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  1. Free movement within the 5 eyes countries would make much more sense for most Brits but yes, you wouldn't want some of the scum the UK has let or home grown in pitching up in Oz (we used to send them there for free mind) so it would have to be based on a job offer or means to support yourself. FoM with the EU is essentially worthless for the UK but the remoaners have got their knickers in a bunch because it might hit their Gite holiday in the Dordoigne or it will stop old cunts retiring to the sun on the back of the UK taxpayer.
  2. Not at my uni. I went to Hardnutt Uni for difficult subjects and there were no burds just a few lezzers who were of the school "it is better to give than to receive". A few doe eyed burds would have brightened the place up a bit. BTW did any of you see Richard Stallman has been resigned?
  3. Can't stand Data Obrain. In fact I have no idea what language he is speaking.
  4. You are a bit behind the curve https://www.dosbods.co.uk/search/?q=rnli
  5. here is the seats based on the Observer poll, I've given the range given by the calculators CON 37.0% 317 - 386 LAB 25.0% 181 - 206 LIB 16.0% 26 - 29 Brexit 13.0% 0 Green 2.0% 1 SNP 3.0% 35 - 44 PlaidC 0.7% 3 - 4 UKIP 1% 0
  6. Sharia comes to Europe thanks to the EU. This has the backing of van de Leyden who is a religious nutter herself. https://www.marianne.net/societe/l-union-europeenne-lance-un-erasmus-des-religions-farouchement-anti-laique
  7. Macron is pushing an anti-Europe / anti West theme at the moment. The other day he was claiming it was African soldiers who liberated Europe in WW2 and called on every town to name a street after an african soldier.
  8. and why is there no more room in Hell? Because Blair is there and he's put in a some wacko benefit system and opened the borders, that's why!
  9. That's going to fuck with their gite holidays. They won't have a pot to piss in after Cornyn has finishes.
  10. the brotherhood of the wolf 18 years since it came out, some of the cinematic tricks would seem common place now but it was pretty avant garde back in the day and the gallic werewolf martial arts hookum still packs a punch... based on a true story.
  11. yes I do Mr Tiddles https://www.lesechos.fr/economie-france/budget-fiscalite/limposition-des-francais-de-letranger-la-nouvelle-bombe-fiscale-a-retardement-1130661