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  1. Dave Bloke

    Massive bridge collapse in Italy.

    On Italian TV they say the bridge (and similar Morandi bridges) have a known design fault. One in Sicily has been closed for years, another in Venezula fell down when a boat hit one of the supports. This one should have been closed but it is part of one of the busiest stretches of road in Europe (25 million vehicles per annum). I've driven over it a few times and it looked pretty shitty last time I went over a couple of years back, I was pleased to get to the other side and detoured via Bologna on the way back.
  2. Dave Bloke

    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    he does look very gay, doesn't he? Still if you ever went down to Dorking on a Sunday you'd see loads of biker guys in the pub car park dressed in leather looking at each other's bottoms, it is definitely a bit fetish/gay this biking thing.
  3. Dave Bloke

    Mediteranean Migrant Watch

    Médecins Sans Frontières, migrants sans culottes!
  4. Dave Bloke

    Common Purpose...freemason type org for Marxists?

    CP, they're just a bunch of regular guys
  5. Dave Bloke

    Mediteranean Migrant Watch

    The problem with Spain is the current govt were not elected and PM Pedro Paedobear never consulted the Spanish people about turning his country into a shithole.
  6. Dave Bloke

    Excessive credulity in smart people

    I think there are a couple of things in play. People who are truly experts in one field think they are experts in others - the Stephen Hawkings effect People who know a little, maybe they've done a degree, and think they know or understand a lot more about the world than they do - the Diane Kruger effect I knew a number of, on paper, very intelligent people who made some seriously bad investments in the run up to 2008 or the dot.com crash. For example a guy who avoided buying shares in dot.com companies but invested in Sun - coz they made real stuff (yeah servers they sold to dot.coms). He lost a lot of shirts. Another guy who was big into US sub prime real estate in the run up to 2008 - luckily for him he got married and his wife made it a condition that he sold everything before the knot was tied, he got rid of everything just a few weeks before the 2008 crisis blew up. I met him before the crisis and he was ranting about his daft wife not seeing a sure thing when she saw it. Bullshit baffles brains as they say.
  7. Dave Bloke

    Mediteranean Migrant Watch

    I've got good news for those guys. Somalia has just signed a peace treaty so is no longer at war and Eritrea... well it is very peaceful. So they can be dropped off directly on the North African coast and make their own way home. Or even better sail round Cape Horn and drop them off at home. " Eritrea is a remarkably safe country. Street crime and theft are virtually unheard of"
  8. Dave Bloke

    Having sex with ghosts

    The Manics
  9. Dave Bloke

    Having sex with ghosts

    " Trade all your heroes in for ghosts in for ghosts in for ghosts They're always the one's that love you most love you most love you most "
  10. Dave Bloke

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    My memory of clubs in the south-east (in the 1980s) were they were like the one above, largely full of desperate blokes and a few mardy burds looking for chads. I'm not sure much has changed. I heard it was better Oop North at the time.
  11. Dave Bloke

    Islamification of Europe

    I do hope Polly has been sent to a reeducation camp for that wrongthink.
  12. Dave Bloke

    Fsking Summer colds

    I've been ill since June with a summer cold which I suspect was caused by the aircon at work. I've not been particuarly ill, just cough, sore through, cough, sneezing as the thing seems to infect different parts of my body. Anyone else suffering from summer colds? I've had a load flu type things since Christmas when I moved to a new "sealed" type building - no opening windows and a place that was gerry built back in '79.
  13. Erdogan has also been involved in funding a war in Syria which hasn't worked out as he hoped and is bleeding the country white. I know Ken Clarke has somewhat tarnished his record of late but i think he probably did a better job then Eddie George on interest rates as he had a political hinterland to answer to.
  14. Dave Bloke

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Yeah, still not as bad as Faye Dunnawaye, yet! I read she has had a career ending injury involving a man named Mandingo and a bit of forced rear entry, so her Instagran loss has hit her hard.
  15. Dave Bloke

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    yes, good idea, last year my post box was full of unwanted christmas cards.