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  1. My mum reckons it's Neville Chamberlain
  2. Dave Bloke

    BLM UK

    It's Rob Hatch is fuming with anger that pro cyclists have refused to take the knee on the final stage of the tour de France
  3. and to reinforce my point, this in the French parliament this week the French have compared it to the "Munich putsch". The barbarians are not only at the gates but are inside. Of course you may recognize the ugly bint above from here: https://www.dosbods.co.uk/topic/11873-je-suis-charlie/?do=findComment&comment=628835
  4. the article is gives a realistic picture but suffers from poor English for example: " a new round of the “becoming wild” process" becoming wild is their translation of the word du jour in france: L'ensauvagement It can be used to describe an area which is left to return to nature but more accurately describes societal breakdown and an increasingly violent populace. Anyway why has there been a big upsurge in violence this summer? One possible reason is that the maghrebans youth have not been packed off to distance relatives in North Africa for the summer and have been roamin
  5. I've already done that to stop the teenage boy spending all day in the shower and the missus leaving the tap on.
  6. The problem is integration (which the UK doesn't even try to do) but in France there have been successful first gen immigrants (if you aspire to a factory job) only for the 3rd gen kids to break bad due to cultural differences. 65% of under 35 north african muslims don't think of themselves as French or support the republic. The 3rd gen Italians where my son goes to school are not much better.
  7. or that it is not yet an important enough topic for the majority of people. I know a lot of UK PS people who are extremely comfortable with high levels of immigration, they think is is absolutely "wanderful" and even discussing it is "rascist". Of course they don't want the immigrants near them just as when they were talking about "positive discrimination" they don't want it to apply to them, just other peoples' uni degrees and jobs.
  8. A guy I knew said Nilson chatted to him in a London pub. Timeline matches when he was in London. The guy I know died due to diabetes which maybe shows you can't cheat fate.
  9. London June 6, 1940. The BBC has tonight described RAF pilots "as a few far right extremists" as the defend the UK skies from the Luftwaffe.
  10. Pity omah sy turned into a total cunt
  11. You noticed France 3 cinema, so French license fee payers' money being funneled into it by a leftie broadcaster.
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