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  1. I took your advice and rode my bicycle up to the Col de Petit St Bernard. No dogs on the col but a very nice young girl in what looked like a nightie who took my photo for me. She'd driven up in a sports car. It was about 12C at the pass and snow everywhere but she didn't seem to notice.
  2. My cousin converted almost the entire ground floor of her house into a kitchen
  3. Yeah I know :-( Not saying it's going to work though.
  4. No idea, my son has a play-station 4 but only plays with other boys his age. Teenage boys seem to have very little interest in girls these days; fortnight seems to be enough excitement.
  5. I did post one last year, a Giro ascent. It is a question of time though. Sport takes a long time so I'm combining it with an improved diet, which I've never really tried before. I would like to get a bit lower than my usual weight of 82kg, Maybe stabilize a bit under 80 but that is pie in the sky at the moment.
  6. Well I put on 5kgs during the 2 month lockdown. Largely down to stress snacking brought on by teleworking and at the same time joining an entirely new project. So I'm on a diet :-( First days have been tough, I can self identify with Biafrans, I feel their pain. Basically nothing too drastic but 1 small slice of toast in the morning instead of 2 or 3. No mid morning coffee and biscuit break. Normal lunch with small desert No 4pm biscuit break Evening meal No midday glass of wine, just water. But apparently you need to be on a 500-1000 calorie / day deficit to lose weight so I'll have to keep doing sport.
  7. 12j in the UK. A .177 pellet will certainly penetrate bone but it doesn't contain much kinetic energy so is unlikely to kill you. Something around 50J will kill a pig. I think a .22 LR is 10 times the power, although the pellets are light a head shot can kill a human from 50 meters, the problem from a self defense viewpoint is a body shot is not likely to stop someone immediately.
  8. The luvvies and politicians love to prattle on about how they are the elite that runs everything. But it would be nothing without the engineers of this world. In 1943 Tommy Flowers built Colossus, the first digital computer, in just 11 months to decrypt the notoriously complex Lorenz cyphers - an attack on the cypher itself had been demonstrated by Polish mathematicians. Just before D-Day 1944 Flower's Colossus II was switched on an immediately started producing decrypts. On the 5th of June one of the Colossus decrypts was handed to Eisenhower, it confirmed that Hitler was obviously to the intended target of Operation Overlord. Eisenhower read the decrypt and said "we go tomorrow". Post war he applied for a bank loan to build a general purpose electronic computer based on Colossus but the bank didn't believe it could work. Flowers' work was top secret. American researchers were able to show that an array of Colossus (Clossi?) could work as a GPC.
  9. B52s are scheduled to fly to 100 years old. That would be like fighting WW3 with a Sopwith Camel!
  10. Lucky that most Germans were so arrogant that they never considered that enigma had been cracked.
  11. It is about 16joules in France for an air rifle
  12. but if you can do both - tax people and devalue everything they have saved to shit so they have to keep working, then why not spoil yourself?
  13. This looks like a nice air gun for a bit of plinking https://youtu.be/DK9MuOlbcUY