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    the gardener reacted to twocents in Hoax hate   
    Good video.
    In passing at about 7.40 minutes it's possible to get a very clear idea from a CCTV camera how many people were on the March For Life - a massive number.  In contrast to the UK where any CCTV camera coverage of such events seems to be very fragmented almost giving any picture that the authorities might want to present on protest numbers.  It's not as if there aren't enough CCTV cameras in the UK to give a similar clear idea of numbers but for whatever reason they're never released.
    Interesting that there was at least one other drummer with the native american (who stood behind him banging his drum) along with several media people in that same group.
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    the gardener reacted to billfunk in Hoax hate   
    When I was young and super-aggressive my parents used to lecture me on not fighting. "Just smile at them instead". 
    I wonder what the updated advice is for the 21st century? Don't fight. Don't smile. Make sure your face conveys understanding and empathy of the socio-historic plight of whomever it is trying to pick a fight with you.
    Jesus wept. To think of all the things white people have given the world and this is how we are treated.
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    the gardener reacted to LC1 in Hoax hate   
    Here, I'll walk you through it:
    the boy is rich and white and wearing a MAGA hat. He was smiling, which is an overt microaggression. And a native American elder being spiritual. Trump. It's all symbolic of macro cultural forces, far-right extremist ideology. Dog whistling. White hoods are literally the same as red hats. Republicans are literally the KKK, but also literally worse than Hitler. So there's that too.
    See, it's not that complicated really. You're welcome.
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    the gardener reacted to sarahbell in Hoax hate   
    Orange man bad. 
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    the gardener reacted to OurDayWillCome in Hoax hate   
    Yes, that poor Native American, who went off to a foreign land to go and kill the yellow man.
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    the gardener reacted to Fischer in Hoax hate   
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    the gardener reacted to The Masked Tulip in Football star goes missing over English channel.   
    Single engine aircraft - check.
    Single pilot - check.
    Widest part of the Channel to cross - check.
    Bitterly cold sea temperatures - check.
    No survival suits - check.
    Night time - check.
    Icing conditions already reported earlier at 3,000 feet - check.
    Severe weather warning, ice and snow conditions forecast en route and at destination - check.
    Part of the world where cold and warm air mixing is known to result in low visibility conditions - check.
    Saved a few quid on the Eurostar or a Ryanair flight though.
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    the gardener reacted to unregistered_guest in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    Does not compute!
    Surely the raison d'etre for the EU is protectionism?
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    the gardener reacted to XswampyX in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    It would be a disaster. Even if they could avoid slagging each other off. The likes of the So-Called BBC would have Nigel on until he was in the lead and then Gerard on the next week to call him a stupid stooge cunt. When UKIP was looking good then Nigel would be brought out to call them all racist and islamaphobes. Rinse and repeat.
    Infighting amongst the brexit camp, they all wail! How can we have brexit? if "they" don't even know what it means they all scream.
    Fuck that!
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    the gardener reacted to twocents in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    Corbyn with a mask one of the other blokes seemed to imply.  The LibLabCon in action yet again.
    Trust Osborne to call Britain's greatest free trade opportunity for nearly 50 years the "biggest act of protectionism".
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    the gardener got a reaction from Chewing Grass in Worcester child acid attack in court   
    My Slovak mate told me that this is how the Roma live in Slovakia. Those flats you see - given to them free (everyone got a free house back in communist times). He says they're scum and Hitler knew how to deal with them.
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    the gardener reacted to The Generation Game in Worcester child acid attack in court   
    Pretty much. EE is happy to let the UK have as many Roma as they want. There is an area of Brno called the "Brno Bronx" (basically the Roma quarter)
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    the gardener reacted to Roger_Mellie in Question Time   
    I love this statistic... it makes me feel warm. I wonder, if at any point, she stopped and thought "maybe it's me?"
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    the gardener reacted to wherebee in Question Time   
    only because they asked her for a number
    "I got thirty twelve hundred tweets"
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    the gardener reacted to Sgt Hartman in Worcester child acid attack in court   
    This crime is horrendous. What shocks me almost as much as the crime itself is that he could find six people willing to help him throw acid on a three year old.
    I'd happily see them all shot.
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    the gardener reacted to Wheeler in Settled Status   
    Are you an MP? Back to Europe.
    * Some MPs can stay; we all know who.
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    the gardener reacted to M S E Refugee in Settled Status   
    I am not bothered about charging them £65 the worst part is that it's just another example of politicians that find it impossible to make tough decisions without caving in.
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    the gardener reacted to Great Guy in Settled Status   
    Got a criminal record? Back to Europe.
    Dont speak English? Back to Europe.
    Not been working? Back to Europe.
    Work in a NMW job? Back to Europe.
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    the gardener reacted to PatronizingGit in Settled Status   
    tbh, I've no problem with EUropeans staying. They entered here on the belief they would have freedom of movement, and while we certainly should have the ability to say 'no more' after brexit day, to apply the law retrospectively and say get out, seems wrong.
    I'd far rather the government re-open every single case file of every Nigerian, Pakistani, Indian and West Indian who came here after the 1961 immigration act (as of when they had to get work 'vouchers' to enter). When studies have been done into immigration fraud, its generally uncovered 80-85% (or 95% in the case of Bangladeshis) lied about something or other to gain entry. Whether that be qualifications, funding, job offers, existing family etc. 
    Its not Europeans who are raping their way through the north of England, or turning inner cities into stab-fests, its muslims and africans. Start doing everything possible to remove them, not the Polish plumbers.
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    the gardener reacted to Harley in Settled Status   
    You come over, the rules change, you go back home.  Unless we want you.  You take more than you contribute, we don't want you 'cause you're your government's problem not ours.
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    the gardener reacted to One percent in Settled Status   
    Much more simple. Let them stay but no benefits and no access to services unless paid for upfront. 
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    the gardener reacted to Dim Ray in Settled Status   
    I never really understand the highly skilled migrants argument.
    Shouldn't we be educating our own population properly and giving them a chance to do the well paid, highly skilled jobs? 
    That would also mean we could stop stealing the useful people from poorer countries
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    the gardener reacted to Bkkandrew in Brexit Betrayal thread   
    This is the kind of attitude the U.K. should adopt. A real response to “we didn’t vote to make the country poorer” claptrap:
    “Cambodia will not trade its sovereignty for any assistance. In the past, Cambodia has gone through a hard time,” Sokhonn said.
    Full article at the link. Now, the irony is that Cambodia is talking about the EU and the recent decision to impose tariffs on Cambodian rice, when the EU is the biggest export market for same!
    If only May and her Dream Team had the balls of Sokhonn!
    - Disclaimer - I am a friend of Sokhonn so maybe biased.
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    the gardener reacted to MrPin in Boiler Insurance - con?   
    All insurance is a con. It's why it's so heavily advertised. I have nothing but the legal minimum.
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    the gardener got a reaction from Frank Hovis in Boiler Insurance - con?   
    Top tip - a major cause of draughts is bloody idiots who install radiators anywhere other than underneath a window. Have one on the back wall and it'll suck cold air from the window straight along the floor at 100 mph giving your toes frostbite.