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  1. Conniption was right that the brown colouring comes from milk protein burning, and you used incorrect terminology when you wrote that 'denatured' protein is 'not milk protein anymore'. Then you were dismissive of what she had stated, telling her wow, she was getting a lot of things mixed up! Now your dismissive of me because I dared to look in a book. Would you rather have them in Latin again?
  2. There are remarkable parallels between this couple and the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson. If you subscribe to the rumours that circulated, you might be quite close to the mark.
  3. We don't know space is the final frontier. Unless you believe in ex nihilo creation, there is something that our universe sits in. Time and death are also last frontiers, one we cannot cross, and the other we cannot avoid crossing.
  4. Nippy


    The sun is in the east even though the day is done Two suns in the sunset Could be the human race is run
  5. I wondered who would know about this, so I enquired of Harold McGhee. This is the gist of what he wrote in On Food and Cooking: Most cooking oils will oxidise at room temperature, becoming rancid over weeks or months, especially if stored exposed to air and strong light. Animal fats keep better becuse they are less reactive, being mostly saturated fats, oxygen diffuses through the solid less easily. Butter is an exception since it is very stable against oxidation being mostly saturated fat and solid, but it will spoil by hydrolysation caused by its own water content. Turning it into clari
  6. Because it's you, I have no trouble believing this.
  7. You know this already as a chem eng, but I put it to you that denaturing means a neatly folded protein unravels, so denatured casein or whatever is still milk protein. Egg white solidifies when it is cooked because the unfolded albumin proteins can entangle, but it is still egg white. In other literature, the smoke point of oils is connected to the amount of protein present, so extra virgin olive oil, for example, has a lot of protein in it and is not good for high temperature cooking. Proteins when heated to high temperatures undergo pyrolysis which means potentially nasty smaller molecules a
  8. #4 was Barnard's star when I last went. Has it transitioned?
  9. Haven't rebreathers been available for years? The failure modes look a tad more exciting than open-circuit scuba diving!
  10. Huh? Did I miss the interplanetary invasion?
  11. In a few years, the Roman WFIRST should have been placed in orbit. One of it's capabilites is to count moon-sized exoplanets and larger using a light amplification from gravitational lensing when the star they are orbiting occludes another star. The most important feature of the Roman telescope to the future of Earth is that they managed to find a woman scientist to name it after.
  12. Why not borrow his white Fiat Uno, too? And his flash gun.
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