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  1. davidg

    When the oil (and sand) runs out

    Not for much longer - NK will be ok though
  2. davidg

    GDPR blocked sites.

    dosbods is blocked at work but access to pronhub is ok
  3. davidg

    When the oil (and sand) runs out

    Wonder why there are no signals from Aliens clogging up the airwaves? Because all the advanced alien cultures spunked their fossil fuels in a 100 year binge then crashed and died out.
  4. davidg

    Islamification of Europe

    Maybe they will choke on the stones ?
  5. davidg

    State Pension - incomplete years

    Well if you have enough years in the UK your will be ok. I need 39, not 35, according to the pension forecast website (33 years + 6 years). I've hopefully got 2015 + 2016, so another 4 years to go. With the 3 years I didn't pay enough in that makes 42 years contributing in total.
  6. davidg

    State Pension - incomplete years

    from the page where you quoted the text https://www.gov.uk/new-state-pension/living-and-working-overseas
  7. davidg

    Italy to act on illegal immigration?

    Most of the ones I saw on the news seemed to be from war torn Algeria and Moroccoco. Benefits all round, chaps!
  8. davidg

    State Pension - incomplete years

    Read down to the section on EEA residents
  9. davidg

    Income tax to go up to pay for the NHS

    Envy of the third world, another boatload has debarked in Spain to come and take advantage of it.
  10. davidg

    State Pension - incomplete years

    Just as you are not required to pay social security twice in the EU you cannot claim two state pensions despite having contributions in two states - all the contributions are used in the country where you were resident prior to retirement. So you couldn't claim a UK pension plus a bit of an Irish pension.
  11. davidg

    State Pension - incomplete years

    Under EU rules you can aggregate your Irish contributions into your UK pension, it may even be mandatory. What happens post 2019 is anyone's guess.
  12. davidg


    You could have whipped out your box Brownie while asking the teacher to hold still for 20 seconds.
  13. davidg

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I think there are products for that aimed at the, ahem, more experienced lady
  14. davidg

    If you want loyalty...

    awwwe cute, can he rap? You should watch the video Haven't we all? Ack I've just seen the missus looking at weekend breaks in Geneva !