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  1. If all the ballot papers used are genuine, there might not be any physical evidence of fraud to present. It will come down to whistleblower witness statements and statistical probabilities, both of which are refutable. As I understand it, forgery and ballot destruction aren't required, but instead, a form of time shifting can be employed in some states by continuing to find democrats who haven't voted, filling in their postal votes, and returning it to the counting station in the hours and days after walk-in voting has closed.
  2. This is seems a reasonable adult approach to me: people do get up to worse things when they think no one can see them. The difficulty I have is that it's not my definition of too far that I need worry about, but that of SJW/plod/CPS. A man was prosecuted for a tweet venting his frustration at Robin Hood airport being closed because of snow. Count Dankula amassed large legal fees in defending himself in court for having an anti-semitic dog. Police called on Harry Miller for tweeting "I was assigned Mammal at Birth, but my orientation is Fish. Don’t mis species me” and a lengthy court battl
  3. To see the authoritarian left's no forgiveness, 'we're good; you're evil' mentality at work, this was posted in the Trump-Biden thread. It seems a genuine call by one of our favourite democrat representatives. Do we think we won't be tracked down when they turn their attention on us?
  4. But thread drift means the topic starts out OK for the family lounge. Indeed, you never know when a thread on cakes is going to veer off into some race/sex/religion/court case/corruption or bad politician discussion.
  5. The above sort of thing, along with banking services being withdrawn is an extra legal form of punishment that is being used on those guilty of wrongthink and it requires no police or court involvement. We've also seen in the Companies whose virtue signalling is of the scale thread tweets from telecoms providers saying "with those views, we don't want you as a customer". The worry is not necessarily about now, it's about the state of the country in five years time when this sort of thing has become embedded as normal, and it is impossible to delete what you've said from the Internet. BTW, des
  6. Lurkers decloaking to say "don't take the forum private" is sort of proving the point that being open to read isn't resulting in more contributions. Having to log in in order to read and the need to post occasionally to avoid suspension would increase contributions far faster that waiting for google to send someone our way.
  7. If he were delivering cruciform vegetables on the Kennet and Avon, it would be sprout bargee.
  8. This is a fascinating subject. There's an idea that the West always needs someone or something to fear in order to exert control over the populace. It's completely arbitrary...it could be communists, ice ages, meteor impact, mega tsunamis, super volcanoes, nuclear accidents, North Korea, AIDS, another virus, or global warming. Hollywood movies often presage the movement from the old perceived threat to a new one. We had USA vs USSR back in the 1980s with Rambo, Rocky IV, and Top Gun, and zombie films after the banks were bailed out. I note a new Top Gun 'Maverick' is coming out. There's also
  9. The People's Pundit: Here is the ,err, just the cold hard truth, here. The media is going to call PA for joe Biden today, alright. The Decision Desk has already called it. Arizona will flip to Donald Trump today, and when 6000 ballots get thrown out in Nevada that will tighten, too, alright. Here also is the cold hard truth. The RNC has more or less abandoned the Trump campaign and they want him to concede and the senators who owe their election to him have not given him any help whatsoever. This is everything you will not hear from Fox News which was absolutely 100% on the bandwagon with th
  10. Good bluff there, XYY. He's completely oblivious to the hate we have on st...... for that crap board game.
  11. I've met girls who are man's girls and who don't enjoy other women's company (bitchiness, natter-natter, and quality of conversation, subtle judging of each other etc). I don't know if this is the same thing that you are mentioning? It seems to me a fundamental character thing, perhaps connected to a preference for dad over mum?
  12. Conniption married into it, didn't she? If everyone on here got breeding, we'd have the next generation of Dosbodders coming up.
  13. It already is an echo chamber in my opinion because the type of poster is self-selecting. We have very few high tax, Marxist, trans-rights, pro benefits, gender reassigned, BBC loving bleeding heart open borders globalists. We have a few people with foreign spouses, and a few bi/gay, and a few on benefits out of necessity. The biggest disagreements seem to be about Mrs T, and whether Jewish people are controlling the world from moon base Alpha. Why it works is that almost everyone on here is smart, and can provide reasoned argument or data. There is enough variation to make it interesting, but
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