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  1. But this new Treaty will change my rights in law and I thought Miller vs Gov. Decided that the executive doesn't have the power to sign such treaties without authorisation from parliament?
  2. They are threatening us with the return of duty free and being able to claim VAT back on goods purchased abroad. I'm quaking in my boots.
  3. Fair enough point. However we had discussed Brexit before and my comments were only on the important current affairs of the day - i.e. the huge(?) march. I've never met a Leave voter who ran away from a conversation like that. The other guy next to me, a Spaniard continued to argue his case along the lines of another vote being more democracy and as such is a good thing. That didn't stop me buying him a drink (of nasty foreign lager) and chatting the rest of the evening on other subjects too. Remainers are run-away cry-babies for the most part.
  4. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the 2nd remainer in the pub. This guy, who is a genuinely nice bloke, very intelligent - engineer - normally have some very good conversations with him and so on. Well - he just loses it when it comes to Brexit. I shit you not - this guy pulled out a printout of a graph he'd produced from his spreadsheet measuring the rate and numbers of people signing the petition. He had two lines on the graph - one representing the pro-Brexit, leave with no deal and the other line representing the cancel A50 petition (which has now attracted eleventy billion signatures apparently). This intelligent engineer tried to argue that the numbers signing the A50 petition were really meaningful - even after we pointed out that all you need is multiple email addresses and you can sign it multiple times - just make up a name and postcode - as long as the email is different then you're good. Yes he said but as we are comparing the two petitions, pro-Brexit and anti-Brexit, the comparison is valid. He really couldn't see that all it proves is that there's quite a few very angry and loud remainers. Leavers can't be arsed to sign petitions (at least not yet) as the only petition that counted was on 23rd June 2016. I told him to wake me up when he's got 17.4 million validated signatures on his petition. Then the landlord weighed in with a pro-Brexit comment and the guy ran off to the toilet with a look as if he was about to cry Remainer-baiting is such fun.
  5. Ha ha. Looks like I was right: “Based on the visuals from the helicopter image, it’s between 312,000 and 400,000 people,” explains Manchester Metropolitan University’s Keith Still, a world leader in crowd science who has developed mandatory event-monitoring training for police.
  6. This is a great site for showing what different densities of crowds look like.
  7. That looks to be about 1.5 people per square metre to me 😀
  8. Went to pub last night. On arriving at the bar I joined a friend (and fellow Leave supporter) there. There was a known remainer sitting next to him. I opened our conversation by asking him if he had read/seen the TV news about the march in London. I remarked that I really couldn't think of another example where a large group of people had marched in protest against their own independence. This was met by a jolly good chuckle from my friend and we both engaged in thinking up silly examples such as Martin Luther King marching to demand more segregation, Ghandi walking the breadth of India to demand an increase in the salt tax, Mandela refusing to leave jail and staging a sit-in. This elicited a bit of a cross response from the Remainer saying that the march was nothing like that at all. I then mentioned the outrageous exaggerations regarding the numbers on the march. They were claiming a million or more. I pointed out that even if we accept this figure it's far smaller than the margin by which Leave won the referendum and we're always told the winning margin was insignificant. Which is it? A huge march and an even more massive winning margin for Leave or an insignificant march and a 50/50 result. You can't have it both ways. I conceded there were a lot of people on the march but claiming a million was out by a factor of 3 or so. The Remainer disputed this. I explained that a million people, at one person per square metre would result in a column of people 25 metres wide and 40 km long. The route of the march was 3km. Even at a pretty dense 3 people per square metre the column would need to be over 13 km long. To get a million then would need that route to completely fill, and empty, more than 4 times, which, in the time available for the march was impossible. That's with 3 people per square metre when the reality was more like 1 or 1.5 per square metre. This isn't really open to question, people take a certain amount of space and there is no denying this physical reality. The reality was that there were approx 250,000 to 300,000 or so on the march, maybe 500,000 if we were being extraordinarily generous. At this point the Remainer got up and left, saying that he didn't come here to listen to such biased opinions and nonsense. So there you have it, Remainers are sent packing by the power of mathematics. They really don't have any arguments at all. He didn't respond with anything approaching an argument against the facts presented, just some emotional huffing and running away from the truth.
  9. +1. The most powerful weapon that we, the plebs, have is our spending power. Boycott EU goods, boycott EU countries for holidays, boycott Remain-supporting companies. They will take notice then.
  10. It would not surprise me to see Welsh Chardonnay. There are many many very good English wines out there. South Wales could very easily become a wine growing region with it's climate. My tomatoes of choice from Lidl are grown in County Durham of all places. Available almost all year round. And don't attack me for shopping in Lidl - they employ lots of Brits and source many products from the UK.
  11. Yes, drink bitter you piss-drinking girly. 😁 Seriously - there must be many alternatives out there. A lager brewed under license in the UK is an ok option. I was very partial to a Paulaner or Spaten, both very good Munich beers but other beers are available. I do most of my drinking in my local and always choose UK produced bitter so I'm certainly not suffering.
  12. All Leave voters and other lovers of democracy really need to boycott EU goods to the greatest extent possible. Every £1 diverted from the EU to either UK or non-EU producers has an immediate and powerful impact. Don't kid yourselves that it's not effective. It sends a direct signal that cannot be ignored. Of course individually it has a tiny effect but collectively the impact is massive. Imagine 10 million people diverting just £3 per day/£21 per week/£90 per month/£1095 per year - that's £30m per day, £210m per week, £900m per month or £10.95bn per year lost to the EU. This is a huge impact. If the money is diverted to UK producers then its a double-whammy against the EU - they lose and we gain. Let us all do our patriotic duty.
  13. Looks to be about 150,000 on the match. Being generous 200,000. Piss poor turnout considering the wall-to-wall media promotion of the event and that there were about 3 million remain votes in London.
  14. What's this about seeing your medical records?