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  1. The people who disrupted airport operations were organized by immigrant groups - I would have thought that would be a good reason to surcharge such groups for the disruption caused and policing, given it was an unannounced protest therefore illegal. They do this with the GJs. The protesters were shouting "France is not for the French". Meanwhile in Grenoble Burkina clad women invaded a public swimming pool. The group leader is a extremist Muslim racist and terrorist apologiser. They are demanding Muslim only sessions in municipal pools.
  2. No it is some code hidden inside a programme that does something nasty if executed - say on the 3rd Friday 13th of a leap year.
  3. I'm sure old "spear" Chuka has something lined up - head of some charity or stink tank.
  4. God Eurovision is really another country. We're a long way from when Claude Francois' 14 year old girlfriend would win with a number written by a proper song writer
  5. I wonder what the LibDem's price will be to sell out all their values !
  6. The display on my Samsung burned out after 3 years, gutted. Got an LG - lots of updates but at least it still has YouTube. The UI is marginally easier than the Samsung to navigate.
  7. The problem is, there are sufficient French voters are gluttons for the next smooth talking charlatan. How Macron cast himself as the new broom when he'd been at the very heart of the previous administration is beyond me. He had serious MSM backing though and the dream of being in a run off with Le Pen which is really yours to lose.
  8. The amount of money Soros is using is completely off the scale compared to what has been said about "Russian" interference. In 2016 he had a budget of 500 million dollars.
  9. not me, that's for sure, but obviously lefties don't see things the same way. The group he was shilling was called Avaaz btw. Here are some of their campaigns, basically a front for Soros.
  10. Missus got an email at work on the group mailing list: from an English leftie hippie guy - we must stop the populists, they are stealing the EU elections ! He was promoting an organization that was propagandizing for leftist parties etc. It all sounded a bit sinister and I suggested George Soros was probably behind it. Well next mail, from an admin, telling the poster to stop sending political messages on a work mailing list and pointing out that it was a Delaware, US based group (so ok for lefty non EU groups to get involved in EU elections but not for Russians?) funded by... George Soros and described by some US politicians as a "mafia" organisation.
  11. having lived and worked in a lot of countries I would say foreigners are not all they are cracked up to be.
  12. that sounds like hard work, what's wrong with a dog poo on a stick?
  13. DiskDigger has also worked from the onlyme site