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  1. Yes, that's clearly another way of viewing things
  2. Yes, kind of, the CGT (transport union) organized it after being tipped off by an Islamic blogger who was sitting behind Macron (and maybe CGT people in the theatre staff). Good that the establishment are beginning to feel the heat.
  3. May was clearly way way out of her depth. Generally with negotiating you never give away your bottom line (I couldn't go lower than 150) and you start with your most extreme position (There is no way I could offer you more than 50K for x,y, z reasons). This the govt now seems to be doing. It is interesting that "remoaners" who pride themselves as being intellectually astute don't even understand this - something which your average knuckle dragging neanderthal is already well versed in "50 sovs, yerhavingalaff , give yer 20 mate". You have to be careful about pushing things way to far though as Barnier did - a lot of French are very unhappy with his extreme stance (whaddafuck, no Erasmus for French kids next year in the UK, how is that in EU interests?).
  4. of course, when I say "french" i'm using the term liberally as it is really a revolt of immigrant workers of the Paris transport system who are asked to work a bit beyond 55 years before drawing their pensions. As a member of Macron's own party described it "an islamo-arabic rebellion". It certainly highlights the lie of bringing in huge amounts of third worlders "to do the jobs locals don't want" when 75% don't work and the remainder want a cushy job.
  5. Probably drinking Red Barrel ! Allah turns it into water straight out of the brewing vats They will take what is theirs if people don't just hand it over.
  6. It will be Harry Bollingwoke's SJW army versus the British Snowflake Battalions.
  7. Lets not forget that the Queen wanted to profit from the Meghan "black" angle. They are as bad as each other. Oh and don't forget the case of Henry Bollingbrooke !
  8. a couple of billion deaths would hardly touch the sides !
  9. Can't beat a bit of Bergman while you have a cuppa, eh
  10. Dave Bloke

    Owen Jones

    Surely that should be the job spec for being in an army? Even the acronyms: WARP / XRW stink of SJW bullshit.
  11. La Rotunde, symbolic Parisian restaurant where Macron celebrated his election victory (before the second round votes were even cast) has been burned out by arsonists. A gillet jaune was found outside. Meanwhile you are probably wondering what Macron was seeing at the theatre? Well it was La Mouche (The Fly) by George Langelaan, as the flyer for the Bouffes de Nord theatre says "At the heard of a village Robert lives with his mum, Odette. The relation between the mother and son is both worrying and hilarious. Middle aged, Robert, spends most of his time locked in his garage where he is trying to perfect his teleporter... we watch the daily lives of this strange couple as well as his attempts to teleport himself. However just as in Cronenberg's film a fly gets into the machine and Robert begins to transform into a fly himself, losing both his mind and his humanity to become a beast whose only aim is an insatiable search for food. The story reminds us somewhat of Gregor in Kafka's Metamorphis." Hmmm seems quite appropriate.
  12. the reboot has been a wokefest from the start with the gay David Tennant / Captain Jackoff thing. I watched the first couple of episodes but tuned out. Have hardly watched the Beeb for a decade, it is pretty much dead to me now and I won't be going back.
  13. Dave Bloke


    OMG 18 minute video to tell us it is crap ! Guys, keep your videos sub 5 minutes, sub 2 minutes for preference.
  14. Macron had to be rescued from the Theatre tonight after the theatre he was in was invaded by revolting French people https://youtu.be/5PPZ6MLWAvc
  15. Blackrock are big pals of French President Macron, apparently he is planning on selling off the French pension system to them... at least according to the trades unions.