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  1. All I get are invites from pert breasted recruiters in Lyon called Claire with some awful job they are trying to pimp
  2. All your likes are belong to us
  3. I thought it was about a French burd who'd had her face disfigured in a car crash. Les yeux sans visage? or something
  4. My missus got a strange phone call last week. "Hello Mrs Bloke? We represent Mr Z Guy, do you know who I'm talking about?" Mrs B "Yes I do, what is this about?" "Your department's Facebook page has a video of Mr Z from last year" Mrs B "Yes, he was presenting his paper at a conference last year" "Yes, we're going to need you to take that video down please" Mrs B "but he's just recapping his paper, it has been published in a book" "Yes, the book isn't a problem but the video is, can you take that down?" Mrs B "Well I'm not in charge of the FB page but I'l
  5. A bit like subscribing to Liz Hurley's instagram account for the first time !
  6. An episode from the Chamonix rescue. Dont take the shortest route down.
  7. I was reading the local paper "American tourist's body found in Alps" I didn't think any more about it until a few days later I got an email from someone saying "did you see your mate Hank has been found dead in the Alps". I looked into the story further. Hank (not his real name) had been walking along a trail when a stone the size of a tennis ball had come down the mountain and hit him in the head killing him instantly. (according the the police investigation). Now Hank wasn't some tourist but was a very experienced mountaineer. He'd climbed Mont Blanc from the town center in C
  8. Clearly not, although the expression doesn't necessarily mean a lot in French. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Clearly Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr worked in IT though to have that outlook.
  9. The first 6 years of my so called career were full time, after that I got fed up with it and have done a further 29 years part time. First to have more time for myself but later to try and starve the govt. of funds for the shit they do but given they can just print their own money that is probably not very effective. Currently on 4 days per week because I'd probably starve on 3.
  10. Before I changed team Soy Boy in chief and his succubus introduced something called the "core" protocols. It is some kind of sinister "wahnsee" conference esque mindfuck to implicate everyone in bad decisions made by the team. There is even a book about it. https://www.scrum.org/resources/core-protocols One of the things was voting on decisions. So we have a vote on something. 8 to 4 in our team. Soyboy starts to huff and puff because he proposed the idea. Mahmood, you can't really be voting against? C'mon man, I thought you were on board. Eventually he bullies it down to 11:
  11. They were ranting on bikeradar.com about the Tour de France riders not taking the knee on the final stage. Apparently one or two British riders had tried to organize it but got told to fuck off. I attempted to explain to the bikeradar soy boys that BLM had barely registered in Europe and was seen as some strange anglo-saxon claptrap but they then went off on how Europeans were racist cunts and should be cancelled. Also note poor old Chloe Dygert whose had to make a grovelling apology by her cycle team for thought crime - she once liked a post that criticized transgendered men thinking the
  12. and again https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-55002423 that's why you get those little plastic covers to put in the holes
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