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  1. For some reason other cars used to crash into it .. Granada ran into the back it it in a car park .. Granada wrote off, scratch on, rear bumper of my car, Escort ran into the side of me, .. Escort knackered .. bent rear door handle of Triumph .. Old biddy with Fiat backed into rear end of Triumph .. Fiat wrote off bent rear bumper on Triumph. As to the Sprint .. lad with Capri ran into the back of that .. front of Capri crunched up, no sign of damage to Sprint.
  2. There is one for the English Electric Class 50 .. changing a tyre when you have a flat is a ****.
  3. People had a perception that I was the sort who would have a Morris 1000 and drive at 25mph and never swore .. my religious sister learned differently when a old man driving one of those Ford Granadas that looked like an overgrown mk 4 Cortina cut in front of me.
  4. I am not sure .. I have not owned or driven a car since 2012.
  5. 1976 and I have just passed my driving test my dad said he would buy a car for me. He bought a Triumph 1300 off a neighbour. We soon found out that the gearbox was knackered. Horrific quote to get it repaired. My dad found out that the local transplants place had got a gearbox so he said that he would do it himself, brilliant idea but my dad was 80 years old so I ended up doing most of the work myself .. ruined me nails and nearly broke one of my toes during the process .. Took nearly a month to do the job .. car did nearly six years .. we never did work out where some of the extra bolts that
  6. About 1985 one of my neighbours parked his brand new Ford Sierra in the empty part of a supermarket car park. As he walked away he saw a tatty looking Mk 3 Cortina coming across the car park weaving from side to side with the driver looking at and waving pointing his hands towards the woman passenger, he heard the man still shouting as he passed by .. the next thing he heard was a loud bang as the Cortina crashed into his Sierra. The Sierra was a right off .. the man was arguing with his wife because she had accused him of not paying attention to the road when he was driving.
  7. I used to look for the emptiest part of the car park but would always end up having to park next to another car in that area.
  8. Not a lot different from the Germans at that time.
  9. One Burma Star vet I knew despised the Japanese for obvious reason but he despised the Germans even more. His family had come from Germany in the 1890s, he was born in Birmingham in 1919 and joined up at the start of the war and ended up in the far east. He said it what the Germans did in the concentration camps was totally inexcusable he said what the Japanese did was inhuman but when he found out what the Germans had done that was subhuman.
  10. There were quite a few women around who had lost a husband, son, boyfriend or brother in the first or second world war and remained bitter about that all their lives I remember one old lady who lived into her mid 90s who had lost her 19 years old son during the final months of world war one who utterly hated Germans and anything German and had an almighty row with one of her neighbours and stopped speaking to them when they bought a Volkswagen beetle. I do also remember a few Burma Star vets. who hated the Japanese with a similar intensity
  11. There was a story that the amount lost by the pension fund matched the cost of the patriot missiles used to defend Israel during the first gulf war.
  12. Uncle Bob fell off the Lady Ghislaine, and now it looks like Ghislaine is about to fall off something.
  13. Like multi-millionaire celebrities asking poor ****s to "give what they can".
  14. I certainly knew people back in the 1960s and 1970s who had still not forgiven the Germans, and it was Germans and not just Nazis who they had not forgiven.
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