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  1. It has been photoshopped. The guy has only been in the job since Wednesday. Delpuch, the old prefet, was fired as he launched the Benalla investigation and Macron was waiting for a good moment to get rid of him.
  2. Last summer I learnt to fire a sniper rifle with an Olympic champion
  3. Just been down to talk to the local gilets jaunes. One thing I can report. They are not Trump lovin' right wing brown shirt populists
  4. The should get some migrants in to enrich the Scottish game
  5. I went out with a moderately ugly bird who was a mentalist. Given the choice I'd sooner fuck a hot mental burd than an ugly one.
  6. Just to point out that both dogs are male. I don't know if that is a sign of something.
  7. Macron to deploy the army in Paris this coming weekend. Samedi sanglant samedi.
  8. I only pick up the phone if the number is in my address book already.
  9. Probably not. They don't do them in France. When I suggested they check the school helpers at my son's school the mayor called me a Nazi. One of the helpers got arrested for dealing drugs right inside the school grounds. There are endless problems with paedos.
  10. back in the day the tobacconists would split a pack, ideal for hard up primary school kids
  11. There are quite a lot of amalgams and inaccuracies in his article but some intersting stuff like the videos of Fouquet's being set on fire by the French police https://www.stalkerzone.org/fouquets-restaurant-in-paris-macrons-false-flag-against-the-yellow-vests/ However in this video, at 2h19m it seems to set on fire by a firework thrown from the crowd.
  12. No I left on Friday night, had been tempted to stay and do a bit of pillaging myself.