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    I thought the Bathory stuff had been debunked, it was all made up by people who wanted to take over her lands.
  2. They are probably talking about grunt work like training neural nets.
  3. Has she been bothering you by email again ? Don't worry it's really Bamba from Nigeria running a money transfer scam.
  4. Same here. I was 22 and was going out with an 18 yr old and got called paedo by my mates. That was late 80s. One of them was really angry about it.
  5. I love the Germans' misuse of idiomatic English. A German teacher friend of my mum's would say things like "ok kids, early to bed and up with the cock". This even got a laugh out of the 11 year olds he taught.
  6. Panda is good. I've just done 1500km around Italy in the wife's Panda.
  7. I have top of the range Shimano disk brakes on the mountain bike. Sometimes they rub and you get a "scrichscrichscrich" sound which is very annoying. Sometimes they squeal coming down hill. Oh and after a particularly long descent I accidentally touched my leg with the disk and ended up with "shimano" branded on my calf. Apart from that I wouldn't buy a mountain bike without disks. For any other use I'm ambivalent.
  8. Have we reached peak Greta in the meejah? The French Figaro newspaper wrote this on the 14th June
  9. Lots of adds for dot.com type businesses, is this a sign of an imminent crash?
  10. So what about this AI stuff the article is talking about?
  11. anyone know how vintage wine is doing?
  12. thanks, it is 25km round trip but I don't do it every day of the week, largely do it to save money, if the car was free AND we didn't have terrible traffic, I'd take the car
  13. That's more miles than me that's for sure. I'm around 5/6000km - that's riding to and from work.