

    The Ethiopian guy was either roasting a goat on a BBQ or producing cannabis oil / some other drug. Something went wrong and a fire ensued. Not being able to put it out due to no fire blanket / extinguisher he probably panicked, ran to pack a suitcase, and legged it. He was awake when it happened. There was no smoke alarm. The kind of guy who roasts goats on an indoor BBQ with no fire extinguisher or blanket is not the type to install smoke alarms least of all heat activated ones which are the type needed for in order to stop endless false alarms. The guy isn't appearing since he's shit scared of having to answer probing questions that would quickly expose his bullshit / criminal activities and reveal him to be the sole cause of the worst fire-death episode in UK history.
  13. the gardener

    TV License

    18 months+ licence free now. About 20 letters though they are coming less frequently now. Two visits. First guy immediately said my name at me upon my opening the door. I replied"Who are you?". His answer was to shout my name back at me so I shouted "Who are you?" back at him whilst leaning in towards his face. He turned and walked away. Second guy - the wife answered the door and engaged in conversation with him. From the kitchen I saw the guy show ID and heard TV licensing being mentioned. I raced up the hallway and slammed the door in his face. Then tore a strip off the wife for identifying herself to a stranger at the door. Your biggest danger will be the wife/girlfriend who will need training on dealing with these people. In general wives/girlfriends are far too polite and compliant with perceived figures of authority and will end up confessing and incriminating themselves and you to random strangers who turn up at the door. Christ knows why they are like this, if I ask the wife to do something all hell breaks loose. With me she is obstinate and awkward and a total pain in the arse, everybody else and it's roll over and do as she's told.
  14. the gardener

    London - Grenfell House

    A confession; I own a full height larder fridge and a large chest freezer. Perhaps the extra fridge was in fact a freezer? The other tabletop fridge - a beer fridge?
  15. Torch it and deny it. It appears to be a Vauxhall Zafira. Those things are always catching fire.